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MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches – Sneak Peek

MAC Seasonally Supreme introduces more shades to the permanent range of Supreme Sheen Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.12 oz.). The formula is designed to have “the colour impact of a lipstick with the shine sheen of a lipglass.” It’s described as “lightweight, non-sticky, slick to apply, and comfortable to wear.” The collection debuts in full on August 4th across North America, but for now, I do have five shades to share with you. They are: Fashion City (neutral coral pink), Happy Hibiscus (creamy white pink), Korean Candy (bright orange-red), Royal Azalea (bright mid-tone pink), and Tea Ceremony (neutral pink beige).

Once I’m able to purchase the rest, I will certainly have those swatches for you. Please note, you can find photos and reviews for Bare Again, Insanely It, and Supremely Confident from the initial launch. The shades I do not have at this time are: Asian Flower, Blossom Culture, Sheer Mandarin, and Supreme Style.

  • Fashion City is a darkened peach with opaque color coverage and a slightly milky appearance. It has subtle white shimmer and a glossy sheen. MAC might describe this as a pink coral, but it looked peach in the tube and when worn. It’s a touch pinker than Gotta Dash!, while Chanel Delicieuse is a bit darker.
  • Happy Hibiscus is an ultra-pale, pink-white with a creamy finish and opaque color. This color is extremely unflattering against my skin tone. MAC Mlle appears more lilac and darker, while MAC Playing Koi is darker and pinker. MAC Overtime is much darker and pinker. MAC Pretty Please is similar but less opaque. Supremely Confident, MAC Innocence, Beware, MAC Fleshpot, NARS Madere are less pink, more beige, but similar in lightness.
  • Korean Candy is a rich orange-red (more red than orange) with a glossy shine and opaque color coverage. It is redder than Giorgio Armani #405. MAC Strut Your Stuff is a bit more orange, while OCC Stalker is similar. Urban Decay Revolution is a little darker and redder.
  • Royal Azalea is a light, cotton candy pink with blue undertones and creamy, opaque color coverage. It is bluer in tone and lighter compared to Behave Yourself. It is a little paler compared to MAC All Styled Up and MAC Viva Glam Gaga. It is pinker than MAC Pink Friday. I imagine Snob will be quite close, too.
  • Tea Ceremony is a darkened peach-brown with a creamy finish and opaque color coverage. Korres #36 is a little browner and darker. MAC Mocha is a little pinker and darker, but it is similar.

The formula is lightweight overall, but some of the creamier shades are thicker when worn (think Happy Hibiscus). I get an average of three hours of wear on lighter shades and up to six hours with really rich, bold shades (think Korean Candy). The color coverage is semi-opaque to opaque. These are vanilla-scented, but I did not detect any taste.

I find the lighter shades have a tendency to settle into lip lines and the effect becomes more noticeable as they wear and fade. ย Some of the creamy but pale shades have a chalky look on lips, because the consistency is just not quite even. ย The finish of these is definitely glossier than the traditional lipstick. They are somewhat moisturizing, but after four or so hours, my lips could use more moisture. To read my original review (and more in-depth review, as well as a comparison against Slimshines), check out this post.

The Glossover


MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches - Sneak Peek

There are some inconsistencies in the formula, like unevenness and chalkiness appearing the lightest shades, while medium to dark shades highlight the formula in the best way. The lighter shades require more precision and time to apply to ensure even color coverage.











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MAC Fashion City Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Fashion City Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Fashion City Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Fashion City Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Happy Hibiscus Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Korean Candy Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Royal Azalea Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Royal Azalea Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Royal Azalea Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Royal Azalea Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Tea Ceremony Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Tea Ceremony Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Tea Ceremony Sheen Supreme Lipstick

MAC Tea Ceremony Sheen Supreme Lipstick

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128 thoughts on “MAC Seasonally Supreme Swatches – Sneak Peek

  1. Leigh

    I doubt I’ll be picking up anything from this collection. Nothing really jumps out at me. I might grab Royal Azalea, but that’d be it. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Carrie Ann

    Korean Candy (great name) reminds me of Caqui. I love Fashion City, but it looks like a shade than can be easily duped.

  3. Emily

    Fashion City looks so gorgeously natural on you!!! Korean Candy is also lovely with your skintone/coloring.

  4. Lulee

    i loveeeeeee fashion city. it looks like a perfect peachy nude for more onlivey skin tones.

  5. KT

    Fashion City, Korean Candy and Tea Ceremony are great!

    And, honestly, is there any skintone that could pull off Happy Hibiscus?

    • Megan

      Probably not by itself. But for those with super pigmented lips, it could be a godsend of a base. Using concealer or primer can dry out lips like crazy; something like this could work a lot better (though may not be as long-lasting).

    • Rhaina

      Maybe someone like me sister could, she is really pale (has not yet found a Foundation which is not too dark) and has no real undertones, neither warm nor cool. And no freckles as well. Maybe… But probably it would also look really weird, so I think no skintone could really pull off Happy Hibiscus, but that’s no reason to not wear it^^

      Btw, I love Fashion City, Korean Candy and Tea Ceremony as well, they look lovely :)

    • Maybe really light skintoned blonde girls.

    • artemis

      maybe me but i can’t afford it (mac isn’t available here) i’m very pale w lil olive undertones and dark hair tho i look white in sunlight:)) i looove pale lips :( but i never bought a nude or pink pale enough 4me cuz they’re so hard to find. i don’t mind the emo/goth look, I LOVE IT!

  6. Leni

    I guess I am gonna check out Fashion City for I skipped Gotta Dash cause it turned out too peachy on my lips. I hope this suits me better.

    • Leni

      also I find that fashion city looks better on the lips, the texture appeals to me more than gotta dash (at least on the close-ups you posted)

  7. Fashion City looks beautiful on you, but I’m afraid it would pull too orange on my skin tone (very fair with cool undertones). Shame about Happy Hibiscus – looks so pretty in the tube, but on the lips it’s WAAAAY too white for my tastes.

  8. Julia

    Your teeth look so white!!!! haha :) sorry, that was the main thing I noticed ๐Ÿ˜› thanks for doing such a good job reviewing products that people actually WANT you to review!!! <3

  9. Devi

    FASHION CITY. TEA CEREMONY. I can only stare. I was going to take a look at the dupes you suggested, but funnily enough, you suggested Mocha as a dupe, and I’ve been searching for a dupe for Mocha. ๐Ÿ˜€ Just attracted to the browns and peaches I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. rukia0814

    Hi Christine, how will you compare fashion city with ever hip? I think they are somewhat from the same color family .I love ever hip but I’m looking for a near shade in a different formula. Thanks

  11. Lauren

    OMG they look so creamy! NOM

  12. Pang

    Totally digging korean candy since im a sucker for bright colors but i do feel like i have quite too many. It also looks easy to dupe too.Descisions…

  13. You have the world’s most beautiful lips. I always look forward to reading your lip reviews and seeing your lip swatches. =D

  14. Christine, Fashion City, Korean Candy and Tea Ceremony just bring your face alive! Wow! I love them!

  15. Brie

    Korean. Candy. Must. Be. Mine!

  16. Pawsha

    I won’t get anything from this new stock, they look too chalky!

  17. Wow, terrible! I like Korean Candy, but other than that, these are a huge flop. What a strange bunch of colours. Can’t wait to see the rest, but not expecting much!

  18. ellie

    Oh wow Christine! I dont know what you did but u look amazing in these photos, Fashion City looks amazing on you

  19. IceFluffPenguin

    You look great in tea ceremony! Thanks for the swatches :)

  20. emily

    Fashion City and Tea Ceremony look so pretty – as if I need another corally-peachy lipstick…but I’ll take it!

  21. Julia

    I feel like all of these colors would be best suited for someone with a warm, pale complexion. (I am thinking like an nc5 or 10, if there were such a thing!) I am definitely way too cool-toned to pull any of these off, but I can appreciate their beauty beacuse I think on the right skintone, all of these would be gorgeous!

  22. Happy Hibiscus and Royal Azalea <3! I wish Fashion City was a little lighter though. I imagine that it would look like mud on my lips :( but its beautiful on you!

  23. Kat Muniz

    fashion city and korean candy looked gorgeous on you!! :)

  24. Sophia

    How does fashion city compare to jazzed?

  25. woah fashion city and tea ceremony look kickass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. L

    Fashion City and Tea Ceremony are pretty. I dunno how they will translate on my skintone though, as I see a bit of orange in each. I can’t pull of orange colors…

  27. Alex

    Christine, Fashion City on you is to die! I love you in warm neutrals, so much. I’m on the fence about these for myself though.

  28. Piper

    I love a lipstick with a “built in gloss”. I for sure need fashion city, and tea ceremony is a might! Thanks for the swatches, Christine!

  29. jasmin

    Royal is mine <3

  30. JessicaM


  31. My

    Fashion City looks gorgeous on you!

  32. Korean Candy is soooo pretty!

  33. Love pEace and Mac

    Fashion City is miiine!

  34. Christian

    Ditto to what most people have said :) Your face is absolutely radiant in the Fashion City and Korean Candy pics! What are you wearing for these swatches? Your skin looks awesome with that perfect blend of matte & satin-y finish and your neutral eyes just POP on the screen. I would love a breakdown of this look. Thank you for your great reviews. Sorry that this formula doesn’t work as well for you. Bare Again is one of my go-to lippies and surprisingly lasts rather long on me *shrugs*. I love your blog and admire all your hard work, professionalism, and class!

  35. megan

    Christine, Fashion City looks great on you!!

  36. Great post & thanks for the swatches. I want Korean Candy,
    Fashion City & Tea Ceremony!

  37. Andrea

    Fashion City only!

  38. Karen

    You always look beautiful, but you look extra beautiful in these shots – especially with Fashion City!!! Your makeup is in perfect harmony!

  39. Jasmine

    Are Either Fashion City or Tea Ceremony close to Ravishing from the creme-sheen line?

  40. Jessica

    Wow Happy Hibiscus is scary!

  41. Toni

    Korean Candy looks great for WOC

  42. kushani

    christine can you get any prettier?!??!

  43. I like Korean Candy, but I’m not really feeling the rest… I am sick of all of these pale lavender/pink shades!

  44. Sarah

    Anything from Glamglass yet? I’m glad these are permanent, because I’m going to do some major damage with Glamglass and Mac Me Over! :)

  45. Mairyn

    Just like many others have said, Fashion City looks incredible on you, Christine :O Possibly the most flattering lip colour I’ve ever seen on you – I recently went through all (well, most) of your lip swatches when I was looking for a birthday present for my mum, so I feel I can honestly say it is the nicest lip colour on you. :)

  46. ellie

    Is Korean Candy similar to lady danger or neon orange?

  47. Dorna

    Wow, fashion city is going to be my go-to lipstick to match with green eyes! I’ve been looking for something like this for awhile. Thanks!

  48. MJ

    Hi Christine, I love the way you did your eyes in these photos, especially how they work well with the neutral shades like Fashion City and bright tones like Korean Candy. Can you please share what eye makeup you’re wearing? Thanks!

  49. Happy Hibiscus looks nice alone but scary to put on – i have brown skintone, might not suit me. Fashion City looks fab though! *lemming*

  50. Andie

    Happy Hibiscus and Royal Azalea look super dated. Want to age yourself 20 years? Buy Happy Hibiscus or Royal Azalea. I’m all for vintage, but frost lipstick like this is not something I want coming back. Unflattering. I do like the sheen of them though.

  51. Stefani

    Although almost every color looks good on you…. Fashion City is by far the most flatering color I have ever seen on you. And coincidently Korean Candy is the second most flatering. I know your a beauty blogger so its hard to have staple products but if you were, I would definetly recommend those be yours.

    • It’s funny, because I don’t really like either on me, but thank you! :)

      • Jane

        I’m with Stefani – these are stunning on you! And I tip my hat that you were willing to try on Happy Hibiscus… boy, that’s a color.

    • mia

      I thought the exact same thing! But Christine’s tastes are no doubt different to ours, i know she loves her reds ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Cho Hee

    Omgsh I LOVE these lipsticks! I wasn’t planning to buy any of them except Korean Candy (just because of the name lol) but now your post has won me over. Thank you!!

  53. Ana G.

    I was looking forward to see Fashion city since I bought Gotta Dash, I’m gonna skip it. Hope the other colors are more appealing to me because, so far, it’s a miss.

  54. La.pLebiitah..

    OMG i love royal azalea, it will be a good substitution for my viva glam gaga! Will you be able to swatch “Asian Flower” before it launches??

  55. Arianna

    tea ceremony looks really pretty!

  56. Ambereen

    Wow!!! Fashion City was made for you! Looks amazing on your skintone.

  57. Pastrygirl4life

    Fashion City is HOT. the other colors here seem way to light for my liking

  58. Chloe

    i love fashion city on you Christine !

  59. Krista

    Fashion City and Tea Ceremony are my new faves!

  60. Oh my Happy Hibiscus is a terrible colour, and it doesn’t look anything like hibiscus, they are usually bright pink or red and not… deadly pale

  61. Charlotte

    I hope the next 4 are better – 2 blue based pinks and 3 oranges? No thanks

  62. Violet

    Fashion City suits your colouring perfectly, looks lovely! None of these are colours I’d go for, though.

  63. Rosie

    Fashion City looks so pretty!!!!!

  64. Judy

    I’m going to skip this collection completely. I only wanted Asian Flower anyway and since the Posh Paradise collection has a light lavender in that, I will buy that one instead. I like the sheen lipsticks, but… I really need to save money for the Mac Me Over collection and the others coming out in the Fall/Winter.

  65. Ann

    Fashion City looks amazing on you Christine!

  66. becca

    I love the one I have (Impressive) – interested in another one – might try Fashion City

  67. Aly

    How the heck can Happy Hibiscus be pink in the stick but white on the swatches & lips? Lol I really don’t understand that..

  68. Sinead

    korean candy looks lovely with your skin tone!

  69. Bobbie Denise

    Tea ceremony is very pretty and unlike anything I have. Thanks for the swatches.

  70. Probably won’t be getting any of this but I needed to echo everyone else- Fashion City looks SO pretty on you!

  71. Thais

    MAC Fashion City Sheen Supreme Lipstick looks GREAAAAT on you…really beautiful, perfect match :)

  72. Courtney

    Yeesh! These colors are horrid….

  73. Tea Ceremony looks gorgeous on you!

  74. Jieun

    Christine, may I ask what foundation you’re wearing in these looks? Your skin looks gorgeous and really luminous here. As always, thanks for all of your swatches!

  75. VJNS

    Cannot imagine wearing Happy Hibiscus alone. I think I would use it in a layering technique, otherwise no thanks. The other’s look great on you, Christine. It’s too bad about the formula though. Inconsistency is always a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the review!

  76. These seem fairly “unwearable” to me. Maybe I am just an old fuddy duddy, but I feel like these shades better suit a bad 80’s movie, than real life.

  77. Veronica

    Oh wow, those look lovely! I definitely have to pick some of those up!

  78. GG

    I love Fashion City on you in particular. Korean Candy and Tea Ceremony look lovely too.

  79. Taylor

    I LOVED Fashion City on you. None of these are “must haves” for me though :/

  80. Claudia

    OMG, you look so pretty in these swatches. That is a really good eye look for you especially with the Korean Candy swatch.

  81. Ashley

    Love them all. Fashion City looks lovely! I wonder how Happy Hibiscus compares to Mlle. MAC lipstick (LE from Fashionflower)…
    You wear them all so well!

  82. Erica P

    Korean Candy looks beautiful on you, but I think my features are too light for me to be able to pull it off. The only color I’d even consider for myself is Tea Ceremony, but I’d have to try it out in person.

  83. Stephanie

    I like all of them. I’ve been really into nudes and light pinks lately. Been looking for a very light pink like Happy Hibiscus or Royal Azalea. :]

  84. Samarpita

    Tea ceremony looks really pretty on your christine :)

  85. Sydney

    Korean Candy is gorgeous on you! It would be way too warm on me, though.

  86. Sam

    Wooow I love Korean Candy! Love love love.

  87. artemis

    wooow happy hibiscus is my dream :O pale enough 4me :)) too bad there ain’t a cheap alternative here :(( royal azalea is so perfect too :(

  88. Grace Chin

    Fashion City really looks great on you Christine!! Refreshing!!

  89. Eva

    Hey Christine, do you think YSL Rouge Volupte #26 is possibly a dupe for Fashion City? Thanks!

  90. Yazmin

    You look beautiful christine, they look fab on you!

  91. Fashion city is the only one ill even think about! Happy Hibiscus look BEAUTIFUL and right up my ally in the tube, but i hate how washed out and light it is on the lips!

  92. Isabela

    wow, I think it’s the first time ever I say this, but I absolutely want them ALL, I love them all!!!

  93. sara

    im loving royal azlea, and btw Christine, your eyebrows look fantastic! did you do anything different reccently?

  94. Becca

    they all look so nice on you Christine!!! I really like the look of Fashion City but I won’t be getting anything from this

  95. Iris

    Christine can you please share with us which foundation you’re wearing here? Your skin looks great!

  96. sarah

    tea ceremony and fashion city are gorgeous on you. i need to stop myself from over-indulging because i want to haul big for mac me over

  97. Wow, all of these colors are beautiful! I lost my Pink Friday (my favorite lipstick) at a bar one night so I will definitely be picking up Royal Azalea. I can’t wait until these come out! Fashion City is gorgeous too!

  98. Hanna

    korean candy (not just cause im korean lol), fashion city, and tea ceremony. beautiful!

  99. msharma

    it’s not at the counters. and some mac people tell me that it’s not gonna be on counters? can you tell me when it’ll be available and will it be available on counters? thanks!

  100. Sophie

    i love 4 of these out of the 5! i think i’ll pick a few up!