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Sometimes!  If I’m having an ugly day, sometimes makeup will help me feel better about myself, but the important piece of is that you work on feeling confident everyday, all the time, just because you’re you.  We look for flattering hair cuts and slimming jeans, so why not concealer that hides our tiredness or blush that adds a glow?

— Christine

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I actually feel more confident without makeup sometimes. If I have foundation on and get a compliment to my skin, it means less to me than if I were naked-faced that day. Not that makeup makes me less confident, per se. It just seems to happen sometimes.

“We look for flattering hair cuts and slimming jeans, so why not concealer that hides our tiredness or blush that adds a glow?” – Absolutely true! I hate it when my friends roll their eyes at me for liking to put on makeup. It’s really not a confidence thing at all, but what i truly love doing. besides, sometimes i think it’s nice that someone takes the effort to hide dark circles, just to look a little more presentable/happy.

I’m not hideous without make up and I’ve only been wearing it for a couple of years, but it definitely helps with my confidence. When everything comes together: hair, make up, outfit, you feel incredible. It’s all a package. It doesn’t even require a full face. Sometimes all you need is an awesome lipstick or mascara for that extra boost.

Yes…kind of. I don’t wear cover-ups (foundation/concealer type things), but still, I’ve found that a side effect of wearing makeup is noting how much I like how I look when I’m not wearing it, which does make me feel good.

I always feel more confident in wearing makeup. Even if it’s just some face powder to control oil and mascara. It just makes me feel more put together in the mornings. But I also do my makeup because I look forward to it every morning and it cheers me up. I’m 15 and just doing a neutral eye with a little mascara brightens my day.

I do and I don’t see anything wring with it. I still go out without makeup on sometimes but I feel much better even wearing something little like mascara. I KNOW it’s just psychological but putting on a little makeup is a simple, quick way to feel a little confident. However, if your self-assurance is tied up in wearing makeup or not I think you may have a problem.

I’m a teen with a substantial amount of acne so putting on foundation is a definite confidence booster. To be honest, I don’t ever leave the house without it. Otherwise, my skin will be very red and uneven.

Not necessarily. Unless I have a complete face done, I feel self-conscious about wearing my makeup and feel as if everyone can notice it.

It’s good to put on some makeup sometimes, mostly if you know how to use it because it just gets the best of you… but I gotta note out that I always flirted better when having less to none makeup on my skin. Anyway, just like Bobbi Brown would say, concealers are the masters of the universe! <3

Not necessarily. It makes me feel better to conceal under eye circles and redness, but I enjoy putting my makeup on. I love the pretty colors and I like coordinating it w/ whatever I’m wearing. I usually prefer that my makeup look pretty natural, anyway. If I think I’ve put too much on, that makes me feel self-conscious.

I know what you mean, I love putting on makeup too and watching tutorials and reading blogs but when i put it on myself, i get worried about if others notice i’m wearing too much makeup…but maybe it takes time to get confident in wearing makeup

When I don’t wear makeup I definitely notice my confidence taking a hit. It’s funny you’ve asked because just today I heard that I carry myself differently when I have it “done up”. For me it’s the equivalent of high heels, nicely tailored clothing that fits, well manicured nails and good hair. I hardly do my face to work since I’d rather get 20 more minutes of sleep but I do feel more confident when my dark circles are not on full display. I do it for myself, when I want to and how I want to but I won’t lie, makeup = confidence boost.

Definitely. I look more professional with makeup on, and putting on makeup is actually one of the motives to get me out of bed every morning! Who doesn’t look forward to being pretty every day?

Yep, because it changes my eye shape and my overall ‘look’ for that day. It also helps me look more gyaru, while I just look tired without it

I think wearing makeup helps me project my best image of myself to everyone. Wearing makeup is also a way to pamper myself which helps boosts my happiness and in turn boosts my confidence. Like others, I sometimes go for a full week without putting on any makeup which is also fine with me.

Yes. I’ve never been pretty and I never will be, growing up my peers never let me forget these details and as such, I’m pretty thin-skinned and sensitive. I’m also younger-looking than I really am, and I find wearing makeup makes me look my age and I get taken a little more seriously at work.

I know what you mean. I grew up with the mentality that I’m stupid because everyone told me I was. I’m now 39 and I still suffer from emotional scars. I wear more makeup now than I ever had before and I love it. I wear it for me because it makes “ME” feel happy about myself and I don’t cry when I look in the mirror. When you’re almost 300 pounds and feel like everyone is mocking you, you do things for yourself to make you feel happier. I am also younger looking than I really am. I’m 39 but look like late 20s. It’s a great compliment and I do know how to take that gracefully.

JGoreham, I’m so sorry people make you feel inferior to yourself. Please know you are beautiful just as God created you. I will keep you in my prayers! We are all beautiful in our own unique ways.

For me, I’d rather be different and unique than the same as others like robots. Seriously, if we were all the same, we’d be freaking boring! 🙂

yes! i think i look a lot better with makeup. just being honest! it makes me feel more confident bc i look put together (i only do simple looks, nothing glamorous) so when im talking to someone they focus on what im saying instead of my blotchy face and tired eyes:)

Not really – I’m a pretty confident person but I feel I look better with a bit of concealer (genetic dark circles), some blush and lipstick or gloss (at my age – 50+, with pale skin and dark hair, I need a touch of colour). I also really enjoy makeup but I don’t wear it for confidence, exactly. It’s more that I just feel I look better with a bit of makeup (and I wear more than “a bit” because I enjoy it).

Make up gives that tiny extra boost! A little mascara and lipgloss goes a LONG WAY. I actually find that I’m a tad bit insecure when I do an intense make up look because it’s like a piece of art in a way. I just hope it will be received well! Otherwise, I’ve never been too short on self-esteem!

I wear makeup more for a style, and for fun (eyeshadows) not for confidence. I notice alot of girls in my area do it too, if you’re at the mall, out to eat, or at the club and have a sick eyeshadow look on that goes well with your outfit.. I do the same.

Now if im breaking out that month, thats when i wear it for confidence (foundation). i dont really like the look of foundation, if I had great skin (like I used to) I would never wear it. my skins not bad now so I just use MUFE face&body something light, sheer.

I wear makeup for lots of reasons. Besides being obsessed with it I think it’s great to wear a little on a daily basis or almost on a daily basis because it makes you look polished and put together. It’s always nice to put your best you out there. Don’t get me wrong I have crazy days where class and school are killing me where makeup is just not in the plan. Haha

I don’t wear makeup to help with my confidence, per se; if I ever feel like I look so awful that can’t leave the house without it (when it’s not a special occasion, anyway, where I feel like I need to look flawless), I’d take some time to sit back and figure out why, and do some self-care.

I mean, I don’t LIKE leaving the house without my dark circles concealed (they are DARK – like fading black eyes), but I don’t feel like looking tired makes me any less hot and awesome. I’m hot because my eyes are beautiful, I have great lips, my smile lights me up, my face has lots of character. Makeup can highlight those things in a nice way. But if I can’t appreciate my face w/o makeup, it’s time to wash it off and get acquainted with me, y’know?

I know I usually feel more confident. Even when guys prefer me without it. Acne just impacts your skin so much that I feel like even a tinted moisturizer makes all the difference.

yes! i always feel more confident when i take the time to look nice, i get a very different reaction from people when i put on make up and feel great. when i dont wear make up i feel uncomplete – like i didnt brush my teeth or something, and that is no way to “face” the day

I feel more polished and put together but I don’t think necessarily more confident.

The weird thing is, since I’ve become more skilled with my make-up, I’m actually more comfortable not wearing than I used to be. Back when I used to only wear a little eye liner and mascara, I’d never go in public without them but now, I have no problem wearing no make-up in public. It’s like since I know the limits of what make-up can accomplish (and can’t accomplish), I’m more comfortable just being me.

In my case, I wear foundation to boost my confidence. Without it, even if it’s just tinted moisturizer, people always say that I look “tired”. I hate that! But I wear all other makeup because I love it!

I know that I am a pretty girl, but on days when I am feeling down there is something that brows, lashes, blush and gloss does to lift my spirits!!! I guess SOME days it helps with my confidence, but other days, its just what I do b/c I love it!

It works both ways for me. Some days I feel like it makes me look better, other days it makes me look worse! But I still wear it and just tell myself to “work it girlfriend!”

Not really! Ha, i really enjoy putting it on but i really feel the same wearing it or not wearing it:)

Honestly yes I have to wear makeup out the door! I won’t go any where with out makeup. If it weren’t for makeup I don’t know how I’d ever feel confident about my exterior, I look harsh with out makeup. I wished I was naturally beautiful! But on the other hand when I’m all done up with hair, makeup, and cute clothes I feel HOT :)!!!!

This may be a blanket statement and don’t mean to generalize everyone but I think makeup’s only purpose is to boost confidence. Not that we cannot be confident without makeup, and not that we need makeup to feel confident, and not that we need makeup to be beautiful, but makeup is applied to your face to make it more attractive and pretty. And why do we want to be more attractive and pretty…?

I actually think you need more confidence to wear makeup than to go without. I’m starting to wear more makeup now, and I’m “already” 25. I’ve never had the confidence to wear any more than mascara, concealer, gloss and sometimes a little colored eyelier on my upper lashline. I’m always afraid people will notice I’m wearing it, or that I’m wearing a wrong shade of concealer/foundation and it looks ridiculous…
But I’m getting more and more used to it. And the people around me need some time to adjust as well.

Wearing Make Up does gives me a little more confidence. I like the polished looked you can get when you put just a little make up. Plus, in the last year I have developed hyper pigmentation on my face, so being able to correct that with make up makes all the difference. Also, wearing make up allows you to be whom ever you want. you can be sexy, natural, dramatic, and so many other things. So yes it give me more confidence and allows me the freedom to change my look day to day

Putting makeup on is a signal for me to start my day. If I go to work without makeup on, I don’t get that Pavlovian response. Even on days when I’m working from home and no one is going to see me. If I stay in my pajamas, I’m going to spend more time napping and less time working.

I wear makeup to support my vanity. I’ve noticed that when I was unemployed and a bit depressed, I didn’t bother with makeup usually when running to the store or so. Since I’ve been working, I wear makeup every day to work, and I’ve noticed that even on a weekend, I’ll put a bit on if I’m out running errands, simply because it makes me look better, and I just feel like that’s an advantage I want to take.

ABSOLUTELY! I work from home “remotely” using webcams communications to countries like India and Pakistan, and “the powers to be” are like..ok these countries are “conservative” and the inevitable “Maile you look fine without makeup” (Men! bah!). And I noticed my self-esteem went down because I didn’t wear any,, I BOUGHT A LOT OF MAKEUP but didn’t wear it..finally one morning before going “live” I’m like WTH! I have hundreds if not more worth of makeup….I’m going to do it…and I FELT SO MUCH BETTER! My work improved (auditing) and I didn’t feel blah. Of course those men who told me I looked GREAT w/o makeup…haven’t even noticed I have a totally different face! Ladies, if you’re in the blues or depressed, just play with makeup…it always lifts my spirtis!

I started putting concealer because I was very self conscious about the discoloration on my face. I do dare to go out without makeup in public but to school, not really. Of course, if a person has foundation and excellent makeup but a frown on their face, they’d look very unattractive. While one who goes bare face but smiles all the time, she would look glowing. So in the end, wear a smile with confidence and ditch that mopey face! 🙂

Yes, absolutely. You can always tell when I am down, because then I do my full, detailed, glamorous makeup. I may feel crappy, but I simply REFUSE to accept being or looking like that. So I put on my Hollywood-production make up (and assorting outfit of course) and its a signal for everyone to stay clear, because I can bite heads off! By the middle of the day, I am totally cured, and feel glorious!
Other than that, make up is my way for my mind to catch up to my body in the morning.

nope, to me I feel like if I can’t be confident in my natural skin..what makes me think I’m going to feel more confident with makeup on? Idk that’s just me. I wear makeup just to change it up a bit & because I love it! But a lot of the times I won’t wear any, because either I know I’m going to cry or afraid of smearing >_< lol

At first, I did. I suffered from pretty bad acne and felt ashamed by my blemishes and pimples. I felt hidious without wearing a thick layer of foundation and concealer. As I grew older I learned to appreciate my good features and now I use it to play up my good points. I use different, more natural looking foundations and I don’t cake it on like I used to do. It’s not like I never leave the house without wearing makeup but I definitely feel better wearing it, even if it’s just a little mascara or gloss.

Definitely! Especially when I have to make a presentation in front of a group or when I want better service from sales personnel. But most of the time, it’s mainly to protect my skin from harmful environmental pollutants since I live in a city.

When I worked in the NHL I was one of very few females, especially my age (21-22), & I actually wore it as some sort of armor, if you will. No matter how hurried or stressed I was, at least I knew I looked presentable if I ran into someone! Working with high profile athletes/personnel can be difficult in professional sports, especially as a girl, so confidence and demanding respect are key, and knowing I looked nice really helped with that. Strangely enough, none of the other women there wore makeup, and actually seemed to strongly dislike the fact that I did, and would routinely make comments about it! And it was usually only light mascara, Well Dressed blush, and Hue lipstick!!

Sometimes yes, and that’s when I need to distract everyone’s attention form the horrendously bad hair day I may be having!!

I actually feel more confident with makeup on, even it’s little bit. I feel naked w/o my makeup on and always try to hide it under my glasses. However, I love my skin after taking shower, it looks bright and dewy

Actually, yes and no – yes, because when I having a good self-esteem day, my MU makes me feel pretty, sensual and becomes an extension of my good mood. And no, because I am fairly confident person and when I am not really feeling confident, I can fake my way to till I convince myself that I am indeed confident person.

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