Saturday, June 4th, 2011

MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick
MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick

MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick

MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick ($14.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “rouged chocolate” with a lustre finish.  It’s a reddened brown with semi-opaque color and a subtly glossy finish. For a lustre, it’s particularly pigmented, though it’s not completely opaque.  It glides on easily and leaves behind ample amount of color with a good amount of shine.  I actually found this lustre to be a bit moisturizing, as compared to other lustres that do nothing for me in the moisturization department.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. I typically get four hours of wear, but some of the lighter lustre and glaze finishes tend to disappear by hour three. Amplified cremes and amplified finishes, however, tend to go beyond four. I find the formula comfortable to wear and not drying (but not moisturizing–a couple of the matte shades can be drying).

P.S. — I have no idea why the tube of lipstick looks like that; it didn’t look like it had anything on it when I swatched it originally.

The Glossover


Sheer Plum

This is a shade that makes it easier to wear brown, because the red in it brightens and softens the brown.











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MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick
MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick

MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick
MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick

MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick
MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick

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Where can I purchase Sheer Plum? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $14.50.

Is it limited edition?


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39 thoughts on “MAC Sheer Plum Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Victoria

    I get so mad how you always look good with every single lipstick you try. hahahah jk!

    • Emily O.

      Seriously, no pandering, in total I have seen maybe two lipsticks that didn’t look good to me. That’s a fabulous batting average, I would love to be able to rock any color and without lipliner no less!

  2. Hilde

    Nice color, but I highly doubt it would suit me. Lustre’s are my favorite though. :)

  3. This looks really great! =D

  4. Debora

    Beautiful color, looks great! But I think it’s more a winter color 😉

  5. pavani reddy

    u look amazing…the shade z pretty

  6. Mariella

    Gorgeous colour. I wish it were an amplified creme – that is my favourite finish from MAC. But I love this colour and will probably break down and buy it (see what I mean about failing miserably at “no buys” – I’m like a freakin’ magpie – I see something bright and shiny and I just have to have it).

  7. mia

    I had to throw out my viva glam cyndi because it started to look like that :( along with the change of scent it definitely had to go-broke my heart though! :(

    • So weird, since this was brand new!

      • Carrie Ann

        I had a new The Faerie Glen lipstick that looked like that. (I hadn’t used it yet, but it had been in a drawer for several weeks.) I no longer had the receipt to return it, so I tried dipping it in rubbing alcohol. It came out looking brand new again. There wasn’t a strange smell or anything like that, though.

  8. Dorna

    Wow, this shade makes your eyes look amazing. It kind of reminds me of MAC satiate which people really loved (and I will run out of soon), but a little more red than pink.

  9. Pawsha

    Maybe a try for fall.

  10. Julia

    too warm for my skintone, but stunningly gorgeous on you!!

  11. Inaya

    Hey Christine. I was wondering whether Gotta Dash! Would look good on a warm toned NC30-35; I already have ravishing BTW, and love it. Oh and which one would be a better choice between Crosswires and Ultra Darling? Thanks a million, you really are the best :)

  12. i thought i knew all brown lipsticks by mac, but i somehow missed this one. I love brown shades on my lips, i’ll check this out next time i go to mac.

  13. I have it, it looks stunning!
    But i havent worn it outside not even once.

  14. sam

    it’s weird that the lipstick looks like that. at first i thought it was going to have a chunky glitter in it! its a pretty color though. thanks for the review as always :)

  15. Love pEace and Mac

    This might be crazy, but is this anything like Temper Tantra from the Peacocky collection? Thanks

  16. Emily

    This is one of my go-to lipsticks…love it. I only wish it had a bit more staying power.

  17. Can you believe I have owned this for a year and I have never worn it? LOL. I own too many lipsticks.

  18. It reminds me a bit of Krazy Kahuna from Surf Baby, maybe it would be a good substitute for those that don’t like lipglass!

  19. I’ve found a few of my Mac lipsticks that have had that same problem- including some that are pretty new. No idea what it is…

    I agree with the comments that cursed you out for wearing so many colours so well :-)) Seriously, I find I can get a lot to work on me, but you definitely have me beat. This is a perfect example because, despite the fact that it is a lovely colour, it was a little too warm/ rusty for me to pull off.

  20. These dark, “chocolately” colors scare me a bit…I have such fair skin, I wonder how they would look on me…

    This color looks absolutely beautiful on you though!!

  21. NB

    What eyeshadow are you wearing in this pic? I love how it makes your eyes look! I’m definitely going to be checking out this lipstick :)

  22. cherryglass

    This is so pretty! Instant love! And it looks amazing on you. The colour seems to be in the same family as (sadly discontinued) Perfect Plum TLC ,which I adore. Does anyone have any thoughts on how the colour compares to Clinique’s Almost Lipstick Black Honey? If so, I would love to hear it. Thanks in advance.

  23. Denise

    That’s the very first MAC lipstick I ever bought…and started the whole addiction! Remember when the MAC lipsticks were in a cylinder shape tube, not the bullet shape it is now? I guess I’m really aging myself here, LOL! Looks gorgeous on you! :)

    • Emily O.

      I still have one of those in MAC Red. Remember the in-between stage where they were silver bullets? I have one of those too :)

  24. How does it compare to Macs brick o la?

  25. Devi

    MAC lipsticks only go for four hours on you? D: Hmm… seems that I’d better stick with drugstore lipsticks.. still, that is a pretty shade. 😀

    • A lot of drug store lips last 1-2 hours on me, personally.

      • Emily O.

        You all both have far better luck then I. Lady Danger or Ruby Woo will last an hour tops without needing a touch-up. However, an Aqualumiere or my Addict lipsticks last a half hour, assuming I’m not drinking anything and I always use lipliner to anchor them. Maybe I talk too much? I’m amazed both of you have such extended wear. For example the Tendertone I just put on is pulling a Bullitt on me…even with liner :(

  26. This color looks GORGEOUS on you but I think it would look awful on me! I guess I’ll have to try it on :)

  27. Krista

    OMG, I absolutely love the color! Is this an LE color?

  28. MAChostage

    Christine, just wanted to say that I had a new tube of LadyBug l/s that did that, only mine was way worse! I keep my lippies in a dark, cool place and have never had any problems with them. Opened my LadyBug to use one day after not having worn it in a couple of months and it was covered in what appeared to me to be white mold! I really couldn’t tell what it was, and I refused both to believe that’s what it was and throw away a relatively new l/s (it smelled fine) so I dipped the entire applicable portion in alcohol, gently wiped and did it again. I wore it and survived. 😉

  29. Michelle

    I DO wonder if Maybelline/Revlon has a dupe for this????
    BTW you have the photo/swatch of NYX Decadent. In your opinion, is it a *semi* dupe for this Mac lippie?? Assuming you applied Decadent, and blotted it with a tissue ??

  30. Ahenk

    Is that permament?
    Also I’d like to get your opinion, I’m a brunette&brown eyed girl with c2 skin(palest olive possible lol) would that look nice on me?

  31. Dawne

    What a blast from the past! This is the first Mac lipstick and product I ever bought umpteen years ago. I didn’t know Mac still sold it.