Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Lipstick: Catharina, Digna, Gesina, Martha

MAC Marcel Wanders: Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lipsticks ($22.00 for 0.15 oz.) include four new, exclusive, and limited edition shades: Catharina (fuchsia), Digna (blackened red), Gesina (red with slight pinkish undertones), and Martha (golden champagne with pearl).  All of them are cream finishes except Martha, which is a frost.

These do not feel a whole lot different compared to MAC’s regular line of lipsticks–the biggest difference is these four seem creamier and glide on more smoothly than the typical MAC Lipstick.  They are a nice lipstick, but I like MAC’s Lipsticks a lot myself. I’m just not sure that I can tell the difference between these and other MAC lipsticks.  The ingredient lists are different but nothing stood out as being, “A-ha!”

  • Catharina is a brightened medium fuchsia pink with a creamy finish. It’s opaque with little product, and it hugs lips without being drying. It is a touch lighter than Full Fuchsia; also very similar to Girl About Town.
  • Digna is a berried red that’s semi-opaque. It has a glossier feel than the other lipsticks, but it also seems to pull into lip lines. I would expect it to bleed a bit around the edges of lips. MAC’s Dark Side is very similar–a little more pigmented.
  • Gesina is an opaque, bright, nearly neon, pinky-red. It reminded me of Illamasqua’s Follow but in lipstick form. It’s also a redder version (and lacks the fuchsia sheen) of Fusion Pink.
  • Martha is a peach-nude with soft golden shimmer. The golden shimmer is not as pronounced on the lips as I expected. This lipsticks is a less pink version of Strange Potion lipglass. It’s a little pinker than MAC Freckletone, peachier than Smashbox Splendid.

Surprisingly, each lipstick contains 50% more than the average MAC lipstick! MAC Lipsticks are $14.50 and contain 0.10 oz., which makes them equivalent to $145.00/oz. MAC Marvel Wanders Lipsticks are $22.00 and contain 0.15 oz., which makes them the equivalent of $146.67/oz. So even though it’s a higher investment cost, the price is proportional. Of course, if you have many lipsticks at your disposal, you may be more concerned over pure price.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: These shades are dupeable, which is the biggest drawback for them.  At $22, if there is a $14.50 option, that may be better–unless you see yourself using up a whole tube!  Despite the higher price tag, you get a proportional amount, so if you are a lipstick fiend, check ’em out.

AVAILABILITY: MAC on November 24th

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Lipstick: Catharina, Digna, Gesina, Martha

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Lipstick: Catharina, Digna, Gesina, Martha

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Lipstick: Catharina, Digna

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
Lipstick: Gesina, Martha

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Catharina Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Catharina Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Digna Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Digna Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Gesina Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Gesina Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Martha Marcel Wanders Lipstick

MAC Marcel Wanders Lip Gloss
MAC Martha Marcel Wanders Lipstick

Product & Review FAQ

When does this release? Where?

November 24th at all MAC locations, per my press release. I would imagine it will pop online on the 22nd or 23rd.

Where can I purchase these Lipsticks? How much are they?

MAC, $22 each.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Check individual shades for possible dupes! :)

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94 thoughts on “MAC Marcel Wanders: Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gesina and Catharina are beautiful!

  2. Nikki C

    martha looks great on you!

  3. Carie

    What formulation are they? As in, Satin, Amplified, etc? If it doesn’t specify what’s your opinion? Thanks :)
    Oh, and Gesina looks beautiful! I love it!

  4. kate

    how did you get them before the available date?

  5. Maggy

    How does Martha compare colour-wise to Mac’s Sweet Ever After (Pro Longwear lip creme)?
    To Shy girl cremesheen?

  6. Claudia

    they are all so gorgeous !!

  7. Lucie

    Ehhh, nothing wowing about these. I really thought I’d want at least one of ’em, but I’m fine with the formula of regular MAC and since these are so dupable+nothing I’d wear every day that would warrant getting a larger tube, why bother. :/

  8. Nerina

    Christine you mentioned they are dupeable.. what would be a similar shade to Digna?

    • Hi Nerina,

      I listed Dark Side as a dupe for Digna in the review! :)

      • Ani_BEE

        To bad they didn’t put Dark Side in this packaging since it would be a win/win for me. ^_^ All the shades are nice but to bright for me. Dark Deed was to violet/wine on me, interesting but nothing red about it. lol

  9. Carrie Ann

    Pretty colors and I like that you at least get more product than a regular MAC lipstick. Love the cases. I like Gesina, but I doubt I would ever have the guts to wear that color. Martha is definitely more up my alley.

  10. Alexis

    Digna and Gesina are so lovely. Does the MAC pro discount apply to this collection?

  11. Liliane

    Oh no, I want them all xDD
    Gesina and Catherine both remind me of Guerlain Gigi…I don’t know which one comes closer though.

  12. andrea

    So lovely colors i looove yours reviews im from paraguay in southamerica catharina looks georgeus on you

  13. Martha is gorgeous, a great nude :)

  14. Anna

    is digna at all similar to viva glam I?

  15. Dolly

    Wow, I’m surprised at how much I like Martha. I was going to pass on it but now….. Thanks Christine!

  16. Rosanna

    I might get Gesina since I don’t have anything like it in my collection and it is very pretty.

    I love the name “Catharina” but sadly I already have Girl About Town.

  17. Vivianna

    which would you personally choose, the lipsticks or lip gloss from this collection?

    • Lipsticks, but I’m more of a lipstick person – I like more opaque lip products. It seems easier, to me, to dupe a sheer gloss than an opaque lipstick!

  18. annoyed

    …MAC would you please stop making dupes and come out with shades that are different from what’s already available.

  19. Vio

    Martha is surprisingly beautiful and looks amazing on you. And Digna is also very pretty, but is the kind of colour where I’m alsways wondering if I can pull it off. Do you think it would work on someone relatively pale?

    I’m only getting into lipsticks, so I think I will take a look once they are released in Europe. Or see if I can figure out potential dupes 😉

  20. I’m SO HAPPY I’m not feeling any of these shades. Means no spending more money on makeup!!

  21. Cynthia

    Martha looks great on you :)

  22. Maisie

    i’m really not wowed by this collection… the colors seem dupable and the packaging is not that attractive in my opinion.

  23. Sophie

    Thanks for the swatches!! What blush are you wearing in these photos? It’s lovely!

  24. Emma

    This collection seems so uninspired to me. The packaging looks heavy and of very nice quality, but overall the colors aren’t anything new. I wasn’t looking forward to this collection anyway seeing as the price point is beyond what I can afford, but perhaps if the colors weren’t repeats I would’ve been more interested!

  25. Oh gosh! It is SO PRETTY! :) I like Gesina!

  26. audrey

    I really like martha, but dont love it….hahaha the only thing that makes me want to purchase is the packaging….mac may have won that war with me *sad faces* :(

  27. Sarah

    hmmm.. Martha might have to be mine.

  28. Brenda

    They just brighten your face so well! Great colours on you, all of them:)

  29. Yumi

    Everything is starting to begin to look the same…

  30. Rae

    None of these are calling to me in particular (gasp!) but I love that they give you more product with the price increase :) Hooray!

  31. Emi

    Because of your math, you’ve convinced me to buy one! I would totally pay an extra dollar just to have the pretty packaging! *<3s Martha*

  32. Eileen

    I like the lipsticks best in this collection …. all pretty colours but if I have to narrow it down to one purchase it’ll be Gesina.

  33. cmferrets

    i really love gesina and martha.

  34. Pamela

    Nice colors but not for me which is great because XMas is coming and I need to cut back.

  35. Pretty colors but, they’re not something that jumps out and makes me really wanna go buy them…I’ll pass.

  36. Hend

    Gesina is sooo loveeely <33
    All of the shades look great on you !

  37. Zoe

    I really love martha but as someone with pale skin and really pigmented lips I can see this as being a disaster. I’ll forever have to settle with milky pink lips as my version of nude hahha. (not that it’s a bad thing!)

    • Vio

      *g* I have the same problem. One trick I once saw (maybe a pixiewoo vid?) was to put a bit of foundation or concealer over the lips to reduce the actual colour of the lips.

    • z

      Ooh I have really fair skin and pigmented lips too! What is your go to nude?

  38. Vale

    As I said yesterday, I can’t really understand why MAC doesn’t put some more efforts for this kind of collections. Ok that’s all about packaging, but at least, put some decent colour inside!

  39. Lo

    Martha looks gorgeous! is it comparable to Marquise D’ from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead?

  40. Christina

    Oh I like Gesina on your lips!

  41. Andrea

    Christine, all of those look STUNNING on you! Do you think they would accept back to mac for these?

  42. Denise

    i love catharina, but i think it´s too expensive for a MAC lipstick. especially in germany! i don´t know how they make their prices, but 22$ would be 16 euro, but the lipstick is about 27 euro(36$). for that high price i prefer other brands like chanel for example.

    • Vio

      Some of it might deoend of the exchange rate dollar-euro, but even so it is still cheaper in the US, MAC is among the worst, but other brands are similar. I know that I splurged on makeup the last time I was in New York. The MAC pro store was just a few blocks from our hotel. I think a made a few MAC-MUAs very happy *g*, but yeah it was much cheaper to stock up on stuff there and carry it home than to buy it in Germany.

  43. Catharina looks yummy, but I am not willing to purchase it not unless I can get it for a lower bargain. 😉

  44. ak

    They all look good on you Christine. Those are all pretty and I hope I can make them all work on me!

  45. ak

    The lipsticks look like pretty chess pieces!

  46. ak

    These colors all look good on you Christine and they’re all pretty. I hope I can make them all work on me too!

  47. alex

    dupeable or not i think the lipsticks look really pretty, but i can’t get comic sans out of my head when i see the ‘Marcel Wanders’ writing on the packaging.

    • Ani_BEE

      Hi-five for designer talk! It’s not comic sans but has a very comic sans fell to it. ^_^ Make me want to hunt it down now since it’s a much cleaner typeface.

  48. Martha looks very beautiful but I think I will have to pass at $22 each

  49. Liz Mc

    Meh. All of those colors would look horrid on me. I’m too old for the brights, lips too thin for the dark red, and too cool-complexioned for the beigey-peach.

  50. I really like all of these, especially Digna and Martha. Catharina is great too, but I have a bunch of bright pinks in my collection already which are probably similar. I may pick one or 2 of these up just because of the collector in me.

  51. Nicole

    I’m sorry, I meant would you recommend Martha and Digna for people with fair skin?

  52. Tawny

    how similar is Catharina to Mac Show Orchid?
    These look so lovely

  53. kcrystal

    3 of them being creams .. i suppose that would mean cremesheens and not amplified creams?

    If they are cremesheens then i will definitely be picking up Gesina. I was debating between that and Fusion Pink. FP is amplified and they are not always as creamy as I want them to be. Gesina being a bit redder might flatter me more than FP. Pinky reds are always right up my alley.

  54. ak

    If I buy Gesina I’ll wear it with MAC Beet lip pencil. Christine is Catharina EXACTLY like Girl About Town, down to the ‘T’ I mean?

  55. Cherokee

    Liking Digna and Martha. Really pretty.

  56. Becca

    I’m loving Martha! and as I don’t have any MAC nudes- or any nudes for that matter- I think I’ll be picking it up on the 24th- can’t wait!!!

  57. Stella

    Hi Christine. How would you compare Catharina from Full Fuchsia? And is Martha anything similar to Cut-a-Caper? Thanks.

  58. Stella

    Also, how would you compare NARS Schiap lipstick from Full Fuchsia and Catharina?

  59. Ica

    Hi Christine! Lovely swatches as always. :) Just wondering if Catharina is close to MAC’s Hollywood Nights lipstick… The shade looks similar to me. Can you confirm? Thanks in advance!

  60. dedra williams

    martha looks great on you i could probley pull it off also but im darker so it will look to odd maby :) but i like the color on you .
    i’m thinkg of getting digma

  61. mel

    you said martha was a frost? do you put only one swipe or something? i don’t see any shimmer or metallic shine!
    please respond! i don’t like frost lipsticks generally, but if it really is like whats in the picture i’m going to order it right away

  62. Angela

    Mac Pro’s full fushia was in glamour magazine’s 2011 issue and it looks completely different shade than it did on the model. Maybe they mixed her lipstick with a white lipstick because it is lightter than what I have. I love the hot pink lipgloss Courtney Kardashian wears, it’s just right (not loud, heavy, or faddish). I have a warm undertone. I would say my complexion is between Rihanna and Beyonce. My problem is finding a complementary hot pink shade of lipstick or lipgloss. I hate girl about town (it’s too garish). I also bought Mac’s gulabi which is just a slightly darker shade of Mac’s full Fuschia. Catharina looks nice but I don’t want but be disappointed again….Any suggections?