Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick
MAC Summer Shower Lipstick

MAC Fashion Flower: Lipsticks

The collection features four shades of Lipstick (each $14.50 for 0.10 oz.) — Ever Hip (bright creamy coral), Growing Trend (mid-tone taupe nude), Mlle (light white pink), and Summer Shower (light aqua).

  • Ever Hip is a pink-based coral with a creamy, slightly glossy finish.  It’s semi-opaque to opaque on lips, depending on how much you layer it. It has a cremesheen finish.  MAC doesn’t have a comparable permanent dupe to it, unfortunately.
  • Growing Trend is a medium dark beige nude with a creamy finish.  It has an amplified finish.  It’s a shade or two darker than Viva Glam Gaga 2 and has less peach (this almost looks a touch pink next to it).
  • Mlle is a pale, blue-based light pink. It looks a little dry on lips (perhaps more like a frost finish, except it lacks the shimmer part of a frost), but it didn’t feel drying. It has a glaze finish, and it is a repromote–but from many, many years ago. It seems like a paler version of Pink Plaid, cooler version of Creme Cup. This would work best on cooler skin tones.
  • Summer Shower is very much a near-to-clear base with teal, fuchsia-purple, and white shimmer and sparkle. It’s more of layering lip product than one you’d wear on its own (in general). I can’t think of a permanent dupe for it. It has a glaze finish. This would work across skin tones.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipsticks are vanilla-scented but taste-free. I typically get four hours of wear, but some of the lighter lustre and glaze finishes tend to disappear by hour three. Amplified cremes and amplified finishes, however, tend to go beyond four. I find the formula comfortable to wear and not drying (but not moisturizing–a couple of the matte shades can be drying).

The Glossover


MAC Fashion Flower Lipstick Swatches, Photos, Reviews

Mlle doesn't look as flattering as worn as one would like--it has a drier look, even though the texture itself was smooth and applied evenly. Summer Shower looks fun in the tube but keep in mind it is more about the multi-colored reflective shimmer than the actual color!











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MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
MAC Ever Hip Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
MAC Ever Hip / Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Mlle Lipstick
MAC Mlle Lipstick

MAC Mlle Lipstick
MAC Mlle Lipstick

MAC Mlle Lipstick

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick
MAC Summer Shower Lipstick

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick
MAC Summer Shower Lipstick

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick
MAC Summer Shower Lipstick

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick
MAC Summer Shower Lipstick

MAC Growing Trend Lipstick
MAC Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Growing Trend Lipstick
MAC Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Growing Trend Lipstick
MAC Growing Trend Lipstick

MAC Ever Hip Lipstick
Mlle, Ever Hip (Fashion Flower), Ever Hip (Liberty of London), Growing Trend, Summer Shower

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Where can I purchase the lipstick? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 28th, $14.50 each.

Is it limited edition?

Yes, all of them are limited edition.

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See individual shade review.

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129 thoughts on “MAC Fashion Flower Lipstick Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Alexis

    I have my eyes on Everhip but I do think Summer Shower would look awesome over a black or dark purple lipstick.

  2. Wow, I love your look with Ever Hip! You look stunning!

    I’m disappointed that Mlle looks so dry, I was hoping it would look more like To the Beach’s Lazy Days. Or at least be a pretty glaze of glossy color on the lips.

    I think I will be getting Ever Hip and Summer Shower though :) As long as Ever Hip is the same at least! I love how sparkly Summer Shower is though.

  3. Ooh, I really like Summer Shower and Ever Hip! I bet Summer Shower would be lots of fun to layer with!

  4. I love Ever Hip and I missed out on it last time. Too bad I’m on a 10 Pan and extremely determined not to cheat. I guess MAC will be testing my strength of will.

  5. Sarah

    Surprisingly, summer shower looks beautiful! But Mile is one of those colors that makes me feel kind of sick looking at it :/ at least for me.

  6. Katt

    So happy Ever Hip is back… I will probably get 2! I’m almost out of the one I got from Liberty of London, and have been using it really sparingly! Now I can relax and wear it to my heart’s desire.

  7. Lindz

    I searched growing trend next to lady gaga 2, which are both amplifieds, and they look identical (IMO)

  8. HeatherC

    Summer Shower looks interesting. Reading the initial color descriptions (without photos), it seemed like an impossible color to wear, as most blue-toned lipsticks are. But now seeing photos, I might plan to purchase this one! I tend to enjoy lighter, sheerer lipsticks in the spring/summer, and Summer Shower looks perfect! Thanks for the swatches!

  9. I can’t wait to see Growing Trend!

  10. Sari

    When I heard Summer Shower was a glaze I kind of lost interest in it because I knew you wouldn ‘t really be able to tell it was an aqua colour when on the lips , but that ‘s such a cool effect I ‘ll probably still have to get it .

  11. Rachel

    gahh i need summer shower! and my ever hip i have right now is almost gone so i’ll definitely be getting a couple of those.

  12. Neha

    Ever Hip looks the best! The Summer Shower definitely needs some base to get its effect. I will only be after Ever Hip lipstick from this collection.

  13. Debbie

    Ohh, I think I need Summer Shower! I have Ever Hip and it’s not one of my favorite colors on me, but it looks great on you :)

  14. I looooove summer shower. It would look good over a lip stain. :)

  15. I might pick up Summer Shower just to have a mint green lipstick. LOL Too bad it doesn’t actually glid on as a mint green shimmer lipstick. Now that would be a sweet shade. 😀

  16. DarkGlamour17

    Summer Shower say hello to my makeup stash! :)

  17. AnGeLwInGz

    I need to have Summer Shower! It’s my fave color in the tube, but thankfully it doesn’t look like that on the lips. I like the glaze finish, it’s not too frosty.

  18. I just decided I need summer shower. Thanks so much for doing swatches, Christine!

  19. Joyce B

    My first thought was nah, but then I saw Summer Shower on you and thought that really would look pretty layered on something else. I think it would really add something to a lot of colors. Thanks!!

  20. not long since i bought 2 mac cut a caper lipsticks which i think is a much nicer colour than ever hip, i never use my ever hip now i have cut a caper, plus i hate the smell of creamsheens. going to spend all my money on the surf baby collection instead ha ha.

    • bettynova

      I wish I bought two cut a caper lippies. Cut a Caper looks better but Ever Hip is the closest at least on me.

  21. Jessie Q

    I can’t decide if I want to get Ever Hip now, or Hibiscus from Surf Baby. The swatch I saw of the latter looked really pretty… and I don’t know that I want both. What to do . :(

  22. Love your blog and reviews! You’re a reference to Brazilian’s blogs.

    Gotta say that I Ever Hip’s color on tube and on your lips. Very natural and cute… I’d say happy, too! It made your smile shine.

    The only problem is that there’s no idea of when this collection will come to Brazil. Why don’t I live in U.S anyway? lol

    • Sorry, too excited to write correctly! lol

      – You’re a reference to Brazilians’ blogs.

      – Gotta say thay I loved Ever Hip’s color on tube and on your lips.

    • Hopefully in June/July! :)

      • Really? OMG I’m visting MAC’s store every day till it arrives! lol

        Wonderwoman collection will be sold in Brazil only next month, can you believe that? And we’re not sure if all the products will be launched.

        But I’ll keep on eye on it and maybe I’ll ask someone to bring me this lipstick straight from US.

        Thank you so much for the answer!

  23. Cassandra

    I’ve wanted Ever Hip for over a year now (missed it the first time) and now it’s out again! I’m so excited – I was also excited about Mlle, but I’m super disappointed of how it turned out… Not attractive at all. Thank you for the swatches, as always, Great job!

  24. Liz Mc

    I’m 46 years old. Why am I now obsessed with the blue lipstick? LOL

  25. Ana G.

    Summer shower is a must for me!! Those summer days where you just want “that” touch up…seem perfect!!

  26. I love the look of Mlle lipstick!

  27. Z

    Ugh….. I’m so sick of ugly, unwearable lipsticks. If I never see another one it’ll be too soon.

  28. Rae

    Really, really liking the look of Summer Shower! The sheer, shimmery kind of “overlay” lipsticks can really go either way for me (boring or brilliant), but I’m definitely loving the mix of blue and pink reflects.

  29. Summer Shower is very intriguing!

  30. Hannah

    Wow, I need Ever Hip!!!

  31. Emmaline

    Summer shower reminds me of the shimmer in flurry of fun lipglass from ttb. The teal reflects in it make it my favorite gloss ever! So excited there is now a way to get a similar effect with lipsticks, yay!

  32. Kristen

    How does Ever Hip compare to Jazzed and Cut A Caper lipsticks? I have both and dont want to get another similar color! Thanks Christine!

  33. I knew Summer Shower would be ridiculously sheer. Meh, if it were cheaper I’d buy it just for how it looks as a lipstick, ha.

  34. Emily

    Christine is Mlle anything like fashion flower??

  35. Salvinia

    Summer Shower is way, way prettier than I expected it to be! Honestly I think it looks nice just on it’s own.

  36. Victoria

    To people who missed out on Ever Hip the first time — it is SO SO worth it. If you are warm toned you NEED this lipstick!!!

  37. These are a little disappointing =( Although Summer Shower looks pretty cool!

  38. Lauren

    Hi Christine!

    Did MAC move up the launch of this collection? I thought it was supposed to be launched May 5th?

    • It’s April 28th now!

      • Jill

        I called my MAC counter today and they are still saying 5/5 (I’m in US), and I got an email from MAC and went to their site and it looked like you could order online today. They had Ever Hip as sold out already?!?! So confused!!

        • They typically make collections available 1-3 days before the launch for the online website. My local stores are all doing 4/28 (and this is what MAC corporate told me last week)!

          • Jill

            Thanks, I’ll stop by tomorrow anyway and check it out. Seeing Ever Hip sold out online already made nervous!

  39. Eli

    I thought the green one would apply green on the lips… Shame :(

  40. tehteh

    am I the only person whi was strangely disappointed with Ever Hip last year? for some reason it doesnt show up at all on my lips…or hand for that matter

  41. dani

    Summer showers look nice in yhe tube bt on the lips its pointless teminds me of a clear version of bubbles my fav xmss nude as iy looks like ice on the lips x

  42. Deb

    Summer shower is super pretty! I’d love to wear it over a pale blue pink like Saint Germain.

  43. Saffy

    I don’t know why, but I want that green lippie, and I love Ever Hip too. Mlle definitely needs a gloss to top it, it’s so dry looking.

  44. Rozae

    These lippies look gorgeous on you.

  45. liz

    Will Ever Hip work on cool skin tones?

  46. Gaby

    Interesting collection! Will look forward to ever hip and summer shower!

  47. Maddie

    Christine, how would you compare Ever Hip to Costa Chic? I’m debating on which one I should get! THANKYOU!

  48. Sonya

    Do the lipsticks in this limited edition release have any special packaging?

  49. Summer Shower may just be my first MAC purchase!!

  50. Maddie

    Christine, how would you compare Ever Hip to Costa Chic? I’m debating on which one I should get!

  51. bettynova

    i WANT WANT WANT WANT the Ever hip lippie one or two!!! Maybe TWO!!

  52. Scarlie

    Summer Shower reminds me of Benefit’s California Kissin’ in lipstick form :) But this blue sparkly lipstick look kind-of cheap looking in the tube!
    Gotta get Ever Hip though!

  53. Sophie

    Hi Christine, when you do get everhip, can you do a comparison to Cut a Caper please. They are looking quite similar and that would def same me some $$. Many Thanks.

  54. Courtney

    summer shower and ever hip look amazing! what shade msfn are you? i think we are about the same. hopefully ever hip will look that good on me!

  55. Sam

    I think Summer Shower would look really good over a warm yellow based pink lipstick to add some blue/cool undertones to it, but I am not going to be getting it. I may pick up the Alpha Girl Beauty Powder, but that is it. Sometimes I think if MAC just came out with one or two big collections each year, and a few small ones, that the products would not be mediocre. I feel like they are coming out with so many collections, that they never really put any thought into the quality of the products. It is too overwhelming.

  56. MB

    Wow, Ever Hip’s already sold out! How does it compare to Vegas Volt?

  57. Do you happen to have California Dreamin’? Ever Hip looks similar to me, but I may be on crack (and not near my California Dreamin’ to check for myself XD).

  58. Tanya

    Lol at your photo for the Mile lipstick.

  59. Jenn

    Ever Hip looks more pigmented than the one that was released in Liberty of London. Do you feel there is any difference?

  60. Carrie Ann

    I was surprised by Summer Shower. When I first read the description, I thought an aqua lipstick sounded terrible and unflattering, but the sheer sparkly aqua is so pretty. It looks great in the tube and I bet it’s versatile. Mlle is a very pretty color, but I think it would look awful on my lips. Growing Trend is boring and fortunately, I already have Ever Hip.

  61. Jadangel2001

    Ever Hip and Summer Shower look so much nicer than I thought they would, damnit!!! :(

  62. Sabrina

    When is this collection released in Canada?

  63. Tara

    I went to order Summer Shower online and it’s already sold out!!

  64. cori

    I cant believe Ever Hip is sold out… I’ve been so excited for Fashion Flower just because I finally get to buy this lipstick. But when I went to the website to buy it, it was all sold out. SAD DAY!

  65. Stef

    Love your website! Your swatches are sooo helpful! My question is how does ‘Growing Trend’ compare to MAC’s ‘Siss’?

  66. Carissa

    Wow! Just checked the MAC website and Ever Hip and Summer Shower are sold out! And I think the collection was just put out today!

  67. ellie

    Thanks for the great swatches Christine. Would this be released first internationally than the surf baby collection? I can’t wait to get Ever Hip. I’m in Asia and the quite cute hasn’t been released yet!

  68. bxboricua

    Ugh I was really looking forward to getting Ever Hip and it’s sold out already! I’m really getting tired of MAC and their limited edition everything :(

  69. How come the colour of Ever Hip in the tube looks compared to its LOL counterpart? Do they both look exactly the same though?

  70. Dayna

    Hi christine! :) do you (or anyone who has bought it), think that the growing trend lipstick is worth it? Pass or must have?

  71. I already own Ever Hip from the Liberty of London collection, I like although it’s a bit drying and doesn’t make my lips look so pretty

  72. livnzoe

    i like ever hip!!

  73. Lena

    is it my eyes, or is the every hip from this collection a bit redder than the ever hip from gmll?

  74. Jennifer

    I wasn’t expecting to like summer shower but now after seeing the swatch, I must have it! Also really liking Ever Hip.

  75. Leslie

    I just checked and the collection is up! I quickly placed an order for Ever Hip. Phew…close call!

  76. Natalie

    I’m beyond excited for Ever Hip! I was so sad I missed it during Liberty of London, I kept passing up on it for – gasp! – permanent things! That’s my perfect pink color, so I plan to stock up, especially with summer coming!

  77. ahh


    Thanks for taking the time out to do all of this per usual. how does Growing Trend (and VG GaGa 2 for that matter) compare with NARS Little Darling? I’m looking for a dupe and Growing Trend looks like it might be it!

  78. Jens7lil1s

    Hi Christine,

    Are Playing Koi and Mile at all alike?

  79. Tara

    my local MAC store got them in today and put a Summer Shower lipstick on hold for me!!! PS im in Canada.

  80. jamila

    im NC30. i picked up ever hip and mlle today. i wasn’t sure i wanted growing trend. do you recommend it for me??

  81. Ana

    Just went to my local MAC counter today and got Summer Shower and Ever Hip! The Rep said I was the first one to make a purchase on the new collection (yeah, I did make it a point to go there RIGHT when the store opened!) lol!

  82. Marie

    Growing Trend looks amazing on you!

  83. Nicole Danielle

    I just bought 2 ever hips and a summer shower because of your swatches! I love them both. You look absolutely gorgeous in Ever Hip, you need to walk around in that 24/7.

  84. Emily

    Holy geesus I almost bought like 4 Ever Hips at my local MAC store but I have 3 Cut A Capers and so I only got one. Secretly, not to secretly, I want another Ever Hip haha gorgeous color, they should consider making Ever Hip a part of their permanent cremesheen range. =/

  85. Lisa

    Weird…Ever Hip looks oddly much more pinkish than it did in the Liberty of London release! Goes on a little different too…

  86. Lisa

    Oops, meant to subscribe!

  87. I want Ever Hip in my stash!

  88. Anna

    what kind of finish summer flower is?

  89. Taylor

    Just got Summer Shower! It looks amazing if you heavily apply it and then put Pink Lemonade lipglass over. It turns the lipglass into a more shimmery gloss!