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MAC Marvel Eyeshadow
MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Mickey Contractor: Eyeshadows

There are four new and limited edition Eyeshadows ($14.50 for 0.05 oz.) in MAC’s Mickey Contractor Collection. They include: Marvel (deep purple with soft pink pearl), Oomph (forest green with soft gold pearl), Rani (bright fuchsia with soft pink pearl), and Saffron (deep coral caramel).

  • Marvel is a grape purple with soft purple micro-shimmer. I had some pigmentation issues with this shade; it seemed a little sheer–really couldn’t get it to build up as nicely as I’d like to see. This is a frost finish. It is a brighter version of Top Hat (Starflash ’08), less intense version of Push the Edge pigment (Make Up Art Cosmetics ’09), less pigmented version of Grape pigment, similar to Violet pigment, and more purple than Fertile (Strange Hybrid ’08). I’d also say it’s a mix of Satellite Dreams and Purple Haze as far as permanent shades go.
  • Oomph is a blackened forest green with subtle gold shimmer-sheen. This is a veluxe pearl finish. Given the veluxe pearl finish, it seems less pigmented and not nearly as buttery as other shades in the same finish. It’s slightly greener than Greensmoke (discontinued), darker and blacker than Humid NARS Night Porter is closest but more pigmented.
  • Rani is a brightened medium fuchsia pink with subtle white micro-shimmer. It’s a little sheerer than I’d like to see. This is a frost finish. It’s a less iridescent version of Romping (C-Shock ’07, Hello Kitty’ 09), significantly pinker than Passionate, and pinker (less fuchsia) than Madly Personal (Stylishly Yours ’10).  I’d opt for Make Up For Ever #75 if you want something really pink.  NARS Divine (pink side) also seems quite similar.
  • Saffron is a softened, burnt orange with subtle micro-shimmer. This is a satin finish. It was smooth, pigmented, and easy to blend out. It’s a less orange, rustier version of Rule.  Maybe like a combination of Red Brick and Rule but with a satin finish.

Oddly enough, it is the neutral shade (Saffron) which has the best pigmentation and smoothest texture. The other shades were a little disappointing in pigmentation, and I think they are easier to dupe. Also, noteworthy, Oomph only has 0.04 oz., while the other three are the typical 0.05 oz. size. I wonder why that is!

MAC Mickey Contractor will be available on January 6th at select North American stores and January 2011 for select international stores. It will be available online on approximately January 4th but may not be available until the 6th.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I would skip Marvel, consider Oomph and Rani, while Saffron would be my top pick.  I’m not keen on handing out an overall rating across four eyeshadows with varying pigmentation issues.  Saffron certainly does not deserve a lower rating because Marvel suffers from pigmentation and textural issues!  Saffron lies in the B+/A- range, while Marvel is at the bottom at a C/C+ range.  Oomph and Rani hover around a B/B-.


See more photos & swatches!

MAC Marvel Eyeshadow
MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Marvel Eyeshadow
MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Marvel Eyeshadow
MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Marvel Eyeshadow
MAC Marvel Eyeshadow

MAC Oomph Eyeshadow
MAC Oomph Eyeshadow

MAC Oomph Eyeshadow
MAC Oomph Eyeshadow

MAC Oomph Eyeshadow
MAC Oomph Eyeshadow

MAC Oomph Eyeshadow
MAC Oomph Eyeshadow

MAC Rani Eyeshadow
MAC Rani Eyeshadow

MAC Rani Eyeshadow
MAC Rani Eyeshadow

MAC Rani Eyeshadow
MAC Rani Eyeshadow

MAC Rani Eyeshadow
MAC Rani Eyeshadow

MAC Saffron Eyeshadow
MAC Saffron Eyeshadow

MAC Saffron Eyeshadow
MAC Saffron Eyeshadow

MAC Saffron Eyeshadow
MAC Saffron Eyeshadow

MAC Saffron Eyeshadow
MAC Saffron Eyeshadow

MAC Mickey Contractor Eyeshadow
MAC Eyeshadow: Marvel, Oomph, Rani, Saffron

MAC Mickey Contractor Eyeshadow
MAC Eyeshadow: Marvel, Oomph

MAC Mickey Contractor Eyeshadow
MAC Eyeshadow: Rani, Saffron

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51 thoughts on “MAC Mickey Contractor: Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lulee

    but…but..but marvel looks so pretty in the pan. how disappointing these were! oh well i guess i dont have to worry about not being able to track them down!

  2. Trish

    Looks like I can dupe all of these from the ‘stash’ I already own. Thanks again for the swatches, Christine!

  3. Tish

    I find eyeshadows with a frost finish slightly disappointing (although I love Patina). It’s quite sad. Oomph was something I was really looking forward to see good swatches of.

  4. Julia

    As usual Christine, your expert reviews and swatches save my poor wallet from unneeded expenditures! I’m sad to see that these shadows are not very pigmented (with the exception of saffron, which I probably will be picking up – sorry wallet!) But I am happy I discovered this before I purchased them!!

  5. Shelly

    Hi Christine

    Love the swatches. I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s the bright spot( literally :) )to my day.

    Question – How does Saffron compare to Off the Page?

  6. knorton

    gotta have oomph

  7. Tiffany S.

    I like them but I don’t feel like I need them, I have very similar shades to all of these. Thanks so much for showing these!

  8. Heather

    I like these eyeshadows individually but im wondering how you would pull them together for a look? The green on the lid with purple in the crease? Orange on the lid with fuschia in the crease?

  9. aww, I’m so sad these aren’t very pigmented :( They look so incredible in the pan! And just the kind of colors I’ve been looking for. I’ll probably just skip, although Rani and Marvel are just such gorgeous colors.

    • Tabi

      If you’re looking for beautiful brights, I highly recommend Make Up For Ever eyeshadows, if you have that brand available to you (Sephora in the U.S.). =)

  10. Heather

    Hmmm I love pink and purple so I’d do Rani on the lid with Marvel in the crease

  11. Samantha

    Oomph looks pretty close to club i think… thanks for posting this!

  12. tg

    I always thought MAC shadows were the best, but then I started trying other brands and realized many of the MAC ones aren’t, well…all that great for the most part. They’re sort of on the “thin” side and many of the shades take a lot of layering to build up the color.

    I don’t really get it since even those cheapo 88 palettes somehow manage to pull off intense pigmentation. Even the cheaper UK brand Sleek does well too. I wish MAC would consider reformulating certain shades.

  13. Carrie Ann

    Saffron is pretty. I just might get that one.

  14. It’s a shame Marvel and Oomph aren’t more pigmented because they’re gorgeous in the pan. Not a huge fan of the other 2 colors– guess I’ll be passing! oh well! :)

  15. Ann

    I’m loving saffron, and maybe rani, but I will only pick up one.

  16. Lizz M.

    Oomph and Saffron look gorgeous.. i’m loving the fluidlines from this collection too. Hm, yikes I wasn’t expecting to be spending much, if at all, in this collection, but now i’m thinking my wallet is gonna need a big break after this.

  17. Jimena

    About the 0.04 oz in Oomph, the other day I was staring at my eyeshadows and actually notice that in my stars and rockets one, and other one that was also velux pearl, maybe they put less product in that finish as Bobbi Brown tend to price it shadows different depending on their texture…

  18. Hannah

    I really like Rani, but can’t see myself wearing it :(

  19. Lena

    i think they shoulda put this in a palette and package it nice.

  20. morena123

    Can we get some eyeshadow dupe photos?? Cuz all of these pink limited edition eyeshadows and pigments all look the same!!!!!

    • Hi Morena,

      I listed dupes next to each shade in the review. I will be doing comparisons once I’ve had a chance to work through the collection more – right now I am more concerned with just getting swatches and reviews up for you.

  21. ShockingBlue

    I’d opt for Night Porter by NARS rather than Oomph! (The two might look pretty together though in a gradient effect…)
    Not really into any of these :\ Grateful for Temptalia for saving me some $$$!!

  22. Rae

    Phew! It’s crazy to be happy about disappointments, but I love that you found Marvel and Rani to be too sheer – helps me stick to my no/low-buy 😛 Thanks for the swatches & reviews, Christine!

  23. Amelia

    I want marvel and oomph and the nuetrals palette also looks appealing. I don’t have any money!!!

  24. Melissa M

    Thanks for working so hard to get swatches & reviews up. You work so quickly!! I just noticed that Greensmoke is on the MAC website, but you said it was discontinued…maybe not anymore? Just wanted to bring that up. Thanks!!!

    • Hmm, could have sworn they discontinued it… even better if they didn’t :)

      • Pam

        I’m probably going to get Rani :) Looks very nice. I think it’s Fiction that’s discontinued. It almost looked similar to Greensmoke which i think is still permanent. Thanks so much for your review Christine!!!

  25. Rosanna

    This collection is turning out to be a bummer! That’s good for my wallet though – 3 collections within two weeks is really killer (in a bad way)… X_X

  26. Veluxe Pearls usually have 1.3g instead of 1.5g, at least all of mine do! That might explain the difference with Oomph! Great review and swatches, Thanks Christine!

  27. Bella

    Saffron looks great for my blue eyes. Thanks!

  28. Deb

    Awww…they all look so pretty in the pan! What a disappointment…Saffron does sound quite nice, though, and I’ve got nothing quite like it in my collection.

  29. Jennifer F

    I think Oomph is gorgeous, definately a shade I’d love to wear so I will hopefully be picking that one up. I like Marvel too but purples don’t always look that good on me as I have really dark under eye circles and purple seems to enhance them. I have some Urban Decay purples anyway which are nice.

  30. Heli

    Thanks Christine!

    It would’ve been a pain trying to track these down so luckily the eyeshadows aren’t doing it for me 😀

  31. First I thougt: I got to get Oomph! But than I saw the “maybe-dupes” and was like: HUUUUMIND! (cheaper refill … :D)

  32. Megan

    Saffron is really pretty….and I just ordered Rule. I think I will hold on to Rule and compare it side by side to Saffron…then take it from there!

  33. Aly

    WOW Marvel and Oomph are STUNNING!! Can’t wait to get my hands on these!!!!
    Christine, how do you think Rani and Saffron would look on my tan skin and hazel eyes?

  34. Mariella

    Is oomph at all like Club? It looks so much like it in your photos but I don’t see it mentioned at all in the dupes. Is it very different?

    • Honestly, I don’t think they do, because Club is a duochrome, and it has both brown and blue tones to it, and this doesn’t have anything like that!

      • Mariella

        Oh dear…now I have to get this one too! And those fabulous Urban Decay shadow pencils you reviewed the other week…I think I’ll have to start working more to finance all these beauties!

  35. melissa

    I need a new good orange! now just need to decide between paparazz-she and saffron…I really don’t neeeed both lol, and will try to make myself only get one, but which one?!?!? ahh decisions!

  36. Sarah Gouveia

    Too bad these aren’t in pro pallette form, they would make wonderful additions to the permanent collection. I could see myself pairing these quite often with my other shades.

  37. ak

    I think I should buy Saffron and use it as a blush or something.

  38. ak

    Yay I did buy the Saffron eyeshadow! I think I should buy a second one of this also. Saffron eyeshadow is now my blush and it looks gorgeous on my cheeks by lending them some warmth during the winter months. And in the summer, if it’s not all too hot and sweaty, Saffron will just look nice and summery and bronzey on my cheeks!