Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush
MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush

MAC Tartan Tale: Her Blooming Cheek Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush ($18.50 for 0.21 oz.) is a ridiculously pigmented bright fuchsia pink blush with a satin finish. It has a subtle sheen but no shimmer. It is very, very pigmented. I recommend tapping it on and diffusing color with foundation or pressed powder or using a stippling brush like the 187 or 188 so that you can gradually build up color. It has cooler, blue undertones, but it still looks really lovely on warmer skin.

It’s more fuchsia than MAC Full Fuchsia Blush, but it seems very similar to Azalea (which I don’t think I have to swatch against). Both of those blushes are PRO only, but they are available permanently.

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you love bright cheeks or bold pinks, yes and yes. Oh, assuming you don’t have Azalea!

AVAILABILITY: Online now, October 28th in-store

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush
MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush
MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush
MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush (This is LIGHTLY!)

MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush
MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush

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Where can I buy the Blush? How much is it?

It will be available at MAC stores/counters on October 28th, online at on approximately October 26th. $18.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

It's more fuchsia than MAC Full Fuchsia Blush, but it seems very similar to Azalea (which I don't think I have to swatch against). Both of those blushes are PRO only, but they are available permanently.

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91 thoughts on “MAC Her Blooming Cheek Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Ive been looking at this blush for awhile, it looks great on you! We both have warmer skin tones, I think I’m def gonna get it! Thx christine :)

    • cmferrets

      this is my fav thing in this collection. i love how when u put it on , it gives u a nice frost bitten flush. perfect for the winter.

  2. Yumi

    Oh my, it looked scary in the palette but gorgeous on you!

  3. Ani_BEE

    Remind me of last years Tippy but way more saturated and darker though. Definitely not for the faint of heart. ^_^

    • Ani_BEE

      I should have said while wearing it, it looks like Tippy since in the pan it’s WAY more pink. ^_^ Tippy has that same dewy sheen when you apply it more strongly.

  4. This blush can also be used to wake up groggy teenagers that snooze through their alarm clock.

  5. Courtney

    I’m still undecided about this. I preordered it because I was pleasantly surprised by Bite of an Apple, but I may cancel it and let someone else enjoy it.

    • Ani_BEE

      I caved into getting Bite of an Apple after testing it in person myself and is even flattering on my fair skin tone. This one however is more suited to more pigments skin tone where you want the pop of colour. On fair to light skin it would ring true from the pan shade.

  6. Cecilia

    I never got tippy from the hello kitty collection and I wish I did. Would you say that this is a close compare?

  7. Michelle

    How do u think this one (or other dupes) compares to the NARS Desire blush?
    btw.,I really need to get a stippling brush brush!

  8. Jazz

    I want. That is all

  9. aline

    is this colour similar to the pinkof the coastal scnets 10 colour blush palette??!

  10. Ani_BEE

    This blush colour matches the Temptalia Flower ^_^

  11. Meghann

    How would you compare it to Florida creme blush that came out with the Lillyland Collection?

  12. Michelle

    CHRISTINE! Thanks for all these great swatches! I hope you do a review on the Highland Honey blush as well. Can you include a comparison for it next to Peaches and Ripe Peach??? Thank you!

  13. Ginnia

    Not similar to Dollymix?

  14. Dawn

    Hmmm…I think this color is too unnatural for my taste.

  15. Hey Christine,

    I saw the dupes… when you say Azalea, do you mean the ombre?

    Thank you!

  16. danielle :)

    wow really pretty! i really want this! :)

  17. Rebecca

    I have to admit, I totally purchased this last night! I’m curious to see JUST how pigmented it is! Hopefully it works well!
    Must have a light hand with this one…

  18. Vanessa

    Will you be reviewing the other blush as well?

  19. Denah

    I ordered mine yesterday. I’m around Beyonce’ and Mary J. Blige complexion. Hope it looks good on me!!

    • Bree

      I believe so I’m in that same complexion category as well & I have Full Fuchsia & I love it.

      • Denah

        Ok, yea, I was really loving this online, and was willing to venture out from my usual golden/copper blush, along with the soft brownish/berries. I believe this is gonna be awesome dusted lightly.

    • El

      I think you would look awesome with this color. Bright colors look amazing on Caramel/Milk chocolate skin :)

      • Denah

        Really? why thy! I do alot of different eye looks. So I’m wondering how should I wear this blush? neutrals or could I get away with wearing this blush with bright colors? Or just keep this simple with the nude lip, and black cat eye, and lashes? What you think? Man I’m gonna sooo test this out like crazy.

        • Iliana

          I can imagine it with a neutral eye + (thick) winged liner combo and a pink lip. Pull your hair back, too, to make the face the center of attention. Very ballerina-esque!

          I can’t imagine it with bright colors anywhere though, because I’m afraid it would be overkill. I hope you can post a picture of a look you’ve done with this using other brights, so it can inspire my neutral loving self to do it too :)

  20. coco72

    I’ve just fallen in love with this blush. Itยดs the only item of the entire collection that i will buy!

  21. Jennifer

    i like this! it looks beautiful on you :)

  22. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, this is pigmented! Wow! It’s very pretty on you :) I think it’s a great “rosy cheeks” kind of blush. Would this work on fair skin if used lightly, of course?

  23. Rosanna

    Ahh, It’s gorgeous! I love pigmented bright blushes…

    But if it’s similar to Azalea (which I don’t have) than it’s not really a must have then.

  24. Natalee

    I love this! I hate when blushes aren’t pigmented enough…

  25. td

    I could see this blush working on medium to darker skin tones.

  26. ann

    how does this compare to nars desire

  27. K7P*

    Nordstrom has the stuff up now… purchasing the few things i like. Not too many for this collection.

  28. Silvia

    I thought it was lovely and buidable until I paid attention to your note: “This is LIGHTLY!” *_* I’m NW15, I don’t think I can’t pull this off even with a 187 :(

  29. Carrie Ann

    Pretty, but I think it may be too dark/bright for me. I think it will look gorgeous on a lot of skin tones, though.

  30. I didn’t know my computer screen had that color capability! WOW!!!

  31. AnGeLwInGz

    It looks horrific in the swatches but very classy on your face. Good job with the application!

  32. Nazia

    Oh wow, at first there was no way I thought I’d get this, cause its so scary in pan. Plus I thought it would come out to be a harsh bold color. But applied on you, its totally different and softer. Definitely looks pretty on you!! :) Can’t wait for you to do a review on the other blush. Please compare it to Melba! :)

  33. Jen

    Is this colour similar to Chanel’s Tweed Fuchsia Tissages?

  34. Liz Mc

    This reminds me of Smashbox’s Radiance.

    • Rebecca

      I have a shade of blush that is SO similar to that! And then that’s kind of why I ordered this! I have a really light, cool skin tone, though :)

  35. Ebony Goddess

    that pink is so obnoxious i love it!

  36. Just bought this! I’m a huge fan of crazy blushes. I think after conquering Frankly, Scarlet I have nothing left to fear.

  37. Ariel R

    How does this compare to MAC Tippy, Rock and Republic Kinky, and NARS Desire?

  38. Iliana

    I wish I could get that when it comes out here! I totally missed out on all the different launches of Venomous Villains (which sold out here within 20 minutes to an hour after store opening time IN ALL STORES) in the malls here, so I’m hoping to make up for it with Tartan Tale. I’m still sad that I didn’t get to buy Toxic Tale and Bite of an Apple, though. I hope they repromote those two.

    But for now, I’ll be bugging my favorite SAs about Tartan Tale’s release here. :)

    • uni

      so pretty on you! how does this compare to Nars desire?

    • Denah

      If you didn’t get TT why cant you just go on ebay and get it? Like thats what I would do if I really wanted it and it was sold out.

      • Iliana

        I don’t want to have to pay more than what MAC has set for it ๐Ÿ˜› I’m just a little sad that I didn’t get it now but I still have tons of product to keep the heartache away. Haha! Still hoping for the repromote though! I guess it sucks that my country’s always one of the last to get MAC collections, plus we only get a few pieces of each product. ๐Ÿ˜› there were only 3 coral crepe pp when pret a papier came out here.

  39. Cheyenne *DemureAllure*

    I’m a NW15, I doubt this would work for me hahaha

  40. steph says

    Honestly it such a garish pink – looks a bit clownish on you. :/ It is super duper pigmented and hard to apply lightly?

  41. Sharon M

    Ooh… I am so getting this, mostly because the blue-pink tone really suits my skin. It would take me forever to use it up, just enough at a time to where it doesn’t look unnatural. :)

    • Christina

      I think I am going to be getting this now too, because I have the same skin where blue tones suit me too!

  42. Hannah

    This is so pretty! Especially on you! I have such pale skin though, I’m not sure I could pull it off.

  43. stellarstace

    Will you be reviewing highland honey blush too?

  44. I wore something like this way back in the 80’s because Madonna did. She does not any more, and neither would I. :)

  45. Erika =]

    How do you compare it to Florida Cream Blush?
    I mean in terms of color.
    Thanks =]

  46. Trish

    A someone with a honey-caramel complexion and ‘cool’ undertones, I LOVE bright berry blushes. The usual blush colors are either too pale or too boring. Cannot wait to get this and wonder how it will look paired up with my Briar Rose beauty powder from the Venomous Villain collection.

  47. Laura Hogarth

    I think this is a bit much for me. I’m cool-toned but very pale, and as I’m a redhead I find warmer peach/coral blushes actually suit me better.

  48. Hanna

    WOW! How does this blush compare to Stila’s Custom Colour Blush?

    It looks really pretty on you Christine

  49. Hannah

    I just bought this blush today at my local MAC counter. It is a very pretty, super BRIGHT color. I will be using a very light hand on this one, but it is very pretty. My first bright pink blush :)

  50. fabiola

    The brightest blush i used to have so far was dollymix and bite of an apple, i am a nc20 or 25, and i got this one yesterday, and i am really happy with it, with a light hand it really suits me. This is one of the few thing in this collection that i really love.

  51. Jay

    try applying it with a lighter hand! thats wayyyy2 much!

  52. I just got this in the mail today and I love it, it looks soooo pretty!

  53. feny

    hi, do u think it’s a good dupe for Sweetness? Sweetness was my favourite blush, but I gave it yo my sister, so I’m looking for a dupe
    thx :)