Saturday, November 19th, 2011

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Outrage Lipglass

MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipglasses

MAC Outrage Lipglass ($22.00 for 0.16 fl. oz.) is described as a “sheer berry with blue pearl.” It’s kind of a dirty berry with hints of brown and gold and green shimmer. It looks duochrome in the tube, and it definitely looks different depending on the color–at least in the tube. On lips, it darkens and slightly tints my natural lip color while adding a lot of gold and green-gold shimmer. The closest dupe I could think of was MAC Boys Go Crazy, but it doesn’t have that greenish shimmer. MAC Jealous has the greenish shimmer but not the berry color.

MAC Vacant Lipglass ($22.00 for 0.16 fl. oz.) is described as a “sheer light lavender gray with violet pearl.” It’s a pink-tinted lavender with lots of pink shimmer with a cool undertone. The color is rather sheer on lips with much more of a shimmered result. It’s similar to other shades in relation to color but Vacant has a bit more shimmer: MAC Frozen Dream, MAC Gone Romancin’, MAC Docile.

I generally get three to four hours of wear with the sheerer shades of the lipglass formula, but because of the packaging, it’s harder to apply as much product as a lipglass pulls at once. The opening for the applicator is much smaller, so you get little gloss out of each pull, which gave the illusion of a less tacky texture, but I found it as sticky as lipglass typically is–it just feels thinner. You’d have to do around four pulls of this gloss to be equivalent to single pull from a regular lipglass tube. These are both vanilla-scented but taste-free. They’re slightly smaller than regular MAC lipglasses (which are 0.17 fl. oz.) and come in square packaging with a clear tube and glossy black top with the signature logo on the top.

The Glossover


MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipglasses Reviews, Photos, Swatches

Outrage is one of the more unique shades out of this launch, so that might be a reason to splurge on it, and I'm glad that these are about the same size as full-sized lipglass!











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MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Outrage Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC for Gareth Pugh Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Outrage Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Outrage Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Outrage Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Vacant Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Vacant Lipglass

MAC Gareth Pugh Lipglass
MAC Vacant Lipglass

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MAC Cosmetics on November 23rd, $22 each.

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35 thoughts on “MAC for Gareth Pugh: Lipglasses Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. I love how the green shimmer of Outrage look in the last photo of the tube but on the lips it’s kind of similar to some other gloss I have. Does it look different on the lips in sunlight than in flash photos?

  2. Chels

    don’t like that they’re so sheer 😐

    i prefer at least some color with the lipglasses for the high price

  3. Oooh I like vacant. I am just looking for that kind of pink, and since I like the packaging, might actually check this one out!

  4. Wow- these both look lovely on you! Outrage looked like Club when I swatched it on my hand (but with a more purple base)- it didn’t look nearly as nice on my hand as it does on your lips. I tried Vacant on my hand and lips, but it just didn’t look that special on me– not too different from Docile. I love the packaging, but I sort of think that my money will go a lot further in the Daphne Guinness Collection. If you had Docile lipglass would you skip Vacant? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts of the pigments!

  5. Angy

    Will these be available at Nordstrom?

  6. The Lipglasses are the only thing that I see from this collection that looks really good. I like Outrage especially for the color of the base and the brown, gold and green shimmer – kind of like fall in a tube.

  7. I refuse this. Those seem like Dazzleglasses…?

  8. I’m really liking Outrage, even at $22. It’s just different enough from your standard sheer berry lipgloss to make the price point worth it.

  9. Rin

    Vacant looks amazing on you! Outrage looks great on you as well. Now I want to go out and buy these!

  10. Well color me surprised – I actually like these! I normally avoid these collections because they are rather spendy for MAC and I don’t think the quality has made up for the price, but I’m seriously considering getting Outrage now! It looks like a unique color, and wearable.

  11. Mel

    Thanks for the swatches Christine! I love OUTRAGE, will get my hands on it 😉

  12. Hilary

    I really like the look of Vacant.

  13. Alison

    Vacant looks really like Explode sheer lipgloss by Illamasqua…I just noticed this as I happened to buy Explode last week! I love that kind of shimmery lilac. It’s a really unusual shade for a lipgloss, and it catches the light in quite a special way.

  14. starchild

    Outrage is incredibly disappointing out of the tube! I also hate that they look so similar once they’re on the lips :/

  15. Amanda

    I can’t fault the glosses for being sheer as they are intended to be. If Outrage was opaque, I would totally buy it.

  16. Z

    Scrolling down I got really, *really* excited for Outrage, thinking it would be an immediate buy. However….. yeah, that’s so sheer it’s useless. WTF? C’mon MAC, for serious. For really reals and super serials, can we have some goddamn quality please?? Please??? Just a little thought and a little more effort than slapping a name on some crap?

    Ugh. this is the first of the Gareth Pugh (which, in the promo photos a few weeks ago looked AMAZING) collection I’ve seen so far. Who knows, maybe the rest will be better. Maybe.

    Thanks for the swatches!!

  17. Blegh I don’t like this. The packaging looks cheap, and the colours are ugo

  18. AS

    What happens if you put these over a darker lipstick? Does it pull out the duochrome more?

  19. Emily

    I like the look of Vacant! Might be great layered over Plink! lipstick, which is that similar kind of pink.

  20. Jemma

    I really, really like the pigment, but i don’t know if its worth the money. Outrage is nice but very sheer, i think i might skip the whole collection, unless i talk myself into forking out for that pigment that is. Ah well at least i get a break MAC are bringing out too many collections, its bankrupting me :)

  21. Litenoumjuq

    Outrage looks amazing in the tube, i just wish it would me more or completely opaque on the lips. On the pictures of the tube it looks. Did you get any at all of the duochrome effect on the lips?

  22. Nellie

    Looks very pretty on you!

  23. Alix

    For the millionth time, I wish MAC lip products were unscented. I’m allergic to the fragrance, so I can never try any of their colors. Waaaaah!

  24. Kimryan8

    Outrage looks super cool. Have you tried it over any lipsticks? What colors would it work with? I love when I can find a versatile shade that works both on its own and over lipsticks. Thanks!

  25. divinem (Melissa)

    I got outrage and absolutely LOVE the multi-dimensional shimmer, but it’s a PITA to get product out. Four pulls minimum to get the amount I want. So irritating. >:-|

  26. C

    very upset that outrage isnt how it appears in the tube !
    but thanks for sharing the info before i made any spur of the moment purchases, i am a magpie for dark purples and violet shades!

  27. Samantha

    love vacant