Thursday, January 7th, 2010

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush

MAC in Lillyland Collection: Cremeblend Blushes Review, Photos, Swatches

Even though my personal favorites from this collection are the lipgelees (review is forthcoming, promise!), I really think the Cremeblend Blushes really stand out. All four are intensely pigmented, rich in color, and really will pop on your cheeks — if you so desire. What’s nice about these is you can use a stippling brush like the 188 (smaller brush-head than the 187, so it’s ideal for cheek color) for a softer, less color-rich look, or you can layer and build up the intensity for a bolder cheek look as well. These seemed thinner and more pigmented than MAC’s Blushcremes as well.

Note, I can’t comment on the wear of these, as I haven’t had them for more than a few hours! I will definitely do my best to use these in a look in the next week.

Cremeblend Blush ($18.50 U.S. / $22.00 CDN)

  • Optimistic Orange is a bright pop of orange. It’s not quite neon orange, but it is pretty bold and bright. Definitely a true orange, though; this is not coral on me whatsoever.
  • Joie-de-Vivre is a bright pink-coral; it leans more pink than orange, which is why it’s predominantly pink, but it’s obvious it’s not a bubblegum pink. MAC described it as a “peachy coral,” but I’d say it’s more like a pinky coral.
  • So Sweet, So Easy is a bubblegum pink. It’s a medium pink with barely-there yellow undertones. It’s the lightest and softest shade of the four.
  • Florida is a bright fuchsia-purple. It’s creamy, ultra pigmented, and WOW-za, you know? This is the kind of the color that can easily scare you away. Again, try a stippling brush, use a light hand, and you may even find using fingers to blend out the color (after the initial brush-based application) may give you the right level of intensity.

See photos and swatches!

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Joie-de-Vivre Cremeblend Blush

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush

MAC in Lillyland Collection
MAC Cremeblend Blushes: Optimistic Orange, Joie-de-Vivre, So Sweet So Easy, Florida

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104 thoughts on “MAC in Lillyland Collection: Cremeblend Blushes Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. sonia

    OMG, finally great colors!!! LOVED IT!!!!Thanks Christine!!!

  2. stephanie b

    i like florida lol

  3. Natasha S.

    wow, gorge!

  4. Jasmine

    I just hauled So pretty, So pink. I LOVE it. I put the Pearlmatte facepowder on top. Spring here i come!

  5. yeah…. i want all of these. those are my 4 favorite cheek colors. i think they could even be used on the lips in a pinch.

  6. Love love love! Been playing with these all morning! :)

  7. Joie-de-Vivre looks alot orange in pan than swatched… you think it would work on NC40 skintone?

  8. Dawn

    Thank you for these, you must be SO busy today! I picked up So Sweet, So Easy yesterday as I was scared away by Florida. But I may now have to try Joie-de-Vivre.

  9. xoBellaCullenxo

    thank you for the review!!!!! :)

  10. Paige

    As a Florida resident, I have a strong need to get that blush but I don’t even use the creme blushes I have right now so why buy more?

  11. aradhana

    wow! these look exciting…joie de vivre and so sweet so easy remind me of two discontinued creme blushes i use to have…can’t wait till they launch in the uk!

  12. Roberta

    I just got Florida and it looks gorgeous, I can’t wait to use it tomorrow

  13. aradhana

    wow! these look exciting…joie de vivre and so sweet so easy remind me of two discontinued benefit creme blushes i use to have…can’t wait till they launch in the uk!

  14. Val♥Temptalia

    my jaw is on the floor. i gotta cancel my hair appointment so i can go swatching. a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  15. Anitacska

    Gosh, very bright and vibrant aren’t they? I don’t wear cremeblushes, so not for me, but pretty colours (would make lovely lipsticks these colours!).

  16. Aramis


  17. Vicki

    You know at first glance the Orange looks scary, (I tried all four colors on and bought 2 ), but actually it looks very pretty on me.
    Im NC42 AND NC40/NC37 in winter and with my 109 brush I put it on and it looks peachy, not orange at all….. Use a light hand ladies, it doesnt take much. Especially in summer when Im darker, it will look even better 😀 So do not be afraid of this color.

  18. I like these!!!!! Joie de vivre looks the prettiest =D but I dunno how these will show up on my skin though.

    Thanks! =)

  19. kpenn09

    I’m pouting. I wish these were lipstick colours instead!

    I’m too fair for these, plus I wear powder and absolutely loathe wearing cream blushes over powder.

  20. Stephanie

    Florida looks like the perfect spring color, I totally love it! I can’t wait to get it! :) Thanks Christine!

  21. Rose

    I think I want all of these, lol. Well, I doubt I could pull off Optimistic Orange, but I’m a sucker for a good cream blush! I live in Florida, like a commenter above, and I too feel the need to buy that blush!

  22. Makeup_Freak

    I am getting all, but orange. I am into dark and bright colors, as I have dark features, but even I can not pull the orange blush off. My pocket is already crying. lol.

  23. Anissag

    Thanks Christine I really thought i wanted the shadows and i almost ordered it but after the swatches they look very dupable but i’m suck a sucker for packaging and presentation, anyways i ordered the 3 creme blushes inJoie-de-Vivre, So Sweet So Easy,and Florida

  24. rowan

    so sweet, so easy will be mine =)

  25. Rae

    Okay. I totally need Florida. =D I can’t wait to see it used in a look!

  26. Andrea

    Since these are lip safe would it be possible for you to do a swatch of them on your lips?
    I might get so sweet so easy just for my lips… I’m sure it would last me forever lol

  27. amy

    I picked up Florida today because I was drawn to the bright hot pink. When applied carefully, I can achieve a very light dolly flush. I really like the quality of these blushes and I think they are the winners in this collection allow with the Lipgelees which were surprisingly pigmented. I like the glitter in them too.

  28. Elysia

    i love these! i’m so exited to pick some of these up!

  29. Oh! How do I somehow justify 4 new blushes? Hmm…
    These are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  30. ms.mad

    i would love so sweet, so easy for a lip color. i have snob lipstick, angel, fabby and a bunch of other bubblegum pink colors. besides the creany sheen do you think its similar to snob lipstick? otherwise i might have a new lip fave. except i dislike products in a tub. i know its originally for cheeks. thank you

  31. Joie-de-Vivre and Florida are sorely tempting me… they’re all beautiful colors. MAC did well selecting spring colors for this collection. :)

  32. could you swatch them lighter? Like how you would apply them in action?

  33. Megan

    I didn’t think I’d like any of these but thier really pretty. and florida may be mine!

  34. Kelly

    So sweet, so easy looks cool-toned to me on the swatch. Do you think it would work on NC25?

  35. Marcela

    So sweet so easy is mine…LOL. I loved it. I was waiting for soooo long so a swatch of this product, since it was the only one of the blushes that I truly liked it, and its soooo gorgeous, I’m buying that one tomorrow. =-)

  36. Am glad I didn’t get all four! I think I’ll get Joie-de-Vivre.

  37. isis

    I wonder if you could get the same effects from sheering out one of OCC’s lip tars on your cheeks. Florida = Anime, Joire-de-vivre = Grandma and Optimistic Orange = Safety Orange

    • You probably could – I think the texture and feel might be different, perhaps the wear time as well. I know Jude uses OCC Lip Tars on her cheeks all the time and seems to like them, though!

      I haven’t seen Anime or Grandma, so I can’t comment on similarities, but IIRC, Safety Orange may be more neon/brighter.

      • ak

        Hi Christine I have my ye on that Optimistic Orange Cremeblend Blush but I’m an NC45 so I hope that it looks more of a true orange on me, rather than a peach. But because I might be jumping the gun here, is this collection going to even come out in the MAC shops in the UK?

        • As far as I know, it’s supposed to launch internationally in February!

          • ak

            Thanks. I went into the MAC Pro shop in London and they said that the Lilly collection may only open just online on the MAC UK website, I hope not though :( . This is not a ‘card using’ time for me right now. LOL

            If I can’t get Optimistic Orange then I’ll look at their Cream Color Base in Orange Alarm.

  38. sal

    Thank you for this post!
    I wonder if they have the same texture as Mac Creamblushes?
    Thank you.

  39. Melly

    Joie-de-Vivre reminds me of blossoming. I loved the color of blossoming, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the shimmer/glitter though

  40. Oh, I love Joie de Vivre!

  41. Sylvie

    I went to MAC today with all intentions of getting Joie-de-Vivre, but when I swatched it I didnt like it on my skintone. But I loved the orange one…GORGE!!

  42. Stephanie

    i love “so sweet so easy” it’s so pretty!

  43. Jillie

    These are the nicest blushes I have seen from MAC in a while! I got all but the orange, and 2 lip gelee’s :) I cant wait to use them!

  44. Estella Iris

    Is it just me or do 2 of the blushes look like the tinted lip conditioners from hello kitty (Joie-de-Vivre = Popster and So Sweet So Easy = pink fish)? Anyway…i’ve never tried cream blushes,so i think i’m gonna pick 1 up first, but So Sweet So Easy or Joie-de-Vivre? Decisions, decisions,…

  45. Grace Cruz

    How would you apply this on the cheeks?

  46. megan

    Do you think that these could be used on really fair skin?

    (NW10 fair… not NW20 people thinkin that they are fair :P)

    • Kirsty

      Lol, i always see on MUA reviews people saying “on my fair NW20 skin” o_o I hate to think what they class us NC15 is too dark ladies as.

      I really hope the orange one will work out, as I plan to buy all 4. I love having fair skin, as I find with the right application anything can work (in my experience).

  47. Cherie

    These are sooo pretty!

    Sooo…. I have to ask – which would you recommend for MAC NW15 with light freckles and brown eyes???

    I currently have MAC’s Ladyblush, NARS mini multiples in Orgasam, Copacabana and South Beach as well as Tarte’s Blissful cheek stain.

  48. jillo

    I got MAC So Sweet, So Easy and got home only to learn I had a ccb that was almost the same. But I don’t regret it, I love the texture of it. It is nothing like my creamblushes, more like the ccb but slicker. Love it!

  49. CRiSTaL

    Those blush colors are so pretty!!!!1

  50. Florida – that blush will be MINE. I must have it. MUST!

  51. I am leaning toward that optimistic orange. I am a nc42 and don’t have a creme blush! I also feel like this would be a great summer blush for my skin color. I use to want Taj mahal from Nars but this seems easier to attain and less expensive. What do you think Christine??

  52. Rosanna

    Joie-de-Vivre I know will look good but I alrdy have Nars Orgasm and MAC Dainty and they’re all pink/peach I’ve had enooough of that, lol.
    So Sweet So Easy looks lovely but I fear it’s too light or a little too over the cool side for my warm skin tone (NW20)

    Florida is amazingly pretty but it is a bright colour. I fear it’d be a blush I would wear rarely if it wasn’t wearable or sheer out. Seems like it could complement warm skin tones. Most likely will get this one!

  53. julianne

    hey! i wanna buy so sweet so easy, but i don’t know if it will look good on me, i am nw15 in mac…

  54. Tara

    I’m NC25 and I was surprised, but my MUA showed me So sweet, So Easy and Optimistic Orange and they both looked good on me! I got them both and they looked great on my lips too (I’m a blue eyed blonde for the other NC25 girls who weren’t sure what colors to get). I’m thinking about Joi de Vivre too, but it showed up much darker on my skin then the orange.

  55. coconut breeze

    do they work well on oily skin?

  56. KellyBelly

    Hey Christine, I already got So Sweet So Easy and Joie de Vivre and I’m wanting the other two, although I’m not sure if Optimistic Orange would work on my NC15(winter)-25(summer) skin. But mostly I want Florida, but am deciding if I want it since I already have Dollymix and Tippy and they are pretty similar to Florida except in powder form. What do you think guys?

    • I think Florida is different enough from Dollymix and Tippy, TBH… it kind of has this magenta thing going on. I think Optimistic Orange can be used lightly enough that it’d work even in the winter for you, but definitely in the summer!

  57. ileana

    I only bought Joie de vivre. I own the Nyx cream blushes in orange and hot pink and they are close dupes for Florida and the orange one. Florida has more of a blue undertone which I don’t think favors my skin tone. My pocketsare happy…for now.

    • KellyBelly

      Ileana, you are just the person I was looking for! LOL another reason why I was holding out from Florida and Optimistic Orange is because I know NYX have similar dupes, which is the exact ones you mentioned. Since you actually own both mac and nyx, how would you comment on both cream blushes? What would you recommend for me? I only have the mac and am contemplating to get nyx since it is so much cheaper, thanks :)

      • ileana

        Hello! Well I think Nyx hot pink is prettier than Florida, which has a blue undertone. I have olive skin and the hot pink from Nyx gives me a beautiful flush and is super pigmented. Optimistic Orange looks more yellow than Nyx Orange. I swatched OO at Mac and they give you pretty much the same look and both look gorgeous. The only downside is that the blushes from Mac (although not for me) can used on the lips and Nyx’s are just for the cheeks. NOW Joie de vivre has no comparison. It is beautiful!!!! So my advice: buy the hot pink and the orange from NYX and save up for colors that are hard to dupe. Like Joie de vivre!

      • ileana

        I forgot to add the cream blushes from nyx are a lot creamier than mac’s but they have great staying power, specially the hot pink one.

  58. Janette

    if u use optmistic orange with a 188 does it come our coral or orange?

  59. Laura

    Is Joie-de-Vivre anything like mac virgin isle cream colour base?

  60. I purchased Joie-de-Vivre and Optimistic Orange and I love them. I wish I had bought So Sweet So Easy and Florida. The creme blushes go on as a creme and immediately dries like a powder and last all day. I use those 2 blushes most often. I wish I’d bought more.

  61. derri

    i wish there was somewhere i could buy optimistic orange. The MUA gave me about half of wat was left from the last tester but i want one soooo bad

  62. cassie

    i wanna buy So Sweet and Joie-de-Vivre! do u know where i cn gt it in Singapore?

  63. Chelsea Forma

    I love Joie de Vivre! It looks gorgeous! I hope they release it again so then I can get it.

    • Shannon

      Seriously I know! I’ve literally been searching for a dupe for Joie De Vivre for the last year, and no luck. I’ve narrowed it down to MAC lipstick Chatterbox, Stila convertible cream color in Petunia, NYC blushable cream stick in Pink Flash, and Joe Fresh Style cream blush in Melon… though thats only from online swatches. I don’t own any so I don’t know for sure. Anyone else have suggestions?