Friday, September 17th, 2010

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Go For It vs. Goes and Goes

The Dupe List:  MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme

Here are some dupes and swatch comparisons of several Lipcreme shades!

  • Go For It vs. Goes and Goes: Ding, ding! Goes and Goes is a more opaque version of Go For It (from In the Groove). I would have also swatched Up the Amp next to it, but I don’t own it (or I’ve lost it, either way, it’s MIA).
  • Overtime vs. Angel: Similar, like very competitive sisters. Overtime is clearly a yellow-based pink when compared to Angel, which is a cooler pink (but I’d describe as a neutral pink overall).
  • Chatterbox vs. Unlimited Sisters but not twins–Chatterbox is a touch brighter and pinker, while Unlimited almost looks like it has a touch of plum in it when swatched next to Chatterbox. The finish/consistency are nearly the same, though.
  • Morange vs. Good to Go vs. Neon Orange: WINNER! WINNER IN THE ORANGE DRESS! Even with my overly critical eye, I find it pretty difficult to tell the difference between the three of these. Morange looks to be just a touch lighter than the other two, perhaps.
  • Queen’s Sin vs. Perpetual Flame: Not so dupe-tastic. Queen’s Sin is redder and darker (and obviously has a frosty finish).
  • Dubonnet vs. Extended Play: If you have one, you don’t need the other. They’re virtually identical.
  • Extended Play vs. Russian Red vs. Brave Red vs. Prolong: Russian Red is way too bright to be similar to Extended Play, and it’s not quite as pinky as Prolong (which may be closer to Ruby Woo, though not as red). Brave Red is a slightly sheerer, glossier version of Extended Play, though.

See more swatches…

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Overtime vs. Angel

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Chatterbox vs. Unlimited

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Morange vs. Good to Go vs. Neon Orange

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Queen’s Sin vs. Perpetual Flame

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Dubonnet vs. Extended Play

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes
Extended Play vs. Russian Red vs. Brave Red vs. Prolong

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65 thoughts on “MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dupes & Comparisons

  1. Dawn

    Thank you – you’ve saved me some money. I was going to get Extended Play, but realise I already have Dubonnet in a set. I can knock one off of my ‘wants’ list.

  2. great post, christine! surprised me how similar the two purples are!
    question: how is love forever compared to petals and peacocks?

  3. Leerae

    These comparison shots are so helpful~
    Thanks Christine!

  4. Sara

    Wow, very close dupes!

  5. Pam

    Thanks for the review. Very helpful :)

  6. Brooke

    Wow, MAC is really running out of ideas..

    • kara

      I was thinking the same thing!

      • cmferrets

        i know me too. i was like “what the hell is up w/ mAC COMING OUT W/ SO MANY DUPES LATETLY”. i bet u its w/ all their collections coming out too soon and too big. so their very noticable. i got unlimited.

  7. Hey. Nice pictures. :)
    May I use one of those photos on my blog since I don’t have any of those lipsticks? I’d like to write about how happy I am I didn’t buy “Dubonnet” since it looks like “Extended Play”, which I am going to buy soon. 😀

  8. Stephanie

    If we don’t already own any of the dupes, would you suggest the pro longwear over the other formula?

  9. ShockingBlue

    Will you be reviewing the foundation and concealer from the creme collections?

  10. K7P*

    Okay this has nothing to do with the MAC products, but i just ordered my Urban Decay Book of shadow vol III on didn’t think they we’re going to have it til next month so i’m super excited!!!! (I may just be late to the party so excuse if this is old news!) =)

  11. baby in a corner

    Great post! Nothing explains things better than a picture! sorry to hear about your up the amp

  12. AnaG.

    Christine, is Russian Red very dry? I really like the color but I find the matte dryness is uncomfortable. I wanted to buy a bright red lipstick (like Ruby Woo) – do you suggest any color? I’m a NC40 :-) Thanks a lot!!

  13. Ashley Tatton

    Extended Play was the only one that super appealed to me, which now makes sense since Dubonnet is my favorite lipstick.

  14. Wow, Morange has really been duped! I’m so glad you do these posts so people don’t waste their time buying things they obviously don’t need

  15. Deb

    I am blown away at how similar the orange ones are! I only have Morange, but clearly, that’s all I need!

  16. elbas

    Once again, you are amazing. Thank you SO much for sharing this!!!!!

  17. Courtney

    I was bummed at how dull Extended Play looked on me. That was the one I was most excited for. Oh well.

  18. Argeleen

    Wow! Thank u! U saved me from getting overtime for sure! I have angel..and unlimited too I think I like chatterbox better lol

    • kara

      I was going to buy overtime too but i already have angel. It seems like the last two collections (Fabulous Felines) are dupes or very similiar to other mac products.i’m saving money but disapointed at the same time.

  19. elise

    Thank you for doing this, Christine! I always get dupes and then wonder “hmmm…this shade looks familiar..” or I think “I wonder whether I should wear this lip color with the purple blouse or this one that is slightly bluer?” after I’ve bought it! :Z

    I’d love to take a tour of one of the manufacturing plants where they mix the proportion of colors together, but they probably don’t allow Ben & Jerry’s type public tours :( BTW, I now have my mom hooked on your site, too 😀

  20. Thank you so much for swatching the dupes!

  21. Sam

    Wow, most of those are IDENTICAL! No way jose.

  22. Jessika k

    Christine, go for it looks interesting, I love purple but idk how to wear it. How would you wear a purple lipstick or make it wearable, Christine?

  23. Ashley D.

    Thanks a lot, Christine! I’m just gonna stick with what I have.

  24. liv

    Could you compare til tomorrow and modesty? I know you said those were close in the initial review.

  25. Nora

    Thank you for the dupes…I can’t believe the orange lipsticks are so similar!

    Are you going to review the foundation and concealer from the Pro Longwear collection?

  26. Heather

    Thanks for this! I actually love Neon Orange and Morange, but I don’t like that I can’t wear them without a lipliner. I can wear this new formula without a liner, so I’ll have to pick up Good to Go!

  27. j

    Thanks girl for these! I suspected Goes and Goes and Go For it were dupes, except more opaque.

    I’m actually super excited that they’re releasing Goes and Goes because i have Go For it, and I always say how I wish it was more opaque. now I can get one that is! Are these lipcremes going to be part of the permanent line or are they just limited edition?

  28. Carrie Ann

    Wow, Go for It & Goes and Goes look exactly the same and so do Morange, Good to Go & Neon Orange. It’s a little strange to have 3 lipsticks that are the exact same shade, even though they’re different formulas. The red shades look like exact dupes, as well. Good thing I wasn’t interested in any of those, though Unlimited looks really pretty.

  29. Sheryl

    I went to the store to try them on… and was eye-ing on several of them, especially the purple one. I ended up not buying any one of them because i wasn’t too impressed. I’m also not too impressed with the formula/pigmentation for some reason. I think I’ll stick with my amplified cremes and cremesheens.

  30. ellie

    thanks a lot Christine … you are very helpful as always … now i know which ones not to buy … i was eyeing unlimited but i have chatterbox already and they are really similar indeed … i can save money this time … i’ll just get overtime since i don’t have angel yet … do you think it will not wash me out? pale pinks usually don’t look good on me especially lazy day.

  31. jeez, the oranges are exactly the same!!! great comparisons!

  32. Luisafer

    Love the colors!!! just hope they’re really longwear. Wich one would you recommend on a brunet???

  33. june

    Are these lipcremes limited edition?

  34. Your an Angel for comparing Overtime & Angel.. Thanks Christine :)

  35. Sherie

    Hi Christine! I was wondering, are you going to do a review on the Pro longwear concealers? For the concealer, do the shades run lighter or darker than the usual MAC shades?

  36. Pucci

    Hi Christine love this so much! ü How about for Love Forever and Faithfully Yours, would you have sample comparison photos? Hope to hear from you, thanks! =)