Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Fashion Flower: Lipgelees

The collection features three shades of Lipgelee (each $14.50 for 0.10 oz.) — Budding Beauty (pale coral with pearl pigment), Fashion Flower (pale pink with pearl pigment), and Now in Season (pale yellow with pearl pigment).

  • Budding Beauty is a coral melon with pink and gold shimmer.  It has more of a shimmery finish than the glittery texture of Fashion Flower and Now in Season.  When applied, it has a very milky melon look–semi-sheer for sure, though.  Love Nectar lustreglass seems like the closest permanent dupe.
  • Fashion Flower is a pink-tinged gloss with lots of pink and silver glitter. It’s a lot like the previous launches of Lipgelees (Lillyland, Cham-Pale) — super glittery, little color, lots of sparkle. I’d say it’s most like Luxure, but applied, Fashion Flower pulls pinker.
  • Now in Season is a pale yellow gold with multicolored shimmer of teal, gold, and silver.  This felt so sticky, which is uncharacteristic of lipgelees.  When worn, it doesn’t deliver much color, just lots of shimmer/glitter.  It’s surprisingly similar to Bubble Lounge when worn, since the color base doesn’t show up.

my thoughts on the formula: MAC Lipgelees are moisturizing, easy to apply, and last three to four hours on me. They are a thicker formula, more like a gel, and come in squeeze tubes. They have a non-sticky texture, are vanilla-scented, and a sheer formula, but these are noticeably sticky. There is some glitter migration (maybe four or five flecks), but it didn’t seem like rapid migration nor did it stray into the far reaches of my face or hair or somehow wander to my feet. I have always loved that the Lipgelees come with 0.5 oz. of product–nearly double even large-sized glosses. After they wear away, they can sometimes feel gritty, because of the abundance of glitter.

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MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelees Swatches, Photos, Reviews

If you love your lips to sparkle beyond belief, you'll likely enjoy these Lipgelees--they are sparkle-tastic! Though the glitter doesn't seem to travel and migrate throughout the day, it may feel gritty after the gloss wears away and the glitter remains.











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MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee
MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelee

MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee
MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee

MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee
MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee

MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee
MAC Budding Beauty Lipgelee

MAC Now in Season Lipgelee
MAC Now in Season Lipgelee

MAC Now in Season Lipgelee
MAC Now in Season Lipgelee

MAC Now in Season Lipgelee
MAC Now in Season Lipgelee

MAC Now in Season Lipgelee
Budding Beauty, Now in Season, Fashion Flower

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Where can I purchase the lipgelee? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on April 28th, $14.50 each.

Is it limited edition?

Yes, all of them are limited edition.

Any dupes?

See individual shade review.

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39 thoughts on “MAC Fashion Flower Lipgelees Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. This sparkliciousness of this gave me a flashback of 6th grade when I thought that putting glitter on every part of my face (and, in most cases, body) was an attractive look. Glitter lip gloss, glitter on my cheeks, and if I could manage to get past my dad with it on, glitter on my eyes. Although, I have to say this lip gloss is actually less glittery than what I used to wear.

    • You mean it’s not an attractive look? (I still put glitter on EVERYTHING!) xD

      • Carrie Ann

        :). I’m always attracted to glittery products, too. Can’t help it. They’re pretty and sparkly.

    • Emily

      lmao that’s an adorable story! I can’t put glitter on my lips as often anymore cuz I just noticed that I make a mess of myself – I always eat and once colors or the lip-base fades away, I end up with glitter all over the lower half of my face. Just me tho :)

      • Steph

        Not just you! This is why I don’t like glitter glosses either. In a few hours I have glitter all over my chin.

    • Hannah

      Haha I did this too! Oh man, 8th grade… definitely not my best makeup look.

  2. I don’t think these are for me. While I like pictures of glittery lips I don’t think the look translates that well into everyday life. At least on me.

  3. DarkGlamour17

    ooh will buy! if I get this job I need!

  4. Jessie Q

    I’ve already ordered Budding Beauty, so I was hoping you’d have that one to review. Oh well, more anticipation! I hope I like it. It looked so pretty in the tube.

    • Larisse

      where did u order it? its already available??

      • Jessie Q

        My Macy’s MAC counter was willing to presale it for me. I don’t know if everyone will be willing to do that, but I couldn’t resist once the MUA offered! I might have to add in Ever Hip. I think I might need it.

  5. Nastassia

    it looks like resort life.. pass

  6. I really like the look of this. It isn’t really wearable for everyday but its just so fun. I own Sin-tillation from Cham-pale. Definitely looking forward to purchasing it! Thanks for the quick information Christine!
    Oh and is the first sentence supposed to be talking about lipsticks? lol I got confused! 😀

  7. asos

    I love ti! definately something i have to have for the summer

  8. Katie

    Is it sticky?

  9. Amrita

    Are these as glittery as Superglass?

  10. Lauren

    I love the Lipgelee’s. I love the sparkle!

  11. Ew, the bubbles in the tube! (Anybody else have trypophobia??) The glittery Lipgelees (didn’t they used to be…not glittery, or something?) are not my thing.

  12. Carrie Ann

    I can’t wait to see the other Lipgelees. This one is a letdown. It’s so similar to Lipgelees from recent collections. Budding Beauty seems like it might be really pretty and Now in Season sounds interesting. Thanks, Christine! The lip swatches and swatches on your arm are very helpful.

  13. I would’nt spend on a product like this, which is just basically glitter and no pigment…not my kinda thing.

  14. Cheerie

    Wow. So glittery! Prettty!

  15. Deb

    It is very pretty, but I just don’t think I have places to wear stuff like that anymore.

  16. Gina

    These look like they’d be fun to layer with!

  17. Rebecca

    So pretty! I <3 lip gelees!

  18. Saffy

    I love shimmery glosses, but the glitter looks so prominent in this gloss – I would feel ridiculous wearing it. But if I were 14 again, I would totally rock it!

  19. Varsha C.

    Omg your blush looks soooo gorgeous here. I can’t get my eyes off it. A trip to LMdB awaits me :)

  20. Ayr

    I guess Mac changed the caps of these again… they’re flatter than the ones from Cham-pale and Lillyland from what I can tell.

  21. Susan

    Thank you soooo much for posting a pic of the ingredients! That’s really helpful for me since I have allergies :)

  22. Alannah

    I always get excited about Lipgelees in theory, but then they’re all so similar on. I have a handful from past collections and I don’t think I’ll ever need another one. The closeup of the swatch of Fashion Flower is so pretty on you, but a little too subtle in reality. You can barely tell it’s on!

  23. georgia

    Part of me hates this because it reminds me of what Maya C says, that its what we wore in school.

    But the other part of me reaaaaaaally wants it!!! I love glitter, I know its probably a crime because it could look really childish but I still want ti haha.

    Might wear it with really nude makeup to tone it down. xxx

  24. shontay07108

    These lipgelee’s are awesome. I don’t think pictures really capture it. I also love them over lipstick. I just got Now In Season and Budding Beauty and they rock.

  25. Carrie Ann

    I’d normally be all over these, but I only ordered Budding Beauty because Now in Season looks too similar to Dame in a Dress and Fashion Flower resembles several other Lipgelees they’ve come out with recently. I wish they’d come up with more original shades. Lipgelees are one of my favorite MAC products.

  26. Steph

    I wish these were more pigmented and I would totally rock them for a night out. I don’t like the bubbles in the tube, eeeew!

  27. Alex

    “They have a non-sticky texture, are vanilla-scented, and a sheer formula, but these are noticeably sticky.”
    A non-sticky texture but also noticeably sticky? Now I’m so confused.
    P.S. Thank you for all of the work that you do on this site. I absolutely adore it! :)

  28. Julia