Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Lipsticks: Pink Burst, Phlox, Laugh-a-lot, Bubble Gum

MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

If you thought there were a lot of lipglasses in this launch, prepare yourself… NOW! There are more lipsticks! Parts one and two have four each; parts three and four have two each–bringing us a whopping twelve lipsticks. Did I say twelve? *faints*  My favorites: Laugh-a-lot, Bubblegum.  What are your favorites?

Spring Colour 1 Forecast — Lipsticks

  • Pink Burst is a fuchsia pink with a blue-base and softer fuchsia shimmer. It’s actually quite similar to La La Eyeshadow. I’d say it’s also a much tamer version of Show Orchid (PRO shade). Think Hollywood Nights or Girl About Town with fuchsia shimmer.
  • Phlox looks so heavenly in the tube, but I couldn’t get it to show up nearly as well on my skin, let alone my lips. It has a glaze finish, so I did expect it to be on the sheerer side, but this was a little ridiculous. When applied, Phlox does have this fun cool-toned glitter/shimmer that reflects blue, violet, and fuchsia… but it looks like a sheer gloss on me–no color base at all.
  • Laugh-a-lot is like a plummy pink with a pale gold sheen. It is semi-sheer and is a lustre finish lipstick. This applies so well, actually! It gives me decent coverage (though not totally opaque, to be sure), with a glossy sheen. For me, I think it deepened my lips rosiness and pink while giving it a plummy feel.
  • Bubble Gum is a medium pink with a lilac tone to it and gold shimmer. It’s a glaze finish, so the color is so-so when applied–decent pigmentation but takes some patience to make it look even. Those with lighter natural lips will get a nice pinky lip with gold shimmer, while those with darker lips may find it semi-sheer. I think this is a shade that’s going to look different from person to person, because I barely caught the purple-ness in the shade until I applied it to my lips–and then it was like, “Whoa!”

Spring Colour 3 Forecast — Lipsticks

  • Hang-up is a vibrant, dark berry red with a slightly glossy sheen and creamy opaque color. This is a permanent shade–part of the Cremesheen family.  You can see my original review here.
  • Radicchio is a sheer pinky-plum with a shimmer sheen. It’s a lustre finish lipstick, but it did give me a surprisingly amount of color. It really is more of a my-lips-but-better kind of color; on me, it’s like a soft, sheered out plum tint on my slightly pinker lips.  Looks natural but not something I’d have to say is a must-have.

See product photos and swatches!

Spring Colour 1 Forecast — Lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Lipsticks: Pink Burst, Phlox, Laugh-a-lot, Bubble Gum

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Lipsticks: Pink Burst, Phlox, Laugh-a-lot, Bubble Gum

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Lipsticks: Bubble Gum, Laugh-a-lot, Phlox, Pink Burst

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Pink Burst Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Pink Burst Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Phlox Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Phlox Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Laugh-a-lot Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Laugh-a-lot Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Bubble Gum Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Bubble Gum Lipstick

Spring Colour 3 Forecast — Lipsticks

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Radicchio Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Radicchio Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Radicchio Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Radicchio Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Hang Up Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Spring Colour Forecast
MAC Hang Up Lipstick

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95 thoughts on “MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

  1. sonia

    OMG,the lipsticks are great!!! I think I want all of them!

  2. (I think your skin swatch picture is labeled backwards.)

    OMG. Pink Burst looks AMAZING! I have and love Hang Up. Reminds me I gotta wear it more often. =)

  3. OMG Raddichio and Hang Up are GORGEOUS.


    Darnit there goes my budget for this month, even WITH The man chipping in as his anniversary gift for me(lol)

  4. Tina

    the pic with the skin swatches, the names are reversed, i think

  5. Shannon

    time to shop!!!!! :)

  6. Melissa (divinem)

    That pink burst looks fantastic on you, Christine. I only got the Radiccio. OKay, who has it spelled wrong? The online reviewers of Radiccio or MAC’s website? MAC spells it Radiccio, although the word (vegetable) is spelled radicchio. Maybe they’re trying to do a play on words? Who knows?

  7. monika

    I like bubble gum the most.

  8. penelope

    wow,very pretty colors. laugh-a-lot is a beautiful everyday color, love that one. which permanent l/s would be a good dupe for laugh-a- lot christine? thanks.

  9. Aramis

    sorry to ask but does bubblegum remind you of purple rite from styles warriors?

  10. namie

    how does bubblegum compare to pervette? theyre both glaze right?

    • Pervette is a lot cooler and almost like… gray? on me. Pervette doesn’t look like Bubblegum at all on me, so I’d have to say they’re pretty different.

  11. Ashley

    I have been looking forward to the Spring Forecast swatches forever! These are all gorgeous, and I’m actually surprised how much I love “Laugh-A-Lot!” It’s such a lovely color. Phlox is such a dissapointment, so unpigmented and see-through :( You’ve got your names switched around in the first swatch of all of them on your skin though!

    And I’ve been lurking for the longest time on your site, I am absolutely in love with the way you review, and I’m addicted to constantly checking for updates! You do such an amazing job with everything!

  12. Rachael

    loving pink burst but its so confusing! on your arm it looks so pale but it really pops on lips, im so into bold lips at the mo!! great work as always :)

  13. Ellie

    I totally want Bubble Gum lipstick and Lavender Wind lipglass.

  14. Anitacska

    I love love love Pink burst, and Radicchio is nice too, but such a shame about Phlox, it looks so pretty in the tube. Like Bubble gum too, but don’t know if it would suit me.

  15. Grace

    Wowwwww I love laugh a lot and pink burst! But they do totally look different swatches on ur arm and on ur lips! I wonder if it’s the same with everyone. Thank u so much for this post helps so much <3

  16. rowan

    i want pink burst 😮

  17. babicsek

    Hang up looks so great,I’m very tempted to get my hands on it:D

  18. claudia

    I want Pink Burst now !!!

  19. Kerry

    pink burst and hang up are GORRRRRGEOUS :)

  20. mlou

    Beautiful, not sure which one to get!! Pink Burst & Laugh-a-lot look esp gorgeous!

  21. Amanda

    Bubble gum is my favorite!

  22. Vijaya

    Hang up looks stunning on you! Good to know it’s permanent, so I don’t have to buy it RIGHT NOW.

  23. Danielle

    wants Radicchio, Phlox, and Laugh-a-lot.

  24. Susie

    these are so right up my alley! Finally

  25. Luisafer

    phlox, hang up lipstick and laugh a lot are great!!!

  26. Phlox looked promising until I saw your swatch lol

  27. Tiffany

    Bubble Gum looks different on your arm than on your lips..?

  28. amy

    Radicchio is very pretty and I like it more than I expect! Pink Burst is my kind of hot pink. My other favourtes are Bubble Gum and laugh a lot.

  29. i’ve been looking for a lipstick colour that’s close to the one the girl’s wearing from style black and laugh-a-lot is pretty damn close so I’ll definitely be getting that one.

  30. Leonie

    Wow I just love pink burst! *needs*

  31. Megan

    I LOVE pink burst!! But I have no idea where I would wear that.

  32. namie

    my comment above wasnt approved. why?
    i was asking about the bubblegum lipstick in comparison with pervette. Pervette didnt show up that much on my SUPER pigmented lips, i like bubblegum but as you said it might be sheer on pigmented lips. so… HELP!

    • I hadn’t replied to it. Comments are approved as I am able to reply to comments, which sometimes takes awhile, unfortunately!

      It’s a lot more pigmented than Pervette, but I don’t think the colors are similar… at least not on me.

  33. daphne

    I’m surprised at how much I want Bubble Gum. I guess I have found myself thinking that I want to try adding a few more cool lip colors to my collection – even most of the few pinks I have are slightly warm-toned (Long Stem Rose, UD Naked, Lustering which leans a tiny bit warm on me – I did just pick up Sweetie which is great, but it’s not as strongly cool). I do think I could wear it well for some reason. Radicchio is pretty, too, in that regard. I have to remind myself that I can’t get Pink Burst just because it’s sooooo lovely. I would never wear it. I already have two hot pinks that I almost never wear.

    • ak

      I feel the same way my skin is incredibly warm but MAC’s evil is making me want to crave pinks, lilacs, lavenders and even grey-lavenders on my lips.

      I’m able to wear Lustering and Lickable though by not wearing any other make up at all.

  34. Cathy

    any dupes for bubblegum?

  35. Connie

    Hi Christine! laugh a lot and raddichio look great on you. I was hoping to read more about raddichio but it looks like your mini review was cut off?

  36. I think I will be getting Laugh a Lot. Phlox is a real bummer, I love the mutli-colored shimmer, but this is just so not worth it. They should have given it a bit of color, this is just ridiculous!

    • Yeah, it’s like a cool shimmer deal, but then it’s like… where’s the color? Maybe paired with a very vibrant gloss, it’ll be nicer, but yeah.

  37. jesus, this collection is huge. and in every theme group of it there is at least one standout per product.

  38. Karly

    I was hoping ridiccio lipstick was more purpley, almost lavender like. It not bad, but not what i really wanted. Same with phlox I jsut bought it for the name but was hopng for a pinker light shade. Can;t wait to see the blooming lovely lipstick and pray it’s more purple! also want to see the riveting collection already its about time that we get some pictures and swatches.

  39. Amazing product! All are nice colors. I love all the lipsticks and it will be great if I can get all of these right now. I was searching for the perfect lipsticks to make my lips more beautiful that my boyfriend will surely like it. Thanks for the great information about this product.

  40. Leenie

    went to mac today and let just say I did damage to my pocketbook, but I don’t regret any of my purchases. Its an amazing collection

  41. laugh a lot is beautiful on you! I could never wear any lipstick that shade, my natural lipcolor just throws it off somehow.

  42. Yaya

    hang up is nice. i think i will pass on everything else.

  43. Danielle Sharkey

    Is it me or is Pink Burst the lip stick form of Preppy Lip Gelee from Lillyland ??? I love all of these Lip sticks… So far I’ve picked up Red Maiden and Fresh Salmon :)

  44. I just got my bubble gum and victorian lipstick in and they’re perfect! I love them. Thanks for the swatches.

  45. Alice

    Hi Christine!
    How close is pink burst to trimming talk from colour crafted?

  46. Ashley

    I love bubblegum. Does anyone know if these lipsticks are limited edition?

  47. Ellie

    Which of all of the lipsticks, lipglosses and blush ombres would you reccomend for nw15s with deep red hair and hazel eyes?

  48. Jennifer

    Got “Pink Burst” today and I love it. It reminds me of a brighter more intense version of “Milan Mode,” which I own and love too!

  49. Me

    The “hang up” looks awesome on you!

  50. Nikki

    Has anyone else noticed that laugh a lot was in the pink lip kit from the 2009 holiday line? It seems like they are repromoting items really close together.

  51. saira

    hey Christine!! i LOVE LOVE LOOOVEEE ur blogs! I always refer to them before buying ANYTHING! thanks for the information that you provide 😀 Just a quick question…is the lipstick bubblegum permanent? When I went to buy it online it said sold out..so does that mean it’s done?

    • Hey Saira!

      Thanks so much!

      It’s limited edition, so if it says sold out, it’s probably sold out. You could try buying through Nordstrom or Macy’s, though!

  52. laugh a lot looks gorgeous on you which made me get it, but its so much darker on me! i don’t know if i’m being heavy handed with my application but it turns out quite opaque and plummy purple rather than the sheerer, pinker look i was after. I’m fairer skinned and have a more deep pink lip than you so i’ll have to bear that in mind in future! :) fantastic blog. keep up the good work!
    lucy xx

  53. Paradox

    Try using Phlox over a Viva Glam Gaga, it’s a combo that I wear alot

  54. Az

    I’m really in love with LAL, my HG MLBB color <3 do you think I should get a backup or is there any dupe, MAC lustre & non-MAC?

  55. Kirin

    hey christine!
    i love your blog and i never go to the mac counter without checking it :]

    I have a question:]
    I went to maccosmetics.com and saw that phlox wasn’t on their permanent lipstick line and when i went to nordstroms.com, i noticed that phlox was a part of their permanent line…
    So does that mean phlox is permanent? 😀 or is that a mistake?

  56. Cindy

    omg, i love Phlox. but it’s discontinued alrdy?
    i cant find it in M.A.C website :c

  57. Lyndsey

    I know this is so old, but I was looking at purchasing a lipstick (Korres Mango Butter Natural Pink) and I remember a lipstick I purchased based upon one of your swatches – I found that Laugh A Lot turned out significantly darker on my lips, and Pink Burst is insanely bright on my mouth! I understand that this is all dependent on the natural pigmentation, but I’m just worried that Natural Pink won’t even do anything on my mouth. Do you have any tips/tricks I could use to get the desired, lighter, colors – like yours?
    Thanks :)