Friday, February 6th, 2009


Cremesheen lipsticks from Cremeteam lip swatches! :) I do feel Cremesheen lipsticks to be well-pigmented, but the texture can be a little drying for some. I definitely recommend layering your lips with some balm 10-15 minutes prior (then blotting it off) so your lips take the color better. Creme In Your Coffee surprised me with how pretty it was on (I thought it might be a little on the brown side for me), and Hang Up was ridiculously dark (which means who knows when I’ll wear it!). Lickable is definitely in-ya-face in its rich color, but I’m sure it’ll be a popular one! See the colors for yourself!

Creme Cup

Creme In Your Coffee


Lavender Whip

Hang Up

Shy Girl

Spice Is Nice

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119 thoughts on “MAC Cremeteam Cremesheen Lipsticks Lip Swatches

  1. Shanel

    i love it allllll :)

  2. Awesome! Now, I have seen some colors that most would never find wearable, and I have loved them… but I have to ask, how can one wear Lavender Whip and NOT look undead??

    • Lesley

      Actually, I thought the same thing until I tried it on (at the counter) last night. It was BEAUTIFUL on! I have very light skin, dark hair and blue eyes and it just made my eyes pop and really brightened up my face. The funny this is that, once it’s been on for a while, you don’t see your reflection and think “purple”. I just looked brighter and more fresh. I’ll be picking this one up when the weather warms up, in the spring.

    • I didn’t think Creme In Your Coffee would work on me at all! But I love it.

      Wear it with pinks or berries — it’s one of those lipsticks that might be harder to pull off (though I think pale porcelain ladies will look fab in it), but it’s great for layering.

  3. Sara

    damn it… i am SO TORN between lavender whip and fashion mews. lavender whip= more opaque, fashion mews= paler and is in hello kitty packaging… damn it i’m so tooorn

  4. Miss QQ

    Lickable is gorgeous, but I don’t do bold lips often and thanks for the tip because I do find the l/s drying.

  5. Annika

    Thank you thank you thank you <3 :)

  6. elle

    I think that Crosswires might be the only one I will get. And maybe Lickable if its not too bright on me.

  7. FINALLY SOME COLOR! I hate sheerness. Lickable and Shy Girl looks gorgeous.

  8. wowwww i like …Lickable,Creme In Your Coffee,Spice Is Nice

  9. i knoe all the lippies look great! better than the hello kitty collection..

  10. I was not expecting to love this collection, for some reason I was expecting sheer washes of colour but I want them all! I’m definitely getting Hang Up & Spice is Nice. Lickable is a gorgeous colour but it looks pretty similar to Lustering so I don’t need it. I’ll still check it out to see how it compares though

  11. Creme in Your Coffee looks a lot like Hug Me to me

  12. Anitacska

    Lickable and Hang up are very nice, but I don’t think I’ll be buying any of them.

  13. Marianne

    I bought too many lipsticks for one month already (a girl can never have too many,though)))
    So I think I’d go for lickable.

  14. I am going back to get Lickable. For the lipsticks I only got Lavender Whip!

  15. meagan

    I got Lickable – love it so much! It looks gorgeous with Petite Indulgence over it – almost like the promo pic.

  16. Sandy

    These are gorgeoues Christine. I got Lavender Whip and Cream Cup. Those two worked best with my skin tone

  17. Spice is Nice really looks good on you Christine! Its a different color. I love purples, but Lavender Whip would look like death on me!

  18. Nicole

    I think I will try Creme Cup. Someone said, the color is similar to Angel but with a better finish. And I love my Angel l/s.

  19. Myxa

    Hi, Christine. Your application looks so nice and even here. What do you use underneath on your lips? Lip balm? Lip liner? Or are your lips just nicely defined naturally?

    My lip line is not very clear, so I don’t think I could pull off bright lipstick without a liner or smth. For example, my MA didn’t let me buy Viva Glam I without buying a liner also. :)

    • Thanks, Myxa! LOL, I normally consider this sloppy application–mostly because I just go with it and I don’t worry about fixing it, since it’s mostly for swatch purposes.

      Anyway, I usually wear lip balm before I apply lipsticks, then I blot it off by smooshing my lips against the back of my hand (otherwise it might interfere with the lipstick’s lasting power). My lips are relatively defined, so I don’t usually have to do much. My cupid’s bow could be more defined, so I might line or highlight that area with a shimmer product. :)

  20. Rose

    does anyone know how much these are? i bribed my fiance to go buy it for me since im sick, but i told him they are 14$. he’ll flip if they are much more.

  21. Ally

    Loving Crosswires. Thanks for the swatches, you rock.

  22. Kelly

    DEF getting crosswires, maybe looks like sin from the creamglasses.

  23. I want Lickable, Cream Cup, Lavender Whip and maybe Cream in Your Coffee. Wow these are super tempting!!

  24. I am irrevocably in love with Hang Up, oh yes. This is the epitome of deep, dramatic lip colour. I believe I will have to dig up some of my monies and go out and buy it! 😀

  25. nico

    Lickable is so gorgeous

  26. Christine Chu

    These colors are so pretty, Lickable is exceptionally great on your lips Christine =) I can’t pull this color off thou.

  27. Chynna

    I have light beige skin with yellow undertones. Would Creme in Your Coffee and Shy Girl work on me?

  28. hi

    I love creme in your coffe and spice is nice, and im thinking about Hang Up. Is it a berry or a plum or a red, or what? Can it be sheered out with another color or is it dark and vampy beyond all hope?

  29. wendy

    i really like how CIYC looks on you! i might have to try that on next time i go to MAC =)
    btw, what do u think looks better, shy girl or marquise d’ from BBR?
    thanks a million christine!

  30. Love it. Shy Girl is my favourite. I’m going to go broke with all the awesome MAC collections out right now.

  31. Cream In Your Coffee kind of reminds me of Honeylove, does it seem the same to you?

  32. Scifi

    Rrrr :K I’m torn between Creme in Your Coffee and Shy Girl. It’s like; Slightly Pale or Slightly Dark? It’s so not fun because no matter which one I get, I will lie awake in bed night after night thinking; I should have got the other one. :/

  33. Krystyn

    OMG i love..
    cream in your coffee
    shy girl
    spice is nice

    thank you for the swatches.
    i wasn’t sure to get any more lipsticks after the hello kitty collection but after looking at these swatches, i’m swayed :]
    thank you!!

    <3 Krissy

  34. hippo

    what are your favourite lipsticks Christine?

    and OMG – can I take the lips too (think lips here :()
    Your lips are lovely

    thinking about lickable but I sow your raves about YSL new lippies too. which once do you love more?

  35. aradhana

    i went a bit crazy with this collection!
    i ended up with 3 lipsticks and 5 glosses! i might eventually go back for more lipsticks…but for now i’m cut off…

  36. reesa

    omg, likable is gorg! i really wanted that one, but i passed. it’s so bright. i’m sure i’ll end up getting it eventually, cuz i don’t think i can resist. LOL!

    How do you think it compares in color to Girl About Town?

    • It is pretty bright, but it’s so pretty. It’s very similar, but it’s a little lighter and it has a different finish (gives you that sheen). It’s not quite as opaque either.

  37. dawn

    I went in for Lavender Whip because I was SO excited to finally see a lavender. To say the least I was really disappointed; it’s too pale for my taste. BUT i ended up buying Petite Indulgence Gloss and Lickable lipstick. They were so pretty together.

    So I finally bought something other than red or brown….YAY! even though I’ll probably go back for Spice is nice

    • It’s too bad it didn’t work out for you! It is quite pale/cool, though!

      At least you got something non-brown/red 😛 That is a step in the right direction!!

  38. Kayc

    Hmm.. I purchased Shy Girl but I think I’m gonna go back to get Lickable and Creme in Your Coffee.. and maybe even Crosswires! lol.. I’ll do that after my Hello Kiity haul though.. I’m sure I’ll be broke after that collection lol.

  39. iliang

    I am thinking of getting more of this..I have creme in your coffee..I will go back for spice is nice and the texture and the pigmentation!!!

  40. Ugh I hate you Christine…now I have to have Spice Is Nice =p.

    I probably get that and Fashion Mews. I like that Fashion Mews is a more transparent. I am an NW45 will full lips, so I’m going to have a bit of trouble. But lavender (my favorite color) lipstick in Hello Kitty (loved all of the Sario characters) packaging really honors my childhood, ya know.

  41. Where is my English today? I’ll probably…with full lips

  42. Natalie

    I love your on-the-lips swatches – they are so helpful! I still really want Creme in Your Coffee and Spice is Nice! ^_^

  43. sammmie

    i really love the color of creme cup
    im a sucker for a biege/light pink :)
    i think im gonna have to get that now

  44. Andrea

    I like all colors but lickable

  45. what is everyone stressing over lavender. It looks disgusting on all most everyone i’ve seen wear it sorry ladies:( Anyway what creamgloss would go best for crosswire, cream in your cofee and spice is nice anyone knows????

  46. Nicki

    I Love the Lickable one