Friday, May 6th, 2011

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder ($28.00 for 0.42 oz.) is described as a “peach pressed powder with gold hibiscus flower overspray.” I would consider it more like an overlay than an overspray, because it’s a significant amount of gold laid on top of the actual powder. I had to rub away a good deal to see whether it went through or not, and then wised up and dug out an actual chunk (as shown later in this post) to show that underneath is the darker orange-red. The base color of the blush is a brightened, medium-dark orange red, and the gold overspray mixes in to create a soft orange with an orange-gold shimmer and sheen.

The texture is decent but has this thin, dusty feel–despite being pigmented, the color dusts away easily, which means that it also blends out that way. Depending on how much of the overspray you get on the brush, the shimmer content will go up or down (and the less shimmer you get, the darker the color will be, too). I do recommend going easy on the overspray, because it adds up quickly.  You’re getting a good amount of product, though–nearly triple the size of your typical blush.

The Glossover


My Paradise

The warmth of the gold overspray combined with the orangeness of the blush itself will make this blush more suitable for warmer skin tones but with enough of the gold overspray, it might just be peachy enough to work on cooler skin tones.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder
MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder

Product & Review FAQ

What makeup are you wearing?

MAC Surf USA Eyeshadow, MAC Sun Blonde Eyeshadow, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow, MAC Blue Moon Powerpoint, MAC Bust Out! Lipstick, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

Where can I purchase My Paradise? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on May 26th in-stores, $28.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

NYX Menage a Trois is similar, though pinker and is comparable to the mixed swatch.

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109 thoughts on “MAC My Paradise Surf Baby Cheek Powder Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Desiree

    This blush looks beautiful. What eyeliner are you wearing? i love teal eyeliners:)

  2. Jennifer

    It kind of reminds me of Virgin Isle CCB but in a powder.

    And I’m liking your makeup here Christine. Very cute and summery :)

  3. vikaki

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lipstick!!!which is it?????

  4. Julia

    Hmmm… Too warm for me, but this looks like it would be a gorgeous color on olive-skin tones. Thanks so much Christine for your hard work in posting these for us! I can’t wait to see the rest of the swatches!!

  5. Leila

    Christine, sorry for my bad english, but I wanted to know on this lipstick. Thank you. =)

  6. I have this blush/cheek powder and it’s beautiful! I have warm undertones and light skin (but I’m going to get tan in the summer)…this is the perfect color for me and it’s buildable so you can use it lightly or more heavily!

  7. Cat

    The orange-red tone of this blush seems reminiscent of Marine Life from last summer…?

  8. Ruby

    Should this be okay on a dark skin ? Somewhere around NC45-50 ?

  9. SA

    This whole look is so pretty! Great colour combos :)

  10. Katrina

    Hi Christine, I really like that you dug through the overspray to see the color underneath. So informative!! Thanks for the in-depth review!! :)

  11. snm

    the swatch on the left is gorgeous but it may look way too orange on my skin without the golden sheen:/ btw,whats up with the 12g of product? I think it is just way too much.I am not a fan of oversized products,especially when it comes to powder products(eyeshadows,blushes etc),since they are very hard to use up and all we get is a higher price tag.

  12. Amanda

    I reckon that would make look like an oompa loompa! I will probably pass on this.

  13. Jensyn

    Bust Out! rocks on you!! It kind of reminds me of Playtime though. Do you see the similarities with the two of them? Maybe a comparison of the two and Style Curve if you have it. I may have to skip since it looks so similar. Tx Christine!

  14. Devangi

    Is the cheek powder similar to Ambering Rose?

  15. I love the color but the overspray thing bothers me. It wish it either went all the way through or was easier to just wipe away. It’s a completely different blush once the gold is gone.

    • I totally agree, Jessi! I don’t really care if there’s an overspray but this is much thicker, which is GREAT but then the colors are so drastically different that it’s more like one of those duos where one side is huge and the other is tiny, haha.

  16. shortie

    how does this compare to nars taj mahal

  17. Ana G.

    I have it already and love it!! I’m a NC 40 and it’s just the right orange for me. I don’t feel like it washes out easily. I leave in the morning at 8.30 and arrive home at 19.00 and it’s till on, without using a primer. I do seal it with powder though :-) I totally recommend it, specially for the warmer-toned beauties!!

  18. Sarah

    I saw it, i loved it, i wanted it and couldn’t wait to buy it.
    Saw the swatch, and now im not going to bother, Love the initial look with the gold, but i wouldn’t wear it once the gold had gone, such a shame as it looked so good!

  19. anna

    I have Coralista, do you think this is similar enough that I can skip this one?

  20. I’m realy pale, would it suits me? ^^

  21. I actually really love it without the overspray…it’s gorgeous! So orange 😀

  22. I just bought it, can’t wait to use it tomorrow :)
    It looks great on you, Christine.

  23. Lauriel

    i already have it and i totally adore it! i’m almost lighter than nc15 and on me looks very fresh and glowy almost like i spent some time in the sun gardening, not burned or anything just i don’t know- healthy. i love it <3

    • Szlamizita

      I’m nc 15 too with blue eyes and it looks great on me too(with or without the gold)!

    • Emily

      Can you tell how you received this early?

      • Szlamizita

        I live in Hungary and it came out earlier than in the usa. Don’t ask me why,the collections are usually late here (a month late actually) so this is not regular…

  24. Cora

    That is a beautiful blush. I’d wear it with MAC Freckletone.

  25. Alyssa

    Hmmmm…looks a lot more orange than I hoped it would. :(

  26. Pamela

    I thought I’d pass on this but now that i’ve seen your review and pics I’m going to get it. But probably not two of them like I did with Marine Life last year.

  27. Maria

    I can tell it won’t suit me (NW25) but it’s so beautiful! I hope all you warmer-toned beauties pick one up!

  28. Nessa

    Hi,was ordering where did everyone purchase theirs already? I dnt see it on the site. =-/. Xoxo

    • Nessa

      Wondering*. Xoxo

    • Lauriel

      surf, baby has already been released in most of europe as far as i know. i don’t know about other continents but germany, austria etc got it already 😉

    • Sam

      It came out online in the UK on Tuesday & I’m guessing Thursday in stores. I’ve ordered one and can’t wait for it to arrive :)

  29. Ashley

    looooove it! neeeed it! up early to grab some of this colletion, otherwise i’ll be kicking myself later.

  30. Nessa

    Does this compare to Nars taj Mahal? Xoxo

  31. Annalisa ♥

    It’s a pretty color but a little bit too orange for me…

  32. Destiny

    Orange blush looks amazing on darker skin tones, so I think this is a must have for me! This sorta reminds me of NARS Taj Mahal.

  33. I’m probably going to buy this and then rub the overspray away. =]

  34. Carrie Ann

    Thanks for your awesome review. I wouldn’t have the guts to dig out the gold portion and ruin that pretty hibiscus design :). I’m glad it isn’t just a thin layer of gold that will be gone after a couple of uses.

  35. Darlene

    This looks lovely but I just picked up NARS Taj Mahal – similar in your opinion? Thanks – great review as always :-)

  36. Dana

    Thanks for getting the collection reviews up so fast! Just wondering if you knew why they called this a “cheek powder” instead of a “blush”? It’s gorgeous regardless!

  37. meme

    I wear blushes with peach in them well. But this one is too intense for my fair/light coloring. I know I would have trouble keeping it toned down. But it looks GREAT on you! Thanks so much. I wish I lived close by to come over and play with your stash of products! But then don’t most of us who are avid readers!!!

  38. mayra

    I’m an nc20 will this look too orange on me? I’m looking for a way to add color to my face…

  39. Stephy

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I think I’m going to skip out on this one, I’m not sure yet, I have nw15 skin and it might be too orange for me.
    This gives you a beautiful glow Christine!

  40. Andi

    Looks very similar to pan tao by sleek

  41. Jenny

    I just wondered if you knew how long this collection was going to ‘run’ for, as it were…. If an item sells out are MAC likely to replace it or is it gone?

  42. Nessa

    How Does this compare to Nars taj Mahal? Xoxo

  43. Hannah

    These colors separately are quite reminiscent of NARS TAJ MAHAL (GOLD W/ IT) & NARS EXHIBIT A (W/O GOLD). What do you think Christine?

    • Hannah

      I meant that the side with the gold is like NARS Luster, not Taj Mahal oops:)

    • Luster is similar, but it’s not quite as rusty in the base color as My Paradise – it’s kind of like a mix of Taj Mahal and Exhibit A.

  44. Jai

    I am going to get this for sure. I just hope it won’t be sold out really quick… :)

    • Lizzi

      If you live by a Nordstrom, sign up for their pre-sells at the MAC counter. You’ll be sure to get one that way.

  45. Lizzi

    Hmm… I actually think I’ll like this better when I use up the gold. The color underneath is perfect by itself.

  46. Abbey

    so pretty to look at. I wish it didn’t lose the flower design

  47. espresso

    You dug in it! You’re my hero!
    .. Seriously I think it’s just great that you do this for this review that tons of people will read to get informed.
    For example I wanted to purchase a product a while ago, found several reviews, several sponsored, but no one had dug into it even a little to be able to tell if the color was an overlay on a one-color powder or went all through it, making it a blush.
    And I’m not complaining about that, I just want to say how great I find how thorough you always are with your reviews!


  48. RosaVee


  49. Becca

    oh no!!! I wanted this blush so bad!! but I don’t think it wil look ver y good on me :'( </3

  50. Candy

    Christine, Do you think this without the gold, is similar to Nars Gilda blush?

  51. fabiola

    hi Cristine, do you think it look a little bit like nars taj majal? it looks gorgeous on you. thanks again for all your hard work, i don’t know how you do it.

  52. Mel

    This is pretty I might add this to my list and it sort of reminds me of the Terre Battue of Roland Garros:)

  53. Uuuuuuuh I want the overspray-less blush, I wonder what the dupe for THAT is @.@

  54. Nunuiviet

    Too orange for me, I’ll pass

  55. Caitlin

    Hi Christine! As always- great job of posting swaches of everything and I really appriciate all of the hardwork that you put into your blog! I was wondering how this blush compares to MAC peaches?

  56. Shortie

    Lol can’t believe how many people compared this to taj mahal (me included!). I don’t know if I’d get this now that I’ve seen swatches. I’m kind of disappointed. Thought it’d be more pinky coral. Boo!

  57. I like the swatch on the left side, the one blended with the gold! It’s so pretty!

  58. Ooh, this is so pretty! I’m not usually a MAC person, but they’ve really been getting me with their blushes lately!

  59. Maggie

    I’m actually glad for my wallet’s sake that this is so orange – it’s a gorgeous color on you, but on my NW-too-pale-for-the-scale skin I think it would look bizarre, especially once the gold disappeared :)

    Also, just wanted to say I think it’s awesome that you chiseled away a bit of the design to see how deep it went. I so appreciate how thorough you are in your reviews!

  60. I’m a very pale girl, NW15 is sometimes too dark, and with the gold overspray I am able to pull this off. However, once the gold is gone, I’m not sure I will be able to wear this, which makes me incredibly sad, as it will just sit and look pretty in my makeup drawers.

  61. margot

    Too orange for me. Too bad, it looks so pretty with the golden overlay. I wish they had just repromoted Marine Life, more my color type

  62. I saw this and called my local mac and pre-ordered!

  63. Rachy

    What skintone would look best in this… i realy like it but i’ve never worn blush (i just am naturaly red in the cheeks)

  64. Alejandra

    Thank goodness I already have enough coral/orange blushes in my stash because Im a little on the broke side as of the moment.haha
    Will only be picking up Hibiscus Lipstick and Krazy Kahuna Lipglass.

  65. Fitrah

    I understand that the overlay is very shimmery, but is the base color completely matte, as it looks so to me?

  66. ellie

    Is this similar to stereo rose?

  67. Lorraine

    I Love the blush ! Maybe you should put a nude lipstick with this look :S Do you think the blush can fit for black skintones ? Thank you christine <3

  68. TLC

    I actually like the way this looks. I usually only wear pink blushes but this looks very pretty and I would wear it. Just not sure if it would be worth $28 though.

  69. I love this cheek powder and I need this cheek powder. lol :)

  70. Lola

    How does this compare to WW MSF GOLD LARIAT??

  71. Sulah

    How would you compare the color without the gold overlay to tarte amazonian blush in tipsy? If similar I do not want to waste money on it :/

  72. kerry

    I picked up surfin usa and my paradise from the collection and Im really glad to see the quality of the products are as they should be…the bounce shadows were SOOO disappointing!

  73. Arlene

    I purchased My Paradise and I absolutely love it. I have fair skin and pink undertones and it looks great. It goes on very sheer– so don’t be worried about it looking super bright. It does indeed feel a bit dusty BUT that is actually perfect for hot humid weather (I live in Miami, FL). The powdery-ness of the blush holds up under any kind of sweat much better– cream blushes tend to look like shiny beams of light. As a small test I went running on the beach today and decided to wear it to see how it held up. By the end of my run I still had a good amount of product on. I also wore some of the Surf the Ocean pigments and they were pretty much intact.
    Just for reference: I have normal to slightly oily (in my t-zone) skin.

  74. cytaormina

    My Paradise is absolutely GAWGEOUS!!! If you are looking for this shade without the gold iridescence MAC Peaches blush is a good dupe. It is a very flat color but the same shade w/out the iridescence.

  75. Shavonn

    Is the orange-red color kind of similar to Nars Exhibit A?

  76. Shavonne

    Is this similar to Cargo Laguna? I’m not sure if you have that blush or not, but it is a bright orange. :)