Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Lipglasses: C-Thru, Pret-a-Papier, Fold and Tuck

MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection: Lipglasses Review, Photos, Swatches

Three lipglasses released with this collection, but being the coral fiend I am, Fold and Tuck was the one that I liked the most. It was a lovely shade of coral that was there but not bright with good color. I love the concept of Pret-a-Papier, but it would definitely look better over a lipstick.

Lipglass ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • C-Thru is a creamy, milky flesh-toned shade. It’s very much a nude lipglass and can settle into lip lines, so it’s a better shade for layering than to wear alone. This is a permanent shade from MAC’s lipglass collection, so no need to rush for this one. Also, though it’s pigmented in a sense, it’s still going to show some of your natural lip color–the more pigmented your lip color, the less nude this will be, though it will still tone your natural lip color down.
  • Fold and Tuck is a beautiful pinky coral with soft golden flecks. It’s everything I wanted Lychee Luxe to be (while pretty, it’s not the coral I’ve been wanting to see from MAC). It’s the most pigmented of the three glosses, and it’s only a little warm, so both warm and cool skin tones can easily wear this.
  • Pret-a-Papier is a darkened amber-reddish bronze. It reminds me of past shades like Liqueur, not so much in terms of color, but in the way it looks and feels and works.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Lipglasses: C-Thru, Pret-a-Papier, Fold and Tuck

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Lipglasses: C-Thru, Pret-a-Papier, Fold and Tuck

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Lipglasses: C-Thru, Pret-a-Papier, Fold and Tuck

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Lipglasses: C-Thru, Fold and Tuck, Pret-a-Papier

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC C-Thru Lipglass

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC C-Thru Lipglass

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Fold and Tuck Lipglass

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Fold and Tuck Lipglass

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Pret-a-Papier Lipglass

MAC Pret a Papier Collection
MAC Pret-a-Papier Lipglass

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73 thoughts on “MAC Pret-a-Papier Collection: Lipglasses Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Zeni

    Screw commenting on your lips, I LOVE your eyes!!!

    Just had to throw that in there. This makes me rethink pret-a-papier, it looked crazy dark when I saw it earlier on now I may just buy it tomorrow…

  2. Tiffany

    gorgeous! all three!

  3. Rose

    I love fold and tuck šŸ˜€ I need to get it! Also Christine, I really really do appreciate the photos with your whole face!

  4. Kimberly

    Just wondering if Fold and Tuck would be a close substitute for Queen Bee Lipglass from the Naked Honey collection? I love Queen Bee it is the perfect summer lip for my redheaded fair skin and being no longer available looking for a good sub!! Thanks! xoxo

  5. SweetMarie

    Great review! One question: how does Fold and Tuck compare to Perennial High Style from the Liberty of London collection?

  6. Fiaspice

    I love the Pret-a-Papier one.

  7. I’m really so surpised that nothing’s caught my eye from this collection so far.. I originally had some lipsticks, glosses, Coral Crepe paint pot, and both blushes in mind.. now nothing’s even standing out for me.. and I’m REALLY glad. =P It’s such a relief actually! Might try Instant Chic blush still but I’m not sure anymore.. since it’s not pigmented? Do you think I’d be better off with say.. a NARS or Smashbox blush (lots of pigment!!) I don’t want something that’s too sheer it won’t even show up. What do you think?

  8. Erin

    I’m so happy that I ordered Fold & Tuck! (my box is coming tomorrow–EEK!) It really is very pigmented (I follow your rule of looking at your lip freckle) and looks so soft, yet coral-y and lovely! I can’t wait to layer it over Dressmaker, Dressmaker & Made to Order.

  9. kitty

    thanks for the comprehensive breakdown, as usual ^^

    how do you think pret-a-papier compares to buzz l/g from naked honey? i wear mostly bold and bright reds and pinks on my lips, but i love buzz (so much that i bought a back up, which i almost never do!) and so i always have an eye out for comparable shades…

  10. lauraaaaaaaa

    gorg! and looooving your eye makeup! very flattering <3

  11. Ooh I want Fold and Tuck!

  12. Tina

    What would lipstick would Pret-a-Papier work with?

  13. Diana Lau

    i love fold and tuck too! your reviews just made me place an order

  14. Leigh

    Pret-a-papier is pretty but it’s way too much of a fall color for this time of year. WTF MAC?

  15. Thank you so much for adding the full-face shots – it really gives a better impression of what the color actually looks like on.

  16. Julia

    I’m so glad you’re doing zoomed out photos now, really helps me get the whole overall look. :)

  17. I like Fold and Tuck even though it is a pinky coral. Which is funny cause I am not normally attracted to pinks but this one seems to suit well with the warm undertones I have. I might give this one a shot. I love Pret-a-Papier but Im not too sure if it is going to look too dark on me.

  18. How would you say Fold and tuck compares to red devil (from BBR collection last year)?
    I love Red devil but I’m running out :S

  19. Melissa

    Are you wearing the chromographic pencil in these photos, Christine?

  20. Tiffany

    Always wanted to try a MAC Lipglass, are they sticky to you? I love Fold and Tuck but if it is sticky, I dont know if i will like it…

  21. I love Fold and Tuck and Pret a Papier, especially as I never got Liquor and I like darker, more pigmented lipglosses.

  22. Jas

    hey thanks for the swatches! I was wondering tho how Pret-a-Papier Lipglass compares to gitane lipglass? thanks!

  23. KateĀ M.

    UmĀ YEAĀ officiallyĀ mustĀ haveĀ FoldĀ andĀ Tuck!!Ā Ā ThatĀ isĀ STUNNING!!

  24. Tavia

    Not so attractive colors!

  25. Aoife

    Love Pret-a-papier! Goes on the list!

  26. margot

    Oooh I like both Pret-a-Papier and Fold and tuck … might have to get both :)
    BTW, I love your eye makeup and are you wearing one of those new Chromagraphic pencils ? If so, I like it :)

  27. Gail

    What do you think about Fold & Tuck over Chanel Genial? Going to Saks today for F&F & need to stop by Nordies

  28. Melanie T

    I really like Fold and Tuck! Is there any lip glosses like it from MAC but more pigmented, or maybe not from MAC?

  29. Fold and tuck is verrry nice on you šŸ˜€ on the other hand, I can see pret-a-papier being very suited for a christmas/holiday collection!!

  30. Katie

    I love the look of the chromagraphic pencil on your waterline! Now I feel OBLIGATED to get one because my eyes are tiny (and this would be fabulous!). Also, I’m definitely getting Made to Order. I’m a cool NW20, but I think I can definitely get away with this.

  31. Joanna

    I have been wanting a coral-ish lipglass, but I’m not sure if I should get one of these or wait until To The Beach!

  32. jaspreet

    i love all shades

  33. Probably going to get all of them…..maybe I’ll wait on C-thru because it is a permanent one.

  34. Pret a Papier lipglass looks like a lipglass version of “O” lipstick.

  35. Allison

    I love pret-a-papier!That’s definitely a gorgeous color and will probably be the only thing I by from the collection besides the coral paint pot and chromographic pencils.

  36. I’m so picking up the Pret-a-Papier like TOMORROW! Thanks for the swatches and suggestions Christine! Beautiful as always!

  37. Tiffany

    Are the lipglasses sticky on the lips?

  38. Nicole

    Thank you for doing fceswatches again!!! It helps so much to orientate what it would look like.

  39. love how Fold and Tuck looks on you! It’s beautiful! I’m also a sucker for corals šŸ˜€ Pret-a-papier also looks great!

  40. nunu

    Hi Christine,
    Did you get Red Devil lipglass from Blonde Brunette, Redhead? If so do you think it compares to Fold and Tuck?

    TIA :)

  41. Elusive

    I really like the colour of Fold and Tuck but I am not a lipgloss person.

    Is there a lipstick out there that can work as a substitute? Doesn’t have to be totally opaque either.

  42. Rachel

    I NEED Fold and Tuck!