Thursday, October 25th, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks

For Those Who Love Non-Traditional Holiday Lip Color

MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) are available in five shades: Beauty (pale cool pink), Dramatic Encounter (deep purple), Glamourdaze (mid-tone creamy plum), Innocence (soft coral), and Outrageously Fun (mid-tone magenta violet).

Beauty is a light, cool-toned pink with a soft frosted finish, though it is officially a glaze finish by MAC. It’s more of a gray-ish pink than a blue-based one. The light color paired with the finish really accentuated the texture of my lips in a way I felt made them look very dry. The color coverage was mostly opaque. When I wore this shade, it lasted for three hours, and I tried wearing it back-to-back, and I found it slightly drying. MAC Lazy Sunday is a bit pinker, creamier. MAC You’re Perfect Already is warmer, pinker. MAC Annemiek is cooler-toned, sheerer. Chanel Candeur is similar, just a sheerer formula. MAC Double Spin is even cooler-toned. MAC Mlle is extremely similar.

Dramatic Encounter is a dark, burgundy red with faint burgundy shimmer. It’s mostly opaque in color, and it has an amplified finish. MAC describes it as deep purple, but it’s more wine–a lot of red in this shade. This shade lasted for six hours on me, and it was neither drying nor hydrating; I did see some very faint feathering along the upper left edge of my lip after three and a half hours. The texture was very slick–almost wet in a way–creamy but thin. Chanel L’Impatiente is redder, lighter. MAC Hang Up is a bit redder, more berry–makes this shade look brown-ish. MAC Endless Drama is a smidgen redder.

Glamourdaze is a subdued plummy red with a glossy sheen. It has a Cremesheen finish and opaque color coverage. It had a slightly stiff consistently–much like the Cremesheen finish tends to be, which I just don’t find to be creamy. It wore for five hours, and it was neither drying nor hydrating. MAC Offshoot is a smidgen pinker. CoverGirl Fervor is a little more intense. Cle de Peau #117 is very similar. Dior Raspberry is also similar. MAC Capricious is lighter, pinker.

Innocence is a light-medium coral with warm undertones and a delicate golden peach frosted shimmer. It has opaque color, and it has a frost finish–and it’s extremely frosted. Like Beauty, the lighter color paired with the high frost finish tended to make lips appear drier. It wore for four hours and was somewhat drying. MAC Coral Bliss is darker, pinker, less frosted. MAC Cut a Caper is darker, pinker. NARS Bolero is a smidgen pinker but close in color.

Outrageously Fun is a blue-based magenta pink with a natural sheen. It has opaque color coverage, and it has a Cremesheen finish. There are a lot of fuchsias on the market, but what will make this one stand out (at least, somewhat) is it is very magenta and cool-toned–less pink than it is magenta. It lasted four hours on my lips, and it was a smidgen drying. Chanel Extatique is pinker, iridescent. OCC Nylon is infinitely brighter. MAC Dear Diary is darker, brighter. MAC Candy Yum Yum is darker, brighter as well. MAC Pink Pigeon is deeper, matte. Chanel Kensington is pinker.

Glamourdaze was the best performer out of the five, because it wore well and didn’t dry out lips.  Beauty and Innocence were the more problematic of the shades, while I did encounter feathering with Dramatic Encounter, so you may want to be prepared to use a lip liner with that particular shade–very few products bleed/feather, so I am a bit concerned.  Outrageously Fun is, well, fun; aside from the slightly drying result, it’s a nice alternative to some of the recently released neon magenta shades.

The Glossover


MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

There are some great colors here, but the formulas aren't the best-of-the-best (and not the best of MAC, overall). I imagine that the two that will resonate well with most will be Glamourdaze and Outrageously Fun.











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MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
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MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
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MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick

MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick

MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick

MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick

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130 thoughts on “MAC Glamour Daze Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Romantic Lily

    Christine! You are a woman on FIRE! What balm magic do you use to keep your lips so relentlessly “come hither” looking?:)

    How does Outrageously Fun compare to Liberty of London’s Petals & Peacocks? Are they kissing cousins or distant ex-in-laws?

    Thank you for your unerring professionalism and generous commentary!

    • Jack Black Lip Balm usually, though I was testing out Korres’ Lip Butter after these :)

      I’d still say Petals & Peacocks is pinker – it doesn’t have the same magenta base as Outrageously Fun.

  2. I’m quite surprized there isn’t a red in there! Liked Glamour Daze the most!

  3. Chiara

    I hate to see that the prettiest shades of this launch (beauty and innocence) look so frosty :( I’ll probably pick up Innocence if it looks good on me since I’m a huge sucker for gold shimmer, but Beauty simply looks too .. hoochie? :(

    • Me too! I think Innocence would have been a hit if it wasn’t so frosted. Beauty is such a light color that even not frosted it would be harder for everyone to wear.

  4. They’re quite pretty on you, but I don’t see myself wearing any of these colors :/ Maybe some of the blushes or eyeshadows will catch my eye!

  5. Megan

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the review :) I was just wondering what you think of the glossy packaging rather than the traditional matte packaging? Thank youu :)

    • I don’t like that it can hold fingerprints (not the worst, but you can sometimes see them), but I think it looks newer – like MAC’s matte black packaging has started to look/feel dated to me, probably most notably on their lipsticks, actually.

  6. Orlane

    Oh Glamourdaze is pretty! how does it compare to Nars Mayflower? is it plummier?

  7. Hi Christine, thank you for the review.
    What do you think about Glamourdaze and See Sheer lipsticks? Are they similar too?
    Because I already own See Sheer and they seems similar.


  8. Kawai

    Ok, you officially must be the most organized person in life! I can barely manage my everyday “life” and somehow you must manage to maintain yours while also keeping up this amazing blog. Thanks for the beautiful pics! These are definitely going to help me with my decision making before purchasing any product!

  9. MacGirl

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Christine. In case no one tells you today, you are AWESOME.


  10. KK

    I really like several of these! WHEW, MAC finally stepped it up a tad (at least on these first few products you reviewed, haha). I really, really like Glamourdaze, Innocence, and Outrageously Fun. I do love a noticeably bright pink lipstick, but the neons that have been coming out are just not right for me to wear to work. This one, I definitely think I can pull off and still look appropriate. I also think Glamourdaze and Innocence are great everyday colors that you could get a lot of miles out of.

  11. I think Glamourdaze looks alright, but the others I really don’t like…

  12. SarahE

    Some of the colors are very nice and they all look gorgeous on you. On a different note though, I’ve been following your blog and youtube videos for some time, and I just want to say you are amazing! The amount of time, effort and intricate detail that goes into the posts, the photos, the videos, the updates…the quality of your work, passion and professionalism shows through at every step. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Sarah.

  13. Yellowlantern

    I wish MAC would stick with making more amplified and matte (their better formulas IMO) lipsticks and make fewer Cremeshines which are drying on me. I love that this isn’t just a collection of dark colors though it’s nice to see some variety among collections and brands.

    Glamordaze is such a nice semi-dark color for dark color phobes like myself.

  14. Icequeen81

    only dramatic encounter for me

  15. i really like glamourdaze!

  16. Totally skipped these. The Price is $20CAN and $18.50 US I think on the website.

  17. freshpinklips

    Thanks for the review Christine! I got Beauty and Glamourdaze. Beauty because I don’t have anything like it in my collection and I thought I’d be brave to try out this tricky pale pink lips for the dead of winter when it might be more forgiving to do so. I got Glamourdaze because I saw Adele wearing a very similar in one event.

  18. Brenda

    hmm…not really feeling any of these and I feel like they aren’t super unique. The formulas look sketchy too. Just as well – they’re all out on the website anyways. (Canada)

  19. JES

    Thanks Christine you helped me narrow down my list. Great pics and swatches btw glamourdaze looks great on you!

  20. Claire

    ARGH, the quality of your website and your reviews.. amazing! I wish wish wish I’d known about you sooner in my life!

    I’m in the middle of the of my final year Law exams and I’ve spent 2 hours trawling lipstick reviews! The shades in this post are all lovely, but in Australia we are heading into summer and they aren’t the right fit! I saw an old review of ‘Genial’ by Chanel ( AMAZING, exactly what I want for spring! but alas; its a 2010 shade :( users out there… does anyone know of a dupe!?? its my holy grail lipstick tone and I love the Rouge Allure texture!
    I saw the more recent ‘Hyde Park’ Rouge Allure is similar, but its a bit more pink :\

  21. Not a MAC fan…but have skimmed thru some of those reviews. Got to hand it to you, Christine, for consistently popping out reviews, swatches and looks when there are so many MAC collections out there plus other brands…I would had burned out by one season…and you keep it up with even comparing other similar colors. And you dont even purchase what your favorites are…you do it all. Lots and lots of work…

  22. Monet

    Is innocence close to cute-ster from the MAC Hello Kitty collection?

  23. Dramatic Encounter is my favourite!
    I liked Glamourdaze on you too, red but nice and soft
    Innocence is lovely, too bad it dries lips out :(

  24. kisha

    im grabbin outrageously fun and beauty becuz it seems like a lipstick version of oyster girl. i HATE lipglass lol. im sure dramatic encounter will be a hot seller for its a fall lip for the vamp trend!!

  25. Stephanie M

    Hi Christine, I just picked up my order this morning. After getting home I swatched Dramatic Encounter and MAC Yung Rapunxel they are very similar. Dramatic Encounter is a hint redder and Yung Rapunxel is a hint more purple. I don’t feel like both is needed if you have one or the other. I personal prefer Yung Rapunxel, I wear NC30.

  26. Lee

    Outrageously Fun reminds me of Liberty of London’s Petal & Peacocks. I’m hoping it’s a little pinker tho’, P&P looked too purple on me.

  27. blueraccoon

    The only one I really like is Glamourdaze, and I don’t like it enough to stalk websites and counters for a MAC LE product 😛

  28. Shayna

    I love outrageously fun! I’m super pale and blue-toned, bright pinks are my favorite lipsticks.

  29. Sophia

    I want them all!

  30. VickyM

    Glamourdize looks nice…but there are other lipsticks from other (more expensive :( ) brands that I have on my wishlist right now so I don´t know if I will get this one or not. It looks amazing on you Christine, it really suits your skintone. :)

    • Thank you, Vicky! :) What else is on your wish list?

      • VickyM

        I just bought Chanel Rouge Allure in Exaltee and I´m in love with it! 😀 next on my wishlist I have Dior haute couleur in Devilish pink and Dior haute couleur in pink coccote, from Guerlain I want two shine automatique 263 a la parisienne and 264 rose pompon. I also would like to buy a burberry lipstick or two…Oh my God my wallet!

  31. Dominique

    I have them all, I love them all ! 5 very different shades, different textures it’s a pretty collection.

  32. Ginny

    These look very ordinary lip colors, not very impressed. But thank you for the beautiful swatches and makeup!

  33. Monica

    How does Dramatic Encounter comparied to the Chanel Holiday L’Impatiente Deep red-black? Are they similar in color?


    • Monica

      Sorry Christine, I see that you mentioned in the review that it was lighter and more red. How does this compare to Red Dwarf?

  34. O

    Omg! I love Beauty and Innocence. I gotta get those! *sigh* Why does Mac have to make sooooo MANY great colors…that have to be LE? :( Anyway, all those colors look great on you Christine :-)

  35. Amanda

    You’re right about glamordaze. My Mac counter was sold out in less than two hours. Luckily another counter in my area had it in. Grab it while you can!!!

  36. silje

    MAC Beauty Lipstick i need it 😀 super pretty:D

  37. Laura

    Dramatic Encounter seems similar to Rocker. Maybe it’s just me or my computer screen though.

  38. leah

    Glamordaze and Innocent looks best. But, I freaking love your eye makeup. I can never incorporate color into my eyeshadow and it not to look bad.

  39. I ordered Dramatic Encounter online. Hate to hear about the feathering, but I’m loving the way it looks in these swatches! (Thanks for the excellent review!)

    I almost went for a second shade in my order but couldn’t justify it. Outrageously Fun is a GORGEOUS color, but I’m not sure I could pull it off. I know for a fact both Saint Germain and Up the Amp are positively unsightly on me, despite how much I love them in the tube/on others. 😛 I almost went for Innocence, but I’m glad now that I didn’t. I’m not a huge fan of the coverage I’m seeing, and I feel like it would accentuate my dry lips too much, maybe. I try to stay away from frosty shades, anyway, as a general rule. Not the biggest fan!

    • I’m thinking if you don’t like Up the Amp on you, you probably wouldn’t like Outrageously Fun on you either (which is pinker and a bit lighter/brighter, but still).

  40. Why hello there, Dramatic Encounter!

    I’ve been on the lookout for a good, not-too-drying vampy lip shade this season, and I might just have to check this one out. I’m not usually a fan of Amplified lipsticks, but the shade is just gorgeous!

    • Keep us posted if you like it or not! :)

    • Bari

      Got it today and I’m in love!!!! I thought it would be like diva but it totally different. I got it and night moth liner….amazing:). Hope you get it….they were sold out at Nordstrom and I got the last one at Mac, good luck:)

  41. Wish I could get my hands on Glamourdaze! I was able to order Innocense online last night but Macy’s was sold out of Glamourdaze. I’m going to rush to Macy’s tomorrow and hope I can get Glamourdaze! I’m in love with that lipstick!

  42. Ruca

    I got all 5 of these 2 days ago (ordered Monday overnight shipping), and I agree with most of your dupes; I only think you left 2 out: Innocence is most closely matched (in my collection) to Pleasureseeker. Dramatic Encounter bears a strong resemblance to Prince Noir. I wanted to love Dramatic Encounter so much, but with my NC15/20 skin, it looks black on me no matter how I apply it. I also wanted to love Glamourdaze a lot, but the resemblance to Offshoot is so close you can hardly tell the difference. I even put GD on half my mouth and OS on the other half, and I swear, you could NOT tell I was wearing 2 lipsticks! Outrageously Fun is like nothing in my collection (except a Jordana Easy Shine in Raspberry, if you want to get super-desperate). Tarte’s Amused is another “kinda-sorta” dupe for Outrageously fun, but it doesn’t build to the same opacity as the MAC lippie. OF is definitely my favorite! Beauty and Innocence give me absolutely zero problems, and I love them both–especially Beauty. Still, I would have preferred re-promotes of older amazing discontinued colors rather than so many “new” colors that are so easily duped!

    • Sometimes it is confusing to figure out why MAC will repromote one color and not another… or why they’ll put out almost the same shades throughout the year!

  43. diana

    Hi Christine!
    How does Outrageously Fun compare to Naughty Saute (from spring)?

  44. Andrea

    Dramatic Encounter looks way different on me, almost black! My lips are darker tho & red. But I like it :)

  45. Michelle

    OMG, glamourdaze is sold out… but when I saw CG Fervor is basically the same color but more opaque and a better formula, i would much rather have the less expensive one! Thank you for the dupe suggestion, I’m running to my local Ulta right now 😀

  46. divinem (Melissa)

    I’m always amazed at how different lipsticks look on you vs. me, Christine. I have quite pigmented lips that have a cool tint to them, so the color doesn’t come out as true. E.g. I purchased Glamourdaze, and it looks much more plummy on me. I don’t like the finish though, so I think I’m going to send it back.

    After the EDSF craze of summer, I was shocked that Whisper of Gilt and Superb didn’t sell out within a couple hours. It looks like nothing, to date, has sold out.

    Overall, I’m not really feeling this collection overall but did want to get a few of the EDES, backups of the EDSF and a lipglass. All the packaging looks chintzy to me, and I’ve never been a fan of animal prints. Just not my thing. You’ll never see me wearing animal prints nor carrying them. Their couture packaging doesn’t offer anything interesting to me either.

  47. ok I put on my Beauty lipstick, I wasn’t going to get this but I swatched it at the store and it didn’t seem so cool that I couldn’t wear it. It’s a lot pinker looking on me but that might be the stainy remnants of the VG Nicki I had on this morning making my lips pinker than usual. Definitely not the lipstick for pretty macros, it looks fine at normal distance, so stay away from close-talkers while wearing it LOL

    • I hated it on at a distance on me – I applied it in my bathroom, and I was like, “Are my lips chapped?” I’m glad it’s better on you!

      • Maybe I put a thinner coat on? my lips were actually kind of chapped and it didn’t really look any worse… It might just be that I’m so glow-in-the-dark pale that there’s not much of a contrast to draw attention to it and such LOL

  48. An

    Glamourdaze is my fave! ^^

  49. Shelley

    How does Innocence compare to Sandy B?

  50. Stace

    Christine you are the best! Thank you for this. I love the way you look in Glamourdaze. Have a great weekend.

  51. Sara

    Hey Christine! How does Outrageously Fun compare to Tarina Tarantino’s Candy Jar??

  52. Liz

    I’m so excited, I LOVE Outrageously Fun!!! =”)

  53. Liz

    How is Dramatic Encounter compared to Heart Hangover in terms of color?

  54. Glamourdaze is really beautiful!

  55. Flora

    Innocence and Outrageously look so good on you!

  56. Lucifin

    So I went to Norstrom today, well aware these might be all sold out. I decided on Outrageous Fun and asked for it. The associate handed it to me like they had a good amount of stock. Weird. Okay…. Well glad it wasn’t sold out like everywhere. I was interested in Glamourdaze but it looked too much like my natural lip color I skipped it. Thanks for the reviews! I wasn’t interested until I read your reviews.

  57. vikaki

    hiiii christine!!!i loveee MAC Outrageously Fun Lipstick
    (from what i see)….is it any similar to mac up the amp???

    • Up the Amp is a little more purple and opaque!

      • Jessica

        I put outrageously fun on my top lip and up the amp on the bottom and they looked soooo close..not twins but sisters lol..but I figured that it may just look that way on me and everyone has different natural coloring to their lips

  58. Jessica

    So I bought Outrageously fun home swatched it and it looks JUST like up the about mad..up the amp is slightly darker but the colors are wayyy to similar..MAC has done it again ugh lol

  59. MSP

    Hi Christine! How does DRAMATIC ENCOUNTER compare to Rocker? Also, i already have Dear Diary, do you think i should still pick up Outrageously Fun? Thank inadvance sweetie! :)

  60. sunny

    Innocence and Outrageously fun are my faves!

  61. zeyda

    Could you tell me the difference between dramatic encounter and media? Thank you <3

  62. lizzy

    Is there a dupe for Innocence in the permanent mac collection? please answer!

  63. Robin

    Is dramatic encounter close to dark deed at all?

  64. Precious

    Hi, Christine. I got Outrageously Fun a couple of weeks ago, and I was wondering if you could suggest blush shades I can pair it with. I’m NC20, by the way. Thanks! :)

  65. Aryn

    Is there a Mac color deeper then Dramatic Encounter ?! (More Purple / Darker)