Friday, February 1st, 2013

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “bright red” with a matte finish. It’s a brightened pink-red with blue undertones and a modern matte finish. Dior Marilyn is a touch pinker. MAC Absolute Power is a smidgen darker. MAC Charmed, I’m Sure is also a touch darker. NARS Dragon Girl is cooler-toned and more matte.

This is an incredibly long-wearing red; even by red lipstick standards. It wore six hours and was still going strong, and that was after a cup of (bedtime) tea and dinner. Ronnie Red had no plans on going anywhere any time soon! When I removed it, there was quite a bit of staining left behind and some of it persisted even into early morning. Long, long-wearing.

It was very comfortable to wear, too; not at all drying, and I didn’t feel like my lips were dehydrated after the six hours I wore it for. It is fully pigmented with opaque color coverage. I didn’t experience any bleeding or feathering while I wore it. The texture is creamy enough to enable one-stroke color payoff and maneuver across the lips without pulling or dragging, but it doesn’t have a lot of slip, so it won’t move around once you’ve applied it.  The only “downside” is that it’s a red that we’ve seen before and by MAC, to boot, in the past few months.

The Glossover


Ronnie Red

This is an incredibly long-wearing red; even by red lipstick standards. It wasn't drying, wore well, and didn't feather or bleed while I wore it.











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MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick
MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $16.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Dior Marilyn is a touch pinker. MAC Absolute Power is a smidgen darker. MAC Charmed, I'm Sure is also a touch darker. NARS Dragon Girl is cooler-toned and more matte.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: MAC Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow Palette, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow (highlighter), MAC Designer Purple Pearlglide Eyeliner (left), MAC Petrol Blue Pearlglide Eyeliner (right), MAC Bad, Bad Black Mascara. On cheeks: MAC Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte (left), MAC Prom Princess Blush (right). On lips: MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick.

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112 thoughts on “MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches (Archie’s Girls)

  1. Jules

    People who already have the red lipsticks from the Marilyn Monroe collection should seriously refrain from getting this. For God’s sake, save some for the rest of us! Especially those who missed out on the Marilyn Monroe collection. You don’t need another red lipstick.

    • mirian

      It’s already sold out also need to remember people buy these to sell on ebay most of the time. I walked into MAC the day of the marilyn release and heard a woman request 6 of each item.

      • It will be available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc. still!

      • Gabriella

        I *really* hate people that do this. 6? Really? People are so greedy.

      • Lulu

        Does anyone know if it’s true that MAC is taking legal action against this? I went to my local MAC store to buy the last 2 Betty Lipglasses they had, and while talking to the guy I mentioned how the only ones I could find were people who had them on ebay selling them for 4 times the price. He said as far as he knew MAC was trying to stop this and was suing. Not sure if it’e true though. Wondering if anyone had heard. It is so unfair to those of us who truly have a love of makeup, some of can’t get our hands on them quick enough because greedy people take them all.

        • nawal

          I really hope they do take legal action. People are hoarding loads of L/E MAC items and then selling them on Ebay once it’s sold out everywhere for triple the price. Sorry honey, if I ever had to buy a pre-owned lipstick (even if it’s unused still I don’t know what you could do to it) I’m certainly not gonna pay $100 for a $15 lipstick. Maybe if it was LESS than the actual MAC pricing because it’s used then yes! like how CCO’s sell it for less because it’s old and close to expiring.

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this! This is the only item I ordered from the collection (I have an almost unhealthy addiction to red lippies) and I’ve been waiting for a review/post from you featuring this; been hitting the refresh button for the Nth time. Looks great! Looking forward to having this. Thanks again! 😀

    • Roxy

      This was the only item i purchased from the collection as well and did so before reading Christine’s trusty reviews. Glad i ordered after seeing she gave it a A+…now i won’t have to worry about buyers remorse with this one…as i too have an almost unhealthy addiction to red lipsticks lately! =)

  3. Sarah

    Is this collection in stores in Canada? Thanks :)

  4. Stacey

    Finally…..the lipstick reviews….just too bright leaning towards orange for me….I already have absolute power….love MAC matte lipsticks.

  5. Layla

    How does this compare to MAC’s Ruby Woo?

  6. Bruna

    It’s very pretty indeed, but I have a ton of red lipsticks at home (at least four, I swear, and two reddish lipglosses), so I’ll pass.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I have about a hundred blue based reds and I had to get this one too. I need retro reds like Demi needed dollars in her bed…

  7. Nichelle

    So, is this basically Ruby Woo with different packaging? Or is there a difference between the two?

  8. Rachel

    It looks gorgeous on you! Can you think off the top of your head how it compares to OCC’s Harlot Lip Tar? I really want to get this or Betty Bright, but not if I already have a similar color.

  9. mirian

    Good thing I ordered two!

  10. Did the tip originally came smooshed a bit like that? Kinda like Guerlain…

  11. Catherine

    Really wish this was an orangey-red like Chanel Incandescente and Dior Blazing red, as there are one too many blue-reds on the market.

  12. Desiree

    How does this compare to Lady Danger? I just recently found your website and found it extremely helpful. Thanks for all the reviews!

  13. Tasheema

    Hi Christine, How does it compare to Racer Red?

  14. Kathy

    How does it compare to Love Goddess?? They both have that pinkish tone correct?

  15. orel

    Hi christine!
    how is this compared to Runway Red by mac?

    thank you!!

  16. Stacey

    Christine, just please rolling out those lipstick reviews….dying to hear what you say about them and lipglass…next thing is to put them on Mellan to get them out faster LOL.

    • Yeah, unfortunately testing them for wear is what keeps them as usually one of the last things I review – 2-6 hours each x 12 shades! :( So that’s part of why I’m doing them individually so as I’ve tested, they’re going up!

  17. Linda

    How about compared to Russian Red?

  18. Noga

    Darn it, another one to the list…

  19. paigest

    I’m being serious… Is there seriously a color you don’t look good in? What do you think about the Viva Glam 2 did you swatch it? I’ll search your page!

    • No, sorry, I have not. My focus is on this collection right now, since Viva Glam Nicki 2 didn’t arrive until 8PM last night and is going to be around for several months! Sorry!

  20. Kathi

    Hello Christine (:
    I’ve got a question. I’ve got fair skin, darkblond hair and blue eyes. I own Russian Red, but I don’t use it that often because it’s a bit too dark for me (so I leave it my mum :D).
    Do you think, that this colour would look good on me?

    I hope you answer me. (:

  21. Oooo I love this red =D gorgeous!

  22. Emilia

    How does compare to absolute power? Do I need this if I have absolute power ?

    • MAC Ronnie Red Lipstick ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “bright red” with a matte finish. It’s a brightened pink-red with blue undertones and a modern matte finish. Dior Marilyn is a touch pinker. MAC Absolute Power is a smidgen darker. MAC Charmed, I’m Sure is also a touch darker. NARS Dragon Girl is cooler-toned and more matte.

  23. This looks and sounds like an amazing red! I keep telling myself that the last thing I need is any more red lip products but this one looks so great! I must resist the temptation!

  24. Alexis Gordon

    Christine, thanks for all your work! It’s definitely appreciated. :)

    Do you know how it compares to MAC Ruffian Red?

  25. virginie

    What about compared to Tom Ford NArcotique???

  26. santi114

    Are you wearing a liner underneath to help with feathering?

  27. Barbie

    yawn, why do they keep releasing red lipsticks?

  28. I just want all the red lipstick ever. I might have to get this!

  29. Isela Valenciano

    What about in comparison to Runway Red by MAC. I think Absolute Power is a lot like Runway Red just different finish.

  30. Dani

    I already have too many reds…but wow, that is soooo pretty.

  31. abigailOD

    That. Red. Is. Amazing. On you Christine! Glad too this got an A+!

  32. Kat

    I want it! I am really partial to the Veronica side of this collection!

  33. cel

    Christine! This eye look looks perfect!

  34. Megan

    So excited for this one. It just looks perfect!

  35. Jade

    This seems to have too much pink in it for my tastes! Not gutted that I missed out now.

  36. Katelyn Watson

    Hello! :) How does Ronnie Rec compare to Mac Red?

  37. Hi Christine! I’m in love with this lipstick but was wondering how you think it compared to the MAC Marilyn Love Godess. I’m sensing a lot of the same pinky toned, red. Thanks in advance!

    • Love Goddess is pinker – like you can see that it’s pinky-red even on, whereas Ronnie Red is more red than pink, but it has a pink base. You don’t need both unless you wear lots and lots of red :)

  38. YESSSSS for Ronnie Red! ^-^

  39. Qing

    This is so pretty!!! I WANT IT NOW…I just recently purchased Chanel Pirate…should I buy this, too? Hmm…

    I think it might be too bold for work…

  40. Sabrina Nogueira

    I need this color!!!

  41. nawal

    Christine, how does this compare to MAC heartless? I feel this is brighter and pinker, do I need both?

  42. Christina

    Seriously appreciate all your reviews, Christine! I was wondering: How would you compare this to Illamasqua Box?

  43. raj

    my favourite lipstick of all time is MAC’s russian red. how does this compare to that?

  44. franky.bonifacio

    this lipstick with the pairing lipglass strawberrymalt I think it was is THE definition of cartoon red lips absolutely in love with the combo

  45. AJ

    How would this compare to Ruby Woo and MAC Red (my two favorite reds by MAC)?

  46. Steph

    I seriously don’t need another red but I could not resist buying this for the name and packaging!

  47. Barbz

    I went yesterday to try it at counter. And it’s the prettiest red ever. I had other red lipstick from Mac before but this is spot on. It’s so pretty. My favorite red so far.

  48. Barbara

    Christine do you mind posting a review or photo of ronnie red with strawberry malt thanks!

  49. Rad

    I tried this lipstick today too and its probably the best red ever. Its got a slight strawberry tone so compliments my skin colour well. Love it!

  50. Amy

    Have you compared Ronnie Red to Mac Red? They look similar….what Dow you think?

  51. Parker

    Why do the Veronica lipsticks say “COMING SOON” on the mac website? Are these going to be on the website again?

  52. Julie B

    I was looking for a good dupe for this color, because I am not a big fan of matte lipsticks, and I was thinking, how would this compare (other than the finish) to Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot?

  53. Julia

    Hi, Christine! If I have “Russian Red” and “Ruby Woo,” along with NARS “Dragon Girl,” would you say that “Ronnie Red” is an essential? I keep going back and forth in my mind… :-) Thank you!

  54. Amanda Santos Pereira

    Hi Christine! Do you think this lipstick looks similar with MAC Charmed i’m sure????

  55. Sharon

    Hi Christine how does Party parrot compare to Ronnie Red?

  56. ZG


  57. Rofique

    Thank you soo much for this.
    I’m always confused on which red shade to get from mac, i have ruby woo and russian red <3 them both.
    Roonie red looks awesome, would definitely try it the next time i visit a MAC store. :)

  58. Effy

    I wonder how this one compares to MAC’s Ruby Woo??

  59. I absolutely love this shade! I was lucky enough to get a tube but I want a back up! No chance of it though as this is sold out everywhere :(

  60. Claudia Rodriguez

    Hi Christine! How does this compare to Revlon Cherries in the snow?

  61. Hi Christine! Last week I made a question but you didn´t answer :(

    Please, I want to know, how does this compare to Revlon´s Cherries in the snow?

    Thank you

  62. pucci

    hi christine! i really love / praise / worship your website! :)

    hope you could answer for me as i’m deciding whether to get this or not… could you please compare this to mac red (satin) & mac eden rouge (mattene) & mac riri woo (matte) in terms of lighter/brighter/darker/warmer… thanks so much!