Saturday, February 13th, 2010

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Full Fuchsia Blush

MAC Riveting Collection: Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

Two blushes are included in the Riveting Collection: Full Fuchsia (officially described as a very bright iridescent fuchsia) and Dirty Plum (officialy described as a deep plum). MAC lists both of these as permanent shades at PRO stores, but they’ll be limited edition at counters and stores while this collection is out. I heard that Dirty Plum was recently discontinued, though, so you might want to snatch it up anyway, if it’s your kind of shade…

Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Full Fuchsia is a vibrant deep fuchsia. It’s not ultra hot pink, but it’s nearly there. It’s just not quite as blindingly fuchsia as Show Orchid Lipstick is. It can be built up to very intense and bright, but even used lightly, it’s still a more intense blush than most. Think like a fuchsia version of Dollymix.
  • Dirty Plum is a dark, slightly muted plum. Like Full Fuchsia, it can easily be layered and intensified to its true in-the-pan color. Used lightly, you can get a softer color. This one reminded me a bit of Vintage Grape blush ombre from Spring Colour Forecast (at least, when used lightly–when used heavily, there are stronger purple tones in this one).

Have you been waiting for some pigmented blushes? Or are they too pigmented for you?

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Full Fuchsia Blush

MAC Riveting Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

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65 thoughts on “MAC Riveting Collection: Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. These blushes are so pretty. I’m glad they’re pro though so I don’t have to rush to pick them up. I am still recovering from my Spring Colour Forecast haul! :)

  2. Love the swatches!
    Is Full fuschia a PRO iteam? And do you know if it is comparable to dollymix?

  3. I feel like those colours would look better on darker skintones…

    • Isneth

      well the blush is supposed to be worn different due to the differences of skin tones but every shade can rock it differently and of course uniquely so its still very good girl. you just gotta work your tricks and it will work like magic!!!

  4. denise

    I think these might be a skip for me. I have plum de bois (I think) from cult of cherry. and The pink I can pick up at mac pro anytime. the l/g is a definite

  5. The blushes are gorgeous!! I cannot wait to snatch both of them up soon after I recover from Spring Colour Forecast!

  6. Does the fuchsia blush have any glitter/shimmer?

  7. LOVE these! Though none of these are my colors, but still love them! :)

  8. GreenwithEnvii

    How does Full Fushia compare to Azalea?

    • They’re very similar. Azalea is a little deeper pink and almost more opaque. I’d say Azalea may have a more purple sheen/cast to it in comparison, but they’re hard to distinguish between.

  9. Melissa

    I’ve been waiting for bright blushes!! I’d rather have a bright one, apply with a light hand & have it last longer. :)

  10. Jenn

    Is the Dirty Plum going to be relaunched with the liberty of london collection?

    • The descriptions are different, and my info sheet says that it is a new and limited edition shade (while Dirty Plum from Riveting says PRO). I can’t tell you yes or no without seeing the products, unfortunately.

  11. Anitacska

    They are pretty, but probably too dark/bright for me. I’m going to buy all the new mineralize blushes anyway, so that’ll be my blush haul for the time being. :)

  12. amy

    Dirty Plum is quite pretty and I am glad it is permanent at the PRO stores, so I can pick it up whenever.

  13. aMy

    Is Full Fuchsia similar to Tippy?

  14. Andrea

    I’m a bit torn between Vibrant Grape and Dirty Plum! Which one do you prefer?

  15. Jasmine

    Will these blushes be available in palette refill?

  16. sf

    how does dirty plum compare to the color 3 blush ombre? i can’t remember the name–the purple one

  17. claudia

    I thought this was the same Dirty Plum from the Give Me the Liberty of London Collection, Christine, but since you have said the info is different, maybe yeah, they’re two different shades. Well, actually it sounds ok, I really wanted to get it with the cute Give me …. packaging but I found it a bit too dark. Still, it’s a pretty colour, I’m so fond of plumish blushes !!

  18. can’t wait to get Full Fuschia :) is it only for pro ?

  19. kfm

    well… i have azalea already and i just picked up vibrant grape… so i think i can safely keep my hands off these.

  20. Vijaya

    Do you think full fushchia would be an appropriate color for someone of an NC50 skin tone?

  21. I love love love love love blushes! They are my favorite makeup item and ever since you posted that this collection was coming out I knew I would have to get these. As long as I use a light hand they should look fine. :)

  22. Cherie

    Pretty!!! I love highly pigmented blushes b/c it feels like I’m actually wearing blush. I am a fan of NARS blushes b/c they give of so much colour with just a tap of your brush. I do have some MAC favourites and absolutely love Ripe Peach blush ombre.

    I’m really wanting a purple blush to add to my collection. Christine, would you recommend Dirty Plum or Vintage Grape blush ombre or a different one?? I’m NW15 with brown eyes/hair. :)

  23. Lucie

    I actually don’t like this collection (my wallet thanks me a lot haha). The fuchsia blush is beautiful, but MAC fuchsia pigment also does this job quite nicely (I love it during the summer).

  24. amanda

    Do you know how Full Fuchsia would compare to the bright pink blush that was sold for the Hello Kitty line? Thanks

  25. Bobbie

    THese blushes are really pretty, I have passed on almost all the blushes that MAC has launched lately so I think I will pick up at least one (dirty plum)….I need to get a new blush brush though so I can apply it properly….

  26. monica

    can you swatch them in your face?

  27. Dee

    How does Dirty Plum compare to vintage grape from the spring forecast collection?

  28. is it comparable to MAC in Lilyland cremeblend blush in Florida ?
    they look same.

  29. I like the full fuschia. The Dirty Plum blush is not too appealing to me. I liek the Vintage Grape Blush Ombre better

  30. Mariel

    Oh, ick. Gotta say, I don’t think either of these shades is very wearable. That Plum one would make most women look like goth-chicks/corpses. First one could be very fun for an 80’s party, though!

  31. sf

    How does full fushia compare to lala e/s? I really want a bright pink e/s, if the blush is close to lala I would rather get this and have it be multipurpose.

  32. i am so happy…I can easily skip this collection…

  33. anna

    Can this blush be used as a dupe for romping eyeshadow? Or is Lala e/s a better dupe for romping??? If they are not good dupes, what would be a good dupe for romping??

  34. Isneth

    omg the full fuchsia blush looks so gorgeous imma buy it sooooo soon!!!!! im excited cus i really love bright colors so its gonns fit just right!!!

  35. Ferarri

    I finally decided to buy the vintage grape but it was sold out. Then I saw Full Fuchsia! Bought it instead. Hope it will not disappoint. I never had such a super pigmented blusher before.

  36. DUlceee

    i’m lookin for a lipstick who matches so perfectly with the full fuchsia blush.. what mac lipstick will u recommend me?? thnks

  37. Chelsea Forma

    Full Fuchsia was just discontinued. That was so pretty and really bright and I didn’t get it…