Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Colored Zoom Lash Mascara

Though MAC’s Flighty Collection has stirred up buzz over the Big Bounce Shadows, there are also four shades of colored Zoom Lash Mascara. I have Green is Green ($14.00 for 0.28 oz.) to review for now (the rest to follow once I have them–probably not late this week or early next). This shade is described as “jade green,” and it’s a dark, cool-toned green with a little hint of teal. The actual tube is similarly colored.

Zoom Lash is supposed to “build density,” while the “ultra-sculpted brush has three-sided fibres to embrace and separate each lash.” My favorite MAC mascara is Plushlash, but I used to use Zoom Lash for quite a bit (because Plushlash didn’t exist). I like how it’s a really thick formula–thick as in it really coats each lash really well in the formula but without clumping. Zoom Lash, being a thicker consistency, will clump if you start going beyond two coats, though. (In my experience, you shouldn’t need more than two.) Zoom Lash separates and defines lashes while thickening them for me. I didn’t have any issues with the mascara flaking or smudging on me.

Green is Green is rather similar in color to Army of Amazons, which launched in Wonder Woman. The color of Green is Green seems a little richer in color, more depth. The Zoom Lash formula works better than Opulash for the color, though, because with colored mascara over black lashes (which mine are), I need the thickness of the Zoom Lash formula to really have a chance of my lashes looking green.

They look green from up close and afar, but the effect is still subtle from afar. Colored mascara will also stand out more with a lighter background–like neutral/light eyeshadows on the lid. You can also use a white-colored lash primer to enhance colored mascara. The color coverage here is good but not totally opaque over my black lashes.

The Glossover


MAC Green is Green Zoom Lash Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

If you love colored mascara but already have Army of Amazons, I'd skip this one and perhaps consider one of the other three in this launch, because they are rather close in color.











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MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

MAC Green is Green Mascara
MAC Green is Green Mascara

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MAC Cosmetics on May 5th, $14.

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MAC Army of Amazons Opulash is close.

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30 thoughts on “MAC Green is Green Zoom Lash Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Gaby

    This colored mascaras are the only thing I’m actually looking forward to in these new MAC collections. Most of the other products are the same old ones masked in new packages…

  2. AnGeLwInGz

    Thanks for the reviews Christine! This will be a perfect Mother’s Day present – she only wears colored mascaras.

  3. Samantha

    I don’t like the green, but I don’t think I’d like any green mascara, to be honest. However, the formula looks really good and I think your lashes look exceptionally healthy and long here.

  4. Christine…. You are such a sweetheart to bring the latest collection swatches to us. Your efforts are incredible. Loved the eye make-up. Loved the product but I am skeptical about buying colored Mascaras.

  5. Olivia

    Beautiful! I have to have this. I can’t wait to see how the other colors look on.

  6. Nadia

    I’ve never been a fan of coloured mascara. It’s one of those things where I feel like we’ll look back one day and say ‘ack, what were we thinking?!’ lol. Black and brown is as far as I’d go.

  7. OMG, thanks so much for the review! I wanted to get the Opulash, but when I tried it, it just didn’t make my lashes look very green! xP

  8. Giselle

    Hmm.. I don’t know how I feel about colored mascara. It’s fun to try it on but I don’t think it would do anything for my eyes. But I absolutely love the tube!

  9. amy

    I skipped out on Army of Amazons but I would be interested in picking up this one and checking out the gray mascara too. I love the subtle pop of colour of dark green mascaras.

  10. Ani_BEE

    I’m just not a fan of colour mascara, partially because my lashes are blonde and all you see if the bright colour. O__o

  11. Hallelujah, a paraben-free colored mascara! It will be mine!

  12. Tiff

    Ok so people review color mascaras so that we could see the color! How do you expect us to be able to see the color if your eyeshadows are green as well?!?!?!

  13. I find that little “too much” to associate the mascara with its make-up, I thus prefer to use a single mascara of color just to find my glance!

  14. Andrea

    I would never bealive that green mascara would look sooooo pretty.
    It looks so nice to with the green eyeshadow. And it breng out your eye color very pretty

  15. Quinctia

    This looks nice for a green, though I already have one. I’m looking forward to seeing how the purple looks once you’ve got your hands on it–I’ve been in search for the right purple mascara.

  16. Looks very similar to Hard Candy Mermaid Teal 1,000 lashes…wonder if they are close because I already have that!

  17. Vale

    I still can’t catch the point in coloured mascara… it is always almost invisible on lashes…

    • Colored mascaras make your eyes color pop differently. For instance purple makes brown eyes appear a little more hazel and blue makes the whites look brighter and the brown more vibrant, green gives brown eyes a honey colored effect. I tried several on for the Wonder Woman launch and it is true! I had to have all three. Go in with a tester and try them for yourself, you’d probably like them!

  18. Nikita

    Love the color, but i dont like the finish, i dont like the MAC mascara’s, they do absolutly nothing to me.

  19. ellie

    Christine what lipstick are you wearing? It’s very nice.

  20. Miss Silver

    ABOUT TIME someone made green macara. NEXT STOP; TEAL CITY!

  21. audrey

    Was in Nordstrom’s today (Menlo Park) asking about a green mascara and
    not one of the vendors had it…Mac included….and apparently, they
    weren’t aware that on May 5th product is coming out!
    Okay…now I know.

  22. audrey

    oops…see these comments were 2011 – what happened to it?

  23. jjbean1024

    This is my first time on your site, what a great, indepth review!  The pictures just top it off perfectly!  Thank you!!