Saturday, February 13th, 2010

MAC Riveting Collection
Lipsticks: Metal Maven, Show Orchid, Bubbles, Riveting

MAC Riveting Collection: Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

I know, Riveting is like… what? I’m not even done with Spring Colour Forecast. Well, don’t rest on your laurels, because Riveting debuts the 18th (next Thursday), while Tabloid Beauty launches the 25th (but don’t worry, it’s all repromotes…), and then you have Too Fabulous, which launches on March 4th. But let me just tell you, if you’re a mineralize blush fan and you like things that look pretty, Too Fabulous is *totally* up your alley.

Riveting contains four lipsticks–two are ones we’ve seen before. Bubbles (repromote–last seen in Sugarsweet, I believe) and Show Orchid (PRO), as well as two new one: Metal Maven and Riveting.

Lipstick ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

Bubbles is an iridescent, frosty sheer warmed up silvery-white. It has a glaze finish, so it’s smoother than a frost (and doesn’t catch every imperfection on your lip in the light), but it has a frostier look. Bubbles is probably not designed to really wear alone, but more to layer underneath a lipglass. Try it with True Babe on top (will show you later this week).

Metal Maven is a metallic-frosty light silver. It’s more opaque than Bubbles, and it is distinctly silver (whereas Bubbles reads more like whitish with a tinge of silver/metallic-ness). Again, unless you want to rock a metallic silver lip (then layer with Rock Out lipglass!), more to layer with than to wear alone. Try it with True Babe on top (will show you later on this week).

Riveting is a very brownish-gray with a plummy touch to it. It’s a glaze lipstick and looks and feels more like a glaze than Bubbles. It actually has a surprising amount of coverage, going on nearly opaque on my lips. This isn’t quite a vampy shade, because it doesn’t hold the boldness of it, but it’s still dark even though it’s muted.

Show Orchid is a retina-burning bright fuchsia with fuchsia-purple sheen and rich, full coverage color. I love the amplified finish (one of my personal favorite finishes), too. This is available year-round at PRO stores, and MAC finds a way to make it show up on the consumer website once or twice a year. Always a fun choice!

What are your favorites? Which would you wear? TELL ME you’re going to get Show Orchid!

See more photos, swatches, & lip swatches!

MAC Riveting Collection
Bubbles, Metal Maven

MAC Riveting Collection
Riveting, Show Orchid

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Bubbles Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Bubbles Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Metal Maven Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Metal Maven Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Riveting Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Riveting Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick

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69 thoughts on “MAC Riveting Collection: Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I really like Riveting lipstick! Show Orchid is gorgeous too, but maybe a bit out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to seeing this collection when it comes out.

  2. I want them all to be honest they all seem like must haves in my book because they are all useable.

  3. Anitacska

    As you know I already have Show Orchid (haven’t worn it yet though), so I will be skipping these lipsticks. Interestingly SO is available on the Mac UK website for anyone to order.

  4. Oh – I just wish that Show Orchid was a little bit darker. Who am I kidding? I’m still buying that sucker.

  5. Teddy

    Wow riveting lipstick is pretty!

  6. WOW I never would have thought that Metal Maven would be so opaque! How would you make it wearable? Maybe a pink gloss on top? Because I can’t imagine how one could wear this shade. However, I think it’s really special and it would be boring to have just pink or brown shades.

  7. Mercedes

    snow orchid look so pretty!..i just got pink snow orchid similar..should i have both? lol

  8. Usha

    I can’t wait to get my hands on show orchid!! Feb 15th can’t come any sooner :)

  9. kpenn09

    Show Orchid layered with True Babe is too gorgeous for words. Glad I saved enough B2Ms to pick up Show Orchid.

  10. Mia

    wow it looks like you can pull off any of these shades! :)

  11. dana

    The riveting color is so different! I like it the best out of the collection

  12. Shah'ada

    Oh Snow Orchid is BEAUTIFUL!!! As is Riveting. Thank you for the swatches!!

  13. I like last 2 lipsticks. The first two I don’t like at all. :)

  14. Sixx

    Show Orchid looks great…but I just got Victorian & Viva Glam Gaga to satisfy my bright pinks for the moment…

  15. Leonie

    Riveting is surprisingly beautiful! Usually not a fan of brownish colours but this is very pretty.
    I also love Show Orchid :)

  16. Violet

    I *must* have all of these! The blushes, too!

  17. Carrie

    Riveting is pretty and Bubbles looks interesting.

  18. Dini

    Riveting is pretty! The lipsticks, aside from Orchid, make me think of the Bobbi Brown holiday 2009 lipsticks for some reason…

  19. diana

    Riveting is gorgeous!!! so unique I can’t wait to get this one !!!

  20. So that’s where Bubbles lipstick came from.

    I went to my Macy’s M.A.C counter thursday when Spring Colour Forecast came out and looked for Bubblegum and Fresh Salmon lipsticks since they were missing but the MA said they never got Fresh Salmon in and then proceeded to show me the Bubbles lipstick which was on the new display. Hmm.

    but Riveting lipstick looks the most interesting.

  21. Tiffany

    I thought I would want Bubbles and Metal Maven but um, not anymore. Lol! just Show Orchid for me. thanks for saving me money, especially after Spring Forecast :)

  22. claudia

    Show Orchid is one of my all time fave lipsticks, love it !!
    Even though Riveting doesn’t look too dark, I’m not really a fan of brownish lippies. The other two I don’t like at all :(

  23. Kristina

    I had Bubbles in a holiday lip palette from 1998. I used it a lot for layering, it did well with milky pink gloss.

  24. kfm

    riveting is a definite. looks a little bit like “tease me” form a couple of years ago, although with less violet and more taupe. may end up buying either bubbles or metal maven, although i have the distinct feeling like metal maven is going to look horrible on me. we have a pro store here, so i feel like i can wait to decide on show orchid…

  25. Megan F

    WAIT!!!! I’m confused… I don’t remember hearing anything about Tabloid Beauty?!?!?!? Would someone like to fill me in?!?!

  26. Diana

    Riveting looks so nice and warm, I will def be getting it.

  27. Nicole

    Okay! I will get Show Orchid! But I am telling everyone that I was peer pressured! LOL. Luckily I get my first B2M soon! And Show Orchid seems like such a great statement lipstick to have in the stash… 😀

  28. Stella

    I have already Bubbles and I love it. I want Metal Maven and I might get Rivering too. Snow Orchid is pretty, but I have already such shades.

  29. Cherie

    Awesome sneak peak – thank you! I love your swatches and more importantly your lip demos! It makes all the world seeing these colours on lips :)

    I like Riveting and looooove Show Orchid. I was going to pickup SO but I won’t be getting anything now since I splurged LARGE on Spring Forecast… and I have a MAC store nearby so I can pickup SO anytime :)

  30. Vijaya

    I need a loud color like Show Orchid. I like Riveting, too. Do you think it would look okay with an NC50 skin tone, Christine?

  31. I still have quite a bit of bubbles remaining from before, but I have to get Riveting. It looks great in your pictures. The pictures really help as I wouldn’t have chosen it based upon seeing it in the tube. Thanks:)

  32. SiaM

    Wow I really like Riveting and Metal Maven (I already have Bubbles =) )
    I think I might get them!!!

    Thanks a lot for the swatches!!!! ♥x♥x♥

  33. Heather

    Thanks Christine for the great post (as always!)
    I have been wanting Bubbles and Riveting ever since I read about them on your website, even before I saw any pics, and even more than anything in Spring Colour Forecast. The swatches have clinched it…they will be mine on Thursday!!

  34. Ferarri

    Riveting and show orchid look fab. The other two….I’ll pass.

  35. Jessica

    Riveting is suprisingly pretty! Reminds me of a Katie Holmes-esque lip!

  36. Kalee

    riveting looks nice on you. i cant wear it though. =\
    oh well!
    but i love Show Orchid! holy hotness!, and im glad its pro so i dont have to rush out to get it.

  37. Lorraine

    Oh gosh! That IS retina-burning pink!!! Can’t wait to get it!!!

  38. Ember

    Riveting looks lovely. I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like on my lips.

  39. katt

    Is my screen lying or does show orchid kinda look like Hollywood Nights from Heatherette? Because if it’s similar, I’m not going to bother…

    • I think they’re different – Hollywood Nights doesn’t have the same sheen as Show Orchid (all the fuchsia/purple cast in it) and it’s darker. I imagine you could say they’re similar, but they’re not the same to me!

      • katt

        Guess I need to adjust the brightness on my screen! I have both Girl About Town and Hollywood Nights and can hardly tell the difference when I have them on, especially when paired with a gloss… and I’d hate to get yet another one that is too similar!
        I’ll be going in to do some swatching, for sure!

        • I think Show Orchid has a sheen that neither of those have, but I’d also say that Girl About Town and Hollywood Nights are different – particularly texture wise!

  40. laura

    omg i think i might want riveting and the metallic one for fun 😛

  41. Hend

    Very beautiful .. I loved the show Orchid lipstick like hell <3

  42. Kitty Kris

    I have Show Orchid from a previous collection and it’s my favourite lipstick ever(and I have quite a lot). Everytime I wear it, I always get compliments. Even from young and old men! Women always say, “I wish I could wear that colour”. It always brightens my mood. Riveting looks really good on your lips so I may have to put that on my list.

  43. ak

    I still want to try on Riveting and it looks good and wearable on you Christine! And I’ll try on Show Orchid but I dunno if I can justify buying it after I bought Lustering and Lickable a long while ago.

  44. Shi

    I really like Riveting! Do you think it’d pair well with Stone lipliner?

  45. Valerie

    I am thinking of getting Reverting and Bubbles…looks fun!

  46. Sexy Sadie

    I have loved Show Orchid from the first day I saw it.

  47. Montrese

    OMG I love Show Orchid! I think Riveting would blend into my naturally pigmented lips, but im still gonna try it on!

  48. Sheri

    Yes Riveting is really pretty!

  49. Nicole

    I dyed my hair black and yesterday I wore magenta lip liner with show orchid lipstick and electric fuschia lip glass. I got so many compliments on how my lips looked good with my new hair color. :)

  50. Amanda

    can you show us what metal Maven or Bubbles looks like on top of Orchid? Or any of the Lipglosses on top of Orchid….just a thought???

  51. mileena

    I got riveting but it looks much more purple on me then on you.

    It’s not a color I can pull off without a dramatic eye. Otherwise it just looks like my lip is bruised. Interesting color though.

  52. I got Show Orchid since I missed it in another collection. :) It’s definitely out of my daily comfort zone but I think it’s good to have for when I feel bold~ 😀

  53. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I’m gonna buy this show orchid lipstick SO damn pretty O_O

  54. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I want to buy show orchid and I’d like a gloss to put on top : should I get True babe or Electric fuschia (from the color forecast collection)? It seems that I can’t made my mind ^^ Thanks again!