Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Mickey Contractor: Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline ($15.00 for 0.10 oz.) is new and limited edition from MAC Mickey Contractor, and MAC describes it as a “bright green” with a frost finish. Ivy is a brightened teal-tinged emerald green with subtle yellow undertones. It’s not quite as pigmented as other fluidlines; I didn’t have any skipping when I tested it on my upper lash line, but it did not go on as opaque as I’d like. I had to do a second pass to get better results, but on the upside, it wore beautifully without smudging, fading, or migrating (eight hours of wear).

I thought Jadeye might be comparable, and though I don’t own it, looking at various swatches showed it to be significantly tealer (in fact, back in its original launch, which was in Jewelescent in’ 06, I described it as teal–win!). Make Up For Ever #22 Aqua Cream is a reasonably yellower green, so they’re not quite dupes.

MAC Mickey Contractor will be available on January 6th at select North American stores and January 2011 for select international stores. It will be available online on approximately January 4th but may not be available until the 6th.

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  • Product: 26/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really dig the shade itself, but I wish it was more pigmented. If you’re a fluidline fan, I think it’s worth at least a look-see, but I expect the fluidlines to sell out quickly.


See more photos & swatches!

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

MAC Ivy Fluidline
MAC Ivy Fluidline

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Ivy? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics, in select stores, or online; $15.00 each.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I thought Jadeye might be comparable, and though I don't own it, looking at various swatches showed it to be significantly tealer (in fact, back in its original launch, which was in Jewelescent in' 06, I described it as teal--win!). Make Up For Ever #22 Aqua Cream is a reasonably yellower green, so they're not quite dupes.

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52 thoughts on “MAC Ivy Fluidline Review, Photos, Swatches (Mickey Contractor)

  1. d

    Do you think this would look good with green eyes? I often find yellower greens do, but emerald greens are sooooo pretttyyy…. and thnaks for getting these reviews up so fast, Christine!

  2. Heather

    I wonder if it would work as a cream eyeshadow??

    • It works better as a base, just because it dries and sets so well!

    • Marcela

      i was wondering the same exact thing! the colors are gorgeous and would look awesome on the entire lid. the L’Oreal HIP gel liners (look just like MAC fluidlines) work really well as intense bases, so these probably would too!

  3. Jordyn

    It seems like the perfect shade to wear on St. Patrick’s Day.

  4. Naz

    I love the Fluidlines, but I’ve found that they dry up in the pot if you don’t use them often. Wonder if there’s a way to salvage them

  5. jessica

    It looks just like UD Grafitti, so i’m skipping this

  6. Sounds like it will be perfect for wearing as shadow- I use almost all of the fluidlines as eyeshadows all of the time as well as liner. They are the best- I hope this color works for me too. :)

  7. MmMM I will use that as an eyeshadow or base, lovely color but doesn’t seem opaque enough for a liner!

  8. Ashlyn

    Yep this is a must have for me!

  9. Alyssa

    I love Fluidlines (just got Dark Diversion in the mail today, yay!), but I have green eyes. Not sure if this color would be good for me. I normally don’t wear any green eyeshadows either. But the color still grabs me. Sigh…frustration…

    • ShockingBlue

      I was thinking the same thing too – I have green eyes and this color would look dumb on me. But I bet you are going to love Dark Diversion; it will make your green eyes pop!

    • Quinctia

      I think it depends on what other shades are in your eyes as to what works with or against them. As long as you weren’t going all full-on kelly green over the lids, this might actually make a nice line to pop over a complimenting neutral eye.

      I’ve got green eyes, and I’ve been experimenting more lately, and I haven’t found a green yet that doesn’t work well. I was surprised as heck when I found out the deep teals made them pop the most–I had people that have known me for years commenting on my eye color.

      (I’d say my eyes are green-gray with some yellow bit near the pupil, so this may not help if yours lean more towards brown or hazel.)

  10. the color is very pretty! this would be the first fluidline i owned if i bought it though 😛 i’m a chromaline kinda guy 😉

    • I can’t believe you don’t own ANY Fluidlines……

      • Melissa

        Way to go being a MAC snob, Christine.

        • How does that make me a MAC snob? LOL! Dusty definitely seems like he has lots of MAC products in his stash, and since I know that and how he likes MAC’s Chromalines, I’m just surprised *he* doesn’t have a single fluidline in his stash, not that any random person wouldn’t – don’t see why that’s snobby?

          • Haha! It’s not snobby at all :) Plus I hope that you know me well enough by now to be comfy poking fun at each other! Haha 😉

            But yes… It’s true I don’t own any. I’ve looked at them several times – Have used samples of them before – But just haven’t taken the plunge.

            I’m thinking that even though that green IS really pretty – I might just save up for the big anniversary set of Urban Decay liners instead! I think that’d be a smarter purchase and one that I’d get more use out of :) Now… Knowing how much you love those liners, do I even need to ask your opinion on that one? 😉 Hehe :)

            • That’s true, I would have to vote for the anniversary set over a fluidline if that’s the case! 😉

              All of this makes me want to bring out my Chromalines to play with them again…

            • I love the Chromalines because they are just such bright – straight-forward colors, you can use them for a cat-eye liner or as an eyeshadow base and they just don’t budge at all! Though I admit that I mostly just use the black one… The yellow and green are both lots of fun too :)

            • They are very, very smooth – have always loved the texture… I guess I am more of a shimmer liner kind of gal!

  11. Crissy

    Nice, bit I’m not in love with the frostiness. It kind of reminds me of one of the newer NYX jumbo pencils.

  12. I’d love to buy this. I’ve only owned blacktrack, macro violet, and shade.

    What shadows could this be used under?

  13. Hey TrishaMae!

    Oh, lovely review Christine!

    May I ask how this might compare to either Graffiti or Covet from Urban Decay? Which would it be closer to?

    Thanks in advanced!♥

  14. Dayna

    Christine, would you say as a base is it worth it?? Tats wat i was hoping to use it for?? Please and thank u <3 :)

  15. Dollymix8

    Wow this one looks amazing too! Christine, which one suits brown eyes better: Ivy or Siahi? Because if I buy one, I’ll only buy one…

  16. Dawn

    This one is at the top of my ‘want’ list

  17. Deb

    I’m so torn about buying this because I just got Dark Diversion and it skips when you apply it and even clumped up in one area. My blacktrack fluidline is my HG though so I’m thinking that the onew with color aren’t as good a quality? I threw out the Dark Diversion box before I realized all this so I can’t even return it.

  18. Jennifer F

    Wants! Green is my favourite colour so I just need this lol. I have greenish brown eyes and I love wearing green eyeshadows and liners.

  19. Sojourner

    I’m kind of disappointed with this colour…I was hoping for a more intense, slightly deeper shimmery green, money saved I guess!

  20. Jamie

    I’m going to get both of these fluidlines! I’m loving them, they will be my first fluidlines ever :]

  21. Nazish

    Hey Christine..Thank you for the swatches. I wonder if this would be less patchy on the lower lash line? I know that green liner like this on the lower lash is huge in asia. Even though that is not the whole scope and purpose of the product, I could see this being the intent behind its development.

  22. This stuff is junk. I have almost every Fluidline that has ever come out, and none of them disappeared totally in a half hour like IVY has. I am so very disappointed.

    I wore Ivy as an eyeshadow and liner both just like I do all Fluidline colors and it completely disappears in a half hour no matter how much I put on.

    This will be the first Fluidline that I will ever have to return!

    • OMG! That really sucks :( I wore mine the whole time I was writing reviews (over eight hours) and it looked the same — but I don’t have oily lids.