Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: English Accents, Frankly Fresh

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Lipglass Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The lipglasses are capped with the white packaging then printed with with the MAC for Liberty flower; on the gloss end, there is more MAC for Liberty print, this time of the bird and flowers. There are four lipglasses included with this launch.

Lipglasses ($14.00 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • English Accents is a creamy, medium blue-pink with silver shimmer. On lips, it reminds me of Viva Glam Gaga, Saint Germain, or Snob lipsticks in lipglass form. It has more of a creamy, milky thing going on once applied.
  • Frankly Fresh is a muted peachy-melon with gold and pink-melon shimmer. Once applied, it looks more peach than melon, though it still has peachy-melon shimmer. Like English Accents, it looks creamy and a bit milky on.
  • A Different Groove is a dark, wine-berry with gold shimmer.  It’s very opaque and vampy.
  • Perennial High Style is a pink-coral creamy gloss with no shimmer.  On my lips, it looks more pink than pink-coral.  It has stronger yellow undertones as compared to Frankly Fresh.

See more photos, swatches, & lip swatches!

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: English Accents, Frankly Fresh

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: English Accents, Frankly Fresh

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: Perennial High Style, A Different Groove

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: English Accents, Frankly Fresh

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Lipglasses: Perennial High Style, A Different Groove

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC English Accents Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC English Accents Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Frankly Fresh Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Frankly Fresh Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Perennial High Style Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Perennial High Style Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC A Different Groove Lipglass

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC A Different Groove Lipglass

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89 thoughts on “MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Lipglass Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Would english accents really match the viva glam Lady Gaga or do you know a closer match for it? Thanks a lot!

  2. Anitacska

    Oh I don’t know, neither of them appeals to me. Maybe the other two will? Not a bad thing if I don’t like a lot of things from this collection, since I’ve just ordered £240 ($365) worth of stuff from Spring Colour forecast and Too Fabulous, and I’m planning on getting a few more lipsticks from SCF when I go to the counter on Thursday or Friday. :)

    • From what I’ve seen, A Different Groove is kind of a vampy browned berry and Perennial High Style is a creamy brighter orange-coral (but I imagine like most creamy lipglasses, applies more semi-sheer). But we shall see!

  3. these 2 shades are my ULTIMATE colours… oh my god. and i wasnt expecting to like anything from this collection.

    DEFinatly be getting both!!!

  4. Cherie

    Good call on the English Accents compared to VG Gaga anf St. G! Wow

    I am liking Frankly Fresh but will have to try it on.

    Can’t wait for the other two reviews and the l/s reviews!!!! You rock Christine!!

  5. Ashley

    English Accents is pretty, but I think I’ll wait to see the lipstick swatches before fully deciding on what to get!

  6. JB

    I love both colors! Lately I have been a sucker for pink lip products lately.

    And this is unrelated to the post, but this morning I had asked you another question in your ask questions post only to realize you had said you would only be answering them yesterday!! Man I feel silly, guess I should read more often. Sorry about that. :)

    • Hey JB,

      I do take and answer any and all questions posted in that post or on a post from 2007, BUT on the day I hold the “Ask Temptalia” sessions, I pretty much sit in front of the computer the whole armed to the teeth with coffee and ready to answer questions *that* day. So I might just take a little longer to answer but I will, so don’t sweat it! No need to apologize :)

      • daphne

        Christine, I hope you have as much fun with those sessions as your readers do! I know I really appreciate the time you put into them. Even when I can’t think of questions the answers you give everyone else are so useful :)

        • I do! :) You don’t even know how much I really love, love to share whatever beauty knowledge I may have found over the years. Like it makes my day, and it’s really why I love blogging — because I can help and share with people every day!

  7. These are pretty…at least they make great collector item..:)

  8. deepblue

    Such beautiful colours and tubes! Oh Christine, my poor credit card 😉

  9. Steph

    Something about milky-looking lip products turns me off. The colours are gorgeous, but I just can’t put my finger on what I don’t like!

    Thanks for the post & swatches!

    • Maybe it’s that they emphasize lip lines? A lot seem to do that, because they’ll “gather” in the lip lines. I like ’em better over gloss and you know, not zoomed in, haha 😉

  10. Frankly Fresh and English Accents are the only lipglasses that I’m getting from this collection. Some people have said that EA looks similar to Cultured l/g from the permanent line.

  11. before I wanted this..
    now I NEEEEED this…

  12. Megan

    Love English Accents.. but I HATE the packaging of this collection.. just looks.. yuck!

  13. Dana

    These two colors look perfect for spring!

  14. Ellen

    I MUST get Frankly Fresh it’s beautiful and it looks great on you!

  15. I LOVE English Accents. Lately I’ve been really into Bright Pinky colors. I can’t wait to go pick that up. I think that color’s hot!!!

  16. Aamina

    Would you say Frankly Fresh is a bit like Young Spark from the Flashtronic collection?

  17. Heather H

    These colors are both beautiful. I’ll be picking up both of these!

  18. Claudia

    Hi Christine,

    I’m liking the English Accent but as you said it shows lip lines since it’s milky.

    I have the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick so would that with the English Accent layered over it make the lip lines go away?

    Or you think that getting English Accent if I already have VG Gaga is useless? Since it will have the same effect of gaga + any other clear gloss?

    • Hey Claudia,

      It would definitely minimize the appearance. It’s not useless, but I might go for something with more variety, so you could play around with color combos a bit more :)

  19. daphne

    Okay it will probably look awful on me but at the moment I’m finding English Accents to be GORGEOUS. I rarely wear really pale blue pinks but something about it seems more wearable than Gaga or Snob? Maybe? And I love the shimmer on Frankly Fresh. I’m starting to wish I hadn’t gotten Ember Glow from SCF because Frankly Fresh is what I wanted that to be.

    • It’s definitely more wearable than either Gaga and Snob, partially because it’s not quite as cool, but also it’s not as pigmented or intense, IMO!

      • daphne

        Yeah…turns out it still looked wacky on me! I’m only an NC25 but it made me look really dark and olive, like it brought out the yellow tones in my skin. Not flattering. Oh well! Frankly Fresh was a little too plain and Perennial High Style was pretty (and quite pigmented!), but I didn’t feel like it was special enough to spend money on. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks though 😛

  20. Natalie

    Hmm I wonder how English Accents would look with YSL frivolous pink lippy 😀

  21. Jackie


  22. marlene

    ooh i definitely love these both and i am going to ask the hubbie to buy them for me ;]. cant wait to see the other two.

  23. Laura

    Ooooo, I love Franky Fresh. It looks perfect for spring. <3

  24. These two colors are both really pretty, but I think I prefer Frankly Fresh over English Accents.

  25. DevilishDoll

    I definitely want English Accents and Frankly Fresh, I also need Ever Hip lipstick, Dame’s Desire Eyeshadow and maybe Bough Grey Eyeshadow.

  26. Gao

    Ohmygosh! I WANT BOTH OF THESE -____________-
    they look so beautiful on you! Imma go broke!!

  27. liana

    Does anyone know how close the colour of Perrenial High Lipglass is to Ever Hip Lipstick? They both seems to be creamy orange/ coral, so i wonder if they are the same shade and just different texture?

  28. Joanna

    I WANT both of these, but I’m not sure if I NEED either…

    Christine, can you tell me if English Accents is anything like Negligee lipglass, and if Frankly Fresh is anything like Pink Clash lipglass? Thanks for the great review!

  29. I do have to agree about English Accents, it reminds me a lot of the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick. Frankly Fresh is a nice shade but this is another one I have to see in person.

  30. Stephanieee

    which one do u think would look good on an nc30? i have no idea wich one to choose..(i might just get both) but since im already thinking about ever hip lipstick i dont feel the need of getting frankly fresh lipglass (though i know ill still buy it. ha!) will EA look too showy on an nc30?

  31. Michelle

    You forgot the best gloss in the collection! The Coral one is so pretty, it was the first one i purchased out of the collection.

    • I don’t have that one at this time, sorry! I think I mentioned it in the review, but I won’t be able to include those until the launch date.

  32. I don’t like how these lipglasses look on your lips. The color is pretty but the are strange in some way.

  33. egon

    I love the packaging A LOT but the colors are so blah !!!! =(

  34. liana

    Do these lipglasses have a brush application or a Doe-foot? just asking since hello-kitty was doe-foot.

  35. Eliza

    Hey Christine, everything looks so good on you! i’m jealous! haha! anyway i’m nw 35-42 which will look better on me? I really like both though & might order both but if i had to pick would frankly fresh be nicer?

  36. Kianna

    Which one do you like best ? [:

  37. amandakelly

    I love this collection in general! Which is unfortunate since I just spent a chunk of my college-aged paycheck on a blush ombre. But I think I’ll just have to make room for Blue India, Ever Hip, and English Accents…can’t wait for spring, and this makes it seem closer :]

  38. amandakelly

    okay, so i’ve ordered english accents lipglass. how do you think this compares to the blooming lovely lipstick? i really like both, but how similar are they…are they different enough to get the two of them?

  39. Christine shen

    oh my god I love Perennial High Style Lipglass!!!!

  40. Anitacska

    I quite like A Different Grove, but don’t know if I like it enough to buy it.

    • Jess

      I almost bought it at my local Mac store today – if you love Hipster lipstick from last fall, this would be a perfect gloss to wear over it. The multi-colored sparkles in it were very finely ground almost to a powder but there were a lot of them; made a little different texture. If you like dark brick/berry colors, you could certainly wear this one year round.

  41. kymba7

    Thanks for your swatches,I am totally in love with ‘A Different Groove’…especially with my caramel skin, it is going to look fabulous! When do they come out?

  42. Aimee

    I think A Different Groove just got added to my list! Especially since I didn’t get Purple Rage from the Spring Colour Forecast.

    I’m going tonight to get what I want from this collection – Blue India, Birds & Berries, and Bough Grey are my other must-haves. I’m also really curious to see the bags, they look really cute!

  43. Vijaya

    If you were to choose between getting Frankly Fresh and Perennial High Style, which one would it be?

  44. Helen Li

    Hey Christine, I picked up English Accents and Frankly Fresh, now I’m wondering if I should get Perennial High Style. Is it like a must-have or should I skip it? I have black hair and brown eyes and come from a Chinese background. Thanks!

  45. amandakelly

    another question about lipglasses..my skin is nw20 (or a bit darker), my hair is very light blonde, and my eyes light as well. i love a different groove, and i think i can make it work, especially since it’s a lipglass and not a lipstick. do you think this would be too extreme? thank you!

  46. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn


    I’m always changing my mind and I’d like your help ^^ I was thinking buying blooming lovely, but I’d have nothing to pair it with except for english accents so I was wondering if frankly fresh and ever hip would be a good combo? like perfect match? Thanks a lot!

  47. audrey

    :( I got to my Mac when the collection was almost gone! I think it let me control my pocketbook! I got both of the beauty powders, frankly fresh, and perennial high style lipglasses, bough grey and petals and peacocks eyeshadows. Overall, I am VERY happy with my purchases….lol!!

  48. Jennie R.

    What would you say is the closed dupe to Frankly Fresh? I’m almost out of the one I have and I absolutely love this color!