Thursday, April 9th, 2009

Baby Sparks

Here are lip swatches for the first nine of the eighteen dazzleglasses! I’ll post up the rest a little later today :)

See more swatches!

Bare Necessity

Date Night

Extra Amps


Get Rich Quick

Girl’s Delight


Like Venus

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54 thoughts on “MAC Double Dazzle – Lip Swatches Part 1

  1. Kathleen

    …they all look the same… I guess it works best over a lipstick.

  2. Nadine

    I love Date Night! It looks pretty similar to my MAC HK Nice Kitty. How do you think the two compare? Are they dupes or are they different?

  3. Iris

    love Extra Amps!!! Im soo buying it :)

  4. HijabiApprentice

    Okay I’m a little underwhelmed, but that is a good thing since I’m trying to save money $$!

  5. Jen

    Christine, can you swatch them over a lipstick too?

  6. Brigitte

    Having done swatches before I know the strain it is on the lips and how raw they can get after every single wipe. D: So thanks for the swatches!! I got Steppin’ Out just a bit ago and I love it! It’s really hard to choose dazzleglasses because their tint is pretty subtle whereas it’s the shimmer that counts and that is hard to photograph!

  7. Brigitte

    Oh! And as a tip! Try funtabulous over Snow Orchid!!!!! Most gorgeous color combo! :)

  8. BaDKiTTy

    They look so good!!!

  9. They all look the same. They are great over lipsticks.

  10. I think they look the same too! I’m not a fan of Dazzleglass really. It reminds me “kid” lipgloss with all the sparkles and stuff…you know the kind you wear when you 12, lol. But yea, I don’t mean to hate, it’s my opinion.

    • They’re similar, but the color of the shimmer may vary a bit. Dazzleglass looks better in person than it does in photos, just because it is hard to capture all of the sparkle at ocne :) But if you’re not into glitter, these are definitely not for ya!

  11. Maggie

    extra amps and funtabulous look FANTABULOUS. haha :)

  12. Charlene

    the new one smile and the steppin out and love alert are my absolute faves! sad that cosmic blue didnt rerelease.

  13. Elle

    They do look different over lipsticks–Love Alert is really pretty over Port Red or Red She Said, or any other pinky-red lipstick :)

  14. Rae

    i love baby sparks

  15. Nicki

    Thanks for the swatches! I am suprised that these look so sheer on you though. On my lips, Funtabulous definetely gives my lips a gorgeous purply tint.

  16. AshleyMelissa

    Christine, are the dazzleglasses limited edition or part of the permanent collection?

  17. Brie

    I have very pigmented lips and I get a lot more color payoff for these than you appear to be getting in these photos. The pictures aren’t going to capture that dazzle of course, but I think they look quite different on my lips (especially Like Venus).

    • I slathered all of these on, so I can’t really say anything to this. This is what they look like on my lips, for better or worse :( Perhaps the pigmentation in your lips works with with brightening and giving you different colors than on my lips, which are paler/dead looking.

  18. AbbyL

    Thanks Christine! You’ve convinced me that I need baby sparks! (in addition to the other 5 i bought today lol)

    How did you manage to swatch 18 dazzleglass’ in one day?? Do your lips hurt?

  19. Faheema

    They are all looking very beautiful!
    Guys, which ones do u think would suit indian skin (as in like light brown skin – haha)? (To be more specific British Asian skin ;))

    • sej

      My skin tone is on the fairer side of the Indian skin tones so it might be similar to yours, and I really like the more pigmented pinky shades like Love Alert and Date Night.

    • To be honest, I think they just about all will! They’re sheer, for the most part, so none will be so off in any particular color/tone that it wouldn’t look good :)

  20. Felicia

    I’m wondering why mine feel so heavy on my lips. This is the first I’ve ever tried the Dazzleglasses and I bought 5 of them. I was a tad bit disappointed. I love the color but is there anyway I can tone down the heavyness? I love how they smell but I’m worried about how my love will like the feel of them.