Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection for Fall 2012

Heavenly Creature colour collection features 9 Mineralize Eye Shadows, 4 Mineralize Skinfinish and 4 Mineralize Blushes, orbited by 5 Lipsticks, 5 Cremesheen Glass and False Lashes Mascara. Skin gets a nourishing boost with Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser, Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel and Moisture Eye Cream. Returning for a limited time, Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator gently cleanses and exfoliates for radiant skin. Create your celestial Mineralized look with 3 Duo Fibre Brushes. Natural goat hair lifts off, applying the perfect amount of Powder and Pigment while synthetic fibres fuse colour onto skin for a polished, luminous finish.

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Cusp of Dawn Beige pink (Lustre)
  • Pleasureseeker Creamy peach (Glaze) (Repromote)
  • Cut a Caper Mid-tone peach pink (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Venus Sheer yellow pink with pearlized pigments (Lustre)
  • Fire Sign Red pink (Lustre)

Cremesheen Glass ($19.50 U.S. / $22.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Celestial Kiss Pale cool peach
  • Strictly Plutonic Mid-tone pink brown
  • Meteoric Mid-tone vibrant coral
  • Astral Bright yellow pink
  • Galaxy Rose Mid-tone violet pink

Mineralize Blush ($23.50 U.S. / $28.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Ring of Saturn Terracotta and gold melange (Frost)
  • Solar Ray Peach and gold melange (Frost)
  • Supernova Magenta and burnished gold melange (Frost)
  • Stratus Amethyst and gold brown melange (Frost)

Mineralize Skinfinish ($29.00 U.S. / $34.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Earthshine Tarnished bronze with gold pearl and pink reflects
  • Light Year Peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Star Wonder Plummy pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Center of the Universe Coral with gold shimmer

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Aurora Peach, green, brown melange
  • Magnetic Attraction Orange, pink, gold melange
  • Neo Nebula Cream, warm amethyst, warm pink melange
  • Universal Appeal Gold, bronze, violet melange
  • Invincible Light Icy white, lavender, warm gold melange
  • Earthly Beige, peach, cool brown melange
  • Water Yellow, lime green, blue melange
  • Bright Moon Grey, silver, icy green melange
  • Sky Green-gold, turquoise, cobalt melange


  • 286 Brush Duo-fibre tapered blending brush ($30.00 U.S. / $36.50 CDN) (Repromote)
  • 187 Brush Duo-fibre face brush ($42.00 U.S. / $50.50 CDN) (Permanent)
  • 188 Brush Small duo fibre face brush ($34.00 U.S. / $41.00 CDN) (Permanent)

Minheralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($28.00 U.S. / $33.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

A highly effective, dual-purpose foaming, cleansing and exfoliating scrub blending natural Volcanic Ash with fine sugar crystals. Refines and unclogs the skin, adds instant moisture: leaves skin feeling soft and comfortably clean. Mineral-rich. May be used effectively on any part of face or body. Rinses off with warm water.

Mineralize Charged Water Cleansing ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN) (Permanent)

A lightweight cleanser formulated with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Removes all makeup (except waterproof and longwearing) with a wipe – no rinse-off required. Leaves skin nourished, soft, absolutely clean.

Mineralize Charge3d Water Moisture Gel ($37.00 U.S. / $44.50 CDN) (Permanent)

An ultra-light, gel-like cream that absorbs instantly to give the skin intense hydration. Infused with our exclusive Super-Charged Water technology, this formula leaves skin softer, more luminous. Use day or night.

Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream ($35.00 U.S. / $42.00 CDN) (Permanent)

A luxuriously rich eye cream. Infused with our ionized Super-Duo Charged Water technology. Moisturizes and adds radiance, while instantly – and over time – reducing the look of dark circles, lines and puffiness.

Availability: Now online at maccosmetics.com; July 5th, 2012 on-counter (North America), July 2012 (International)

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100 thoughts on “MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection for Fall 2012

  1. I REALLY want to try the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.  Have you tried this? Can you offer more insight on this product.  Thanks.  xoxo- Maisha

  2. BlakeNorwood

     This seems interesting kind of but I mean MAC is just a big let down these days. By the way does anyone know if the Water Charged Skin Care items are any good? I just got some samples so I am half excited half fed up but i will still try them.

  3. Lorna B

    Oh I have to have Star wonder! looks yum. I’m a bit meh about everything else. 

  4. nkm15



    I’m actually excited to see what the swatches will look like!

  6. f0rtunefaded

    why do they make the mineralize skinfinishes limited edition!!!! grr. 

    • Ruca

       @f0rtunefaded Honestly? I suspect those in the perm collection don’t sell that often (and those used to be LEs, too). They have to know people collect the MSFs, so I think the question is, “Why don’t they repromote some of the older ones more often??” I’ve seen people spend up to $150 for a USED Pleasureflush, and in MUA, there are dozens upon dozens of people seeking that one constantly. Several of the 2004 and 2005 MSF are in insanely high demand. That, and the Ripe Peach Ombre blush–it’s just crazy what people pay for them. LE if you want, but repromote once in a while! jeez.

      • f0rtunefaded

         @Ruca true that! or just make them permanent cause the ones that are permanent i have no interest in buying. i want these :( so sad

      • Safyre

         @Ruca I agree with you 100%, it seems like some shades are in such high demand that I can’t see why MAC doesn’t just repromote them, it doesn’t seem practical for a business to refuse what would be an easy sale. On top of that, I personally wish Improvise MB would be represented, I know it isn’t exactly popular but it’s so summery and pretty 😐

  7. StephanieT

    Honestly, I’m actually pretty excited about the space theme! I was such a space obsessed child lol

  8. Carla Souza

    Im excited for the volcanic ash exfoliator. I didn’t get the first time around, so ill try this time 😀

  9. Kimberly Nguyen

    Ooh~space theme! Seems kinda promising

  10. AngeliqueMarie

    Swatches of the MSF, please! 

  11. Ruca

    I confess… I ordered everything but the eyeshadows yesterday, and requested 2nd day shipping. I’ve been waiting for this collection for months! I’m a little worried I’m going to hate Earthshine. :( Thank God for returns.

  12. denisisima

    Excited! I took a leap and purchased magnetic attraction, earthly, and universal appeal. I know many don’t like these, but I missed Golden Gaze from SemiPrecious collection and I still regret not buying it. Lets hope these live up to my expectations. I will wait for swatches, and I hope to see them on here soon. Thanks Christine!

  13. Vanillasnow

    Love the theme but… Hoping for the best, prepare (or expect) the worst?  Mineralized products by MAC so far have been let downs :(

  14. cchloe

    I hope we will get to see swatches before they start selling out!

  15. Carrie

    Why have all your MAC posts been so late recently? Swatch posts included. It seems like you don’t care about them any more even though your MAC knowledge is what drew many people to your blog in the first place.

    • Legal reasons for promotional stuff.  We have had more legal threats from various brands, though not yet from MAC, about posting information early, even if it’s on 100 other blogs. 
      Swatches are up as soon as I can get them up! I buy the products and start photographing, swatching, testing, writing reviews, etc. the minute they arrive. I can only review when I have product, which is when I can buy it.  This is how it’s been for years – it’s always been me buying collections. When MAC PR sends samples, it’s typically a week early, and on some occasions, it might be early, but usually I’m able to purchase it before samples arrive (e.g. I don’t have any samples for Heavenly Creatures at this time – I bought every single item myself). 

      • Ruca

         @Christine (Temptalia) I “liked” this comment not for the content per se, but because I knew there had to be a good reason for the changes other than you not caring about this stuff anymore. I’ve been a little antsy around negative innuendos lately; not just here, but in all forums.
        I’m sorry to hear about the legal threats. It must be going around the blogger world a lot, because the only blogs that seem to beat you to the punch are a rare few who get swatches from outside of the US, and even those only beat you by a few days. You would think MAC (at least) would want the early info since it does seem to drive us herds to the products! I know people who prepare gigantic orders before launch dates, but they won’t marry their lists and place pre-orders until they see swatches. 

        •  @Ruca MAC has never been keen on early info, and it’s always been leaked primarily by artists, who are actually contractually bound to NOT leak information and do so at the risk of their job! A lot of international PR seem to work differently than US PR in regards to timelines. Blogs are treated as short lead media, which means brands think we only need anywhere from 2-14 days to deal with something.  It’s absolutely not true, but it’s how things stand on a lot of new releases.  It’s pretty consistent that international timing is earlier.  
          I’ve literally had brands hound me to remove information on a product that just launched online at Nordstrom because “it’s not out yet.”  So, as a regular Joe (Jane), I could buy it, but as a visible blogger, I can’t post about it.  So I focus on getting reviews done rather than news, since I know we can’t compete!

  16. Nicola

    Love the space theme! Really looking forward to trying the Mineralize Blushes in Supernova and Stratus as well as the Mineralize Skinfinishes in Star Wonder and Center of the Universe. Can’t wait to see swatches because often you love the colour and then the swatch will totally change your mind!

  17. Dominique33

    It’s worth the saving up Euros for such a gorgeous collection ! It’s one of the prettiest I have ever seen from M.A.C ( I’ve known the brand for 2 years, knew by name but never tried before ), the MES are really beautiful and the entire collection is great.  Planets, Extra terrestrial, artistic inspiration this time (at last ), it seems as M.A.C has  inspiration when the brand artistic direction launches its own collections, when collections are inspired by celebrities or others it is usually not so good except for some ( Iris Apfel or Johnny Weir and hopefully Marilyn Monroe ) I mean by that there are too many collections which are ” cheap ” even if packagings are pretty Gareth Pugh ( after all he is launching his collection himself without the support of M.A.C ) or Marcel Wanders. The very good thing is that my cultural level rises when I see a new M.A.C collection, many artists are unknown to me, otherwise all those countless products tend to get on my nerves ! This time, with Heavenly Creature M.A.C does launch something amazing !

  18. CatherineM

    Wow, the blushes and skinfinishes look amazing. Can’t wait for swatches…

  19. Caitlin Mary

    Finally can get Cut a Caper!!!! Only thing I care about from this collection <3

  20. hayley_beaumont

    OH MY GOODNESS. THIS AND THE BY REQUEST COLLECTION. Not good for my mother’s bank account o.o

  21. Kate08

    I missed out on Cut A Caper in Tartan Tale and can’t wait to get it! It’s totally my kind of color.

  22. yellowlantern

    While I love the theme and promo ads (showing the pans of products as planets is so cute!), I’m pretty meh about all the mineralized stuff in this collection. And since most MAC collections are thoroughly mediocre I’m not really chomping at the bit for this collection. 

  23. I’ll be waiting for your swatches before I decide if I should get excited! Mineralize eyeshadows have disappointed me in the past…
    I’m a fan of the Cremesheen formula but none of these colors look like must-haves to me.
    The magenta/gold blush is the most intriguing item for me.

  24. mblair317

    I was wondering when you were going to post this collection. I thought you were protesting :)

  25. PollyPloy

    Not a fan of Mineralize everything but these look stunning!And those lippies! lipglasses! Those shades are to die for!! (for me & maybe my wallet)Still, I’d rather wait for your swatches before going shopping, as most of their limited products recently were less then lovely.Looking forward to seeing your beautiful reliable HD swatches as always <3 <3

  26. I hope you pick this up Christine! I already purchased Ring of Saturn, Solar Ray, and Supernova, but I always love your swatches.

  27. slim

    this is titled “fall collection”. wouldn’t it be summer since its available now?? im confused!! 

  28. Icequeen81ma

    the color the model is wearing on her lips looks like MAC rebel. is that Galaxy Rose?

    • Ruca

       @Icequeen81ma REBEL! I said the same thing the first time I saw this image. Not one of the 10 lippies in this collection look anything like that–I’m 99% certain it IS Rebel. Why they would use an LE gloss from a Spring ’12 release for their Fall collection promo? I have no idea, but I feel certain that is Rebel Lipglass and not anything from here. Even Real Posh and other purple glosses don’t look like this.

      • Icequeen81ma

         @Ruca Finally somebody that sees it and agree with me, I did look on the swatches also and none of them looks like the promo im also  convinced its Revel Lip glass I have the lipstick at home so I know for sure the shade. I trough they where introductions it when I saw it and indeed Real Posh doesn’t look like it.

        • Ruca

           @Icequeen81ma I’m a totally obsessive MAC lippe collector, so I actually have all of these, from the 10 HC lippies to both Real Posh and Rebel Lipglass. The darkest gloss in this collection is Galaxy Rose (wore it yesterday) and that looks NOTHING like this promo image. The darkest lipstick is Fire Sign, which is a sheer RED; not a trace of purple in any of the 10 HC lippies, tbh! The more I look at the promo pic, the more I think she’s wearing Rebel lipstick with the Rebel LG on the pout, but no matter what, it’s still Rebel! I have Heroine, Violetta, and several other purple lippies, but ONLY REBEL LOOKS LIKE THIS! I do think she could be wearing Bright Moon on the eyes, but I think the wearing of HC products in this HC promo ends there.

        • Icequeen81ma

           @Ruca I  Know also for sure that the only color of MAC that looks like in  promo is rebel , i know the other colors like hang up doesn’t even come close to this color, and from this collection this purple is sure not part of it

  29. Daniellenm30

    I’m curious about the blush and lipsticks!

  30. Maribel

    Christine, when will you be swatching? I’m so tempted to buy a few items now but I would like to wait for swatches.

  31. JessicaAF

    I don’t know about this collection.  It looks beautiful, but I think I’m getting a little sick of all the mineralize products.  I guess I will wait for the swatches.

  32. Melody

    I love the promos except for the image of the skincare randomly floating in space lol.  It just looks silly to me :P.  Can’t wait for your swatches Christine!  No pressure, though.  You’ve got such great commitment to pledge to drop everything and swatch for us when your prods come in.

  33. SarahAsher

    First MAC collection I’ve been actually excited about in awhile. I hope the mineralize products will be as gorgeous as the pictures promise (*fingers crossed*), and I’m excited I get to finally try the Volcanic Ash exfoliator. Missed out on it last time. I think this is what I was hoping the Neo Sci Fi/Future Earth/Solar Field collections was going to look like…

  34. I’ve got to say, I’m really not a fan of that first promo image…but the pictures of the products themselves look great! Can’t WAIT to see some of these swatched. This is the first time I’ve been interested in a MAC collection since this last spring.

  35. Supernova will go first. I’ll wait for swatches and pick it all up at my counter. I saw some swatches from elsewhere and they were terrible…they are most likely not spot on so I’ll be waiting on Christine. I’m getting all of the MSFs though that’s for sure.

    • Ruca

      If there were a prize for guessing the first sell out, you’d have it right now. Super Nova sold out yesterday before the evening was out. I don’t think the line had been available online for 8 whole hours before Super Nova was Super History.

  36. Emme

    Wow. I want EVERYTHING. :O

  37. 18thCenturyFox

    Alright I held off on lipstick & eyeshadow until they are released at the counter. One of the few bonuses of living in this godforsaken town is I get my pick of the MAC collections. I got Star Wonder ( keeps remaking me think of 80’s show Small Wonder), Center of the Universe and Supernova… Fingers crossed!

  38. arachnophobia

    I need swatches, but almost all the lipsticks have been on my prelim. list for ages. Cremesheens are cool, but I’ll never pay for them. xD Don’t particularly care about the MES/MSFs… I’ve heard a lot about the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator but I feel like I saw it at a CCO recently?

  39. KimVersluis

    I want the MSF in Light Year so badly! Guess i have to wait until july 7th, then it will be sold in the netherlands…

    • Ruca

       @KimVersluis Light Year is sincerely my favorite of all 4. I’m rather pale, and the wear is gorgeous!

  40. Sam

    I’m surprised that they didn’t include Lightscapade MSF in here- would’ve been fitting and that’s my favorite MSF.

    • Dari

      Lightscapade is permanent so you can get it anytime

      • Alisha

        I don’t think it is…well in the U.S. at least.  Lightscapade and showstopper may seem permanent because they have been repromoted a few times…?

        • Ruca

          Lightscapade is not perm; in fact, it has sold out in the US, and has been unavailable for several weeks. It isn’t even listed on the site anymore! I’ve heard others say it’s perm before, and since I know it’s not part of the Pro line nor part of the standard US perm line, I have to wonder where this info is coming from. Is it permanent in other countries…..? If so, that would be very odd, especially considering it’s usually the US market that MAC makes certain items permanent that it has taken off the market elsewhere. If anyone can explain to me why people think Lightscapade is perm I would sincerely appreciate it.

  41. Leona

    It’s kind of disappointing that a blog that used to be the go-to for every MAC collection just posted a press release today. The collection is already available online and will probably be sold out by the time you get to swatching. And before anyone attacks me, I know it’s not Christine’s fault that MAC didn’t send her the press samples ahead of time.

    • I’m really sorry that you are disappointed in Temptalia, Leona! :(  MAC has very rarely sent me press samples ahead of time, because that’s just how they work. MAC PR usually sends samples a week or less before the on-counter date.  On occasion, if there are like 3-4 launches together, they might bundle the samples so one launch might be 2-3 weeks before on-counter.
      This is why I’ve bought 90% of the MAC collections that have come out since Dame Edna (I think that was late 2007 or 2008) and have done it through ordering at MAC PRO stores because they do launch a week before regular counters/stores.  My hands are totally tied if they’re going to launch it online early. There’s just nothing I can do.
      I work as fast as I can and buy it as soon as I can and then drop everything as soon as it arrives so I can start swatching. I’m trying to do the best I can with what I have, but if you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them! Thanks so much!

      • Brigitte

         @Christine (Temptalia)
         Thank you so much Christine!! You help up in not buying items that we don’t need or that are not what we think they will be :) Will you be doing a youtube video for this collection? I am interested in several blushes etc but don’t trust the Mac descriptions.

      • sydneyreadseverything

         @Christine (Temptalia) Christine, I also thought it was a little strange that I found out about this collection from other sites, when I usually get all my Mac information from Temptalia.  However, I am not disappointed at all.  This is my absolute favorite beauty blog for a lot of reasons, but mostly because your approach is so professional.  A lot of bloggers come off as self-obsessed or self-aggrandizing, but Temptalia is clearly about products not self-promotion.  I can tell that you are very thoughtful in choosing what products to review and when. 
           It seems that you are getting a little weary of all the Mac launches and their emphasis on quantity over quality, but you’re still doing your best to review every product objectively.  I just want to say thanks for being the beauty blog that I trust the most.  Reading Temptalia brightens my day, everyday.

        •  @ursussydney Thank you!  I appreciate your understanding!
          Yes, the quickest way to anger me is to put out consistently sub-par products, and MAC has been doing this (more often than not) quite a bit. I always look forward to finding a few gems, though. I would say I’m harder to impress/excite overall, regardless of brand now compared to two years ago, let alone six years ago!

        • Leticia

          I fully agree with you, ursussydney! Temptalia is the best blog to find an objective and sincere opinion. It´s a HG blog, actually – I have no need to look someplace else!!

        • Leticia

          I understand you, Christine! I have not been a MAC fan for that long and I am already finding it hard to feel impressed/excited, so I can imagine how hard it may be for you, after reviewing every collection for the past years so carefully . I can never thank you enough for all the effort you put into your reviews, not only financially by purchasing the collections yourself, but also by reviewing as fast as you can to help us out. And your reviews continue to be QUALITY reviews in spite of the overwhelming (IMO) number of MAC collections coming out every year. Yay for Temptalia and the great girl behind it!!

        •  @Leticia Thank you! It’s just you end up trying so many products over time that you start getting a better idea of what’s REALLY good and what’s just decent… and what’s REALLY bad, haha!

      • szlamizita

         @Christine (Temptalia) Well for me,its still very useful! For example this collection only comes out on monday in my country and I can only buy it in the store. Until then most of the reviews will be up and I have a better idea what I want and its important because MAC here is more expensive, I have to think it through.
        In other times the collections comes out like 2-3 weeks earlier than is the us so then its only up to my judgement. But of course I always check your blog to see if I found those 2 product that worth buying.
        All in all, your blog is still very helpful for a lot of people! Don’t forget about your european fans Christine, we are here :))))
        I’m always thankful for your work!

      • lils

         @Christine (Temptalia) You are a true professional Christine!  Thanks for all you do for us!

    • artemis

      from the usual reviews(haven’t tried them, they’re super expensive in my country), LE MAC products ain’t even that great anyway so…that should prevent those that know that from ordering a lot of stuff in the first place. and after all, as you said, it seems like it’s MAC’s fault so…it’s their loss(or should be).

  42. Oh wow! Love, love, love the “space” theme! Beautiful palettes!

  43. radiofireworks

    I’m curious, could anyone who knows science-y type stuff more than I do tell me if “ionized super-duo charged water” is an actual thing, and whether that thing is likely to have any benefit to skin whatsoever? I feel like maybe I’m being unduly cynical here, but it just sounds so completely made up to me! Can anyone prove me right/wrong? :)

    • Sara Elisabeth

       An ion is a molecule or atom that has an unequal number of protons and electrons, thus giving it a positive or negative charge. For example, Na+ and Cl- are both ions. If you dissolve sodium cloride (NaCl also known as salt) into water, you produce an ionized solution. Ionized solutions can conduct electricity (are “charged”). You may–or may not–have done an experiment in highschool where you made an ionized solution and used the solution to power a lightbulb. So yes, there is such a thing as ionized charged water. I’m not sure what a super-duo is . . . maybe there are two types of strong ions in the product. Also, I have no idea what, or if, there is any benefit to the skin. It sounds sounds like a gimmick to me.

      • radiofireworks

        Thanks very much for the info!

      • artemis

        yeah, it sounds like a gimick to me too because a LOT of beauty products have BOTH water and sodium chloride (your example, great one 😀 good way of explaining, I forgot that water can be like that too :”) -studied only a lil chemistry in my particular ‘type’ of classroom which is not based on science :( but yeah, better than having to study math like crazy only to study the ‘cooler’ sciences, hehe

  44. misscheriamor

    Other than lipsticks MAC has driven me away with how many collections they release. It is too much.

  45. latonia johns

    it looks very pretty but me and mineralized makeup are not a much.

  46. Oh I can’t WAIT for the blushes! The MSF blushes are really what get me excited about MAC collections :) I remember going to many MAC stores to track down Stereo Rose, finally found it on one of the upper floors in Macy’s :)

  47. 18thCenturyFox

    CHRISTINE! ( insert Siouxsie Sioux reference)

    1) stop having any semblance of a life outside this beauty blog
    2) review absolutely every beauty item upon its conception
    3) magically get your hot little hands on products prior to them being made available
    4) risk getting sued to stay in the good graces of some dipsy doodle who has lost perspective.

    Coming to your blog is like going to a flagship store. If I want my Louis Vuitton Speedy bag I go to the physical store for the Real McCoy. Many, not all, beauty blogs would be like going to EBay to purchase an LV purse. If you want subpar, questionable information on beauty collections- go search for it but don’t complain on this blog about Christine’s work here. She is thorough and has integrity. Gosh now I sound like some kiss ass, but the sentiments are genuine.

    • artemis

       @18thCenturyFox I agree with you, I hate beauty blogs with questionable info.

    • AnankePerforce

       @18thCenturyFox THIS. YES. Thorough, has integrity, and seems like an all-around trustworthy, good, and dedicated person. 
      Thank you for being you, Christine, and for doing what you do!

  48. jennyh

    Sigh. MAC is trying to ensure I remain broke by putting out a collection that is celestial themed AND happens by coincidence to share the same name as one of my favorite movies. However the product turns out the press materials for this one are in my opinion gorgeous!

    • Ruca

       @jenmhilton Ooo! A Peter Jackson fan! Did you know that one of the girls that film was based on went on to move to the UK under a new name and became a successful fiction novelist? Ironically, she writes about murder mysteries. Weird. I thought of the same thing when I saw the MAC collection name.
      Incidentally, I’m rather excited about this collection, which really bears no relationship to that film thankfully (could you imagine? Put on your MSF and gloss, then start getting paranoid around your children… “OK honey, you can have whatever you want. Please don’t kill Mommy, OK?”) I have been wanting an astrology themed line for a while, which is how I would classify this considering the elemental names. Also, being a die-hard MSF collector, my brain nearly exploded when I first heard there were 4 new ones in this collection. I’ve never spent so much on one collection! EVER!  I’ll join you in the broke club, unfortunately.

      • jennyh

         @Ruca LMAO! I admit I did a double take when I saw the collection name. Can you imagine, a lipstick called “Moider Mother”? Or a MSF called “Borovnia”? I know that’s in poor taste, but I can’t help myself. I love that movie.  Yes, I knew about one of the girls becoming an murder mystery author.  

        • Ruca

           @jennyh HA! Love it! Poor taste is necessary to cut a little tension now and then. Thanks for the smile! 😉 

    • Nadia B

       @jenmhilton I totally agree!!! I feel the same way, I may go broke trying to buy all these collections!

  49. Nan

    Is there a dupe or a comparable color to Stereo Rose?

  50. Alisha

    I hope they all stink.  LOL Then I wouldn’t HAVE to buy it.

  51. Wenz

    Since these are mineralized I can wait to go to the counter, to pick the marble I want. I’ll be patient for your reviews! I much prefer to wait for your blessing & loose out if they sell out.  Than to rush & go buy online & be disappointed!

  52. This is an amazing collection! When I heard about it, after Hey Sailor, Dito and Casual, I though “One more collection?!” but this is trully a collection to love and embrace!

  53. Cathy Baird Blanton

    I’m so loving all of these beautiful colors… Thank you Christine for getting these pictures up PRONTO! I very much appreciate your blog and always look to you first for info!!!

  54. Pera Barajas

    supernova is already sold out…damn!

  55. summerblue

    Melange(?) doesn’t appeal to me.  Wish they would bring out that turquoise mineralized e/s color by itself as it’s gorgeous.  Instead of repromoing the 286, wish they’d bring out the full-sized duo-fiber eyeshadow brush, #282 I believe.

  56. artemis

    I love the way they look 😀

  57. Liana Worshell

    For the first time in a while, I want nearly everything from a collection!

  58. ElisaBcn

    omg the cut a caper lipstick is already sold out on the online shop :(

  59. JJlovesBeauty

    Reminds me of the “Semi Precious”collection from last year

  60. kim

    i love blush :) cant wait to swatch them myself on thurs :))

  61. kwi

    are all products of the MAC mineralize makeup line hypoallergenic? :)

  62. carlene

    so how do you know what you are bidding on? No sure what you mean by you are bidding on one or more…

  63. Marcia

    Hello, what colors out of this collection do you think would look good on darker skin tones?