Saturday, November 19th, 2011

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC for Gareth Pugh: Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush ($30.00 for 0.08 oz.) is described as a “mid-tone nude.” It’s a pink-beige on me but looks less pink once applied on the face. MAC Brit Wit is a bit pinker but similar, just in a cream form.  It’s a good shade for contouring if you’re light to medium in skin tone, and it will also work as a cheek color on light to light-medium skin tones. On medium skin tones, you might find you’re really piling it on to get enough of an effect on the cheeks. It has a matte finish, which is yet another reason why it works well for contouring without looking muddy. It wore for about eight hours. The texture is soft enough to be blendable and buildable, but it doesn’t kick up powder or look dry on the skin.

The compact is black metal, and it’s quite heavy. It is a small compact, but it has more heft to it than you’d expect given the size. The top of the powder is also patterned, which is also something you wouldn’t get if you bought it normally.  On the top of the palette, you’ll find the signature logo from the collection, and there is a mirror on the inside of the lid.

It’s part of the permanent range at PRO stores (I had originally thought it was discontinued), so you can only buy it pan form these days, but if you like the color of Strada, you can visit a MAC PRO store OR you can place a phone order–even with shipping, you’ll still spend less than the price tag of this product and you’ll get over double the amount of product. You should also be able to place an order via phone with online last I heard. It looks like there is a TON of confusion – some stores say this is discontinued, others told me it’s permanent. When MAC puts out their “couture” collection each year, the prices skyrocket, but this is the first time I’ve noticed how much they’ve skimped you on the product. Full-sized MAC powder blushes contain 0.21 oz. and retail for $19.50 a pop, while this variation of Strada is over $10 more and contains almost a mere one-third of a full-sized blush! It’s like they’re squeezing you on both ends.

The Glossover



Strada is certainly worth a look, but I'd recommend going for the regular PRO pan, because the significant reduction in quantity plus 30% increase in price for packaging is rather painful if you're just in love with the color itself and don't want the packaging.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush

MAC Strada Blush
MAC Strada Blush on cheeks as blush; theBalm Promiscuous Pearl Highlighter/Shadow as a highlighter

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on November 23rd, $30.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Brit Wit is a bit pinker but similar, just in a cream form.

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73 thoughts on “MAC for Gareth Pugh: Strada Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. amanda

    it is a very pretty blush, just don;t think my dark skin can handle it. That lip color is gorgeous on you. What is it?

  2. Sarah

    what is this beautiful green pencil you used ?

  3. i loved it, also the packaging. now i’m in the dilemma: should i get gareth pugh one or classic pan? :(

  4. Gina

    .08 oz?! My Burberry EYESHADOW is bigger than that! And a buck cheaper! The texture and color of this blush look really lovely, but that’s a bit absurd. And I’m not usually the type to get upset over price.

    • Like I think some of us could get over the price, but it’s doing both at once that’s just ridiculous!

      • Gina

        I agree! I wouldn’t mind paying $30 or more for a blush at all, if I know I’m getting quality; I mean, I paid about that for the Burberry shadow! But I’d like it if there was at least a reasonable amount of product in there.

  5. Yay! I was so looking forward to your review for this! The packaging is so pretty, and I looooove how this one looks on you! But $30 for a mere 0.08 oz, really?! :( Darn.

  6. Dayna

    Wow thank you christine! I definetly think i’ll be picking this up from the mac pro stores. What a jump of product amount and price O_o.

  7. Valeria

    Thanks Cristine, you saved me a lot of money! I didn’t know Strada was available in PRO stores! I thought it had been discontinued…

  8. Aly

    Oooh I like this! What are you wearing on your lips Chistine?

  9. wendy

    i like this color, the price is not lovely though

  10. i heard Strada is discontinued. when i was at the mac pro store october 2010 they told me that.

    does anyone know more?

    • When I was talking to LA PRO, they said they still had it and didn’t mention discontinuation. I thought it was discontinued myself.

      • Terrance

        As far as I know Strada was discontinued and brought back exclusively for this collection. It’s no longer a PRO product (I checked the website and it’s nowhere to be found). Such a shame, as it’s the perfect blush/contour for fair skin.

  11. Danielle

    It’s a beautiful colour, but knowing how much MAC would be ripping me off for it definitely makes me want to skip this purchase.
    Christine, would you say that Strade is pretty similar to Nars Oasis, except minus the shimmer?

  12. Nice colour but there is now way I am purchasing this, especially as it will cost me even more in the UK. I will wait until I pass by the PRO store and try it there.

  13. LaAle

    I’ve just fallen in love with this blush! Glad it’s a PRO product!
    Is it similar to Mac Pink Cult?

  14. It’s a pity that this one contains so much less than normal because I looove the packaging :(

  15. Helen

    What’s on your eyes Christine? you look great :)

  16. I love it, but I love the fact that you looked out for us by telling us how to get it for less money! Have a smashing weekend!

  17. As always, your review is fantastic! I went to the Pro Store yesterday and was shocked that there was so little product in the Strada pan compared to just buying Strada in the Pro pan. The color is so pretty, but I see no reason to spend an additional $10.00+ for the lovely compact(especially since it’s not refillable) and for so much LESS product! Your swatches are gorgeous!

    • It’s ridiculous!! I was appalled, LOL!

      • I agree with you– it really is appalling. There is no excuse for giving so little product. It makes the whole thing so wasteful since you just end up with an expensive compact that can’t be refilled. I am betting that there will be a pile of Strada blushes and beauty powders that end up at CCO stores because of the prohibitively high pricing and shortage of product! I am dying to hear what you think about Deceit pigment- I think the color is outstanding, but $32.00 is crazy for such a small container!

  18. Alexis W (m0rg3nst3rn)

    Thank you for the review.
    Can you tell me what mac foundation shade you are? I am interested in this but not sure of it will show up. I’m nc40-ish in pro longwear and C6 in studio fix. I’m hoping this will be a nice neutral shade on me…

  19. Brittany

    Christine, how does this compare to Pink Cult from Jeanius?

  20. Caitlin

    Oh my, that’s gorgeous!

    I’m very pale.. would it only work as a contour or could it possibly work as a blush too? By pale I mean I was matched with Estee Lauder Double Wear in the shade “Bone” and according to your Foundation Matrix that’s NC15.

    Also, may I ask.. if you call a PRO store and order it is it still only pan form? I don’t have a blush palette so it’d be a tad annoying if I had to just for this lol.. Thanks!

  21. i have mac personal style and my perfect blush, do you think i can do without this one, thanks.

  22. Hannah

    I know you haven’t reviewed Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy, but on the off chance you have swatched it or have it but haven’t reviewed it, could you compare Strada to it? It seems close in pictures that I’ve seen, and it’s better value for money (and still comes in a hefty compact) than this.

    I am super pale and looking for a contour powder, but don’t have a blush pallet so I do not want to buy the pan version of Strada… so if you or any readers could compare Strada to Earthy I would appreciate it since I don’t have a Burberry counter near me!

  23. Nic

    I’ve wanted Strada ever since I saw it at a CCO a long time ago, so it’s good to know I can still get it from PRO because I definitely wouldn’t be spending $30 on .08 oz of blush. That is just insane.

  24. Carla Souza

    Hello Christine,

    Thanks for the review. The color is lovely, but its ridiculous to even thinking in spending more money for less product. Do you think it would show on a NC 35/40 girl? If so, Id probably try to get it in a pan-version

  25. GADS! I love this blush. I almost bought this just for myself because I love this color and the packaging is kinda cool. This is THE blush to use on pale people who don’t think they can pull off a blush IMO.

    Regarding discontinued status: MAC confuses me sometimes – This was discontinued about 6 months ago or so, it hasn’t been available on-line in forever and the operators at MAC PRO say it’s discontinued (that means non-pro members can’t order it via their phone line). I spoke with LA PRO and SF PRO and they confirmed discontinued status. SOME stores might have it laying around but I went on a MAD search for it myself (about 6 months ago) and bought the last ones they had from the PRO store in Orlando.

  26. aaah no :( I was going to get this until I’ve seen how much product you get! was definatly looking foward to this in the collection. Definatly getting restrict lipstick and vagrant lipglass. Still pondering about eyeshadows. Will you be doing swatches of them for us? I find you posts so useful!

  27. How tough is the case? I’d consider getting it as a travel version (since i don’t like carrying my regular mac blushes). But the quantity is definitely very stingy!

  28. Jamie Richardson

    Hi I just wanted to let everyone know that I called 11 pro stores (including LA and Dallas) and they all said it was discontinued in pan form also. I requested they check their stock to see if they could find one left and every single store checked and said they were sold out.

  29. Lianne

    I asked on MAC chat a few days ago and the MA told me strada had been completely discontinued! GAH Mac, get it together!

  30. Woww..this looks superb!

  31. Nancy

    Saw it today at MAC pro, I got the flight lashes and skipped this because it is the size of a pro long wear eyeshadow basically..and it cost more then usual.. -.-

  32. Helen

    I’ve heard so much about Strada being a great contour on pale skin (I’m a pale NC15) but in these swatches it looks so….pink.

    I’m still interested to check it out though, do you know if it’s available as a pro pan in the UK? At these prices (I’m guessing over £25 in the UK) it seems a bit extreme for an everyday contour.

  33. Riana

    Pout. MAC hasn’t really been showing a lot of love for us darker skinned girls when it comes to their blushes lately.

    thanks for your review Christine!

  34. Liz

    Love the packaging! So edgy, the embossed pattern on the powder reminds me of Burberry’s makeup.

  35. Ruth

    Hmmm I have brit wit and I LOVE the color but I truly hate the formula-I may give this a shot

  36. Sanne

    Based on the great review you wrote about this blush, i went to the MAC pro store in Amsterdam. I asked for the blush and the lady looked at me like i was an idiot. She told me she had never heard of it, really strange!

  37. This is the perfect blush for my pale skin! I never wear blush because it’s too much color for me and I end up looking like a clown. It has a perfect amount of pink to it and gives me a nice subtle flush of color. Definitely something I’ll be adding to my everyday face!

  38. SNDY


  39. Nay

    I really love the blush but I think it might come across a bit chalky on olive skin… hmmmm will see once it gets to Australia :)

  40. Carla

    Mac Pink cult, but pink cult is a tad pinker x