Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

Sharp from MAC’s Cult of Cherry Tempting quad has defnitely caught some buzz. While I love a good chartreuse color, it does come housed in a quad with two repromotes and one permanent color. I think the quad is cute, and it stands out, but I just don’t see myself reaching for it too often. Even if I did, I expect I would go strictly for the green or else a more neutral look just using the other three colors. So, what do you do when you LOVE the color but already have/don’t want the other colors in the quad?

Find a dupe! Most of MAC’s chartreuse eyeshadows resemble each other; they will differ mostly in pigmentation and texture. Sharp has a great texture and decent pay off – I’m not dissing on it in any way, I just keep hearing people lament having to buy a quad for just one color. I don’t believe you should have to!

PRO: The closest eyeshadow dupe is Sour Lemon, which is a PRO color–but permanent–and it has great texture and color pay off. I know if you live in the US, you can call up any PRO store and have them ship you products for $7. While you’re at it, True Chartreuse pigment is also a PRO pigment that’s permanent and really resembles Sharp (and it’s one of my favorite pigments ever).

Regular: Bitter is your closest permanent eyeshadow available, though the pay off is not as good, and it might be a little less yellow.

Limited Edition: Overgrown came out quite awhile ago, and it definitely resembles Sharp. It’s a shade or two lighter (not as yellow), but it works for me. I used to have Sour Lemon, but I found it very similar to Overgrown, so I gave it away (otherwise I would have swatched it!). Don’t forget Alexander McQueen’s Pagan eyeshadow and Pharoah paint pot–both chartreuse colors; Pagan is less of a dupe (greener), and Pagan may not be as pigmented.

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39 thoughts on “MAC Cult of Cherry Comparison Swatches for Sharp

  1. I never realized just how close they were in pigmentation. I’ll have to see how it shows up on me, when it launches.. but I’ve always wanted that pigment.. and I’ve been trying to hunt down the pharoah p/p. I think I might have a thing for chartruse.

    • I LOVE chartreuse, so you aren’t alone, Nepenthe :)

      I am very tempted to get Sour Lemon again, but I keep telling myself to get through Overgrown first (which does have a significant dip in it!).

  2. Bea

    Thanks so much for this!!

  3. felicity

    thanks so much for doing this review christine! i wanted that quad only for the colour sharp, but figured spending $40 for one colour was not a good idea!!!
    I think i will check out true chartreuse!!!!!
    this post is awesome!

    • No problem, Felicity! I know how many people commented about loving Sharp, but they didn’t seem overly enthused about the rest of the quad. True Chartreuse is one of my favorite pigments of all-time (despite being matte, it goes on fabulously!), and it is definitely more pigmented than the eyeshadow, too.

  4. Nartian

    I was trying to dupe this Tempting quad yesterday and used my True Chartreuse sample. So glad it is a close enough dupe so I don’t have to buy a whole quad for just one color.

  5. Charlestongirl

    Hmmm…I like Overgrown from your wonderful photos on skin. Looks wearable. The extreme chartruese colors would, in my mind, only look good on very dark skin.

    Quads seem to me to be a bad buy. Normally, I am only interested in one or two of the colors, and the rest go to waste. I wonder why so many companies push sets/quads/etc., rather than letting us choose the combos that work for us.

  6. KULA

    You make a good point. No need is spending $36 for a quad just for one color. And I dont think I will reach for this color often either. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a beutiful green, (goew well with my wedding colors of Gunmetal grey and chartreuse greeen)but I just dont think it’s a color that I will regularly use.

    As for the neutrals, alot of the colors are close dupes from the Starflash collection. Thanks for sharing I was in between this pallet or the shadow lady pallete. I think the shadow lady and spiced chocolate are more “wearable” in my opinion.

    • Hey Kula!

      Definitely not. I’ve bought quads in the past for one color, and I feel like such a dunce for doing so. Seems like I could have gotten more for my money :)

  7. Cool! What would we do without your vast knowledge base, Christine?!! It’s awesome you can help so many people with this stuff.

    Hey, odd question: Is it just me, or is Sharp in a slightly smaller pan than Overgrown? (In that pic)

  8. Meg

    Hmmm, I personally don’t care for it! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  9. How does it compare to the other chartreuse pigment, the one called simply Chartreuse? According to the pro site, it’s lighter…but one never can trust the site. :)

    • Chartreuse is similar in color, but it’s a lot more shimmery/frosty in comparison. I find it might be a tad more green than yellow, but I own both True Chartreuse and Chartreuse and use them interchangeably.

  10. Ashley

    I thought it looked similar enough to Sour Lemon that I didn’t need it, so now I am glad to know its a real dupe!

  11. Lish

    THE PARTY WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN. they had cherry there and chocolate and cherry martinis and finger foods. I really enjoyed myself!!!!!!!

  12. Lovely colors! Thank for sharing. Hmm.. I usually pass on the quad and hunt for a similar color that’s available singly. If my pocket allows, I’d just get the quad.

  13. Saira

    Thanks so much for swatching the colours and suggesting alternatives – really helpful of you :o) .

  14. OOPS! I accidentally deleted someone’s comment (omg, sorry!), which asked me to compare Fresh Green Mix…

    I gave mine away to my cousin, so I can’t swatch, BUT yes, the mono side from Fresh Green Mix would be similar to Sharp!

  15. cloudburst

    If the quad has good standby colours I already have it’s not a big deal, but if it’s really only one colour I want I feel dumb for buying it – which is what happened with Fafi Eyes #1, I only wanted the grey colour. I should have returned that one.

    • Very true! I try to get quads that I know I will use often – so if it has colors I already own in it, they have to be ones I like or ones great for travel (so then I can just take the premade quad along).

  16. I swatched Bitter, Sharp, and Eyepopping (a LE from the C-Shock collection) over my Urban Decay Primer Potion and, really, the Bitter is a totally different kind of color. It’s a little darker and way more matte, which is to be expected since the other two are satins and it is a velvet.

    But for a true dupe, the Eyepopping wins. I’d be disappointed if I didn’t wear the chartreuse shades A LOT. The two are almost identical in texture, color pay-off, and shading in almost every light. The Sharp has a TINY bit more yellow to it.

    Fortunately, I really like the other colors in the quad, which surprised me because I’m not usually one for neutrals or browns, so I don’t regret the purchase.

  17. Ok… so now I wanna get Sharp more than before 😉

  18. Christine nope. That’s the problem. Haha.

  19. Charlene

    What about dupe for Sharp being the HIP Loreal duo in Riotous. Has anyone used that eyeshadow duo? From what I see, it may be similar to sharp.