Thursday, March 24th, 2011

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Quite Cute: Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush ($23.00 for 0.14 oz.) is new and limited edition shade from MAC’s Quite Cute collection, which launches in-stores on April 7th. It is one of three shades (the others being Giggly and Sakura). MAC describes it as “light beige with pearly mint green heart.”

I actually felt like the pale, mint green heart ruined what could have been a very pretty peach with a hint of beige. The outer color is a light-medium peach with a satin finish, while the pale green heart has a frosted finish. When mixed, the result is a very semi-sheer, pale beige. On my medium skin tone, the color amounts to more of a highlighter than a blush.

The texture was also powdery, and the blush itself seemed to sheer out with little effort–which can be troublesome when the product is already a lighter color. After I applied it, I did feel like it had a powdery look to it, so I spritzed water to help minimize the effect. Surprisingly, the Quite Cute mineralize blushes contain 0.14 oz. worth of product, while regular mineralize blushes only have 0.11 oz. — and there is only a dollar difference ($23 vs. $22).

The Glossover


MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

This shade would work best on lighter skin tones, as it will give more of a washed out look when applied as a blusher on medium to dark skin tones. My overall rating has nothing to do with it being wearable for me but about the quality of the product–the powderiness takes away from the product as does the sheerness, where you apply, then blend out, and find you need to apply more.











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MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush
MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

Product & Review FAQ

What makeup are you wearing?

MAC Cutie Eyeshadow Quad on eyes, Urban Decay Asphyxia 24/7 Liner on lower lash line, Buxom Lash Mascara, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush on cheeks, MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick on lips.

Where can I purchase Miss Behave? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 7th in-stores, approximately April 4th online -- $23.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Any cool-toned highlighter would likely look the same. MAC Happy Together seems like it would also be similar.

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64 thoughts on “MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. Carrie Ann

    I really like how unique this is. I love that they put a green heart in the center of a blush. I have a light skin tone and I would probably use the peach color as a blush and use the green as eyeshadow, or mix the two for a highlighter, as you mentioned.

  2. You look beautiful!! Thank you so much for the review. I was wondering, when will you be reviewing the rest of the collection? Thank you again. =)

  3. Tasha

    nooo mac why do you release such ridiculously cute and tempting products that turn out to be non-pigmented cr@p :(

    • rachel

      i feel you on that one…i buy there stuff becuz im drawn to the packaging and colors but then i put it on and it seems so watered down…i’ve been told about inglot and its what mac used to be i guess…when i get back to the states i want to go to a store and check it out…

  4. Devon

    LOVING the lips.

  5. Wendy

    The color really washes you out. Too bad because the peach seems like a nice color on it’s own :/

  6. JuithB

    whoa girl, those pink lips!!! Question, is the heart suppose to come with the cut?

  7. Hay Mich

    I think this will look really nice on the pale gals! Thankfully I am one!

  8. Amanda

    PLEASE tell me that’s Candy Yum Yum on your lips? Love it.

  9. Tammy

    I wonder if the other ones will perform the same way..

  10. lily

    Christine – I have super pale skin (i wear the shade alabaster in Bobbi brown) and very red cheeks do you think the green in the product would help hide the redness ? and do you think it wwould show up on my skin as im so pale ? thanks and you look stunning btw :) x

  11. Honor

    the color is very nice. and this lipstick looks great on you Christine. Don’t you think that if you are using a 188 you can avoid the green heart? is the peach side much sheerer than say my highland Honey from Tartan tale?
    very nice anyway.. the mineralize blushes are the only items which are apealing to me in this collection.

  12. if they had put the green heart at the top i would have maybe bought it but it looks a little bit too hard to use as i would just want to use the peach part as a blush. i find the wonder woman pink power is hard to use so hardly bother with that one and dont want to make another mistake.

  13. Mariella

    Green heart or not (what were they thinking?), this is just too peachy-coral for my skin tone so I’d leave it even without the green heart.

  14. Carissa

    I think that this might be perfect for me! I have snowy white skin and very slight pink undertones. I hate blushes that are too strong and too orangey. I’m always on the lookout for pretty, pale, and neutral/cool blushes! I think the mint soften an otherwise too warm color for me. Thanks Christine! You’re awesome :)

  15. deppy

    i think that you do a very good job but your hair seems always flame

    • It just looks… black to me? Sorry, I just have no idea what’s wrong with my hair. I wash it every other day and don’t use any styling products in it!

    • Maddy

      That’s rude, her hair is really pretty.

    • S

      Deppy, I have to disagree w/you, Christine’s hair has never looked dirty. Why would you go to someone’s blog and post such a negative, mean spirited comment? I don’t get people like you….

    • emily

      what a stupid comment…. no idea some people!!!

      christine a pic you had once (cant remember where) you had a headband on and like a 70’s style curl/wave
      that was hot hot hot!!!
      btw i wish my hair wasnt so freakin dry!!!!!!!!!!

      • If I had one hair wish, it would be that mine wouldn’t be so thick! Every hair stylist I’ve ever seen has been like, “YOU HAVE ENOUGH HAIR FOR TWO PEOPLE!”

        I find color-safe shampoos tend to help with dry hair (it makes mine feel oily, lol!).

        • Nunuiviet

          I think what deppy wanted to say is that your hair looks kind of oily. Like you just said it may be because of the shampoo you mentioned using. But anyway we’re not here to criticize and appreciate good cosmetics reviews and swatches!

  16. This full-faced picture makes me really want the Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick… I’m not into mattes at all, but since you said it didn’t act too much like a typical matte, I might go for it. Especially for my Spring Break trip, it’s too fun and bright to pass up!

  17. Melissa

    Ok Christine, that is a highlighter, there is no doubt about it! hahaha the color wouldn’t show up in an albino person! By the way, you hair is beautiful, any critics about it are pure jealousy.
    I love your site and you have the best swatches ever.

    • On someone who is maybe NC/NW15 (or even lighter), it might be just a HINT of color… possibly but I don’t want to rule it out 100%, haha. But yes, it definitely seems to be more of a highlighter than a blush. I wish it wasn’t so powdery!

      • Amanda

        Emphasis on “even lighter”!!! Haha, I’m NC 15 (which is even a little dark on me in these winter months) and I’m fairly certain this would not show up on even me! Which is a shame, because it is so cute!

  18. Nina

    the heart broke!!!

  19. Alexis J.

    Wow, this collection doesn’t seem to work for us warm toned ladies at all! Thank you for the swatches…now I know I can save my money!

  20. How disappointing! I would dig the green heart out, but having to do that would make this not worth buying for me. :(

  21. snm

    this was on my list but now I think that I might skip,my heart is broken really:)

  22. Margie

    I really appreciate you putting the ingredients list photos on these reviews. It’s very hard to find that information a lot of the time and it makes it a lot easier for people like me with allergies to specific ingredients!!! ♥

  23. I’m almost tempted to get it and dig the heart out and keep the peach lol

  24. Nora

    I love this. So unique and ‘glowy’, it’s really, really pretty.

  25. AnGeLwInGz

    What a shame that the colors disappear on the skin. They are pretty on their own thoug.

  26. Fey

    I think someone with bad skin like me could make good use of this blush. My cheeks have some redness around my nose, so when I wear blush, it just adds to the appearance of the redness. I’m rather cool-toned and fair. I think this mint green heart could offset that red, and still add a subtle shimmery color to my face. Thanks for the post!

  27. Jumper

    Do you think this would work well for those with redness on their cheeks?

  28. strange, is it just me who thinks that this makes you look really pale and ill-looking :/ i prefer warm colors on you, but thanks for the swatches :)))

  29. Aw that’s kind of sad. I was wondering how the green heart would work in the blush – it’s a shame that it makes it so beige because the peach is really really pretty by itself. It’s so adorable though. I will test it out and might have to purchase it to use as a highlighter since I collect highlighters. ^^;;

  30. Steph

    Dang, I thought this one looked so promising too. : ( Candy Yum Yum looks super cute on you though! : )

  31. April

    I got a chance to try this out and I thought it was gonna be too light. So I tried it ass a highlight on top of Dame blush and it actually looked really pretty. It brought out the blue sheen in Dame. It looked good!

  32. roxane

    Thank you SO MUCH christine. I think Im passing

  33. Maybe it’s just cause you have on a bright lipstick (so you don’t looked washed out), or that the product is more of a highlighter for you…
    But I really like the look of the blush, it’s like a nice dewy, brightened effect. This might be something where the packaging is too cute for me to leave. I think this might work out for people with naturally pigmented cheeks (like me), and with help brighten the complexion. Maybe…haha.

  34. Korryn

    I’m confused. I really love MAC and I want everything from this collection. I love your reviews & swatches Christine. You say that the blushes are chalky/powdery and that the eyeshadow quad doesn’t have much pigmentation. Another reviewer has said the opposite. I don’t know what to do. I am still buying all the lipsticks, but not sure about the blushes and shadows now.

    • I know that U.S. MAC allows returns – both stores and online – so if you don’t mind losing a few bucks on shipping or the time it takes to return, always consider that route! :) Then you can try them for yourself and if you like them or find a way to make them work for you, perfect!

  35. Nessa

    Do you think this is similar to Nars highlighted duo hungry heart when sheared out? I wanted this ,by how beautiful it looked in the pan,but when applied,it looks rather sheer and no pigmentation / color at all. =-/. Xoxo

  36. I am extremely fair so I think this could work well. I think it’s very cute and I think the green will help evenout any redness in my skin. But I’m not a fan of the mineralized formula on me- it makes my skin a bit irritated. I’m going to give this a shot.

  37. Curious

    Just out of curiosity, do you allow people to use your pictures on their blogs? I’ve seen these pictures elsewhere so many times (even international sites outside the States) and wanted to know if they were doing it with your permission.

  38. I actually love this one! I was so happy when I saw it in the store since I easily geta bit of “wrong” red on my cheeks when outside and I wan’t to stay pale. It tones down the red while working as a highlighter, been using it every single day since I bought it.

  39. Lisa

    I love this blush and I have a medium fair skin tone and this blush is amazing on me. The heart doubles as an eyeshadow that works wonders if your skin is lighter. Peach makeup should not be mixed with pink lipstick unless the shade is light and beige mixed. This look doesn’t go together at all. You can’t use cool tones with warm and expect a good look.

  40. Yianna

    I am pale and I saw this on the counter and I thought It was a highlighter lol 😛