Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Lucky Tom Eyeshadow Palette (L to R)

MAC Hello Kitty Swatches!

If you followed me on Twitter, you might have read that it happened to me again — they gave me TWO Lucky Tom palettes instead of one Lucky Tom and one Too Dolly palette. They put one on hold for me, so I’ll be picking it up tomorrow. I’m SO SO SO sorry for not having it up tonight, but I hope you’ll sit tight and wait for it tomorrow and forgive me for it all. :)

*EDIT* So Too Dolly features 3 shadows I already own, so I swatched them. I’m still missing Too Dolly, but now it’s not *as* bad as missing four, right?

Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly, Stately Black

Fashion Mews, Fresh Brew, Big Bow

Strayin’, Cute Ster, Most Popular

Fun & Games, Tippy
Nice Kitty, Nice To Be Nice, Mimmy
Her Glitz, Girl Groove, Kitty Power, Glamourpuss

Pretty Baby, Tahitian Sand
Sweet Strawberry, Fast Friends, She Loves Candy

Popster, Pink Fish

Reflects Blue, Reflects Very Pink

Deep Blue Green, Milk

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89 thoughts on “MAC Hello Kitty Swatches

  1. YAY… thanks for all your hard work. These look great. I can’t wait till I get some :) No worries on the other palette. You did a wonderful job on the rest :) >:D<

  2. Jessica

    Thank you for all the swatches and posting so quickly !

  3. Ashley

    Thanks Christine! Can’t wait to see the other palette! What did you think of Pretty Baby bp? It seems so pale in pictures! Is it worth it?

  4. Sara

    thanks so much christine! like i said- taco bell! she loves candy looks a bit like nymphette…hmmmmmmm. i think i’ll get fashion mews over lavender whip..mostly cause there is hello kitty on the packaging :)

  5. victoria

    thank you christine. i kept checking to wait for your swatches, you have the best ones. i can’t wait for your review. i also want to know if the beauty powders are worth getting but the packaging is so cute. did they show up on you at all? and if you were to choose between the two, which one? and did cute ster show up on you as well? i was going to get that but it might be too pale and i might change it to big bow instead. soo excited for your review.

    • No problem, Victoria! I’m glad you like them :)

      I personally don’t care for either, as they really don’t show up on me. Tahitian Sand might as well be a pressed powder, because it’s just about my skin tone!

      Cute Ster shows up a little bit on me, but it’s pretty sheer. Big Bow is fairly sheer as well, though you’ll definitely see color from that one!

  6. Maria

    i think i saw you at the mac store at valley fair were you filming a video with a blackberry?

  7. msviolet

    This has narrowed down my list considerably! My tax refund thanks you! 😛

  8. Amelia

    hey christine, thanks for getting these up so quickly! what are your impressions? what is a must buy, and how are the textures? anything we can pass up?
    lol… you are amazing, we are forever in your debt.

  9. So you deff. helped me decide on what I wanted. By decide I dont mean take thigns off my list, but add LOL. My poor boyfriend. Anyways, thanks for the swatches, I’m glad you did it, even though your buzz was gone, according to your twitter :], and yeah. But someone wanna inform me, cause i’m a bit slow here, what are beauty powders?

    • LOL! What did you add, Angie?

      They’re really used for whatever you want – they’re all over face powders for a lot of people. They can be used to finish/set your makeup, for some, even add color to cheeks!

  10. Shefali

    I’m actually disappointed. Can’t wait to hear your review Christine! I feel like I have dupes of most of this stuff.

    Thanks for posting so quickly! I knew if I checked before going to bed, you’d have already posted!

  11. Sara

    is this gonna be available online on the 10th if its being released on the 12th? or are they gonna pull a bbr again

  12. nikki

    omg, thank you so much!!!

  13. lala

    Thanks for the swatches Xtine! The bpb, blushes and the tendertones are the only thing calling me. Tippy looks like dollymix + petalpoint :/..its ok.

  14. My-Linh

    Did you buy the nail polishes? I’m confused if the pink color is bright or not. Also, I too am confused as to what a beauty powder is, help! I know I’m definitely getting Sweet Strawberry but I’m still debating everything else. Thanks for the swatches!!! You’re such a great help. :)

  15. Natalia

    It all looks amazing even though im not getting any of the lippies but the face and eyeshadows are really nice. The beauty powders look a little sheer and ive pre-odered Taihitian Sand( but its looking a bit too sheer, this is the first ever beauty powder i will purchase) and Fun & Games blush with a whole lot more. Just wondering, do you think the Deep Blue Green pigment is about the same as Antique Green? I cant wait for Too Dolly swatch. Wish i could have gotten invited, how was it?

    • It is pretty sheer, and it isn’t ultra pigmented/dark so it’ll depend on your skin tone.

      It’s tealer than Antique Green from what I remember!

      It was fun, but really, really busy! It would have taken me years to swatch everything, just because all the displayers were constantly full of excited beauty fans, lol!

  16. tuesday.

    hi christine!

    did you get a chance to check out the brush set? i really want it =)

    is fresh brew a permanent color? i recall there being a lipstick by the name of ‘brew’, but i’m not sure.

  17. I love the pinks! You’re so lucky!!

  18. DevilishDoll

    Oh dear, now I must somehow get more money , cause I need Sweet Strawberry and She Loves Candy. Also would love Big Bow, Tippy and Girl Groove. Hopefully I can find them all somewhere next month. I think this might be my favorite collection so far…so much PINK!!!

  19. abby

    OMG! i am going to be so broke. Christine, in your opinion which lipstick is nicer lavender whip or fashion mews? Both look nice. Thank you!

  20. KaylaK

    Thanks so much for the swatches! This helps a TON!

  21. You’re showing that last image twice in your post… I think the first time it’s the wrong image?? Anyway, the swatches are beautiful and where I was unimpressed by the collection now I’m definitely wanting some stuff… AHH!

  22. Natalie

    Thanks so much Christine! You are the best

  23. TheresaM

    Is the milk pigment really that light, or is it the flash? It looks pretty

  24. reesa

    Thanks so much, Christine. I see a few lip products that I’m going to get.

    You are fabulous for getting these up so early. thanks again!

  25. Jaana

    I would like to thank you also, you are so kind!

  26. Izek

    Thank you so much for the swatches, Christine :)

  27. Joanne

    Thank you for the swatches! I can hardly wait until next week now : )

  28. Brooke

    omg THANK YOU for all of the fabulous swatches! will you be swatching the nail polishes as well??

    • No problem, Brooke! I probably won’t get a chance to for a bit, just ’cause I just did my nails with Vendetta and I’m not looking forward to removing 😛

  29. Anitacska

    Thank you Christine! :) Having read all the posts on this launch, seen all the product pictures and swatches, I now have a few favourites incl. Sweet Strawberry & She Loves Candy l/g, Strayin’ & Most Popular l/s, Kitty Powerglitter liner (incidentally how does this compare with the new UD pink glitter liner?), Too Dolly e/s palette and Fun & Games beauty powder blush. Now considering that I didn’t even want to get anything initially… :/

  30. Susy

    Great job Christine but I am really disappointed with the beauty powders as well :( too light and not enough color..the lippies and beauty blushes look great!

  31. haley

    OMG. I need those two pigments. :)
    Thank you so much for this!

  32. Karla

    AH!! Why does MAC do this to us all? Cremeteam came out, and BBR… now hellokitty too. My poor wallet will be screaming at me to stop spending money. I’m waiting for hello kitty to come out so I can buy a few things from all of these collections at once. It’s sooooo hard to decide, but atleast with these swatches it makes it a little easier. *sigh* I guess I should kiss half my paycheck goodbye now. lol.

  33. elle

    These swatches look amazing! I can’t wait for this collection to come out. Does anyone know when this is coming out in Australia? Or any collection, I’m still waiting to hear about BBR. Anyway, thanks for these swatches. Did you get any of the nail polishes? I want the white if its good, all the other whites I’ve tried have been too thick.

  34. anne

    I was invited to an Australian launch party on the 11th of March so I’m guessing it’s coming out prob a week after that

  35. shan.

    Which beauty powder would suit dark skin?
    Pretty baby ? ..



  36. Emily

    How would you say Fun and Games compares with Margin blush?

  37. Kayc

    I was very much looking forward to this collection but after seeing some of your swatches I became sooo depressed lol. I love lippies but the HK lipglasses are so sheer beyond belief. Also, the eyeshadow palettes seem to be mediocre… not worth $38… they don’t seem to be pigmented enough. The blushes and a couple of lipsticks are pretty though… I might skip everything else except for 3 lipsticks, 2 lipglasses and both blushes.. oh, and I also love popster TLC 😀

    Thanks for the awesome swatches! You just saved the plastics in my wallet lol.

    • lol, yes, unfortunately they are definitely quite sheer :( I agree that the palettes are also not worth $38 at all. But I do like the blushes, lipsticks (a few of them), and the TLCs! And the glitter liners :)

  38. Kendall

    This was a HUGE help about thirty minutes ago! thank you thank you thank you!

  39. daisyv316

    Thanks so much for the info!! I have decided to skip on the beauty powders, I am a NC 40 (but I think I am matched incorrectly) so I dont think its gonna show up on me.

  40. elle

    Ok so does anyone know when this is coming out in Australia? I have sent countless emails to mac and all I get is a confirmation that they got it but absolutely no answers and I’m just sick of it. I only got into mac this year and I’ve never been to a store the day a collection comes out, so I don’t know if the really popular collections or most hyped (like this one seems to be) are sold out on the day. I can’t just go to a mac store every day, I live over an hour away from the closest one. So does anyone know? Because I am really looking forward to this and I really don’t want to miss out. I read on here that someone was going to a launch party on the 12th I think and that it would come out a week later but it hasn’t.

    Thanks for the swatches. The more I look, the more I want basically everything!! Especially the glitter liners!!

    • anne

      March elle :) My earlier comment said I was invited for the launch on the 11th March. I just asked my mac counter at david jones about it and it costs $60 to attend the party (all redeemable of course) but by now I think the party invites are probably gone. The MUA told me the actual launch date is the 16th of March which is only a few weeks away!

  41. Thanks for the awesome swatches Christine! I was wondering if Pretty Baby is similar to Flower Mist Dew from Ungaro? I’m about a NC25 and was wondering which BP would be best for me. I know they’re sheer but I’m a sucker for the packaging 😀 Thanks!

  42. Mischa

    Help!!! I’m stuck. Is ‘Milk’ a pinkish pigment like it is in the jar, or is it that pretty pearly white you swatched on your hand?

  43. Christina

    you know ? someone on this site called taobao.com ( its kidna like chinas ebay haha ) has a store called temptalia, just curious, is that you?

  44. Amryn

    I have Fresh Brew and I love it! I had no idea it was from the Hello Kitty collection until I saw this! *i got into MAC the summer of 2010* And I didn’t know a bunch about makeup. Awesome job!