Thursday, September 8th, 2011

MAC Mattenes
MAC Mattenes

MAC Posh Paradise Mattenes (Sneak Peek)

Debuting on September 15th (for North America), Posh Paradise also features ten new and limited edition hues of Mattene Lipsticks ($14.50 for 0.08 oz. each). I have four of them to share with you today. They are: Delectable (orange-beige), Deliciously Forbidden (mid-tone berry), Eden Rouge (bright blue-red), and Legendary (mid-tone brick red).

  • Delectable is a darkened peach with a healthy dose of orange, but it’s surprisingly not too warm or orange. It has a semi-matte finish with a light sheen. The lighter coloring does make it so it emphasizes any imperfections of the natural lip. It is similar to Cle de Peau Calliope, MAC Imagine This (which is touch darker), and MAC Peachstock (which is a tough lighter).
  • Deliciously Forbidden is a pinky-red berry with a semi-matte finish. It has opaque color coverage. It’s similar to Milani Sexy Rose, MAC Rebel (which is darker, redder, more vibrant),
  • Eden Rouge is a vibrant blue-based red with nearly opaque color coverage (you can still see my lip freckle peeking through) and a semi-matte finish. It is similar to so many reds. It’s a nice red, but keep an eye out on the reds you already own, because it is a more dupeable shade.
  • Legendary is a brownish red with subtle gold micro-shimmer and a satiny shine. I found this one to have a more pronounced sheen compared to the other three shades I tried. This was also the most opaque. It is similar to Shiseido Mystery, MAC Underworld (which is several shades darker and browner), Bobbi Brown Blackberry, MAC Dark Deed (which is redder), and MAC Kittenish (which is lighter, less brown).

This is only part of a larger selection of new shade varieties of the Mattene formula, but these felt creamier, with better slip and comfort, than previous iterations of Mattenes (I think the last time we saw them was with Style Black).  I wore Delectable on half of my lips (half of the upper/half of the lower) with Eden Rouge on the other side, because I like to test shades from both the lighter and darker ends of the spectrum to get a handle on the length of wear.  Delectable wore off within three hours, while Eden Rouge wore about five.  I think the increased slip and creaminess of the formula has reduced the wear time by a bit–at least in these shades.

I didn’t see anything in the marketing/press release on these about them being long-wearing but did glean that they are supposed to be soft enough to glide-on with semi-matte finishes, intense color, and moisturizing. They’re far more moisturizing than the average matte lipstick.  After wearing the two I tested for wear, I did want balm, but I didn’t feel like my lips were cracking or dry. These are packaged in slim tubes with matte black on the outside and a shiny rim around the middle.  They only contain 0.08 oz., which is less than their regular lipsticks, which are 0.10 oz.

The Glossover


MAC Posh Paradise Mattenes Swatches, Photos, Review (Sneak Peek)

I'm surprised the Mattenes aren't being added the permanent range, just because from the four I've seen, it's a rather basic, core range of colors that you would likely see added to a permanent line rather than made limited edition.











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MAC Mattenes
MAC Mattenes

MAC Mattenes
MAC Mattenes

MAC Mattenes
MAC Mattenes

MAC Mattenes
MAC Mattenes

MAC Delectable Mattene
MAC Delectable Mattene

MAC Delectable Mattene
MAC Delectable Mattene

MAC Delectable Mattene
MAC Delectable Mattene

MAC Delectable Mattene
MAC Delectable Mattene

MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene
MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene

MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene
MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene

MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene
MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene

MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene
MAC Deliciously Forbidden Mattene

MAC Eden Rouge Mattene
MAC Eden Rouge Mattene

MAC Eden Rouge Mattene
MAC Eden Rouge Mattene

MAC Eden Rouge Mattene
MAC Eden Rouge Mattene

MAC Eden Rouge Mattene
MAC Eden Rouge Mattene

MAC Legendary Mattene
MAC Legendary Mattene

MAC Legendary Mattene
MAC Legendary Mattene

MAC Legendary Mattene
MAC Legendary Mattene

MAC Legendary Mattene
MAC Legendary Mattene

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81 thoughts on “MAC Posh Paradise Mattenes Swatches, Photos, Review (Sneak Peek)

  1. Kim C.

    Delectable is beautiful!

  2. You are just prettier every time I see you. :)

  3. Deliciously Forbidden is really pretty! I do want to try out at least one of the mattenes, and so far that looks like the color to try for me :)I definitely don’t have anything like it, and even though I plan to get Rebel in the future, Rebel looks much darker and more saturated, which would definitely make it different enough for me!

  4. Chelle

    How in the hell can you successfully pull off EVERY single lipstick you try on? It’s insane… I think I’ve seen ONE lipstick that didn’t suit you in the years I’ve been reading this blog and that’s it!


  5. leesie

    Oooh, these look nice–Delectable in particular.

  6. These seem like a more opaque version for the cremesheen formula. ^_^

  7. linda

    I love Legendary!!!!! :)

  8. All of these look so pretty on you! I already have Kittenish, so I think I can skip Legendary.


    not impressed….. i see the same similar shades over and over again.

  10. Elysia

    I love Eden Rouge

  11. Courtney

    Looks like I’ll be picking up more than anticipated from this collection! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  12. You may have mention this in your previous post, but I havent seen it. How do you apply the lipstick? With a lipbrush or directly from the container? This time I see a perfect pout on all four pics. Maybe you use Jack Black all the time which helps???

  13. Alexis

    Loving Legendary, though it may be too dark for me. Plus, I have so many reds! Can’t wait to see the rest of the collection.

  14. Annie

    You look amazing!!! it seems you have a happy relationship with your skin at this moment (n___n) it’s glowing <3

  15. megan

    I’m not much of a lipstick girl but I really want to try these. Legendary is gorgeous. So excited for you to get the rest Christine!

  16. Heather

    I really like delectable && deliciously forbidden.thank you for taking your time to do these posts! you are the best!

  17. Ana G.

    I’m loving Deliciously Forbidden; since I have nothing like it, I’ll probably pick this one up. Never tried one of the mattenes before :-)

  18. Violet

    Love Eden Rouge.

    And I like your lip freckle, it’s a great indicator of how much coverage a lipstick gives. 😀

  19. ana

    Hi Christine, your skin is looking great! What have you been using?

  20. Melody

    I’m disappointed in these. The texture looks lovely, but none of these colors really grab me.

  21. Crissy

    Nice, but nothing new. I feel with every new MAC collection, they act as if they’re releasing something groundbreaking, when really we’ve seen it all before.

  22. Ester

    What foundation are you wearing in those pictures? It’s absolutely flawless!

  23. AS

    Apparently you need additional sets of lips and cheeks for Christmas! Pretty novel idea to paint half your lips each color to double your testing. Makes it a little harder to leave the house on testing days, though, I bet!

  24. I thought they would be more matte. They look more like the creamsheens. I’ll pass.

  25. Julia

    These shades seem pretty, but very dupeable.

  26. Pamela M

    Wow these look awesome…I’m usually a matte skeptic but these lippies could change my mind. Can’t wait to see the rest! I really thought the collection was going to be delayed because of internet rumors, glad it’s not.

  27. Delectable would completely wash out my NC 40 skin tone but the other 3 shades are so gorgeous! Look wonderful on u :)

  28. Lorraine ER

    Deliciously Forbidden and Legendary are on my wish-list for sure!!

  29. Msharma

    Now we’re talking baby!

  30. These look (and sound) wonderful, Christine! I love that MAC took a(n already pretty popular) formula, and improved it – always refreshing to see a brand that’s willing to say “okay, we’ve done something good… now let’s make it better!”

  31. Emily O.

    Gimme gimme Eden Rouge! Apparently 250 red lipsticks are NOT enough…

  32. Melissa

    I want Delectable!

  33. Carrie Ann

    I wasn’t interested in the Mattenes because matte lipsticks always dry out my lips, but if I find a shade I really like, I may try one of these. I love the way the tubes look and I’m always looking for a matte lipstick that actually feels nice on my lips.

  34. Vicky

    Do these look like plastic? it makes your lips look like plastic barbie lips at the whole face photos (not at the closeups).

    Is it like this in reality?

  35. Jennifer

    Oooh that Eden Rouge Mattene is FIYAHHHH!!!

  36. the red is just delightful!

  37. Coco72

    I love Eden Rouge! Can you see if it´s similar to Lady Danger or Ruby Woo?

  38. You look so beautifully bronzed and carefree in Delectable Mattene.

  39. Ashley

    These look wonderful on you! I’m liking Delectable for myself. :)

  40. Kathy.H

    Pretty but nothing unique “/

  41. thepaigest

    I love legendary as well and if it has anything to do with HIMYM I ammmm so there :) Thanks. Love love mattes!!

  42. Maya

    Didn’t think I’d care for these at all, but they look really nice! I want to check out Deliciously Forbidden

  43. Chrissy

    Ooh, I absolutely love Delectable!! After much trial and error, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that peaches and corals look best on me. I really want to get Delectable!

  44. Kim L.

    MAC is repeating these shades with a dot off each color to make a new product. Delectable off hand reminded me of Seasonally Supreme Fashion City. Eden Rouge kinda looked like MAC Me Over Runaway Red but I realize that it’s slightly different and being I can’t resist red lipsticks, I’ll get that one & still get Runaway Red on my next visit to the store.
    Deliciously Forbidden just looks exactly like a NYX lipstick but I can’t remember which one, but I’ll add this one to the list too. Can’t wait to see swatches of the others, thnks!!

  45. Laís

    Christine, please tell me what u have on your cheeks?
    looooooov it!!


  46. Miranda

    You defiantly need to take some pictures of yourself when you test two lipsticks at a time! I want to see that! :)

  47. You look gorgeous with every color… I cannot decide which color is the most beautyful… :) 😀

  48. Lindz

    Delectable looks stunning on you Christine!

  49. emily

    Delectable is a beautyiful color on you christine!

  50. Tiffany S.

    These are gorgeous!!!

  51. Meg

    That legendary mattene looks FANTASTIC on you by the way

  52. all the colors are wonderful …. the brown and red/orange is looking AWESOME on you dear

  53. Brooke

    Every single color here looks GREAT on you! I was really surprised that the nudey peach one wasn’t a wash out at all!

  54. Michelle

    oh wow, they looks beautiful! especially on you! can’t wait to see the rest and to read what your recommendations are!!! :)

  55. artemis

    lovely except the first 😀

  56. Sexy Sadie

    Eden Rouge is wonderful.

  57. I think I need Legendary.

  58. Hannah

    That’s such a beautiful finish! I really want the first three!

  59. Carol Lynne

    Why does everything look good on you!

  60. tori c

    these colors look so pretty and pigmented. like you said, they do seam really basic for limited edition but I definitely will be picking at least one of these up. I’m usually a little bit afraid of extremely bright shades but I am definitely edging towards Deliciously Forbidden while Eden Rouge looks like the perfect red! i love how these are kept at the normal prices and not pushed up a few dollars because they are just limited edition

  61. Edith

    Hi! Beautiful pictures! Which blush and brown eyeliner were you wearing in these photos?

  62. I like Deliciously Forbidden but my lips are always parched whenever I use MAC

  63. Chelle

    Wish I could have seen more swatches of these especially since they are online now. Don’t even think my store has them yet :(

  64. Charlene

    The red and brown ones look beautiful on you!

  65. Yianna

    hey christine, i was just wondering why all the latest mac collections arnt in your hands yet. i love you lip swatches and i really cant wait for mac fall colour reviews and everything!!

  66. Katie

    WOW! after seeing Eden Rouge, I’m glad I didn’t get Runaway Red because Eden Rouge looks HOT! and I will be at Nordies to check it out.

  67. Sandy

    Hi I love all your reviews and opinions about Mac but I was wondering just because it’s says it’s a limited edition does that mean that they won’t for sure become part of their permanent line?

    • It means they are only available for a limited time and for as long as they’re in-stock – once they sell out, it’s gone. It will not be part of the permanent range.

  68. Kate

    These are lovely! I was wondering, what are you wearing on your face? It looks dewy and iridescent.

    • Sweat, LOL. I’m wearing MAC Matchmaster as a foundation but it has a semi-matte foundation – so any “dewy” feel you’re seeing is certainly not it!

  69. LuLu

    Hi babe! Besides the foundation what else are you wearing because your skin looks freakin gorgeous! Blush? Bronzer? Highlight? The face shot of you swatching “Delectable” is especially stunning You practically look ethereal.

  70. Celia

    I don’t have a MAC store close by, only online. Does anyone know if Eden Rouge will work ok on NW20 skin? I have dark brown hair, brown eyes. I absolutely love the colour, but i don’t want to end up looking like a small child who has gotten into her mother’s lipstick stash! Sometimes bright colours can look a little like that on me!

  71. Isabel Martin

    Benefit full finish lipstick in wanna? is the perfect dupe for Deliciously Forbidden! I have both and I love them, though I prefer the mattene formula.

  72. EleanorCxx

    I love Deliciously Forbidden it is so gorgeous!!!
    P.S. Is it just me or do all the MAC pictures on the website look completely different to what they actually are