Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Products pulled for comparisons

MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Eyes

  • IVY is slightly greener than Minted, while Urban Decay Graffiti has a stronger yellow base and appears much lighter. Jade Way is too dark to be a dupe. Make Up For Ever #22 Aqua Cream is significantly more of a yellow-based green, while Urban Decay Grass Cream Eyeshadow is less yellow but still doesn’t have the slight teal tinge that Ivy has. Urban Decay Loaded Ink for Eyes is, again, too yellow in its base.
  • SIAHI is darker and almost teal in comparison to Make Up For Ever #20; greener, less blue tham Stila Peacock; darker than Make Up For Ever #12L; darker and tealer than Smoothblue; tealer than Waveline; and tealer than Inky.
  • MARVEL is slightly less vibrant than Push the Edge, while Grapecomes close, but it’s a darker, less iridescent purple.
  • OOMPH is slightly blacker and less brown than Fiction, while it is just a little blacker than Greensmoke. Humid is significantly greener and Sumptuous Olive is totally different.
  • RANI is only slightly pinker than Passionate (a lot closer than I thought), while MUFE #75 is off the charts bright but fuchsia and blue-based. MUFE #52 doesn’t come anywhere close.
  • SAFFRON is less intense and a touch lighter than Red Brick, while it is darker, less intense (appearing rustier) than Orange. Rule is more orange, as is MUFE #50.
  • JAAN is browner and really not comparable to Gleam, while it is slightly lighter than Soft Brown. It is a touch darker and less warm than Bamboo (without the shimmer, of course), while Arenahas more shimmer and appears peachier.
  • VIVAH is darker and warmer than Cork; less red than Sable; less red than Twinks, while Tempting is not at all like it.

See swatches!

Jade Way, Minted, Urban Decay Graffiti, Ivy

Ivy, Make Up For Ever #22, Urban Decay Grass, Urban Decay Loaded

Make Up For Ever #20, Siahi, Stila Peacock, Make Up For Ever #12L, MAC Smoothblue, Waveline, Inky

Make Up For Ever #20, Siahi, Stila Peacock, Make Up For Ever #12L, MAC Smoothblue

Grape, Marvel, Push the Edge

Fiction, Greensmoke, Oomph, Humid, Sumptuous Olive

Passionate, Rani, MUFE #75, MUFE #52

Red Brick, Orange, Rule, Saffron, MUFE #50

Gleam, Jaan, Soft Brown, Bamboo, Arena

Cork, Sable, Vivah, Twinks, Tempting

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50 thoughts on “MAC Mickey Contractor: Comparisons & Dupes for Eyes

  1. Thanks for the comparison swatches.

  2. Jas

    hey thanks for the comparisons! I was wondering, between greensmoke and oomph which is easier to work with, has better pay off. I want to get one of these but not sure which one I should pick! Thanks!!

  3. Shanna

    Wow, this is awesome. I was positive that I was going to be getting both the fluidlines (especially with the serious lack of colorful fluidlines lately… wtf MAC?!), but Ivy is pretty underwhelming for me. Siahi, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous. I’m passing on Ivy but definitely getting Siahi 😀

    • Lizzy

      My MUA/ Store Manager says MAC is doing some basic overhauling to make consumer stuff friendlier to us who aren’t in the business. It appears those tricky Liquidlasts are going away while the new liners from Fab Felines were a test. Easier to apply. And we’ll see more and better mascara and Fluidlines. Pro will still be Pro, but consumer will be easier for women who don’t want six educations in six kinds of eyeliner because they have lives. The ones who don’t know or care about the existence of on line boards but would love to spend money at MAC.

      MAC is a business. We’re all facing a new economy for at least a decade. They’re streamlining for it. Or so it appears- Liquidlast is all in Goodby on the web site.

  4. Dawn

    Looks like I’ll still be getting both Fluidlines, but I have cut my list down to one eyeshadow – Saffron. I had been wanting Marvel, but since I have both Grape and Push The Edge, you’ve proven to me that I don’t need it after all.

    Oomph isn’t green enough for my liking. All black based shadows seem to show up as just smutty black on me.

  5. Sandra

    Wow, what’s with all the Persian names? (Jaan, Mehr, Gulabi, Saffron). Is the man behind this collection Iranian?

  6. Carrie Ann

    Thank you for these comparisons! They’re always very helpful.

  7. kfm

    I so appreciate that you take the time to do this! I have a couple of other comp questions, I hope you don’t mind:

    How does Marvel compare to Very Violet from Spring Colour Forecast? It looks like they might be similar, but it’s always a little tricky to tell.

    Saffron kind of looks like it might be close to Follow Your Fancy pigment, but I’m assuming from the description that it’s a warmer tone- more orange and less coral. Is there any similarity between them?

  8. Lena

    I love that you have been doing this! I am debating whether to get Saffron or Follow Your Fancy; are they even comparable?

    • They’re in the same area, but Follow Your Fancy seems a bit redder, and the finish is totally different.

      • Lena

        Okay, thank you so much! I went ahead and bought Follow Your Fancy, and I really like it! I think I’m more of a blingy-eyeshadow person anyway :)

  9. Trish

    Well, I already own Minted (one of my faves) & Inky Liquidlast liner so I think I’ll pass. Siahi is really beautiful but I don’t like the Fluidlines as they tend to fade on me (damn my oily eyelids! LOL!). Thanks Christine for saving me money to blow on more MAC down the line. 😉

  10. yadira

    Inky is what brand eye liner MAC?

  11. Hannah

    hmmm…do you think that oomph would be similar to misdemeanor from UD Book of Shadows VolII?

  12. Sarz

    Christine do you think you would be able to swatch Yash and Peachstock? I’ve been wanting peachstock for so long now (no Pro stores in my city) and I was hoping this would be a good alternative!

  13. Jessie

    Siahi looks like Undercurrent, which I have two of, and I don’t usually use much color on the top lid anyway, liner wise.

  14. What formula is Make Up For Ever #20?

  15. Lulee

    christine, thank you SO much for swatches. i feel truly spoiled by you… i know exactly what i want from every collection and my shopping process is cut to 1/100th the time it would have taken if it wasnt for your blog. anyway you are truly an amazing blogger and i want you to know that we really appreciate all your hard work!

  16. Natalie

    Ivy actually reminds me of Shu painting liner in green

  17. Megan

    Thanks so much for the swatches!

  18. LH

    How does Rani compare to Louder Please? Thanks for the swatches.

  19. Tekoa

    I already own most of the coloured dupes. Sigh! At least this saves me money.

    • Lizzy

      There’s Peacocky that same day, girl! And then at least a collection a month. MAC does different suites of colors for different looking tribes. If you’re buying it all, you’re buying too much- every other collection or so is for girls with different skin tones. For me, only the eyeliners would work and it’s a chance to burn through one of the five back up Undercurrent pencils I hoarded anyway. And finish off the Blue Herizon. And the Smashbox Emerald Ink… Saving the $$$ for Wonder Woman.

      It’s about an idea, not just product.

  20. Nunuiviet

    Thank you Christine,
    I love how you make comparisons and dupes for each collection of MAC. That helps a lot in not buying stuff that we already have, a big help to our wallet : )

  21. Jenn

    thanks christine ! keep up the good work

  22. VeroJo


  23. Nazish

    Hey Christine, i was thinking about getting Rani but how does it compare to Louder, Please in color? Thank for the dupes suggestions.

  24. NicoleJax

    Oomph looks different in this swatch then it does on your review for the entire collection. There aren’t any stores near me so I will be ordering online. Now I’m not so confident about ordering the shadow. I may have to wait for the release to check out more reviews.

    • One of the things about comparison swatches is that it’ll really pull out nuances – like if a color is only subtly green, when it appears next to really green shades, it will look even less green to the eye… or at least, that is what I’ve found!

  25. Mariella

    Christine, having seen the swatches, I’m wondering how close Oomph might be to either MAC’s Club or Too Faced’s Label Wh*ore (not sure if I can actually type the name or if it will be blocked). No one seems to have commented about any similarities at all but just based on the swatches/photos I’ve seen, I thought they might be close. Didn’t know Greensmoke was discontinued. Colour payoff on that one is awful but I’m still glad I have it.

    • Honestly, I don’t think they do, because Club is a duochrome, and it has both brown and blue tones to it, and this doesn’t have anything like that!

      Looks like Greensmoke is still permanent… could have sworn I heard it was getting the axe!

  26. Joyce

    The collection is available in the LA MAC pro store on N. Robertson blvd.

  27. shilpa

    ivy looks like bb ivy shimmer ink gel liner, maybe lighter. can’t wait to try siahi

  28. Sarah

    I wonder how Rani compares to Romping…

  29. Lizzy

    Beautiful collection! For women of Indian coloring. I’m of Northern European ancestry, white like a sheet of paper, and frankly, though I adore the Mickey Contractor colors, the dupes of most will look better on me. I’m taking the idea and running with it- right to my current collection! And maybe to Sephora for Stila Peacock liner if Smashbox Emerald Ink won’t do it. Gotta pay for that Xmas Excess….

  30. Melanie

    I can’t find the dupe for Sumptuous Olive (Milani Antiqued Gold) anywhere.  Any ideas????