Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower: Overall & Recommendations

Fashion Flower feels like a nice-sized collection–enough to mix and match, but it’s not so large that it’s overwhelming.  MAC’s matte eyeshadows can be great, but they have a few duds in the mix and some that just work infinitely better when applied to the eye with a brush than in a mere arm swatch–and this is true with the mattes in this launch.

I did feel that Aqua and Free to Be seemed stiffer here than the pans I have (as both are permanent), so you might consider getting the non-imprinted ones if that’s the case.  Lucky Green is also permanent, but it’s definitely the standout shade–luxuriously smooth and richly pigmented; it represents when MAC really nails an eyeshadow.

The lipgelees felt a bit sticky this time around, with Now in Season feeling quite tacky, which was unexpected (as lipgelees are known for being non-sticky!).  Ever Hip, as a coral, will sell well, while Summer Shower will add depth as a layering lip product.  Mlle and Growing Trend are more similar to existing permanent shades out of the four lipsticks in the launch.  If you missed out on Ever Hip on MAC’s website, Nordstrom still has it in stock ($5 shipping on $50+ beauty purchases).

Both beauty powders felt powdery to me, so I didn’t think they were exceptional, based on texture.  Alpha Girl works better applied (more color shows up) than when swatched, but both Alpha Girl and Light Sunshine are more suitable for lighter skin tones because of their light/sheer color.

P.S. — Ignore the mascaras, they’re part of Flighty.  That’s what happens when you don’t have coffee in the morning!

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Check out my recommendations, what to check your stash for, what to skip, and recommendations by skin tone!

Temptalia’s Recommendations

must-haves: Lucky Green eyeshadow, Ever Hip lipstick

nice-to-haves: Bows & Curtseys eyeshadow

skip: Mlle lipstick

Check your stash for…

ALPHA GIRL (repromote), EVER HIP (repromote), AQUA (permanent), FREE TO BE (permanent), LUCKY GREEN (permanent).

Skip if you have…

  • Skip FASHION FLOWER if you have LUXURE; Fashion Flower is slightly pinker but it’s hard to tell the difference when worn.
  • Skip FRESH DAISY if you have NYLON; Fresh Daisy is less golden, but they’re similar enough to merit a skip.

Recommendations by Skin Tone

Please note that this section is merely suggesting shades that would complement a particular skin tone better than other shades, but these lists are meant to be rather exhaustive of the entire collection; it’s not reflective of must-haves for your skin tone. When it comes to cooler/warmer skin tones, these are products that lean noticeably cool/warm and therefore complement the corresponding skin tone better (but it does not mean you can’t wear a warmer product if you’re cooler!).

  • light skin tones: Ever Hip, Growing Trend, Mlle, Summer Shower lipsticks; Aqua, Free to Be eyeshadows; Alpha Girl, Light Sunshine beauty powders
  • medium skin tones: Ever Hip lipstick;
  • dark skin tones: Ever Hip lipstick;
  • cool undertones: Growing Trend, Mlle, Summer Shower lipsticks;
  • warm undertones: Ever Hip lipstick;
  • universally flattering shades: Budding Beauty, Fashion Flower, Now in Season lipgelees; Bows & Curtseys, Groundcover, Fresh Daisy, Lucky Green eyeshadows

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35 thoughts on “MAC Fashion Flower: Overall & Recommendations

  1. Nah, gonna skip this one.. I’m too dark to wear these colors!
    My wallet is cheering now xD

  2. This is my favorite! Thanks so much for the reviews rec’s and also for telling us what’s similar. You are such an asset to the beauty community!

  3. Kajol

    Thinking about skipping this one. I am trying to save money for Semi Preciuos! <

    • Melissa

      I second that! semi precious sounds like the collection of the year! I really want to get them mineralize eyeshadows!

  4. Thanks so much for the tip about the Ever Hip lipstick at Nordstrom. I missed out on it the first time around and I would have been so sad if I missed it again now. I just ordered mine. Thanks so much!

  5. Bobbie Denise

    My wallet is happy…im skipping this collection. i might grab budding beauty but Idk.

  6. Nellie

    Skip, skip, skip for me. I already have Ever Hip (which on my pigmented lips is on the sheer side and does little, so no need for a backup), Lucky Green and Free To Be.

    And how many times does MAC really plan on repromoting Free To Be. Isn’t this the third time in a year? And the fourth time since January of last year?

    While it’s nice to find collections so skippable, I’ve bought so little MAC in the last six months that I’m starting to lose interest in even discovering things of interest in upcoming collections.

  7. Leticia

    I´m happy I already have your must have recommendations, Christine, because I always consider them VERY seriously when deciding what I want to buy! Thanks as always for your complete, detailed and honest reviews – the love and dedication with which you do them shows every time!

  8. Katie

    I really did want the Alpha Girl beauty powder, but it seems powdery, so perhaps not :S The only other thing I really wanted was the Ever Hip lipstick, but perhaps it wouldn’t suit my cool, pale skin so well. Oh well, at least I can admire the collection. Thanks for putting this up!

    • Amy P

      I have pale, cool-toned skin (MUFE HD 110, which is about NC15 I guess?) and love the way Ever Hip looks on my lips — if you like it, you should try it on!

  9. Charmaine

    I really want to see a lip swatch of ever hip lipstick paired with budding beauty lipgelee :)

  10. Yazmin

    yay i already have ever hip and lucky green! dnt need to spend money again!

  11. Altea

    OMG I was seriously scared about the mascaras. Fashion Flower is not gonna be released here and I want a mascara so bad, I already missed the ones from wonder woman collection. When I saw them in this pic I thought “oh no, they’re not in flighty, they’re in this one, I’m not gonna get them” 😛

  12. Amy P

    I’m confused. The release date was moved up to April 28th, right? I called my local counter to ask them to hold Ever Hip for me, but they said Fashion Flower isn’t coming out until next week. :\ Is the 28th just online and at PRO?

  13. I thought this collection was going to be out on April 28th? It’s only April 27th and Ever Hip L/S is sold out already on the web site. Later today (April 27),I checked out a MAC store in Valencia, CA and they didn’t have any displays for this collection out.

    I’m confused. Did MAC release this collection a day early? Is this only available on their web site and not in stores? Help.

    • MAC usually launches the collection 1-3 days before the in-store launch date (which is April 28th), but they don’t have any specific timing for online.

    • Jill

      I called my MAC counter yesterday in the morning they said next week. Then I called back in the evening and they said 4/28(which it is), then I went this morning and nothing was out, asked the girl and she said next week. I explained what had happened yesterday, and she called her boss and sure enough(obviously) it’s supposed to be out today! I waited for her to unpack some boxes while I was there.:) So weird that the girls working the counters are the last to know!!

      BTW–Laura Mercier’s lip glace’ in Bon Bon is the like the gloss dupe of Ever Hip I discovered today! They look soooo pretty layered together!

      • I’ve been there, Jill!! I’ve literally showed up, had them tell me no, and then find out that YEP! it’s out, and they have to go upstairs and find the boxes, LOL!

      • Nicolebella

        The SAME thing happened to me this morning! I was there bright and early as soon as the mall opened only to have the girl at the counter tell me she had no idea when the collection comes! How do you work there and have no idea what is going on!!

        • Sometimes MAC stores will literally get the fax the night before or that morning – and so the employees who are working there in the morning may not even know something came in or the like!

  14. Cristina

    I Just bought the pink and the gold Lipgelee and the nude Lipstick and they are Awesome!!!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m surprised that I actually got stuff from this collection… Lucky Green, Fresh Daisy, Groundcover, and Ever Hip! I ordered them all from Nordstrom (because it was sold out at MAC. Thanks for the tip, I would’ve totally missed out otherwise!), and I get to pick them up on Saturday!
    These will be my first MAC eyeshadows!

  16. Edelmc

    Hi Christine,

    Do you know if the european launch date is really not till July? We normally have the launches the same day as America…..

  17. Laura

    Ok I got Lucky Green, which admittingly is my first MAC shadow.. It’s pretty – but honestly Inglot is better compared to this.. I have a 15 pan pro palette I bought ages ago when I planned on depotting other shadows (and CS didn’t carry them etc..) & didn’t use – and have wanted to fill it up, I have a thing with palettes.. but I’m kind of weary if this is as good as it gets? Are there any better quality wise?

  18. Rose

    Hi Christine! Thank you so much for doing these amazing reviews :) You are always my #1 reference for mac collections 😀 I was wondering if you will be doing comparison swatches for this collection?

  19. ak

    I’m an NC45 but I really want to see Growing Trend lipstick if it’s at least two shades darker than the newer VG Gaga lipstick.