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MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute:  Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglass ($18.50 for 0.14 fl. oz.) include four new and limited edition shades from the upcoming collection, which launches in-stores on April 7th. The four shades include: Bubble Tea (creamy pale nude), I Love U (creamy mid-tone purple), Fashion Fanatic (creamy pale pink), and Girl Love Boy (bright light blue pink).

  • Bubble Tea is a semi-sheer peach beige with soft white micro-shimmer.  It seems like it would be similar to Big Baby.  (Note:  this looks pinker/redder  on my lips, because my lips were reacting to the plumping ingredient in the formula.)
  • I Love U is a semi-sheer, pink-tinged lilac with soft white micro-shimmer. It’s a bit milky, though it doesn’t settle into lip lines too badly.  It seems similar to Ever So Rich, which was limited edition.
  • Fashion Fanatic is a sheer, pale yellow-based pink with white shimmer. On my lips, it doesn’t add much color, just adds glossiness and shimmer. Any clear gloss with shimmer will dupe this.
  • Girl Loves Boy is a semi-opaque, blue-based cotton candy pink with a cream finish. I hurried through the swatching of this, but I did try to even it out, since it moves around and will push and pull in places. It has some milkiness to it, so it will settle into lip lines. This is the most pigmented shade of the four. It’s more pigmented than Fashion Scoop but paler than Right Image.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Plushglass is heavily vanilla scented (sweeter and more potent than any other MAC lip product I’ve come across) and is a plumping gloss. These seemed to have a much stronger plumping factor (because I couldn’t wear them, see below) than I remember them having, but it has been years since I have tried one. Plushglass is non-sticky and tends to be sheer to semi-sheer. The texture is not quite as creamy as Cremesheen Glass but reminiscent of them.

I cannot wear Plushglass. It causes an allergic reaction (you can actually see how my lips are turning splotchy), so I swatched these as quickly as I could, so they are a bit messy — my lips were already splotchy just from doing one swatch, but I know that without lip swatches the post would be worthless. It is a bit weird, because previously, I don’t remember having problems wearing Plushglass and considered it a rather mild plumping formula (I actually remember not feeling any tingle before), but whether my reaction has changed or these are more potent, that is no longer the case for me.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Quite Cute Plushglass in Bubble Tea and I Love U

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Bubble Tea Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Bubble Tea Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC I Love U Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC I Love U Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
Fashion Fanatic, Girl Loves Boy

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
Fashion Fanatic, Girl Loves Boy

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
Fashion Fanatic, Girl Loves Boy

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
Fashion Fanatic, Girl Loves Boy

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Girl Loves Boy Plushglass

MAC Quite Cute Plushglasses
MAC Girl Loves Boy Plushglass

Product & Review FAQ

What makeup are you wearing?

MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad on eyes, Urban Decay Asphyxia 24/7 Liner on lower lash line, Buxom Lash Mascara, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, MAC Sakura Mineralize Blush on cheeks.

Where can I purchase the plushglass? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 7th in-stores, approximately April 4th online -- $18.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See individual shade for suggestions.

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97 thoughts on “MAC Quite Cute Plushglass Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. i remember i bought a plushglass once thinking it was a c thru lipglass, cant remember the colour and it was a very strong smelling formula that made me feel ill, also the stinging sensation on my lips with the plumping formula was horrific, i had to wipe it off, it burnt, i told mac but they just said it was that type of formula, so no matter how pretty these colours are i would never buy one.

  2. DarkGlamour17

    I LOVE U reminds me of a Lip Smackers I had when I was little. I loved that stuff haha :)

  3. Emily

    Christine, you are SO dedicated! Despite being allergic to the product and having an allergic reaction as you were taking your pictures, you still decided to take the shots to help out your readers! We REALLY appreciate all of your hard work and all of the time you put into each and every post! <3

  4. i didn’t like these plushglasses at all but you’re always smiling. I think you work hard to swatch these products, you should always clean one of them and then try another but you’re always happy, or just play happy. i don’t know but i appreciate your effort, energy and patience. i dont know why i said all these things here but the products seems not so good and you’re still working on them. i love your blog a lot and check it out everyday! <3 <3 <3 Best wishes from Turkey 😉

  5. Oh no! I hope your lips feel better soon. That’s dedication!

    I actually got a hold of Bubble Tea, Fashion Fanatic, and Girl♥Boy and I didn’t experience that effect, just some slight tingling(phew!).

    I’m still considering whether to get I♥U..I do love purples.

  6. Jill

    yowch! that looks painful! find a friend to swatch on! 😉 shows your hard work and dedication to us readers though – so thank you!

  7. Carrie Ann

    Bubble Tea does look a lot like Big Baby, so I will skip that one. I like I Love U. I don’t think I have anything else like it. I also don’t have a problem w/ Plushglasses. My lips tingle when I first apply them, but the feeling goes away quickly and I’m fine.

  8. Liz Mc

    You’re a brave and generous woman for applying a product that you know you are allergic to, just for us! Thank you!

    • Yeah, I think polybutene and I are not so great… I swatched some plumping glosses many moons ago, about 10 or so, back-to-back, and my lips felt like they were burned and were a gross, peeling mess for a couple of weeks after that! I could never handle plumpers like DuWop’s Lip Venom, but whew.

      • alex

        This happens to me, too. I don’t have a real problem with the sensation when they’re on (they tingle a little bit, but nothing major) but whenever I wear them for more than a few hours, they make my lips crack and flake. It’s really gross.

        • It is really weird, because I remember trying these when they first put ’em out, and I was like, “OOH!” because there was hardly any tingle at all! But it was like OW! right away for me. I could just feel it wrecking my lips as soon as I put it on.

          • Steph

            Most don’t bother my lips, but there was a Sally Hansen one I had years ago that irritated my lips so bad it made me break out in a cold sore. Normally it is only stress that makes them appear for me.

          • danielle

            It’s possible to become allergic to something through exposure. I imagine that’s what’s happened here–there’s a chance that after avoiding polybutene for a while will allow you to re-introduce it once in a while, but in the meantime–get volunteer lips, please! Your readers care about you.

      • Abby

        Yikes, are you sure it’s polybutene and not something else in the gloss (usually something acidic). Polybutene is pretty inert and is pretty much the main ingredient in every lipgloss I’ve come across!

        From what I’ve seen, Plushglass uses “capsicum frutescens fruit extract”– which is basically a pepper extract. It’s probably naturally-derived capsaicin, the same stuff that makes your mouth catch on fire when you eat spicy foods. That’s actually probably the plumping ingredient, since it causes blood to rush to wherever it is!

  9. I’ve never noticed much of a sting from Plushglasses. There’s a slight “cooling” feeling for a second or two, then it’s done. Sorry they were so mean to your lips but I would definitely check these out if they were more potent than the regular ones :)

  10. Stephanie

    sooooo over MAC and their new collections. Their perm eyeshadows are great but this new stuff is such a waste of money!

  11. Lilinah

    What a disappointment. I was all excited about this release, so kawaii, but none of these Plushglasses will be coming home with me.

    And kudos to you, Christine, for risking your lips for us!

  12. Deb

    Oh no, Christine! You shouldn’t have to suffer for reviews! I hope your lips healed up quickly.

  13. I see what you mean about the splotchyness. Poor Christine! Thank you for doing lip swatches anyway. I really like these. My lips usually aren’t too sensitive so I may give them a try.

  14. Wow, thanks for the commentary about the harshness of the plumping! I usually stay away from plumping products because I have ridiculously sensitive skin (even the mint in Jack Black lip balm is bordering on too much for me), and it sounds like these would definitely be a mess if I tried them.

    • I have no prob with the Jack Black mint one! I distinctly remember liking MAC’s Plushglass when it originally came out because they hardly tingled at all but these felt so different to me!

      • I’m a big wimp! I still use the Jack Black balm though, because it works so well and lasts forever. I’ll probably just get a different flavor when I run out. Some of the new ones sound pretty nice (mm, ginger!).

        • I love the Lemon & Chamomile one – and only the mint one has any tingle (it doesn’t really feel like a tingle to me, more like a cooling sensation?) – the rest are totally tingle-free :)

  15. oh wow, i <3 isn't as pigmented as i thought it would be, bummer

  16. snm

    I have several plushglasses,some other plumping glosses from different brands too and they actually work on me,they do plump:) but they caused a terrible reaction on my best friend which is a shame really.and you are right about the smell,they almost feel like wearing perfume on your really didn’t have to make those lip swatches Christine,but this is you,being a great beauty blogger:)

  17. tg

    You shouldn’t have to do that to yourself even if it is for the blog. Next time spare yourself the agony and just do the hand swatches!

    I remember not finding these comfortable to wear. They felt strange once applied.

  18. cloudburst

    I will be buying I Love U as I really liked Ever So Rich.

  19. kfm

    Your poor lips! Glad to know that you were able to get these done before you suffered any really bad reaction. I always found the tingling on these extremely mild compared to other “plumping” glosses, so, like you, I’m wondering if the formula changed in the time between now and when they last released them. These colours seem nice enough, but I’m not sure they’re must-haves by any means. Thanks, as always for your dedication!

  20. Cristina

    Hi swetty, I like your eyeliner on the lower lashline, wich is it?

  21. sam

    i love your make up here- i always pass on mac glosses becuase i can’t bring myself to spend that much on a gloss!

  22. AnGeLwInGz

    I really appreciate your dedication to your readers and sacrificing your lips to keep us informed. Your blog is so helpful to me. If you’d like to try another “plumping” gloss you should try Dior Lip Maximizer. It’s more clear than milky pink (it just looks that way in the tube). Very faint vanilla mint scent, COOLING feel, NO TINGLING SENSATION!!! I’ve had some bad experiences with plumping products stinging my lips and making them peel but Dior Lip Maximizer is the only one that works for me. Also looks great over Hue lipstick. I have medium/ light skin.

    • I don’t need any plumping, but thank you! LipFusion and Plushglass used to be the two that I didn’t have problems with – again not sure if Plushglass has changed over time or I’ve gotten more sensitive!

  23. Marisa Payne

    Hmmmm, maybe these are a different formula. I’ve owned a couple of plushglass shades and I found the tingling to be very minimal (if at all) but they were sooooo STICKY I ended up B2M’ing them as I found that even after trying to wipe it off my lips would be sticky for hours afterwards (and I can handle some sticky lipgloss).

  24. Bonnie

    Christine, I LOVE your eye makeup in these photos!! <3

  25. Poor lippies! I saw you commented that you’re ok now, though, so that’s good to hear. My first MAC gloss was a plushglass and I liked it OK, but I think I was at max tingle. If these are worse, I will be passing.

  26. leesie

    Ouch, that looks painful! D:
    Please do not feel at all obligated to subject your lips to that again for the other ones–I know I’m not alone when I say I’d prefer you not harm yourself for our sake.
    Bubble Tea is kind of pretty, but even if I weren’t now terrified to try these, I don’t think my lips really need plumping action.

  27. I think anyone who would bash you for not providing lip swatches of this despite the reaction/allergy deserves to go to jail (or at least get trolled by other readers, haha). It’s makeup, guys, it doesn’t go for everyone! I believe that the quality of your reviews through the years speak for itself: that you are a dedicated, credible, and honest blogger.

  28. Aw, thank you so much for doing the swatches anyway! Sorry that you’re allergic to them though – I know how that is. ;_;

    I didn’t realize these were Plushglasses! I really want Bubble Tea because it looks like a cute color and easy to pair with other lipsticks, and admittedly because I adore the name lol. I’ll have to try it out at a counter though, since my lips are similarly sensitive…

    Thanks for the review and swatches! =)

  29. It’s almost definitely not the polybutene causing your reaction- polybutene is a pretty benign ingredient derived from mineral oil- it’s the thickening, lubricating base that makes up the gloss. If you look at the ingredient list of the other plumpers you have reactions to, I bet you’ll find they all have capsicum extract- that’s what gives the gloss its plumping power (capsicum is from peppers, its the chemical that makes them hot!)

    Capsicum, and to a much smaller extent the lemon and ginger in this, are actually put into the formula to do exactly what you’re seeing: they create mild inflammation by essentially causing an allergic reaction. Yeah, really. The things we do for beauty!

    BTW, peppermint oil and menthol are also skin irritants, which is why some people react to them when they’re in balms (odd that they’re in so many balms that are designed to be used on already irritated skin!) Having said that, I have what my dermatologist calls “very very very very sensitive skin” and I generally have no issues w/ peppermint (but do w/ capsicum). It all comes down to your individual body chemistry and, in this case, comfort level! :)

  30. Silvia

    Hi Christine,

    hope your lips get well soon! be careful!

  31. Nunuiviet

    I don’t think these colours can be worn on their own. Better apply these plush glasses on lipsticks.

  32. Vvn

    I might have been tempted to get Bubble Tea if it was a regular lipglass, but the sheerness of it, puts me off a little >< such a shame !

  33. Liz

    Christine i’m all plush glasses have a lip plumper? I’m debating on if I should get one or not. I’m sorry you had a reaction to it! But thank you for posting pictures and doing a review anyways :)

  34. That is dedication that you did lip swatches of the Plushglasses despite having an allergic reation to them. They do look pretty but I cannot get myself to purchase on becuase the plumping effects don’t do any justice on my lips.

  35. Florence

    My dear, hope you are alright ….. thanks for the dedication to the review …. I always check you blog before making any purchase ….. thanks!!

  36. Mischa

    Totally OT but Asphyxia liner looks SO good on you… I got the 24/7 gift set for my birthday, really wanted to love Asphyxia but it looked too space-age and play-makeup on my NC44 skin :(

  37. Amanda Blyskal

    ugh….. not the best…. but THANKS ANYWAY

  38. i cant wear plushglass, they burn on me, i must be hyper sensitive to them but when ive tried them before ive had to wipe them straight off, and the smell was horrendous on the one i tried.

  39. Nadia

    I’m seriously confused! Weren’t these reviews/swatches posted previously? How come they’re re-posted?

    • I updated them with the missing products – I only had 2 of the Plushglasses from before and I had written in the post previously that I would update with the additional swatches/photos as soon as I had them… So sorry I didn’t have them originally.

  40. Marisol

    That’s terrible that they caused an allergic reaction for you…i’ve never much liked lip plumpers…and i dont think i even like the color of these glosses…they look kinda strange…maybe it’d be different with a lipstick

  41. Kat

    Thank you for suffering for the sake of these reviews!

  42. Paige

    Wow, you are really dedicated to your readers. We all appreciate your efforts. Though I like the colors of these glosses, I hate the extra plumping action. I don’t get the big lips trend. I kinda have thick lips myself, and have always wish they are a little thinner.

  43. Trish

    I can’t wear Plushglasses. The formula makes my lips feel like they’re on fire! I’ve already got full lips so I don’t need this anyway. The colors are pretty but not enough to make me buy a Plushglass.

  44. zeldamarie

    Christine, you are so dedicated!

    I don’t want to scare you, but I just want to share an anecdotal story of my personal experience with having a reaction to plumping gloss. I experienced permanent discoloration along my lip line from a reaction I had to DuWop Venom gloss (by permanent, I mean it’s been about two years and it hasn’t diminished). I had been using it for about a week and thought the burning sensation was normal, but then I noticed my lip line was looked darkened from the burning, so I stopped using it immediately. Unfortunately that dark line around my lip never went away. I’m sure it’s not something other people notice, but I still notice it =(. Please be careful!

  45. Ivy

    Please ask for a volunteer the next time Plushglasses are sent to you. A lipgloss swatch isn’t worth your health.

    • Can’t really review/test it without trying it, though! :(

      • Ivy

        That’s why I suggested a volunteer. They try it on, you ask the questions about the product your readers expect you to cover in the reviews. We get the information we’re looking for from a source we trust with no risk to your health–which is more important than any blog post.

        • I appreciate the suggestion – don’t get me wrong! :) But the very least, I could never write about it if I didn’t try it – it wouldn’t really be a review. What they say may not be in line with how I’d describe something and may be inconsistent with the way I do reviews. IMO, I would rather not do it at all than do it poorly!

  46. Ugh, that sucks about you being allergic!

  47. You had better stop doing lip swatches with those plush glasses!! We don’t need your lips falling off! Thanks for keeping us posted!

  48. After seeing how these react to you, I don’t even want to try them at all. I don’t like the colours anyway but I think I will be steering clear of Plushglass altogether just in case.

  49. WithIt

    Thank you Christine for swatching these despite your allergy. I also really appreciate you posting the ingredients! I have had some allergic reactions to products (e.g. MAC mineralize skinfinish) and it is a hassle to go back to return things to the store (especially with their now-stricter return policy). This is one of the reasons I love Urban Decay. They post their ingredients on their website!

  50. Sam

    Christine, I just want to say that you are an amazing and dedicated blogger. To purchase and wear a product that you are allergic to, really shows your dedication to us and your blog. Thank you so much.

  51. Sam

    By the way, I had a really bad reaction to DuWop’s Lip Venom. It literally burnt my lips so bad. And I know that lip plumpers are supposed to irritate your lips, and that is why they get bigger (because of the swelling), but it should never be painful like the lip venom. I was going to get this, until now. Also, plushglasses smell horrible!!!

  52. Blueberry

    Hey, I’m from France and I read your blog everyday, it’s awesome !
    I really love it and I want to say thank you SO MUCH for doing all this work on your blog for us, and for taking time to make those swatches ^^. It’s so sweet of you :)
    And I am so sad your lips suffered for the swatches, hope it’s better now.

  53. I dislike these because my lips have a slight reaction to them also and to me they smell like playdough! Blugh!!!

  54. Mercedez

    Can you recommend a good lipstick and gloss line from MAC…that will be good for a wedding? [Something that won’t transfer..and last] Be it a lipstick..or gloss..Maybe a basic nude/mauve..?

    TIA !~

    [Said this already..but forgot to click [notify me by email!]

    • If you don’t want it to transfer, you’ll have to go for the Prolongwear Lip Colors/Lustre Lip Colors, because those are the only ones that don’t transfer! Perennial Rose is nice.

  55. Mercedez

    wow…these really are sheer..They seem very generic..I really like the blush you had on..

  56. Jenn

    Although I do appreciate your dedication (and I don’t see any splotchiness), yuck! Way too milky-looking for me.

  57. Sydney

    I was thinking of getting one when I first heard of the collection. Little did I know, these were plumping, and then I heard someone tell me that they stung and burnt. Plus, the colors are so sheer… I’ll skip. I’ll probably never get into Plushglasses.

  58. Pinkpixie007

    OMG…I had a reaction to them as well! My lips started to peel and were raw for about 1 week. I use MAC for most of my beauty needs and wants and was really surprised by the reaction.

  59. Aly

    Most plumping lipsglosses are fine for me.. Are these like horrible compared to other ones? I really want I love U & Girl Loves Boy because I just love the names so much.. But they look really similar lmao oh well I want em 😀