Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Products pulled for comparisons

MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Lips/Cheeks

  • GANA is neutral, rather than slightly warm, as Chez Chez Lame, while Honour is noticeably darker (more of a soft brown than a champagne). Trace Gold is also darker, still a bit like a champagne shade, but gilded and slightly bronzy. NARS Albatross is significantly lighter, paler, and more of a white gold.
  • FLESH is most comparable to Siss, which is a lipstick, but the colors are very alike. Dolce & Gabbana Caramel Lipgloss has less peach in it.
  • GULABI is a slightly redder fuchsia than Girl About Town (though on lips, I couldn’t see that subtle difference), while NARS Schiap is lighter and bluer-based. Full Fuchsia isn’t quite as dark of a pink, but it is similar.
  • SUR is lightly rosier than Darkly My Dear; darker and more plum than Prim & Proper; plummier and darker than Prism; darker and plummier (totally different) than Gingerly; completely different from Pinch Me; Desert Rose and NARS Dolce Vita may be near dupes for each other, but are completely different from Sur; and finally, Notable is slightly redder.
  • MEHR is rosier than Cosmo, and unfortunately, I do not have some of the other possible dupes for this shade, like Brave and Fast Play. Brave New Bronze is completely different (peachy).
  • YASH is slightly browner than but otherwise close Brave New Bronze; darker than Peachstock; darker and more matte than Freckletone; lighter and less rosy than Velvet Teddy.

See swatches!

Honour, Gana, Chez Chez Lame, Trace Gold, NARS Albatross

Prim & Proper, Sur, Darkly My Dear, Prism, Gingerly, Sur, Pinch Me

Prim & Proper, Sur, Darkly My Dear, Prism

Prism, Gingerly, Sur, Pinch Me

Desert Rose, NARS Dolce Vita, Sur, Notable

Dolce & Gabbana Caramel Lip Gloss, MAC Flesh Lipglass, MAC Siss Lipstick

NARS Schiap, Gulabi, Girl About Town, Full Fuchsia

Brave New Bronze, Mehr, Cosmo

Brave New Bronze, Yash, Peachstock, Freckletone, Velvet Teddy, Mehr

Brave New Bronze, Yash, Peachstock, Freckletone

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62 thoughts on “MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Lips/Cheeks

  1. Anna

    thank you so much for this.
    thank you for taking your time to do this
    and getting your arm full of makeup
    and finding all those dupes

    thank you and have a happy new year (:

  2. Ember

    Thanks so much Christine.

  3. Hey! I love your website & the thorough product reviews and photos. The one problem I had with this post is when you name the products and their comparisons I have a hard time figuring out what products you are actually talking about. I wasn’t sure whether you were talking about lipsticks, eye shadows, etc. Maybe I’m missing something but it could be helpful to make it a little bit more clear to the reader.
    Thank you and great job!

  4. Diane

    Thanks for doing this Christine! I want to buy Mehr but I suspect I have something very similar…. just can’t put my finger on what it is… but its really bugging me so I will let you know if I find it!

  5. Jenn

    Yay, thank you so much Christine! You’re saving me money, haha.

  6. Dawn

    Thank you so much for doing this. I can’t afford to go buying colours too similar to what I already have, so you are really helping me by showing these side by side. Gulabi is now off my list, as I have Girl About Town and Full Fuchsia, but Mehr is firmly on the list.

  7. Jasmeet

    You’re a little gem Christine :) thank you so so much for all the time and effort you invest in and brilliant posts like these :) xx

  8. RosaVee

    I wonder how Yash compares to Cherish lipstick

  9. Hey,

    I was just wondering if mehr is like Benefit’s lady’s choice?



  10. Thanks a lot for this comparison this will help me to choose a nice highlighter

  11. Brave is very close to Cosmo, I think a possible dupe for Mehr can be Faux, which is rosier, but I’ll have to see live!

  12. Carrie Ann

    Thank you! This is so helpful!

  13. Violetta

    Mehr reminds me of Pink Plaid!

  14. DeeDee

    Christine, would you say Flesh lipglass has some similarities to Revealing lipglass which is a permanent color?

  15. kfm

    Thanks again Christine!

    FYI, I have Brave and from what I can tell, Mehr is very similar. It looks a little rosier and possibly a little bit darker.

    Gulabi looks soooooooo beautiful, but I just bought Catharina from MW, so I really don’t think I can justify this one…

  16. Iliana

    How about Twig for Mehr?

    Thank you for this post Christine :) Happy new year!

  17. Reesa

    Christine, thank you! The comparisons are so helpful. Unfortunately it pushed me in the direction of more products to purchase from the MC collab…..LOL!

  18. Lilac

    Not sure if I can say that here (just delete if you do not wish this) but Karlasugar made swatches of all_available MAC lipsticks. If you put these pictures next to yours, there seem to be some additional possible dupes for Mehr-Lipstick:
    Twig (some of that you mentioned aswell but there are the pics)
    Fast Play (like you thought already, too)

    Modesty and FanFare (90%)
    Lustering, Plumful (90% and colour would depend a lot on skintone)

    The first mentioned are the closest, I think.

    So now through this I realized why I like the colour – I do like many of the above, too 😀

  19. Sarz

    Omg I want Yash.

    You’re the best!!

    And you know, I’ve saved myself from wasting a lot of money on products I wouldn’t have liked ever since I started reading your blog. TY!

  20. Megan

    Darn…Sur is too similar to Darkly My Dear, which didn’t show up on my NW45 skin at all! Looks like I may only get Saihi fluidline. thanks christine

  21. Briana

    I was wondering if you knew which collections are coming out after PeaCocky and Jeanius next year? Thanks for the review 😉

  22. sable

    You are an angel, thank you so much for sharing this!!!
    I now have my eyes on Mehr and the two blushes. I am liking the finishes of these!

  23. StellarStace

    Hi Christine,

    How does Gana compare to the Too Chic Beauty Powder that came out with Stylishly Yours? Thanks!

  24. maryelle

    thank you so much christine!!! i have nars dolce vita, and i was tempted to get sur, but now i know that i don’t need it! :]

  25. Sandra

    I have Brave and from the swatch I think it’s not as pink as Mehr :3
    Thanks for all your hard work Christine!

  26. Stephanie

    Wow these pics and comparisons REALLY help- thanks so much Christine:) Anybody have any idea which stores this will be launched in and/or when it will appear online??? TIA:)

  27. Ondina

    Hi, is Sur close to Nars Douceur or Smashbox Wicked Lovely Charm blush? Both of those are HG for my NC/NW 20 skintone. TIA!

  28. Iman

    hey ! im gathering up all my money but im 12. should i spend my money on this collection or cham pale ?

  29. Fast Play is one of my favourite lippies, I’d say it’s a bit darker and much plummier than Mehr is.

  30. StellarStace

    Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all these questions! Does Sur look anything like All’s Good from All Races, All Ages, All Sexes? From my screen it looks like they might, and I won’t be able to see the collection in person before I buy it.

  31. Christina

    Hi Christine!
    Do you have any idea how Flesh lipglass compares to 3N? I am down to the last third and the CCO doesn’t have it anymore.


  32. Veronica

    Hi Christine. Do you think Flesh and 3N lipglass from Warm & Cozy are similar enough?

  33. Carolyn

    Hey Christine,

    Thanks for all the hard work!! I was wondering – how does Yash compare to Honeylove, and Mehr to Modesty?

    Thanks =)

  34. egon

    I might get gana to use as a highlighter =) Thanks Christine

  35. gia

    twig is the spot-on dupe for mehr without a doubt. they are exact matches, plus, if anyone recalls in an interview with mickey contractor, he revealed that twig was the very first lipstick he purchased from mac when they expanded their line to his neck of the woods. he claimed he fell in love with twig since he had never seen anything like it (also referring to mac and its other range of colors).

  36. ak

    Gulabi to me looks exactly like Lustering but possibly less sheer.

  37. SSS

    fast play to mehr is that fast play is lighter and creamier. best dupe is twig!

  38. Stephanie

    Twig is MUCH more brown than Mehr. They are NOT dupes on me at all! I don’t know who started that, but they aren’t close, sorry.