Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

MAC Nail Lacquer Collection for Summer 2012

M·A·C’s first permanent Nail Lacquer collection delivers in 31 colours and 3 finishes. Go dark and cool with Deep Sea and Nocturnelle. Dark Angel and Formidable! are a sultry complement to the poppy-inspired shades of Fiestaware and Morange. Screaming Bright and Discothèque go big with glitter, and sultry Soirée charms with champagne shimmer. Keep it nice and neutral with Skin and Faint of Heart. From trendy to timeless, scorching to sweet, there’s a shade for every mood.

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)

  • Overlacquer Clear topcoat
  • Faint of Heart Palest milky nude (Cream)
  • Delicate Pale sheer ballet pink (Cream)
  • Skin Light peach beige (Cream)
  • Quiet Time Beige nude (Cream)
  • Snob Light neutral pink (Cream)
  • Saint Germain Light cool pink (Cream)
  • Fiestaware Mid-tone orange coral (Cream)
  • Impassioned Bright warm pink (Cream)
  • Morange Bright cream orange (Cream)
  • Steamy Bright mid-tone blue pink (Cream)
  • Girl About Town Bright blue fuchsia (Cream)
  • Shirelle Classic bright red (Cream)
  • Flaming Rose True red (Cream)
  • Coffee Break Mid-tone cool taupe (Cream)
  • Spirit of Truth Navy blue (Cream)
  • Deep Sea Deep teal (Cream)
  • Rougemarie Dark blue red (Cream)
  • Vintage Vamp Rich deep wine (Cream)
  • Dark Angel Dark grape (Cream)
  • Nocturnelle Rich true black (Cream)
  • Discothéque Super glitter silver (Pearl)
  • Screaming Bright Super glitter gold (Pearl)
  • Soirée Sparkly light bronze gold (Frost)
  • Girl Trouble Super glitter pink (Pearl)
  • Mean & Green Purple with teal multi changing pearl (Pearl)
  • Anti-Fashion Mid-tone dirty purple with pearl (Frost)
  • Formidable! Teal green with pink multi changing pearl (Pearl)
  • Midnight Tryst Dark cool grey steel with pearl (Frost)
  • Nightfall Blackened frosty gunmetal (Frost)
  • Sparks On Screen Super glitter red (Pearl) (Online Exclusive)

Availability: July 5th, 2012 at Nordstrom, August 2nd, 2012 at all other MAC locations; September 2012 for International

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37 thoughts on “MAC Nail Lacquer Collection for Summer 2012

  1. morlonbrondo

    I’d probably only buy Nightfall and Mean & Green out of these, but I’m hoping they’re good!

  2. Nelza

    Yes! They’re bringing back the polishes from the venomous villains collection.

    • Lindsay Z

      @Nelza Only two of the three. They aren’t bringing Bad Fairy back, and that’s the ONE that doesn’t have multiple dupes. It’s also the ONE VV polish I don’t have. >:{

  3. SaraBaker10

    Amazing colours:) Im Nail Polish obsessed but yet to try MAC Polish because Ive heard such mix reviews.

  4. lizyviolet

    I’m super excited! Now I can finally get Formidable!

  5. Oh my god! This is, like, nailpolish heaven! This is the first MAC Collection this year that I’m actually looking forward to! I love nail polish in general so this is perfect!

  6. Chelle

    LOL! No, just… no. MAC honestly – unless you’ve decided to completely revamp the quality of your nailpolishes (unlikely) and halved the cost… there is NO WAY I am purchasing any of these.

  7. beautybesties1

    Wow, so many color choices!

  8. I hope for MAC’s sake that they got the formulations right this time otherwise this lunch will fail.

  9. queen_frostine

    Dammit MAC!  Why rerelease Mean & Green and Formidable, but not Bad Fairy?  There are plenty of dupes for the first two, but Bad Fairy was the unique shade that so many people weren’t able to grab before it sold out.

    • Chelle

       @queen_frostine I had the exact same thought. And I *just* ran out of Bad Fairy. Was hoping to replace it…

  10. RominaElorrieta

    Yeah… Interesting shades, as per usual, but not gonna splurge on any MAC nail lacquers anymore. They really aren’t worth it…

  11. I’m glad to see them bringing back a lot of successful colours from past launches (wish they’d brought back Bad Fairy along with the two other VV polishes, though). The thing with Mac is, with the price increases they’ve had in the last couple of years, they’re now on a level with Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, Illamasqua and Nars. Mac polishes aren’t near the quality of those brands, on a consistent basis. I’m not sure I understand where they’re going with this program.

  12. Some of the colors look interesting.  I’ve never owned a MAC nail polish, but based on what I’ve read on this site and other make up review sites, I’m not willing to spend the $$ on a nail polish with a sub par formula.  :/ 

  13. Daniellenm30

    I may pick one up because of the color range. Sad to see they didn’t bring back Lovin Pink.

  14. hayley_beaumont

    I love Deep Sea! Its one of my favourite mac polishes. So glad they decided to bring it back as I was afraid i’d use all mine up. Also sparks on screen looks pretty :)

  15. Quinctia

    Haha, why anyone would think the time to release a nail polish collection at the time where the quality to cost ratio is about the lowest it’s ever been is beyond me…

  16. Sparks On Screen looks amazing! x

  17. Corliss

    Mac just keeps on tryin to push those nail polishes on us.

  18. sazermus

    Damn, would’ve hoped they’d bring back Plasma Blu!!!!

  19. Emma512

    Fingers crossed for good formulas! The only mac polish I have is Formidable which I never use and was a bit of a diasappointment. P.s I do not envy you swatching this collection! 

    • Kristen

       @Emma512 Its a different quality that others because there is no formaldehyde. AKA safer to use.

  20. Katie

    It’s such a shame because a lot of these colors are so pretty. I splurged on two lacquers from the sets collection (Angel and Snob). I knew it was no coincidence that both were terrible. They were streaky, not opaque at all, and it didn’t last past a day without peeling off (even used it with Seche Vite). I think China Glaze and Zoya produce far better polishes for half the price. MAC HAS to know that their formula is subpar so what’s the deal with raising the price? I don’t mind paying extra but the quality should be top notch. 

  21. jennyh

    It’s sort of confusing that it’s a launch for Summer 2012, but they are permanent. But whatever, I am excited about Fiestaware. I didn’t have the money for it right now so I figured I would miss out on it. I’m glad it will be permanent and I can pick it up later, and glad to see some other previously limited edition shades in the collection.

  22. royaldoultonsan

    As others have said, it’s a real bummer that they didn’t bring back Bad Fairy in addition to (or instead of) Formidable and Mean & Green! :(

  23. Lumissne

    So excited to see polishes from Venomous Villains coming back! Pity Bad Fairy isn’t in there, but oh well. 

  24. samettinen

    Duhh! I have Formidable I wish they brought back another color from the Venomous Villains collection x3

  25. 360anita

    Crazy unoriginal colors… not excited at all, especially with mac’s past for a hefty price for dull quality.

  26. ToxicAngel

    Not a great collection for me. I’ve only ever bought 3 MAC polishes and I’ve found them all to be pretty underperforming, very overpriced and easily dupeable. I’ll skip this and stick to Illamasqua polishes

  27. angela sutherland

    the quality of MAC nail lacquers are awful! sorry but its true. the quality is disappointing 

  28. yellowlantern

    Possible dumb question: So all these polishes are going to be permanent? I don’t have to stalk the MAC website the day it launches in order to even have a chance of getting anything? 

  29. dmeister3

    I would only really buy a mac nail polish if they brought back peppermint patty.  Sadly missed out on it :(  Otherwise I’ll stick to better quality polishes :)

  30. Jaxotea

    Waiting for a full review, I might buy some if the quality issues have been sorted out.It has always surprised me that they didn’t have a decent range.

  31. loulouhex

    now i love MAC, but…who remembers MAC’s nail color from when it came in the square bottles? me! it was long lasting, quick drying and came in exquisite colors. these new colors are nice enough, but not that special and the quality of their recent polishes i’ve tried has been ridiculous. i will even buy chanel nail colors as the colors are singular and exquisite and the poishes last, but when china glaze lasts a week or two even with my crappy sally hansen top coat, why buy the same color for three times the cost? here’s hoping they’ve reformulated the product.
    i love you MAC-now stop screwing around and start keeping it real! :-)

  32. How can this be a summer collection if it only comes out internationally in September? MAC didn’t see this through..

  33. Walker29

    Word on the street is that they are reformulting their underlaquer which would greatly improve the lasting quality of the polishes. I’ve found that MAC nail lacquers work well when I use them with my Revlon ColorStay base & Top coat.