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Inglot #414, MAC Dark Indulgence, MAC She Who Dares, MAC Greengrease

MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons

Here are some comparisons for the mineralize eyeshadows from Semi-Precious! :) I will have an overall/recommendations post up later today.  All mineralize eyeshadows were swatched wet for comparisons.

  • DARK INDULGENCE is closest to She Who Dares (limited edition), but I wouldn’t call them dupes, because Dark Indulgence is clearly green, while She Who Dares appears blacker. Both Inglot #414 and Greengrease (limited edition) are similar but lean almost teal in comparison.
  • FAUX GOLD is closest to Milani Fusion, but it is significantly lighter and less red-based. Urban Decay Shag and Amber Lights don’t compare.
  • QUARTZ FUSION is a touch lighter and pinker compared to Cranberry.
  • JADE’S FORTUNE is a sheerer version of Inglot #451.
  • GOLDEN GAZE isn’t like any of the shades I tried to compare it to (Giorgio Armani #5 and #6, Gilt by Association (limited edition)).
  • HINT OF SAPPHIRE is a sheerer version of Giorgio Armani #3, and a sheerer and slightly more purple version of Inglot #434. I also compared it to Midnight Madness and Giorgio Armani #1.
  • MINERAL MODE is a darker version of Urban Decay Scratch and a less pink version of both Giorgio Armani #7 and Inglot #399.
  • RARE FIND is most comparable to theBalm Curvy Cami, which is just more pigmented. Inglot #445 and Azuki Bean (limited edition) were more purple.
  • SMOKED RUBY is closer to Centre Stage (limited edition) than Sexpectations (limited edition), but it is really a mix of both.
  • UNSURPASSABLE is a dirty version of Urban Decay Urb.
  • BLUE SHEEN is a little bolder and deeper than the blues I swatched it against, but I think they are all similar enough for most readers. It’s a brighter blue comapred to both Blue Flame and She Who Dares. It’s deeper than shades like Deep Truth, Make Up For Ever #308, and Inglot #428.
  • CLARITY is grayer and has multi-colored shimmer than Inglot #444, but it was the closest thing I could think of to compare it to.

See comparison swatches! 

Inglot #414, MAC Dark Indulgence, MAC She Who Dares, MAC Greengrease

Milani Fusion, MAC Faux Gold, Urban Decay Shag, MAC Amber Lights

MAC Cranberry, MAC Quartz Fusion

MAC Jade’s Fortune, Inglot #451

Giorgio Armani #6, MAC Golden Gaze, Giorgio Armani #5, MAC Gilt by Association

Inglot #434, MAC Midnight Madness, MAC Hint of Sapphire, Giorgio Armani #1, Giorgio Armani #3

Giorgio Armani #7, MAC Mineral Mode, Urban Decay Scratch, Inglot #399

Inglot #445, MAC Rare Find, theBalm Curvy Cami, MAC Azuki Bean

MAC Smoked Ruby, MAC Centre Stage, MAC Sexpectations, Centre Stage + Sexpectations

MAC Unsurpassable, Urban Decay Urb

MAC Blue Flame, MAC Blue Sheen, MAC She Who Dares, MAC Deep Truth,
MAC Blue Sheen, Make Up For Ever #308, Inglot #428

MAC Blue Flame, MAC Blue Sheen, MAC She Who Dares, MAC Deep Truth

MAC Deep Truth, MAC Blue Sheen, Make Up For Ever #308, Inglot #428

MAC Clarity, Inglot #444

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41 thoughts on “MAC Semi-Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow Dupes & Comparisons

  1. Quartz Fusion looks like it’d be closer to Coppering or De-vil (they put a hyphen in it, right? Why…).
    I I had the money to I’d just buy them to look at them; especially when compared to other shades, none of them really stand out to me.

    • I would say that both Coppering and De-vil are going to be too orange, because Quartz Fusion is mostly pink with no copper in it at all.

    • Emily O.

      The hyphen is there because it came from Cruella De-Vil’s sub group in the Venomous Villains collection..

  2. Louise

    Thanks so much for the comparisons!
    These help so much!

    I feel silly to ask, but…
    How does MAC Smoked Ruby compare to Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #2 Lust Red?
    Smoked Ruby looks really red in the pot.

  3. flyavsted

    OMG these are some great comparizations! Have you been up all night doing this?! I love your site and I love your reviews, swatches and pictures. I base a lot of my purchases solely on your reviews and pictures. I don’t know what time it is in US right now, but I know it is your National Day and I hope you have an awesome day today! (And that you get some well deserved rest and sleep ;)).

  4. Those blues look amazing!

  5. Gala

    thanks so much for this!

  6. Hi Cristine, thanks again! Is golden gaze anything like Illamasqua pure pigment ore? Please answer.

    Great comparisons!

  7. edelmc

    really helpful post! thanks. you must have 48hours in a day!

  8. Fendy

    How close is DARK INDULGENCE with Nars Night Porter? I read somewhere that they are pretty similiar .. Thank you

  9. aradhana

    Thanks for the reviews/swatches! I’ve been looking at your mobile site these days because we don’t have internet at home anymore! Some sites totally crash out on my phone, so it’s awesome to not have to be out of the loop…!

  10. Wow Christine, these dupe lists you are compiling are such a valuable service and entertaining as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you…much love from Canada!

  11. edelmc

    Hi you think mineral mode is a dupe for prance? I couldn’t find it in the swatch gallery…I think I am searching incorrectly in the gallery sorry

  12. Sally

    If these were how the mineralize eye shadows looked swatched dry from the pan, I might be tempted by some of the colors. But after reading your review and seeing the wet vs. dry swatches, I can’t bring myself to want to purchase any of them!

    I really wish MAC would re-launch some of the Mega Metal eye shadows. I only bought a few shades, but if they ever come back, I’ll probably buy them all!

  13. Pamela

    Christine, did you compare Golden Gaze to Nars Etrusque?

    • Etrusque is much too light – it doesn’t have the black base that it would need to be similar to Golden Gaze. Etrusque is much more gold.

  14. xiao

    just wanted to let you know that you’re SUPER Christine!!! Thanks for all that you do

  15. Stephanie

    Christine – Are they glittery or just shimmery? It’s hard to tell and I can’t do glitter shadows. 😉

  16. Devi

    Oh goodness, I can’t look at this, there are too many pretty colors. >.< I want them all.

    Thanks so much for doing this for those who are interested Christine!

  17. sf


  18. Bethany

    Do you think faux gold would be too red of a color on my skintone? I have amberlights and it is that way. I’m an NC20. thanks

  19. Carrie Ann

    This is extremely helpful! =)

  20. Newchick10

    The blue shadow ( Blue Sheen ) is a cute blue. But I already have Milani’s baked Eyeshadow called “Blue My Mind” 6$ and to me it looks just as dark and pretty so I will pass on the Blue Sheen. I also like the MAC Golden Gaze and MAC Dark Indulgence. I really don’t feel like spending 40 dollars on just two eyeshadows. I am gonna have to see if I can find a dup that I might have for the MAC Golden Gaze.

  21. Faerie

    Thanks Christine!
    Just one question.. is that really Sexpectations and not Spectacle of yourself? On me Sexpectations looks more like Cranberry.

  22. karen

    Darn! This only makes me want to buy inglot even more! I’ve been trying to go to the Amsterdam shop for months, but somethings always messing up my plans :(

  23. Vanilla

    Oh man… I already have Blue Flame (from Style Black) but now I’m really tempted to get Blue Sheen. It’s just so blue without all the glitter… but really, I rarely use Blue Flame as it is… do I really need another dark blue shadow >_<'

  24. Marci

    Loving Golden Gaze…but it looks a lot like the color I get when I mix the 2 sides of my Illusionary/Burning Ambition duo. Do you have that to compare?

  25. Chubbie

    dark indulgence reminds me of my MAC antique green pigment so pass. i just bought wet&wild trio in i got good jeans so i finally have a navy blue after trying to not be convinced i need blue sheen since it’s so gorgeous! i just need to pass on that. resist resist! i just tried to put a black base (mac blacktrack) and over top used the gold-y colour from the wet&wild trio and got pretty much the same results! but i’m still tempted to buy it and i might tmr, so i guess i’ll return it if i don’t like it!

  26. FlutistEmeritus

    Hey Christine,
    Another nice dupe for Smoked Ruby is Bat Black CCB with Twinks is pretty darn close. I also tried Bat Black with 100 Strokes. Just a thought. I’m trying to maximize the collection I already have at this point! Unfortunately, I missed your Jealousy Wakes! So happy for you in that regard!

  27. tara

    I was rather letdown by the eyeshadows in this collection…I swatched Jade’s Fortune at 3 different MAC locations and got 3 different shades…one of them was a lime green while the other 2 were variations of greeish grey…a lot of inconsistency. Quartz Fusion is such a disappointment; very glittery with a lot of fall out and poor colour pay-off as you have noted.

  28. Dupe for Faux Gold using MAC (at least I think so as I haven’t seen Faux Gold in person):
    The dark color from the Threesome mineralize trio (l.e.) with a touch of Amber Lights.
    Looks VERY close from everything I’ve seen and read about Faux Gold.