Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Blush Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The blushes are also housed in the white packaging of the collection, but they have clear lids with the MAC for Liberty bird and flowers printed on top (same pattern as the lipglasses from what I can tell!).

Blushes ($18.50 U.S. / $22.0 CDN)

  • Dirty Plum is a dirtied dark plummy purple with a soft sheen almost. It’s listed as a matte shade, but I detect sparkle in the pot (even with the naked eye) and a bit of a sheen when swatched. Even though the descriptions seemed to differ, this is the same Dirty Plum as released with Riveting. I swatched both and they were identical in color, though Dirty Plum from Liberty of London swatched better!
  • Prim & Proper is a softly shimmered beige-y nude with a champagne sheen. It’s smooth, soft, and I think will surprise some people. It’s like a softer version of Notable blush.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dirty Plum Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Prim & Proper Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Prim & Proper Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Prim & Proper Blush

MAC Liberty of London Collection
MAC Dirty Plum / Prim & Proper Blush

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87 thoughts on “MAC Give Me Liberty of London: Blush Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Anitacska

    I don’t know if I like any of these, need to see in person.

  2. The swatches of Prim & Proper are amazing! This would be a really everyday blush!

  3. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I’m asking so much questions but : I don’t own any purple blushes and was thinking of getting the vintage grape blush ombre from the forecast collection (not yet launched in France so it’s okay) but now I see this one. Which one do you love best and why? please ^^ Thanks again!

    • For more pigmentation, Dirty Plum. For easier-to-wear color, Dirty Plum. Vintage Grape is a very bruised plum kind of color, so it’s harder to wear.

      • ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

        Thanks, now I know which one to buy, you’re great!

        • I would have to disagree about passing on Vintage Grape. I am so fair I am almost paper white and I bought Vintage Grape. I picked the one out at the store that had the most gradation of color so I was sure to get the light and dark shades and it looks spectacular on my skin. If you load your brush by sweeping it side to side in the pan and then on your face, it is like contouring at the same time as applying your blush. I would say buy both.

          • Jodi

            I agree, Margarett – I am fair as well and I apply Vintage Grape with my 188 brush and that seems to put down a nice amount of color (without looking like I was punched in the face) :-)

  4. Steph

    LOVING Prim & Proper. Last time I asked the MAC girl for a nude-coloured blush she sent me with Trace Gold, which I love but is not what I’m looking for. I have to check this out!

  5. Katie

    Prim & Proper is beautiful!

  6. Taj

    Beautiful colours ! Christine, I would like to see you do looks with them before I can decide if I need them though!

  7. Heather H

    I love the Prim & Proper blush. Christine do you think the Dirty Plum blush would work on me? I’m an NC40. Thanks.

  8. Not so sure I’d use Dirty Plum, but Prim & Proper looks like a good everyday blush for me. :)

  9. daphne

    Hmm, is Prim & Proper sort of like a more neutral, more shimmered Blushbaby? I’m liking it a LOT. I don’t have any really neutral blushes – everything I’ve got is more colorful, leaning corally or peachy or pink. It might be just the thing.

  10. amy

    I love the artwork on the packaging but I don’t know if these are must have shades for me. The colours are pretty though.

  11. Rosa Napoleon

    I like the prim and proper blush but I was wonder would it show up on a NW 45 complexion? What do you think Christine

  12. How close is Prim and Proper to Personal Style?

  13. PJ

    I really want to try the Dirty Plum blush, but I’m afraid I’ll end up looking like Grace Jones circa 1984…but the packaging is darling!

    • ak

      Are you kidding me? Grace Jones is having such a revival right now muse-wise. And who cares anyway, Grace Jones is eternally hot, beautiful and original.

  14. Ashlee

    i want to use dirty plum as a e/s def not as a blush..hmm

  15. gabriella

    Christine… when are you posting up the next lipglass review and swatches? As well what is coming out next? I love the collection, but stuff like Love Lace were much more my palette of color and sheerness. Creamy colors (lipglass) aren’t my favorites! :P… Do you have a post which gives information on what’s next in calendar order?

  16. Luisafer

    those I like for me!!!
    the packing is so cute!!!

  17. Marcela

    I really wanted Prim and Proper, but now I’m really debating it, not sure if I really like it, have to see it in person.

  18. Christy

    I have MACs Enough Said, to me Prim and Proper looks kinda similar, what do you think Christine?? Thanks.

  19. I’ve been thinking of getting a purple-y blush since I don’t own any. Do you think it would look okay on someone with yellow undertones?

  20. Zinnia

    love proper blush

  21. How does Prim & Proper compare to Eversun from Style Warriors last year? I’m likng it a lot, but wondering if it’s about the same?

  22. Desiree

    eh, I think I’ll skip on the blushes for this collection. Im more excited for the beauty powders 😀

  23. Christina

    how does prim and proper compare to shell pearl? which one is better for nw25 skin?

  24. Sasha B

    is the top part of the lid for the blushes raised like they were for hello kitty collection?

  25. Mary

    Hey Christine! How does Prim and Proper compare to margin blush and x-rox blush?

  26. Anna

    Christine, can you please let me know if Prim & Proper is similar to Personal Style (from the All Ages etc collex.)? and the differences?

    That would be so awesome, and thanks so much for the swatches!

  27. Lily

    When will these be available online?

  28. egon

    SKIP !!! I have NARS sin and that’s enough purple for me (makes me look bruised if not applied carefully, the other color isn’t that intresting

  29. christine!
    you think prim & proper would suit an NC40?

  30. cmferrets

    since they have dirty plum released again in this collection, i feel bad for the people who purchased the one from the riviting collection since that one didnt have LE packaging. why would mac do that? =(

  31. Stacy

    hi! do you think Prim & Proper would look good on a NC25 skintone?

  32. Eliza

    Hey Christine, If i were to choose either PP or SP(beauty blush) which do you think would be nicer for a NW35-42? & also i don’t know if this is the right place to ask but i purchased ‘all’s good’ beauty blush from the all races collection & i cant seem to get the colour on my brush or on my cheeks:( what kind of brush should i be using for beauty blushes?

    • I think either would work… but if you want a blush, Prim & Proper is more pigmented – Shell Pearl is more shimmery and will end up more as a highlighter.

      What brush are you using now? I like the 116 for blush.

  33. Aimee

    Dirty Plum looks interesting. I use On a Mission as my everyday blush, this looks similar but stronger pigmentation. I may try Prim & Proper, it’s really different from my usual colors but looks really pretty. How do you think it would do with a NC30, fair olive skin tone?

  34. Holly

    Does the dirty plum work on fair skin tones? Does it turn up a plum with a light hand or does it really look that purple?

  35. Cindy

    Christine would prim and proper show up on a NC42 complexion?

  36. Kate

    I love Dirty Plum, but am afraid it will be too dark on me. Would you say it’s for darker skintones?

  37. ilona

    hi christine!
    how would you compare prim and proper to enough said blush? are they close? or it prim and proper closer to personal style blush?

    thanks as always for the quick swatches :)
    i can’t wait to haul!

  38. Christa

    I don’t own any nor have I ever tried neutral blushes. I’m NW10-15ish. Do you think Prim & Proper would be a nice one to start with? It looks so pretty. I’ve never been drawn to this sort of blush shade before! Thanks Christine!

  39. Danielle

    I like the look of Prim and Proper but with over 60 blushes from MAC, I need to wait till CCO for this one.

  40. marina

    how does dirty plum compares to flirt&tease and conjure up (LE)?

  41. Melissa

    Christine, I am loving Prim & Proper but it reminds me of my NARS Madly. I find a lot of similarities between MAC and NARS shades sometimes. How do you think the two compare?

  42. Morgan

    If I am a pale person do you think prim and proper will work for me? maybe even as a bronzer?

  43. Lizzy

    Does Mac have any permanent blushes close to prim and proper?

  44. vianca

    Christine, how does Prim & Proper compare to Peaches?

  45. Janet

    Hi! How would you compare Dirty Plum to Breezy, and Blushbaby to Prim and Proper?? Similar enough to pass? :)


    • I’d say none of those are that close. Dirty Plum is way more purple/plum whereas Breezy can be kind of reddish. If you wear Breezy a lot, I could see you liking Dirty Plum… but if you rarely wear Breezy, I think you could sip!

      Prim & Proper is more similar to Tenderling, IMO! Blushbaby is a little pinker.

  46. megan

    i have the prim and proper blush! its a very nice warm peach blush, i think it looks better on paler skin tones to warm up the face but to be honest anyone could pull it off! lovely lovely blush! recommend it

  47. crzi

    So glad to find Prim and Proper! Been looking for that color for years! My dad once bought me a no name make up palette as a present and it had a blush with this color makes ur face glow and look real healthy.

    lol So happy is what I have to say! Christine, are you going to make a tutorial using these blushes?