Saturday, November 19th, 2011

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Fervent Lipstick

MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipsticks

MAC Fervent Lipstick ($22.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “glossy blackened berry” with a satin finish. Fervent is a slightly red-toned purpled berry with semi-opaque color coverage. It’s lighter and more berry compared to MAC Faultlessly F/W. MAC Smoked Purple is darker, more opaque, and more matte in finish. It’s interesting that they describe the finish as satin but also glossy, because it looks and feels a bit more like a glaze finish. With a color as dark as this, it’s really obvious when it doesn’t apply evenly, and Fervent is a real trickster. It does not apply evenly, disappears into lip lines, and even when you manage to get it just right, the minute your lips touch and pull away, you’re back to square one!

MAC Restrict Lipstick ($22.00 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “creamy grayed nude” with a cremesheen finish. It’s a pink-based nude that is very, very pale and light. I find the texture a bit dry, so it’s a little unforgiving on the lips close-up. It’s much lighter and cooler-toned compared to MAC Innocence, Beware!. It’s more like a cooler-toned MAC Fleshpot. MAC Close to Real is similar in lightness but peachier. The color coverage is mostly opaque with a subtle frosted shine. Over time, I have found the cremesheen finishes to be a bit drying.

MAC lipsticks typically last four hours on me, and they’re vanilla-scented but taste-free. These are the same size as a regular MAC lipstick, but they are housed in square black tubes with the signature logo on the top and the label on the bottom.

The Glossover


MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Neither of them were exceptional. With Fervent, I had issues both applying and maintaining an even layer of color, and it had a tendency to settle into lip lines. Restrict had good color payoff, but the texture was on the drier side (and the lipstick formula is a bit drying for me during wear) so it is more unforgiving.











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MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Fervent Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Fervent Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Fervent Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Fervent Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Restrict Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Restrict Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Restrict Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC Restrict Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipstick

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipstick
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipstick

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50 thoughts on “MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipsticks Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. What eyeliner are you wearing in the photos? :)

  2. emi s.

    I don’t see myself wearing either shade, which is too bad because I love the packaging!

  3. I like the packaging, but that’s about it! Neither of those colors appeal to me. Oh well, good news for my wallet I guess!

  4. nothing justifies this price when MAC’s lipsticks are usually not this price….you can buy this at a drugstore brand for much cheaper….especially if the quality is not there…..oh, the container would not justify this price.

  5. Amalia

    Why must every purple lipstick be a total dud? I can deal with Smoked Purple, but Potent Fig was the nicest shade and its so finicky…now this one too? Sheesh!

  6. Cat

    Yeah, I’m not feeling these, but they are interesting colors.

  7. Fey

    Restrict is really gorgeous on you. I’m surprised it looks so good on a warmer skin tone! I think I’ll indulge in it after seeing it on you. Really pretty for winter.

  8. They both look lovely on you, but it’s too bad that Fervent goes on patchy and then disappears. I swatched it on my hand, and while I thought it was pretty it didn’t seem very original to me. I thought that it looked like Plum Bright meets Rebel with a touch of Smoked Purple, but it wasn’t special enough for me to justify buying it– especially since I had similar colors in my stash. I didn’t try it on my lips, but certainly won’t buy it now given your assessment. MAC has so many amazing lipsticks– I just don’t understand how they can make an under-performer that applies in a patchy way. Your lip swatch of Restrict is so pretty that I might want to go back and get it, but I do have other lipsticks that achieve a similar look.

    • I agree! They can do a great lipstick–they’ve done it countless times–so it’s such a shame!

      • I really think that MAC would benefit from slowing down a bit to ensure quality over quantity. They crank out so many collections with staggering speed, but as you have pointed out time and time again there have been far too many subpar products from patch eyeshadow quads to patchy lipsticks. I think that the LE collections need to be a bit more heavily scrutinized before being released. It kind of seems like a rookie mistake for a seasoned company. Don’t get me wrong, I still love MAC- but these transgressions of theirs disappoint!

  9. divinem (Melissa)

    Both are hideous to me. A shame because I love the packaging.

  10. Carrie

    I’m torn! I really wanted these to be amazing!

    How does Restrict compare to Double Spin?

  11. Wow! Fervent looks really good for such a pale shade. It didn’t really settle into lip lines or look chalky!

  12. sophie

    Oh man, Fervent looks so beautiful in the tube. I wish it was more pigmented, I would wear it to death. As it is, I can’t really justify the price. Blah.

  13. I really wanted to love fervent but your review has made me dubious! I will still swatch it when it gets released in the UK, but i’m disappointed already :( x

  14. Carrie Ann

    I’m actually relieved that this looks like a collection I can totally skip. It can be a bit much trying to keep up with MAC collections lately and of course this one is more expensive.

  15. linda

    LOVE fervent!!!!!

  16. Hilary♥

    Beautiful packaging but not a fam of those shades – Fervent is quite amazing but it would look horrible on me. :(

  17. Ivana

    i really adore the packaging, but the colours…i don’t know….i’ll probably try out fervent^^

  18. rowan

    hmm…i think fervent would work better as a stain. i love the packaging though

  19. artemis

    wow, restrict is cool 😀 would look cool on me :))

  20. Miss_silk

    Wow, Fervent looks exactly like my Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Grape~!

    I’m looking at your lipswatch and it looks uneven….hmmm I like the packaging for these, but I’m sticking with my Revlon one….it applies evenly and it’s not drying.

  21. Kim-Mary

    Aww man. I really wanted to love both these unique lippies, but I don’t. As a purple lipstick lover I really wish MAC can get their act together and make some really amazing quality/colored purple lipsticks again. I do like Potent Fig, Smoked Purple (even though it’s a little drying), Prince Noir and Plum Bright. My favorite purples from MAC are Go For It, Lavender Whip, Violetta and Up The Amp. I would love a true grape purple that doesn’t dry the lips and lasts a long time. I guess I will pass on this collection and wait for the Daphnee Guinness and Iris Apfel ones. Those lippies look amazing and I am hearing wonderful things from the MUA’s.

  22. Veronica

    Ah, I was hoping Fervent would be something like a better version of Revlon’s “Va Va Violet,” which takes a lot of work to apply evenly with only moderate payoff. It’s pretty, but nowhere near as opaque as I’d hoped. Ah well, save myself the money. XD

  23. cherryglass

    Girl, can you rock a dark purple lip or what?! The colour looks lovely on you. But that’s no way a satin finish. I don’t know what MAC’s up to but lately their finishes quality seems to be inconsistent. They should get it together.

  24. Allie

    Ugh, I am so sad that Fervent is a pain to work with! I love my purples, and this was probably the only thing I was thinking of getting from this collection… Restrict looks lovely on you but it’s just not for me. Contrary to most people, I find nudes scarier than reds and berries LOL! 😛

  25. virginie

    Is restrict comparable to Tom Ford nude vanilla? I was looking for a nude lipstick like that, so if it;s the same then I will go for the mac one, it will be 28 dollars cheaper ;-)))

  26. Sarah

    oooooooohhh decisions decisions!!! I want restrict but the price is catching me atm so close to xmas!

  27. Dana

    Is Fervent any alike in texture as Potent Fig? Because I own Potent Fif and i love it but it stains an awful lot and I neet to apply makeup forever aqua eyes underneath in order to make it look purple as it is.!

  28. Restrict is the perfect nude for my skin. Definitely gonna be my go-to lipstick when I do more dramatic eyes.

  29. Martina B.

    Hi Christine, I hope you will read :)
    I was searching for a comparison between Fervent and Cyber (which I already own). I’m lookin for a dark berry lipstick with a red undertones, and I was thinking about Fervent which seems redder than cyber. Is that true to you?

  30. Your pictures are amazing. I really like how they show the actual color of the lipsticks. I thought the darker one had a stronger color, but I still like it. By the way, I used some of your pictures for a post on my blog (here Thanks a lot for such reviews!