Friday, February 6th, 2009

Melt In Your Mouth

Cremesheen Glass lip swatches! :) The ones that I found gave my lips the most color were Creme Anglaise, Melt In Your Mouth, and Petite Indulgence. Looks Like Sin is a bleeder, though I’m not sure why, because none of the others are. Fashion Scoop, Partial to Pink, and Ever So Rich all kind of looked the same on my lips! FYI, these are heavy applications! Anyway, enough of the recap, onto the pictures!

Creme Anglaise

Fashion Scoop

Partial To Pink

Boy Bait

Petite Indulgence

Ever So Rich

Looks Like Sin

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54 thoughts on “MAC Cremeteam Cremesheen Glass Lip Swatches

  1. Shanel

    im lovin petite indulgence, melt in your mouth & looks like sin :)
    are these LE? i hope not!
    my mac counter never had these out yet!

  2. i think looks like sin better on with creme in your coffee…i should have gotten melt in your mouth! waaaaaa….

  3. Petite Indulgence is the one I got… so very pretty!

  4. Miss QQ

    Creme anglaise is gorgeous on you. I don’t know if I should get Petite Indulgence, it is pretty but expensive.

  5. Annika

    Thank you soooo much 😀

  6. Brooke

    they all look the same lol I like the looks like sin tho!

  7. Anitacska

    Ugh, I have to say I really don’t like them. :(

  8. meagan

    I heart the texture of these. I got Petite Indulgence to wear over Lickable and Melt in Your Mouth to wear on their own. I think its hard to find opaque glosses like these with no shimmer or duochrome – they are really pretty.

    • For me, they’re not opaque at all, which is why they’re not my fave :/ The price also grates on my nerves.

      • meagan

        maybe opaque’s not the right word…milky maybe? i have lighter lips than yours. but i think its definitely hard to find glosses without a ton of bells and whistles (like lots of different colored shimmer, etc) with this kind of texture – which is why i liked these and find them a fun alternative to my other glosses. they also just look gorgeous in that packaging – AND i love that they have the doe foot applicator :)

  9. cloudburst

    I might get Petite Indulgence, but in general they don’t blow me away & what you mentioned about the pricing makes them even less attractive.

  10. Tekoa

    I’m happy with the singular Boy Bait I have. The price is irritating even if the texture is nice. It looks very similar to Partial to Pink! Tisk tisk.

    • Yeah, I definitely think one is really all you *have* to own. If you love yourself some sheer, milky gloss with no shimmer… these are definitely great. I’m fine with $18 a pop if it was a brand that I’d expect it from – NARS, MUFE, Stila, etc. Not MAC.

  11. -sigh- Oh, Looks Like Sin, how I USED to adore you. Your online swatch was so inviting, with its dark vibrancy; but now, I can only loathe you. Shame, for shame.

  12. hippo

    Christine – how are they compared to the latest YSL lispticks (forgot the name), lemming lickable. are they lasting?

  13. wendy

    Thanks for the swatches Christine!
    what do u think would be a good dupe for boy bait? i want it but i cant bring myself to spend CAD$21.50 for less the product!! makes me so mad! and, doesnt it look like the lipgloss kinda settles into the spaces in your lips? i noticed that when i tried it in store too.

    • To be honest, you could try a lipgelee (maybe Saplicious) if you want the texture but more for your money (0.5 oz for $14!) or Plushglass in Wildly Lush.

      Some of them definitely do that!

  14. Leah

    I just tried these today since I heard they weren’t going to be as stick as other MAC glosses. I was skeptical, but they really aren’t! I bought Creme Anglaise, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t wear that much color on the lips. I wish it had a brush aplicator instead of a doe foot, though.

  15. Whoa, boybait looks gorgeous. I was thinking of skipping on these because of your review but boybait really does look fairly gorgeous (sadly with a heavy application, but oh well!)

  16. babyboo

    Boybait seems nice – very nude-ish!!!

    I’ve never been much of a fan of any lippie that wasn’t nude (my lips are already tinted enough!!) but for once I’d like to own Petite Indulgence – a very bubble gum pink (to me anyway).
    Its been REALLY hard for me to find lipglosses without any shimmer and glitter so I’m actually excited. I did swatches cuz it was out here in Asia much earlier on but I never realized it was shimmer-less until I read about it. However, I have to say I am concerned about the negative reviews on the lipglosses. :( And yes, i did notice the price hike and thanks for bringing it to light that it has even less quantity than the other lipglosses! yikes. I actually want two but with that price I think i’ll just pick one…. its hard to choose though! Thanks for the clse up swatches. it made it a lot easier for me to decide. At the shop I didnt want to apply directly on my lips and it would have been hard to try on the different colors cuz after a while ur lips go numb/redder than usual.

    • The product itself isn’t poor quality, and the gloss has a great texture, but the price gets me. Price and less quantity… yeah, not fun! But you could get one and not need tons 😉

  17. Sarah

    ooh.. i got fashion scoop and partical to pink (should get them hopefully on monday, i’m loving the look of melt in mouth, boy bait and creme anglais! seriously!!
    i know many people are skeptical about these, but i always wear sheer glossy colours on my lips and besides i hate traditional mac lipglasses, they’re teeny little things, i go weak-kneed at the idea of bigger sized containers (even though they scandalously contain less product), i’m fickle, it’s all about packaging… and i love the idea of these!

    • Ooh, glad you were able to pick up some! The price is just too high for a MAC gloss, especially since it’s way less 😛 I got no beef with lipglass packaging personally, so that helps!

      • Sarah

        I’m actually loving mine and will go back for more. I suppose this substantiates how everyone is different. These tick all the bozes for me. I just like easy breezy, translucent/sheer pinky/nudey colours, non-sticky gloss, that I slick on with my eyes closed (doe-foot applicator helps) and kind of flatters. If I’m genuinely charmed by the product I don’t mind forking out that wee bit extra.

        The thign with lipglasses and their micro size, is i think back to buying a sean john unforgivable fragrance and with it i got three gorgeous lipglosses and they were the same size as mac lipglasses. So psychologically I don’t see the point in buying things in ‘freebie’ sizes. I’m weird, I know. :)

        • That is weird, considering you get more product with the lipglasses than the cremesheen glasses so the cremesheen glasses feel like samples to me!

          It’s not really about paying more for a product, it’s about the price being very different from MAC pricing in general. The majority of their lip products are $14, maybe $14.50–even new ones that have come out, up until dazzleglass. I pay $27 for lipgloss, but it’s Chanel and I expect that–I don’t expect MAC to do that.

  18. Darla

    Yeah but aren’t these cheaper than those sticky dazzleglasses?

  19. Kayc

    ugh I would love to go and buy Petite Indulgence and Melt in Your Mouth but honestly, I just don’t think these lipglasses are worth CAD$21 each — I only purchased Boy Bait… seems like it’s a good nude gloss to go over any kind of lipstick… but it kind of reminds me of C-Thru, which is a perm.. and is cheaper…

  20. Rosie

    I like Looks like Sin and Creme Anglaise. They are beautiful on you!!!!

  21. Allison

    Fashion Scoop looks really good over mac snob lipstick!!!!

  22. You look great in all of them! And I do see a difference between Fashion Scoop, Partial To Pink and Ever So Rich ^^
    I want them all….. but only Partial To Pink, Boy Bait, Ever So Rich and Fashion Scoop seems to be left

  23. Laura :)

    i have the Mac cremesheen glass in right image and its such a goergous babie pink! its great by itself and i dont even need a lipstick! super hydrating and i will mind it with my life :)