Thursday, May 1st, 2008

OVERALL, Naughty Nauticals releases something that will probably tickle your fancy–from the pigments to the pop of red lipstick to the duochrome lustreglass. My favorites from this launch were Loveknot lustreglass, Port Red lipstick, Illegal Cargo eyeshadow, and Mutiny pigment. Anyone who loves pinks for lips should be sure to take a peek at Loveknot and Ensign lustrglasses, and all of the lipsticks (except Port Red) are pink-based.

The Stowaways quad is worth a look, but I think those who don’t have access shouldn’t fear that it is a huge must-have quad!

Skinsheen was out, and the sprays look like typical summer self-tan sprays (I didn’t try it out as I didn’t want to just have a blotch of tan on my arm, ha). I adored the body brush, though; it is so thick and lush and luxurious. I really want it, but it is a bit pricey, and I’m not entirely sure what I would be using it for!

What did you think about the launch? What were your favorites? What’d you get, and what did you wish you could get?

Check out detailed reviews of each product, as well as swatches and product photos!


  • Bateaux is a coral brown with lots of frostiness in its finish, but it has decent color when swatched.
  • Loveknot is one of my favorite lipglasses to come out in a long time, because it has a cool duochrome nature to it! It is a blue-pink with purple sheen, and it reminds me if you mixed Pink Pearl pigment with clear gloss (though this is probably pinker).
  • Ensign is a bright pink, not fuchsia or red, nor is it a hot pink, which makes it a fun color for summer. I’m sure there have been previous colors that are relatively similar to this out there, though.
  • Hey, Sailor is a deeper pink with a little bit of mauvey-berry in it. It is the darkest of the four lustreglasses, but all of them do seem like they have good pigmentation (especially for the lustreglass formula).


  • Buoy-o-buoy is a light, creamy beige with pink undertones and looks like a lot of other neutral/nude lipsticks out there. I don’t consider this a must-have, since the shade itself is not very unique.
  • Party Mate is a neutral-to-cool medium pink that goes on semi-sheer, but it is a little bit buildable. It’s a fun pink for those who have been aching for something without too much color but girly.
  • Port Red is a gorgeous ruby red with gold sheen, and I would definitely say it is an eye-catcher. I really loved the shade, and I think it is up there with my favorite red, Queen’s Sin. They aren’t identical, as Queen’s Sin is a little deeper, I think, with more berry as an undertone. I love the gold flecks that you see in this lipstick.
  • Ahoy, There is a creamy, sheer medium-warm pink with subtle reflects in it. It’s a pretty color, but it didn’t have me jumping around or anything. I feel like I’ve seen it and/or variations of it often enough that I could skip it as a long-time MAC addict.

Indoor Light



  • Shore Leave is a frosty ivory color with a little bit of gold in the undertone. It’s a bit stark on darker skin, so you may want to try it out and think about how you’d use it if your skin tone is beyond NC30, but I really do like the sheen of pink and gold in it.
  • Illegal Cargo is a cool, pale mauve with plum in it. I like the frost and sheen levels in this, because they’re definitely there, but they aren’t too much. I thought this was one of the prettiest colors in the launch. By the way, this is similar to Thunder from the Thunder Eyes quad once upon a time, as well as Pearl of the Earth from one of the holiday palettes two years ago or so.
  • Meet the Fleet is a chalky, matte navy gray. Unlike Matte2s, this is similar to the typical matte formula, so it may be harder to work with. In terms of blendability, it was just okay — I wasn’t loving it on sight or anything. The color is nice, but I think I could get away with just using Print or something.
  • Pandamonium is a lighter gray than Meet the Fleet, and it doesn’t have any of the blue in it. I found that this had the least color pay off, so you really need to pack it on (it’s a lustre).
  • Submarine is a satiny dark blue with a subtle sheen that really does look gorgeous, but it is like Blue Storm. It might be a bit brighter, but they are definitely cousins!


  • Bell Bottom Blue is a rich navy blue with these cool darker blue particles in it. It reminds me of Deep Truth eyeshadow (or even Submarine eyeshadow from this launch).
  • Lark About is a cool white color with a blue cast to it, and it is relatively frosty, so it’s not my favorite for a highlight (because I prefer lighter frosts or veluxe pearl finishes for that area). It may make an awesome shimmer to a body lotion, though!
  • Lovely Lily is prettier than I remember it being, honest! It’s very smooth and is a lovely warm lilac color with some frost in its finish, but not too over the top.
  • Mutiny is a pale aqua with decent brightness and OK color payoff. It is the least “pigmented” out of the bunch, but I think that this is a great way for those who have been scared of teal to get into it.


  • Awash is a pale, frosty white with a lot of yellow/gold tones, so it’s actually quite pretty. I would say I like it the most out of the four in the quad.
  • Crest the Wave is a bright pop of yellow with a frosty finish, a little chunky in texture, but still blendable. It’s pretty, and it does remind me of Going Bananas from C-Shock.
  • Satin Taupe is a permanent MAC color, and it is a gorgeous brown with a gray cast to it.
  • Sea Cadet is a chalky pale gray-navy blue. It’s not my favorite texture, but it has decent payoff.

Nail Lacquers

  • Shirelle is truly a classic bright red, and I would say it almost has a coralness about it.
  • Naughty Nauticals is just gorgeous as a rich, dark blue with purple-blue sheen and shimmer. OPI’s Russian Navy seemed to have a lot of purple sheen to it, and I would say the shimmer and effect of Naughty Nauticals is bluer than Russian Navy.

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165 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Naughty Nauticals Review, Images, Swatches, and Product Photos

  1. Nicole

    Hey Christine,

    Great swatches, I will be doing the stuff that I got later. I really have a hard time cause no one shows what it looks like on darker skin.

    I have a quick question for you – Do you think Electric Eeel could dupe for Submarine?

    • Erin

      I am not Christine but, Freshwater is a Submarine dupe, IMO.

      • Nicole

        Thanks Erin,

        I forgot to pick up submarine when I was in store today, and I am debating if I need to go back this afternoon to get it. I have electric eel at home, but I think submarine may be a bit darker than that.

        • Erin

          Electric Eel is a sort of mattish finish whereas the Submarine is more of a frost and you’re right, it is darker. The closest shade is Freshwater. And that is a permanent shade so you can always get that. Thats why I passed on the Submarine.

    • B

      I don’t mean to advertise, Christine (sorry if I am, in which case you can delete my comment b/c I’ll feel bad)….my blog features these swatches on warmer skintones (NW45). But to add, are Lustreglasses at all MAC stores? When I went to go check out the collection at MAC Pro, I didn’t see them. Boooo…

    • Thanks, Nicole! Hope to see your swatches soon :)

      Personally, EE is REALLY bright compared to Submarine, like ridiculously so.

  2. carriespooner

    Thanks for the swatches. Pretty. I’m probably going to pass on this one since I’m not good in blues. Remember me.. I’m the only one who’s in love with Neo Sci fi. lol

    • that makes 2 of us 😛

      • Angela

        I can’t wait for the other upcoming collections! As for the Naughty Nauticals, I only bought Ahoy There!, Buoy-o-buoy, and Ensign. When I saw the eyeshadows they didnt look like anything I had to have and neither were the other products. I havent really gotten into pigments yet because I’m building up the rest of my collection but I thought Mutiny was beautiful and I may go back and get that. I think the upcoming collections have more colors that I prefer and would be great for the summer so I’m with all of you waiting for Neo Sci Fi and Cool Heat!

    • My pleasure, doll :) lol, I think there are a few Neo Sci fans, I’m sure once it’s out, there will be more!

  3. Ariele

    Thank you for the as-always AWESOME swatches. Now I am even more excited to get my haul in the mail. The anticipation… ha. Illegal Cargo almost looks like a purple/mauve version of Neutral Pink. What do you think?

    I think I can safely say that buying practically the whole collection on a blind whim doesn’t seem so bad based on your swatches. All of the lippies look absolutely gorgeous & suitable for me. Can’t wait to try our Port Red!

  4. Tonee

    Those eye shadows look super awesome! I don’t fancy anything else from this collection – that kinda surprises me….

  5. melissa

    I am just not feeling this collection, I am not into blues…I have super pale, almost turquis at times eyes so blues never do anything for me.

    All though I am lemming Illegal Cargo….but I hated nuetral pink so will I like this? Suggestions?

  6. Erin

    My package should come today.

    I ordered:

    Shore Leave e/s
    Illegal Cargo e/s
    Port Red l/s (I’m so excited about this one!)
    Love Boat l/g
    Bateaux l/g
    Lovely Lily p/m
    Bell-Bottom Blue p/m
    Mutiny p/m
    Stowaways quad

    And I was thinking about getting NOTHING from this collection. How sad………..

    The Ensign and the Hey Sailor looks nice but I getting the feeling that I should pass on them.

  7. gracee

    I’m wanting:
    ensign (maybe)
    party mate

  8. dee

    Thanks! So now I think I’m only getting submarine and one of the eyeliners. Probably the gray one.

  9. Nora

    Thanks for the swatches and review! Just wanted to point out that you left out the technakohl liners in here. :)

  10. Shefali

    OMG I’m all over that Port Red!! It looks awesome!! There are quite a few things I’m going to pass on…but until I actually go to Nordies and check it out, I’m holding off on what I haul :) The Port Red is a definite though.

  11. Nora

    Oh. Forgot my two questions. 1) Do you find Shore Leave similar to Vanilla pigment? 2) Do you think Lark About is the blue version of Pink Opal pigment? That’s how it always looks in pictures. Thank you!

    • Hey Nora! Hmm, not really, mostly because the texture is different. You know, that’s a pretty good comparison of Lark About! I’d say it has a little more white to it than beige/gold (Pink Opal is a little white-gold with the purple sheen on me).

  12. kellie

    Thanks Christine. I’m not totally blown away by anything, but will probably end up w/ a few pieces. Probably getting the naughty nauticals nail polish for sure. Does anyone know how to make MAC nail polish last longer? Can’t wait to see the looks you’ll have for us!!!

    • No problem! Let me know what you end up getting!

      I just use a base, top coat, and then a quick drying coat. I do two coats of polish, though.

  13. Jill...

    Hi Christine, I have to make an online order for this collection unfortunately.. From your picture I want Buoy 0 Buoy and Party Mate.. but on Specktra the swatches is very different –

    I am confused!!
    Many thanks

  14. Tracy

    oh my god.. MUST.HAVE.ILLEGAL.CARGO!!! I think it would look so pretty on green eyes! Shore Leave is def. my 2nd choice. I might just have to get both. :)

    Thanks, Christine! Awesome as always.

  15. Hey Cristine,

    Im luving the Ensign,Port red And Ahoy there.Smooth blue and Mutiny is also looking fabulous!!Looking forward to get them,but not now.But once reaching to USA yes for sure! :))


    • Nice! So you’re coming over to the US soon?

      • Oh yes very soon on a Green in a month or so!!!hehehe 😀 CANT STOP GIGGLING AROUND

        • Ohh, awesome! What part(s) will you be going to?

          • zzainy

            I will be staying in VIRGINIA,very excited to c Statue Of Liberty for the very first time!!And i dont remember the park name in California but it has a huuuuuuuge waterfall in it.Actually i love nature and different colour trees,I have always dreamed about looking at it and to click many pictures standing near them,I AM JUST COMPLETELY CRAZY TO C BEAUTIFUL NATURE!!


  16. Tanya M

    I got all of the pink lipsticks and lipglosses and Port Red. Port Red looks amazing with Love Knot over it. I tried it on at the MAs urging, I got a compliment on it as I was walking out of the mall. I also got all of the pigments, despite deciding before I went in that I wouldn’t. Also, the MACs in my area apparently didn’t get the Dazzleglasses in? Boo.

  17. Rayanna

    It looks like Ahoy There and Party Mate are mixed up. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought Party Mate was brighter pink then Ahoy There.

  18. agh i want to order stuff now, but i’m going to the NN event at my local counter, so i guess i’ll wait till then. I think i’m getting:

    Love Knot
    Ahoy There
    Illegal Cargo
    possibly Shore Leave

    but also need to pick up moisturelush *(best night cream, IMO) and maybe another dazzleglass or beauty powder blush………hey, i worked all this overtime, i can spend the $, right??

    • lol, when’s the event, Courtney? I would *never* go to events that were after the launch day, LOL, I’d be like… but what if it’s all sold out?

  19. Heather

    thank you so much for always doing this! I think it helped me narrow down somethings so I don’t spend as much time (and money!) in MAC – and not to worry about going to Nordies. That quad…eh.

  20. Eru

    Well, from Spain I’ll have to wish I could be able to get Ahoy There. :( Greyprint and Pandamonium look lovely as well. Don’t you think Naughty Nauticals looks a bit like Blue Satin by Chanel?

  21. Lehea

    Made my way to Macy’s this morning and got Illegal Cargo, Submarine, Buoy O Buoy, and Ensign. Love them all!

  22. Amy

    Hey Christine!

    Is this anything out of this collection that you can’t live without, or is everything easily duped or easily passed over?

    By the way, you are stunning and I love the site. :)

    • Port Red, probably, but I’m always drawn to reds… I also love Mutiny pigment, because I haven’t seen a pigment this color too often (I can’t think of any, actually). Loveknot has an awesome duochrome to it, but you can get it by mixing Pink Pearl & gloss, too.

      Thanks :)

  23. T.

    Thank you so much for the swatches!!! Looks like I’ll only be picking up two lipsticks (Party Mate and Ahoy there) and one shadow (Illegal Cargo) :)

  24. lala

    I posted my swatches on your forum lol

    I got all the e/s but the gunmetal one.

    the quad (which I had to pre-order at nordstorms) it’s really pretty!!

    no lippies..I had enought to back – 2- mac for two…but I lol I wanted to save for the neo sci-fi maybe.

  25. I want Ensign, Party Mate and the Naughty Nauticals polish!

  26. Sanayhs

    I have so far picked up Party Mate (love!), Mutiny and Illegal Cargo. I’m probably going back for Ahoy, There and am debating Bell-Bottom Blue and Lark About (I already have Lovely Lily). I’d just like to point out that while Mutiny is pretty light on its own, it’s magnificent over Sea Me shadestick. 😉 Lark About seems a lot like vellum eyeshadow, which I don’t have. Hmm… 😀

  27. jdepp_84

    I have to admit I am a bit dissapointed by this collection. :( I dont know why, there is something I dont like.

  28. Rose

    Hey Christine,

    How does Pandamonium compare to Knight Divine? Do you prefer one over the other? Thanks.

    Thanks for the amazing swatches!!

  29. Thanks again for your amazing swatches Christine! I picked up Shore Leave (because I am a pale girl and can’t pass up a frosy creamy color) and Illegal Cargo E/S. I have green eyes and Illegal Cargo looks awesome! I also snagged Port Red which looked surprisingly good on my fair/rosy skintone and Pary Mate which looks absolutely killer! Was disappointed in Pandamonium (as with creamy colors, I also can hardly ever pass up a really good silver or gray) – little pay off and a bit too much on the black side of gray. Loved Mutiny, but that aqua color always looks bad on me, no matter how hard I try to make it work! :( The MA showed me some of the looks for Cool Water – absolutely DYING for that to come out.

  30. I got Lovely Lily, Bell Bottom Blue (OMGGORGEOUS), Mutiny (LOVE!), Submarine (which I swatched next to Freshwater, and they aren’t 100% the same, I don’t know why people think they’re that alike.), Love Knot, and Party Mate!

    I LOVE the color (duochrome!!!) of Love Knot, but I have to say, Party Mate is my fav! The other Lipsticks seemed too sheer, and I wasn’t in the market for a red, but Party Mate is like my perfect color!! SO HAPPY!! Wheeee!

  31. natasha

    thanks for the swatches Christine : )
    2 questions
    1) is buoy-o-buoy a dupe for hug me
    2) how similar are crystal avalanche and shore leave, in terms of colour and blendibility (if that is a word :P)

    • No problem! Hug Me is more pigmented? I think… I don’t know, Buoy o Buoy was really more like a nude with hardly any pink on me, but it shows up pinker on others!

      Crystal Avalanche is probably chalkier… Shore Leave is more blendable, IMO!

    • Carrie

      Yeah, Hug Me is pinker and more pigmented than Buoy-o-buoy.

  32. Brittany

    Almost all of the shadows look like past eyeshadows from either their regular line or ones from past collections.

    • Aww! They are similar, I mean… they were very fitting with the theme, but there were definitely a few “I’ve seen this” moments.

  33. natalie

    please can u tell me wat r stowaways…………..
    iii really wanna get that quad……pleaseeeeeeee….

  34. Beverly Vinson

    My husband was a sweetie and took me to our local M.A.C. store at Macy’s and bought me some Naughty Nauticals makeup.

    We both really liked Ensign and so we bought:

    * Lovely Lily Pigment
    * Bell Bottom Blue Pigment
    * Submarine Eyeshadow
    * Technakohl Smoothblue eyeliner

    We passed on the rest of the makeup for the look b/c I thought some of it (black eyeliner, for example) we had or could dupe at home and right now I have too much pink lipsticks/lip glosses at home right now!

    I will be wearing it to work tomorrow morning. Luckily, my job doesn’t seem to mind how I wear my makeup/nails/hair, probably because I don’t really deal with external customers. (Then again, I don’t do things too too crazy there lol)


    • Aww, what a honey, Beverly 😀

      Make sure you tell us what you use in your look tomorrow!

      • Beverly Vinson

        I used Smoothblue all over the lid and lower lash line. Submarine over lid, Bell Bottom Blue in the crease, and Lovely Lily as a highlight. Boujois Mascara in Black (spelling?) and Wonderstruck Lustreglass on my lips.

        My husband liked the look so much he took me out again to get the other colors for the Naughty Nautical look….then we got home and found that the dog had destroyed papers that fell off of a shelf onto the floor :(. Poor guy, he wasn’t too happy….

        I wonder how Mutiny would look over a sharkskin base…

        Love the website!

        On a totally unrelated topic, if anyone is interested in Iron Man, my husband and I saw it and it is GREAT!

        If you stay to the end, past the credits you can see a quick 5 minute clip that alludes to a possible next movie (not sure if it’s to a possible Iron Man 2 or to an Avengers movie).

        • Hey Beverly!

          This sounds like a fab look! I love that your husband took you out to get more 😀

          But that’s toob ad about the papers!

  35. Becky

    hello and thanks for the swatches? Do you think that either Ensign or Hey Sailor are musthaves if you don’t have anything of that color (like in the family but not similar, if you know what I mean?) Or, are there any dupes? I’m on a low-buy right now, thats why….thanks!

    • No problem, Becky! Ensign is really pretty if you don’t have anything similar and love pinks. I would say you could pass and find similar colors later on, though, if you are on a low-buy!

  36. Tanya

    I just got back from the mall and checking out this collection –

    I passed on all three glosses since I just got a ton of Dazzleglasses and after those there is nothing as awsome in glosses to make me want to buy any of these four.

    I got all the lipsticks except for the red, since I own a couple reds and just dont wear them that often, that said it was a stunning red color.

    I passed on all the shadows except for Submarine Blue…I did not really care for any of the other colors…they seemed very muddy and murkey, not at all bright and fun.

    The pigements were all super nice and I bought both blue colors Bell Bottom Blue and Mutiny. The purple color was nice but not a color I wear…I thought for sure I would like Lark About but in person and on me it was horrid…was to much purple/blue shine to it…very unattractive on my skin!!

    Everything else I wasnt at all interested in so I didnt even really look at the palette, nail colors or liners.

    • Hey Tanya! LOL, which Dazzleglasses did you get? These seem to be a huge hit!

      I have a ton of reds that I never wear, but I’m not so good at resisting buying more!

      I’d love to see you wearing Mutiny :)

  37. erynn

    do you think its a must have to have the bell bottom blue pigment if i already have deep truth, and blue storm? TIA, and the munity, is it close to UD’s shattered or piccadilly?

    • Hey Erynn! You could probably pass – unless you’re a pigment buff, then I know you’ll probably cave regardless ;P

      I don’t own either, so I really couldn’t say. Mutiny is very much like Aquadisiac in color.

  38. claudine

    thanks christine now i really know what to get
    bell bottom blue pigment
    and loveknot lustreglass
    i really have to save some money for future collections lol

  39. Shar

    Thanks Christine! I usually hate lusterglasses but these are gorgeous! The colour payoff is fantastic! :)

  40. Ross1977

    I LOVE this collection!!! I’ve ordered 2 pigments, mutiny and lovely lily and one lipstick, port red!
    I am thinking about buying other stuffssuch as submarine, hey sailor, ahoy there and party mate :-D.

  41. Sanayhs

    Here’s a thought: Try applying Sea Me shadestick as a base, Mutiny with MM across the lid, Illegal Cargo in the crease (with a touch of Thunder from blue storm or some other darker purple in the outer crease for added depth), and Shroom as a highlight. Then, if you have it, Haunting fluidline on the outer half of the lower lashline (or, bell-bottom blue would work!) with more Mutiny on the inner half. Top it off with black mascara. Simple, pretty and fun. 😀

    (For the face, I went with Party Mate lipstick and an all over brushing of lightscapade MSF, and the cheeks are a combination of maidenchant blushcreme, Fashion Frenzy from Fafi and New Vegas and Light Flush MSFs. :D)

  42. claudine

    Does anyone know how Bell bottom blue pigment compares to Flashtrack Eyeshadow? similar?

  43. I want ALL of the Lustreglasses! 😀

  44. Liz

    I hit the MAC counter last night to check it out and got:
    Mutiny pigment
    Bell Bottom Blue pigment
    Shore leave e/s
    Illegal cargo e/s
    Date night Dazzleglass(I hadn’t seen these in person, and they are amazing)

    I passed up on the other shadows, I felt like I had colors that were so similar (like Freshwater, Silver Ring and Navel). The lipsticks were nice, but nothing that I HAD to have. I do think I’m going to head back and pick up Port Red because it is a beautiful shade that I think is very wearable.

    Today, I’m wearing Shore leave and Illegal cargo with a little Hepcat in the crease, and I have to say it looks really good!

  45. Sandy

    I’m going today to check these out and pick up Port red :)

  46. TT

    I hate MAC again!! They keep taking my money!!!!! This line is beautiful in person. No offense, but the colors on this site do no justice until you see them in person. My favorite eyecolor is Shore Leaves! On darker skin tones, this color is beautiful. My favorite lip color is Port Red, that lipstick is fire!! I saw a MAC artist with the submarine as the lid color and pandomonium faded in the crease…Gorgeous!!! Talking about this line, has me going back to the counter really, really soon. Bye guys!!

  47. Jaime

    How would you compare Party Mate LS to Supersequin LS? I am trying to decide if I need both…

  48. Cosine

    Lovely swatches and as usual, great review! I can’t spend too much on this collection though… I blew my paycheck at the Givenchy and Paul&Joe Warehouse sale! Sobz! Kind of wish I didn’t splurge so much then!

    Anyways, how similar is Naval Blue pigment to the Bell Bottom Blue one? I’m trying to cut down on expenses here (but I know I’ll still get a couple of lippies, Lovely Lily and Mutiny!)… =D

    Thanks honey!

    • There was a Givenchy warehouse sale? Tell me it’s not so! Oh, if it is, you are one lucky lady!!

      Naval Blue pigment is similar, you could skip BBB probably!!

  49. I didn’t think I would like this launch until I saw all the awesome looks.

  50. JillyB

    Loved the swatches so I went to Nordie’s today, thinking I’d pick up a couple of the glosses. Oops, did a little more damage than that. I bought the l/g in Ensign, Hey, Sailor and Bateaux. The l/s in Port Red (after swearing I would not buy another red)and Party Mate. The e/s in Illegal Cargo. Then I wandered over to the Dazzleglasses and bought Money, Honey and Sugarrimmed. Love it all.
    Oh- my SA said that the next promotion has been moved up from May 29th to May 21. Hear anything about that? I need a little time to save some more money!

  51. cloudburst

    I have a question for you – on Specktra someone swatched Azreal Blue next to Mutiny & commented that they were extremely similar…what is your take? (I bought Mutiny but don’t own Azreal Blue).

  52. kachelle

    okay so i went to nordstrom yesterday and got the stowaways quad because i needed another pretty yellow . and i went to the M.A.C store today i got love knot l/g, port red l/s, bell bottom blue & mutiny pigments , submarine,illegal cargo, and shore leave e/s. i’ve never owned a red lip stick but i couldn’t pass it up so i hope i like it.

  53. Heather

    I got all the pigments, all but Pandamonium from the shadows, Ensign and Love Knot l/g, and all but the Ahoy lipsticks. My favorite things from the collection so far are the Bouy-O-Bouy lipstick and Love Knot Lustreglass! Picked up 5 Dazzleglasses too while I was there: Baby Sparks, Ms. Fizz, Money Honey, Comet Blue, and Love Alert. Whoooooo!!!!

  54. Heather

    BTW Christine, what did you get?! You should tell us what you get when new releases come out – I, for one, like to get what you have so that I can re-create your awesome looks!! :-) Thanks!!!

    • I generally don’t buy very much – I tend to pick it up piecemeal. Sometimes I buy things just to show you guys how to use them, so I don’t really know if that’s a fair assessment of what I actually loved :)

  55. Ceci

    Hi! Christine! I need some help from you! I’ve bought the quad, and now i realise i don’t really know how to make a look out of it. Hopefully you can do a tutorial or a look using all the four colours there. Thanks in advance^^

  56. Kellie

    Just got back from Nordstrom. I got a mini haul of naughty nauticals nail polish, lovely lily pigment, and skin sheen leg spray. Also, since I am a regular at my Nordstrom MAC counter, my boy hooked me up w/ a sample of mutiny. I haven’t tried any of the eyeshadows yet, but I have tried the skin sheen leg spray and love love love it.

  57. Evangelia

    I love your commentary, Christine! Thanks so much! I bought Love Knot, Party Mate, and the Naughty Naughticals polish…I agree with you about Love Knot, it’s sooo fun! I am dying for the Stowaways palette, but the girls at the MAC counter hadn’t even heard of it! How can I get ahold of it?

  58. Vee

    I was really excited for Shore Leave, as I like more natural, warm looks right now, and I was dissappointed to realize that I could dupe it with Phloof!, which I already have.

  59. lucyzombie

    wooo i just got my naughty nauticals number 1 order in the post. i may order more later?

    i got bell bottom blue, illegal cargo and buoy o buoy.

    i’m lovin buoy o buoy tbh. its like, i’m ridiculously pale, and i have dark hair and blue eyes and it just compliments really well. it makes my lips look more neat in a weird way? i dunno how to explain it. lol i’ve already done my eyemakeup for today so i’ll have to wait til tomorrow to check out the others. lovin naught nauticals!

  60. evangelia

    Thanks kachelle! I may have to make a Nordstrom and Sephora run this weekend…Sephora has an exclusive Escada summer fragrance set that I want as well…what is up with all of these “exclusives” lately?

  61. Janis

    Is Pandamonium e/s the same as the e/s in Pandamonium quad of Balloonacy?

  62. Steph

    I got Buoy-o-buoy l/s, Party Mate l/s, Ensign l/g and Illegal Cargo e/s. I also got samples of Mutiny and Bell Bottom Blue.

    I’m still thinking about getting Submarine…

    • Nice haul, Steph! 😀 If you already have blues like Naval, Freshwater, Deep Truth, Blue Storm, Blue Caml… you could pass.

  63. Nina

    I live my stowaways quad..all colors work so well together yet interesting enough on their own

  64. melly

    i just came from a mac seminar and did not see stowaways. I like crest the wave but is that an eyeshadow or pigment?

  65. melly

    No queens center mall but I did some searching online and found out it was a quad but its only available at nordstroms so I ran out this morning and picked up the last display case they was sold out lol I had to have it when I saw them on your swatches….ty im wearing it as we type love it

  66. melly

    ty I would love to see a tut of yours with that quad.. Hopefully you will be able too…..???? :-)

  67. Kate

    Hi Christine,

    Of this collection I got Smooth Blue, Port Red, Shirelle and Shore Leave. Unfortunately, after ordering SL I have been reading it is a dupe for Stila’s Kitten, which I already have. I’m hoping Shore Leave is more towards white. What are your thoughts?

    I don’t know what I did before I had Port Red!

    Thanks in advance. :)

  68. DreamerChan

    Hello Christine,

    I found your blog by chance, and OMG I applaud you for such dedication to your MAC addition.

    Anyways, from your swatches I ended up buying Illegal Cargo e/s, Port Red l/s (My first red <3), and Ensign l/g. I was wondering what dupes are there from the permanent collection are for Part Mate and Ahoy There. I was thinking Bombshell could be a dupe for Party Mate, and Hue for Ahoy There? My favorite MA had a list of dupes for this collection for me, but my clumsy self lost it.

    I promised myself no other collections until Cool Heat. But this collection plus Neo-Scifi is making me rethink that, and I’m doubting the amount I want from Cool Heat.

    Thanks for reading my long ass comment :)

    • Hey DreamerChan! :) So glad you happened upon the blog, hope you enjoy yourself here!

      Sounds like you had a nice haul for NN. Isn’t Port Red divine? Adore it… SO MUCH!

      Party Mate and Ahoy There, hmm… I would say you could try Pink Plaid for Party Mate, actually. Hue would probably work for Ahoy There. I think Bombshell will be too pornstar-pink compared to Party Mate!