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MAC Midnight Media Mattene

MAC Style Black: Lipstick/Mattene Review, Swatches, Lip Swatches

MAC Style Black is a deep, dark collection with the rich tones of black as inspiration.  Included in the launch that’ll hit stores on the 24th are two mattenes, Midnight Media and Night Violet, as well as one lipstick in Black Knight.


  • Midnight Media is a near-black, creamy semi-matte lip color that goes on semi-opaque.  It’s a red-toned or burgundy-toned black.  It appears mostly black on lips, but there’s a bit of a burgundy punch that keeps it from going monotone.  I don’t recommend applying this without a lip brush — it is not forgiving!  (My lip swatch is evidence of thus.)
  • Night Violet is a burgundy-wine shade with a creamy, semi-matte finish and goes on mostly opaque.  It doesn’t bleed nearly as much as Midnight Media and is much more forgiving when you apply it directly from the tube.


  • Black Knight is a slightly creamy, monotone black with a glossy sheen.  It’s a cremesheen finish, which can be drying at times, but this one didn’t feel that way to me.  I had a terrible time getting this to apply even remotely evenly.  Up close (as in the lip swatch), every flaw is enhanced.  I assure you it looked relatively even in the mirror.   I’d probably pass on this and just use Bat CCB on my lips (but I gotta double-check the safety on that).

Out of the three, Night Violet is the most wearable, and then Midnight Media is more wearable than Black Knight, because it has that reddish tone to it.  I don’t personally love any of the three, but I do like Night Violet enough to own.  If you don’t have any black lipstick, Midnight Media isn’t a bad way to go.

  • Product: 7/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 8/10

Recommendation: If you love yourself dark and vampy lip color… this is for you!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos, swatches, and lip swatches

MAC Night Violet Mattene

MAC Black Knight Lipstick

Midnight Media, Night Violet, Black Knight

MAC Midnight Media Mattene

MAC Night Violet Mattene

MAC Black Knight Lipstick

MAC Style Black is a deep, dark collection with the rich tones of black as inspiration.

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81 thoughts on “MAC Style Black: Lipstick/Mattene Review, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. Jennifer

    Night Violet is the only one wearable imo.

  2. Natalia

    Okay, now if I don’t want to get both a mattene and a regular lipstick, should I go for mattene?

    • Depends what you want. The lipstick is more of a true black and when layered, looks more opaque, while the mattene is a burgundy-black and isn’t as opaque. I personally liked Night Violet the most (better pay off).

  3. amy

    I don’t think I am picking up the Mattenes I am not really excited by them.

  4. Sass

    I’m loving them all, but I’m only getting Black Knight. And black lippies are not just for goths. I’m not one and I sport dark colors all the time.

  5. Rachael

    Why anybody would want to wear black lipstick is beyond me.

    • Melissa

      Definitely agreed.

    • liz

      rude much? i’m sure you make choices i wouldnt but i would not say something to the effect of your choices being “beyond me”.

    • KC

      That’s because you are not creative and daring enough in life. Don’t be so narrow-minded and judging “anyone who want to wear black lipsticks” as irrational. Grow up.

      • Almost black.

        I dont think that wearing black lipstick is anything that has to do with creativity or being daring in life. LOL. 😀

        Anyway, those black lipstick/mattene swatches are terrible. Not at all good color payoff imho. 😐

    • Jazmine

      Wow. How rude. I would like to wear black lipstick just for the hell of it. Like how people would want to wear very bright pink lipsticks? Just for the sheer fun, boldness and creativeness. Don’t be so rash to judge people who would. :/

  6. I like wearing black lipstick, and I’m not goth. I think it’s fun, and very different. Try black lipstick with red gloss in the center, or a thin layer of black with another color lipstick to darken it.

  7. Ruth

    I suppose if you’re goth all those colors are great. The only wearable shade in my opinion, “non goth” is Night Violet, even that is a little too dark for me.

  8. Freyza

    I know I might sound really ignorant but what texture is mattene? Is it like a matte but it’s glossy? Can somebody help me?

    • Hello Freyza. Nothing wrong in not knowing about a product. :)
      I can tell you, I do own 2 mattenes, Rougette (a dark bright berry) and Composure (a dirty dark pink). Both are extremelly pigmented (like a Matte) and very comfortable (unlike a Matte). They are long-lasting (even on me!) and dont dries up my lips like a Matte Mac lipstick can. They run very smooth on lips when you apply them and they have quite a strong coverage. They are not super shiny, not mat either but Rougette tend to be more shiny than Composure so I assume that the shine factor depends of the color you choose. A Mattene is never glossy. The thin stick make it easy to apply. I very love them, this is a rich formula. Hope that helped!

      • Freyza

        Thanks so much, jellynat for going in detail!! Now I have a better idea of what it is. Im going this thursday to the mall so I will check out the night violet mattene. I think it looks amazing so I have to see it in person. haha

    • Mattenes are either matte or semi-matte. These are both semi-matte, and they have a slightly creamy finish and are supposed to be more opaque!

      • Freyza

        Thanks for the quick answer. I posted this and then I decided to ask you on Twitter last night. Thanks for answering it again. You’re too nice. I’m gonna check it out in person on Thursday and I will let you know if I got it!

        • No problem :) Twitter is usually the faster way to reach me. Sometimes I get behind on comments, so my responses end up not being very prompt!

          I thought you might have asked me, but you never know, could be someone else :)

          Keep me posted!

  9. jessica

    I Like Night Violet The Most :]

  10. Meagan

    Night Violet looks so hot!

  11. kacey

    Night Violet reminds me of another lipstick but I can’t quite place it.

  12. maclove1

    i’m passing on the lipstick i can buy these in a holloween set at the walmart .not being mean but its true .

  13. Christy

    I think I’ll pick up Black Knight and Night Violet. The 1st because I could mix it in with other lipsticks that need some depth. The 2nd since I have yet to try a mattene formula.

  14. Helena

    I LOVE THEM. I’m so excited!! 😀

  15. I’ve been so excited for this line, and mostly for the lips, but I have to say, looking at the swatches, I’m disappointed. Where’s the pigment? I think I’d be better off using black liner w/ a bit of balm over it, which I had hoped this would be an alternative to. Oh well, more money in my pocket.

    May still get the Night Violet…

    • You really, really have to layer quite a bit. If you use a lip brush and take your time layering, you can get a much more opaque look, but it’s a bit of PITA.

  16. elle

    I’m really not liking the blacks. But Night Violet looks gorgeous. I’ll definitely be getting that one.

  17. Karenloveseyeshadow

    These are so not for me. I am sure other people can pull them off, but Ill just look stupid.

  18. Saki

    I think shu uemuras black is much more pigmented, though it is a little more expensive, its worth it!

  19. I have one mattene from the cult of cherry collection and I dont like at all, it has a horrible texture. So Ill definitely pass on those. And the black lipstick… it might be interesting if it can used to change the color of another lipstick/gloss.

  20. Elle

    Night Violet is gorgeous. I might B2M the Black Knight one. I like the concept behind the collecion. Thanks for the swatches, Christine!

  21. shangrila

    ooh, i love them all! my lips are pretty dark already, so i wont have to apply as much. i love dark lipsticks- my favorite is Cyber!!!

    • What do you like to pair Cyber with?

      • Anna Feruglio Dal Dan

        I generally only use a black eyeliner, and not too much of it either, with Cyber.

        Im very excited with this line – Im not a goth but I like to dress like one occasionally, and believe you me, very dark lipsticks are a sure-fire way to have men flock around you, and I am plump and forty.

        • Gotcha! I’m curious about the safety on using eyeliner as lip liner (I don’t think it’d stop me, personally, but nevertheless, I wonder!).

          Give us some of your favorite super dark lip combos!! :)

  22. Anitacska

    Night Violet looks nice in this swatch, but I didn’t like it in your purple lips post, so will need to see for myself. Definitely not getting any black lip stuff though.

  23. Ashley

    A lot of people are saying the blacks are not wearable or are just plain weird, but I think it all comes down to your personality. If you have a simple style and like neutrals I doubt you’d want anything from this collection, because it’s just not you. I’m thrilled about the black lip products. I’ve been wearing Black Knight every day since I bought it, but I apply it lightly so it comes off greyish purple. It can also be used to mute other lip products. I’m an artist, so some would say I can “get away” with it. But I don’t think you need to be quirky or morbid to rock these. You just have to have a more adventurous, edgy personality or style.

    • I agree, Ashley! I actually think the most important thing is just that you have to be confident in it. If you want to wear it, wear it! If it’s not for you, there’s nothing wrong with that either :) I believe this to be true of ALL makeup though.

  24. Bethany

    Black lipstick is verrrry high fashion! If you think black lips are just for ‘goths’, then you are just not with the times.
    I’m definitely going to get Black Knight, and use an eyeliner for the lip liner, maybe a grease stick to fill it in. Thanks for all the great swatches, it definitely helped me decide what I want to get!
    (BTW you should do a FOTD with black lippies!)

  25. Kristen

    If anyone wants to know how to get the black lippies super opaque and glossy like in the ads the MAC website now has a how to video in the artistry in action tab. You fill the lips in with a deep burgundy pencil like currant first. Then fill them in with a black pencil like ebony. Then follow it with the lipstick and finally the gloss for a lacquered look.

  26. Karla

    I think Ill go check out the Mattenes for sure. I love dark make up and dark hair… but even Im nervous to rock that dark of lips. LoL. Im excited to try something new.

  27. Bettina

    ok anyone who is questioning the idea of wearing black lipstick remember these 2 things:

    1. you can mix and match other things with the black as Christine has shown us and have it come out very nice.

    2. black goes with anything 😉

    3. if nothing else, use the idea of Halloween to get creative ideas and hey you may love them and want to use those ideas past Halloween.

    I personally wanna branch out and play with all of it..I’ll see what’s left at MAC by next paycheck :/

  28. Candi

    What liner are you ladies using for the Minneralize shadows? I’m getting Young punk and Gilt by association this week. Thanks =D

  29. I love this! I’d most likely buy and wear all of them :)
    Although I’m sure some people would look at me like I’m crazy but it’s all about “individual style”. <3

  30. Malini

    Hey Christine,

    Your reviews & swatches are of great help at all times. I have purchased pretty much all my Mac e/s after looking at the swatches & your reviews. Its never failed. Thanks again :O)
    My question is – is there a dupe for Night Violet ( Style Black Mattene) Lipstick– Preferable MAC?
    I love the colour and obviously its no longer… Cheers Malini :O)

    • i would also like to know about a possible dupe.. Night Violet is my favorite lipstick holy grail and fail-proof lipstick but i don’t use it as often cause of fear i might run far i haven’t come across a possible dupe, or anything that comes close and is matte.
      To get a similar color, i dab MAC Cyber lipstick on top of other purple/plum/berry shades [like MAC Rebel] to darken them and de-saturate the color a bit.. But its so hard to get the exact shade, and the finish isn’t that velvety mom-drying matte i love :/ Also the staying power is nothing like the mattene lipsticks..

  31. Marlee

    This is sad…