Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lightfully Bright Lipglass Swatches, Photos, Review

The Lightfully Bright Collection contains four skincare products (which I am not currently reviewing, since skincare requires 6-8 weeks of testing and I already decide on what to try 3-4 months in advance to plan accordingly) along with four lipglass shades. Each lipglass retails for $14.50 and comes in standard MAC packaging. The shades include: Astro Cool (light lavender with pink pearl), Atmospheric (pink with blue pearl), Ethereal (pale blue with pink pearl), and Outer Space (white with pink pearl).

  • Astro Cool is a pale silvered lavender with flecks of white, silver, and pale lavender shimmer. It just looks like clear gloss with lavender and white shimmer on my lips–it does seem to mute my natural lip color a tad. It looks very similar to She-Zam Dazzleglass–slightly more lavender but hardly noticeable when worn.
  • Atmospheric is a light, neutral pink with silver, white, and teal shimmer. Though I have no idea where mine went off to, it is completely different from the original Atmospheric from Blue Storm (’07). It looks like near-clear gloss with white shimmer on my lips. It is similar to Like Venus Dazzleglass.
  • Ethereal is a pale, cloudy blue with pink, white, and teal-blue shimmer. It gives my natural lip color a cooler tone to it, while adding a lot of silver shimmer. It’s like a shimmery version of Chillin’ Cremesheen Glass or a lighter version of Best of Breed Lipglass.
  • Outer Space is a pale, milky white with pink and white shimmer. It looks like a semi-sheer milky pink with white shimmer on my lips. This is the most pigmented of the four. It is similar to Snowscene. In the tube, it looks very white, but when swatched, there is a lot of pink sheen, so it is also a lighter version of glosses like Cultured, Docile,or Icescape Lipglasses.

As you can tell, these glosses are all quite sheer.  They are great for those who want shimmer without much on lips or else as something to layer over lipstick.  These are all cool-toned, so they will add some coolness and shimmer over any lipstick.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipglasses are vanlla-scented, and they are typically thick and sticky. However, because of their tackiness, they do tend to wear better and longer (four hours for me). The Lightfully Bright Lipglasses seem like they have a finer shimmer, though I wouldn’t describe it as micro-shimmer.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: These shades are sheer, which makes them easier to dupe, because on lips, they look more like clear gloss with shimmer than anything else.  (Usually, when you have more noticeable color, the nuances between colors can be more apparent, but with sheer, there is less to differentiate shades.)  I kind of feel like for as cool as these names are (and the theme), I would have loved to see the shimmer play more with the light; perhaps more reflective or yield a duochrome finish/sheen.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric, Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Lipglass: Astro Cool, Atmospheric

MAC Lipglass: Ethereal, Outer Space

MAC Astro Cool Lipglass

MAC Astro Cool Lipglass

MAC Atmospheric Lipglass

MAC Atmospheric Lipglass

MAC Ethereal Lipglass

MAC Ethereal Lipglass

MAC Outer Space Lipglass

MAC Outer Space Lipglass

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase lipglass? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics, $14.50 each. Online only at this time.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See shade descriptions. I will be posting a dupe comparisons post shortly.

What are you wearing?

I have MAC Lady Justice Eyeshadow Quad on eyes, Urban Decay Dime Eyeliner, MAC Themyscira Opulash Mascara on lashes, MAC Amazon Princess Blush (pink side) on cheeks, then the lipglass as noted underneath the photo for lips.

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69 thoughts on “MAC Lightfully Bright Lipglass Swatches, Photos, Review

  1. Rachel Lauren

    They all look pretty much the same to me. I won’t be picking any up.

  2. Hana

    OMG thank you for this!

  3. they all look the same on your lips, dissapointing but pretty I guess. Thank you for swatching; the colors of the tube are misleading.

  4. Lola

    What are you wearing on you cheeks?

  5. Kajol

    They all kinda look the same

  6. Lorraine

    I was hoping for them to be pigmented but expecting them to sheer, if that makes sense. Still might get one of them though.

  7. Alannah

    Oh my gosh, your eye makeup looks fantastic here! Love it!

  8. Veronica

    I don’t usually like shimmer or sheer glosses but I actually like these! I want to get Outer Space and try it over a lipstick like Blankety or Angel.

    The rest of your makeup looks beautiful, Christine!

  9. Gina

    Astro Cool actually looks so pretty to me. I love the size and appearance of the shimmer in your lip swatch!

  10. I really wanna try Outter Space. :)

  11. They look gorgeous in the tube. Poop.

  12. DevilishDoll

    I wish they turned out like how they look in the tube. Btw, what are you wearing on the rest of your face? Your makeup looks soo pretty.

  13. Shonn

    I think its weird that Mac has dupe names for their products when they are different colors…I could see if it was an e/s vs a l/g. But when they are both lip products such as atmospheric or like Ego e/s…totally different colors. Pick a new name. It’s not that hard

  14. Sarah

    They all look the same…

  15. ShockingBlue

    Maybe my eyes are getting older, but I see very few differences between all of them :\ I think this lip-look could be done with a much cheaper alternative. BTW your makeup looks very futuristic – appropriate for Lightfully Bright!

  16. Jessie Q

    I already own Best of Breed and Docile, so I’m just going to skip all of these. Blah.

  17. Ali

    I want the blue one, and the purple one! Have these been released yet?

  18. Josiane

    They all look the same!

  19. Phoebe

    I think the colours look much the same,it is a shame.Presently,I look for colours that are quite unique otherwise it is a real waste of hard earned money.I just love the colours I already own and mix colours up to create new shades unique to me.
    Christine,you do some fabulous looks and look stunning in each and every one however this look is a less favourable one.You have the most adorable deep eyes and you have so much area of your eyes to play up and subtly play down with.

  20. Sam

    Damn, they look so BEAUTIFUL in the tube, but sooo disappointing swatched. Why MAC, why?

  21. Jennifer

    I love the pink one, but none of them aren’t great enough to tempt me. :(

  22. marcela

    booooring. next!

    • Brandon

      Are you using new lighing? The pictures look even brighter and clearer than before! =]

      I know you don’t like the look you are wearing, but I personally think it looks good on you and shows that warm skintones don’t have to only wear warm toned makeup and cooler skintones don’t only have to wear cool tones.

  23. Tara

    I wonder how MAC Foolishly Fab plush glass compares to Astro Cool? They look pretty similar from what I can tell

  24. Boompsie

    I don’t know why but I gotta have all 4 of ’em once they become available – ever since you first listed this particular set, it has piqued my interest

  25. Sahuna

    you know, I have 3 GOSH cosmetics lipglosses, and they are very to similar to the swatched ones here. Love these glosses though. Pretty colors!

  26. Pam

    Thanks for reviewing.. Probably will pass on this collection…

  27. Amanda Dubs

    theyre so sheer. I like the look of astro cool but thats it.

  28. Savi

    I love the way they look in the tubes, but once they’re swatched I’m left wanting more…
    Thanks for doing this Christine! I can’t justify spending $15 on a gloss that I can easily pick up from like Bonne Bell at Walmart for all of $3. I’m so dissappointed with Mac’s recent releases (and re-releases)!!!! Hope the next collection is better, keeping my fingers crossed!

  29. Rowan

    In the minority but I think they’re really pretty! I love the glitter and how they add a cool tone.

  30. Eliza

    Will this collection ever debut in stores?

  31. Kimberly

    Not impressed with these at all. In fact, Mac need to stop coming out with almost pointless collections like these. Quality over Quantity.

  32. Brittany

    Wow, I had Ethereal in my shopping cart at the MAC online store, and now I’ll be removing it. They all look almost the same and nothing special. :/

  33. Sue

    Your eyes and skin look BEAUTIFUL!!!

  34. Jeanie

    *yawn* I was hoping they would have more pigment…

  35. Cody

    Loving your eye make-up in these swatches!

  36. Cleo

    You look absolutely stunning in this look! I can’t believe you don’t like it! You are a warm-skinned beauty who can totally rock cool colors! :-) Can we have a breakdown and full-face shots of this look please??? These pics actually make me WANT to buy the Lady Justice ES Quad!! Also, can we have an updated review of the rest of the Opulash mascara colors please? I know I’m still on the fence about whether or not I want to buy them — are they visible in real life or only in an up close camera pic? Do they have any dramatic effect on the overall look?
    Thanks for all your work, you are the BEST! :-)

  37. Gina

    B+ for clear lip gloss??? oh yea, forgot it’s MAC…

    • Lipgloss doesn’t have to be opaque – it’s about the quality of the formula (how it feels, how long it wears, etc.) and what it’s supposed to do. MAC Lipglass ranges from sheer to opaque; they’re not meant to be 100% opaque 100% of the time, so it would be unfair to rate them based on what you happen to like in a gloss. If you like your gloss more opaque, that’s totally fine, but it doesn’t make the product poor quality – just not your type of product :)

  38. cloudburst

    You are right, they pretty much all look the same. I do like Ethereal though.

  39. Hmm, they do look really pretty in the packaging.. but they don’t look different at all when applied.. bummer! Won’t even be picking these up with my discount :/

  40. Amber

    the blue one looks stunning in the tube but kinda blah on the lips (I’ll most likely still get it cause im a sucker for blue) but do you know if atmospheric is similar to jingle jangle dazzleglass… thats one of my favs and it was LE :(

  41. Phantom

    Ethereal is pretty :) And I love what you’re wearing on your eyes!

  42. Gözde

    these arent anything special.. actually they dont even look pretty at all!

    apart from this.. I need your precious suggestion on one thing.. I have very oily eyelids.. mac paintpots (actually I just tried bare study) and UD primer potion doesnt work on me at all!!! can you give me any suggestion which one to use??

    thank you in advance..

    • Have you tried layering both UDPP and MAC’s Paint Pots?

      • Gozde

        yeppp!! doesn’t have life more than 2-3 hours :(

        I have heard Laura Mercier and Nars isn’t bad but I want to make kinda sure before spending that much money on them since in my country their prices are doubled and we cant return!! :(

  43. I wish Ethereal looked the same on the lips as it does in the tube! I love pigmented blue lip products but they’re tough to find.

  44. Ru

    I love the cool toned eye look, it goes great with these lipglosses (which I don’t care much for, but you showed a good way to wear them).

  45. I was hoping they wouldn’t be so sheer, they look so cool in the tube!

  46. anonymous

    I always wear sheer gloss over a colored lipstick so it’s hard to tell how much the glitter would show. You look fab in light blue-silver liner. I’m not so crazy on the Justice part but Korres has a matte sky blue liner that color I bet would look awesome maybe layered lightly over with a silver-white shadow (maybe the 1st two shades in SL palette)

  47. K

    Hmm, I bet I’m not the first to notice this but your macro shots look different – the noticeable one being your lips, but I know it’s still you because of your beauty mark!

  48. Amanda

    Hi christine! I was wondering what is your favorite 2? Thank you so much :)

  49. Jess

    What blush are you wearing in these photos? I am dying to know because it is GORGEOUS on you!!!

  50. Chelle

    These are supposed to be for spring? Seriously… what? These icy, cool shades look more “Winter Wonderland” than they do “Spring Fever”.

  51. angie

    i put astro cool on over I “heart” you plushglass (a pale milky lavender) from the upcoming Quite Cute collection and it looked incredible! also tried atmospheric and ethereal all looked great irl, but these photos don’t do them justice-i’m not knocking temptalia’s swatches, i just think they don’t appear as great on camera. it’s kinda like the opposite of the lip gelees from champale imo. they looked pretty irl, but phenomenal in temptalia’s swatches.

  52. Becca

    Wow, they all look the same. I never liked the colours to begin with but they really turn me off :(

  53. Lilinah

    Hmmm, just might get Ethereal to wear over Peacocky, and brighten/shimmer it up a bit. I am usually a complete and utter pushover for true lavender & purple lip products (and MAC makes several every year), but will probably pass on Astro Cool.