Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Popster TLC

See, I make good on my promises, right?! This post includes swatches of the two Tinted Lip Conditioners as well as the six Lipglasses from MAC’s Hello Kitty Collection. :) As you can see, a few of them run together and it’s hard to tell them apart. Oddly enough, I think the TLCs have more color pigmentation on my lips than the lipglasses!

For those who have left questions/comments on any of the HK posts: I will try to answer them today, but my day is pretty spoken for (boo@school), so I’m hoping to have everything answered by Friday at the latest. Thank you for understanding!

Pink Fish TLC

She Loves Candy Lipglass

Fast Friends Lipglass

Mimmy Lipglass

Nice Kitty Lipglass

Nice To Be Nice Lipglass

Sweet Strawberry Lipglass

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150 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Hello Kitty Lipglasses and Tinted Lip Conditioner Swatches on Lips

  1. reesa

    Very interesting. These look VERY sheer. Not sure a lot of them will show up on my very pigmented lips.

    How do you think Sweet Strawberry compare with Strawberry Blonde?

    Thanks for the swatches, as always, Christine.

  2. Damn girlllll, your a fast worker! You even tried to make up for not having the Too Dolly palette! <33!
    Thanks for the swatches, your a big help :] and a shamee they’re so sheer. :'[ oh well, maybe mix em up with lipsticks to make them add something a little different to a look.

  3. Shanel

    they all look similiar cause it’s super sheer!
    I wish they were a lil’tad’bit more pigminted

  4. DevilishDoll

    Hopefully these will show up better on my lips since I’m quite fair and my lips aren’t as pigmented. Although I’m now thinking that I might get Sweet Strawberry and She Loves Candy first, then get Nice Kitty and Fast Friends later, since I can only get 2 right now.

  5. MissTiss

    Holy Cow! That was fast. Thanks for this, I’m kinda bummed that they all look so similar once on the lips…and I hate lip conditioners because I swear I can taste the sunscreen…

    Hmmmm, I’ll check them out, but I think you just saved me a small fortune. <3

  6. Rebecca

    You’re my makeup hero–that was so fast! Thanks!

  7. I like She Loves Candy and Pink Fish TLC, though that one seems to do that annoying thing where it settles into lip cracks and I can’t stand that! The rest seem a bit sheer for me and not very original.

  8. The TLCs appear to have more pigment than the glosses!

  9. Alannah

    The Pink Fish TLC looks pretty similar to the Luella & Disney ones in that shade… am I off there, or do you agree? I was thinking it was a must-have but not if it’s as similar to the previous releases as I think it is!

    The lipglasses are quite a disapointment (in colour payoff) from your swatches. Thanks so much for doing those!

  10. Natasha

    I love Popster, I’m wearing it now. I ended up getting both TLC’s cuz I think pink Fish looked really nice as well. I also got Nice Kitty lipgloss to put over Strayin’ l/s. =) Nice swatches Christine! I hope you had some fun at the event yesterday, I was being pushed everywhere because they had too many ppl in there!

  11. Shefali

    Wow you’re right…the TLC’s look more pigmented. I can’t even tell the difference with some of those lipglasses. I’m waiting for the d/g’s anyway. Thanks for the swatches, C!

  12. I caan’t tell the difference between the lipglasses either! Thank-you very much for the swatches x

  13. Crystal

    its funny how the TLC are more pigmented than the gloss ! I would think the other way around, the glosses all look the same

  14. cloudburst

    Wow, you weren’t kidding, those lipglasses are way sheer! I am dissapointed – I wanted the purple gloss to be really pigmented. Oh well, I guess I will probably end up with Popster TLC, it looks really pretty on.

    • I kept checking my notes, and I was like, “OK, did I take pictures of the same gloss three times? No? Really? WHAT?!”

      • Tekoa

        Haha. I was just thinking “Was the same lip accidently posted three times?” They look that similar. Ouch MAC.

        • LOL, I was like, “WAIT! I only took one pic of each gloss, but… but… they look the same?” I did them in alphabetical order, otherwise I’d never have known which was which.

  15. My-Linh

    I’m sad! The lipglasses look the same!! Sweet Strawberry is so sheer :(

  16. Anitacska

    They are pretty similar, but still She Loves Candy and Sweet Strawberry look the nicest.

  17. Jou

    thanks for swatching!

  18. carriespooner

    They do look the same and totally dupable. I’m not trying to be negative. I’ll bet they are pretty over the lippies.. of course.

    I would love them all because they are soo pretty in the

  19. Those are soo unpigmented, I’m sure they’ll be even worse in my superpigmented lips!!! Not the TLCs, I added them to my list (Popster).

    • Tell me about it! She Loves Candy is great, because even though it’s a “light” gloss, you get a lot of shimmer and shine and not just like clear gloss with shimmer particles… all over frostiness. LOVE IT!

      Sweet Strawberry isn’t too bad, either. But yeah, they all look so KA-POW! in the tubes and not at all like that on lips. Well, not mine!

  20. Maren

    Thank you so much for all the swatches (and for keeping me apart from buying similar stuff)!
    I wanted Fast Friends and Nice to be Nice so much, because they look so unique in the tube, but now I will only get Popster TLC.

    • LOL, no problem, Maren.

      Nice To Be Nice might be better over a lipstick, because it’s nowhere as sheer as Fast Friends was in a swatch. Fast Friends just was a mess of sheer to me!

  21. Sara

    thank you so much for all your help, christine. i think my list is officially: fashion mews, strayin, and she loves candy. i wanted fast friends (because a purple lipglass sounds so cool!) but i will pass thanks to your swatches :) ty christine! you make not living anywhere near a mac or counter a little easier! lol

  22. I couldn’t believe how ridiculously sheer these were when I saw them too. They could’ve been much better IMO. Mimmy is the only one I’m really interested in.

  23. tropicalia

    YES, they are so sheer and a big disappointment when I tried them on my hands yesterday. I have mauve pigmented lips, these kind of gloss won’t work at all. So, I passed on them all. I can tell that Christine doesn’t has pigmented lips like mine, so sheer can work for people like her natural lips color.

  24. kristie

    Thanks for the swatches Christine. Seems like most of the colors are so sheer, they look the same on your lips! What a disappointment =(

  25. jessica

    yeah the lipglasses are a disappointment. i’ll have to pass! but the TLC looks cute

  26. cmferrets

    u should do lip swatches of the lipsticks and lipglsses that go together both on the lip to see what they look like layered

  27. Liz

    Do the TLC’s have spf?

  28. Elisa

    Ohhh, “popster TLC” is absolutely fantastic! I’ll buy it for sure!
    And “She loves candy” too.

    Thanks so much for swatches.

  29. Marianne

    I would only go with popster & she loves candy this time.
    The other ones look like they were actually cloned by MAC team.))hehe.

  30. Rio

    I really like Popster!

  31. Macaddict

    Wow!! After originally wanting Nice to be Nice & Fast Friends l/g, I might just geet the 2 TLCs. I “need” pigments!! LOL Still, I will sample them though on my lips cuz you just never know… But, I’m super excited for friday since I will get cremeteam products and I’m thinking the l/g are probably going to be more pigmented… I want the lilac/purple one to go with Lavender Whip!

    • LOL!! Definitely give ’em a shot. I always think, if you can, to try things out yourself. My swatches are just one reference point! My lips are definitely not the same as everyone else’s, too, so you never know :)

  32. Jessica

    Are the TLCs as long wearing as lipglasses ?

  33. Natalie

    How is Fast Friends over Fashion Mews please? Does FF l/g show up a bit better? Thanks Christine!

  34. Amanda Rene

    Totally bummed about the pigmentation. I’m still going to get She Loves Candy and then wait for the DazzleGlass for Kitty Kouture

  35. love

    Umm, maybe its me but I feel like it all looks the same….
    but that’s just me

  36. Lil

    I’m not that thrilled with these thus far, there’s virtually no difference between most of these swatches. I’m surprised you bought so much Christine, I have to say, that I have never ever spent that much on a launch. The most was like about $300. I think you’ll be returning these for sure…kinda pointless.

    • I probably won’t return much, because I hate returning things, especially since all of the MAs know me. It’s just awkward, so I’ll keep what I like and give the rest away to friends/family.

      Based on the polls I posted a few weeks ago, a lot of people find photographs of everything really helpful, so purchasing the whole collection is an investment into improving the blog’s quality and making it a better resource for you all :) So in the future, so long as I’m able, I will be trying to purchase entire collections–or at least the things that matter for color accuracy and the like (aka no permanent lip liners each time around or accessories like HK bags).

  37. Karla

    So do you think these (L/g) even worth the price for no pigmentation? I’m sad… I want something that’s sparkles WITH color… Maybe strawberry blonde from BBR? I was excited, and even going to skip school for the release to go to the nearest MAC store… that’s still over a hour and a half away. lol. This helped a lot, atleast now I know not to get the l/g’s. lol.

  38. Wow when I was scrolling to the lipglasses I was thinking to myself, damn they all look the same! haha. But Pink Fish TLC looks really nice.

  39. kat

    Now I want to look at She loves Candy, Nice Kitty, and Sweet strawberry lipglasses! My lips aren’t as pigmented as yours, so I’m thinking they may look more different for me… I’m hopeful, anyway! Thanks so much Christine!

  40. I like Popster and She Loves Candy, although they’re both way more pale and blue-toned than what I usually like (I have very pale, yellow-based skin). It’s not like I’m going to get them anyway, but I’ll definitely add those colors to my “inspiration list”–i.e., things that get my mind in a creative mode for designing and drawing!

  41. shannon Rae

    when is this going to be available online?

  42. Brenda

    Hey Christine, do you think Mimmy and Florabundance would be similar?

  43. Yas

    I’ve been scouring the web looking for swatches but this is even better. Thank you so much Christine! I’ve been wanting to see exactly what all the lippies look like on so this has been tremendously helpful and very exciting! Hugs babe!

  44. pquanda

    Ugh, here I go on a rant. Everything from the freakin collection is SHEER! The shadows are chalky, the lippies are all dupes of other things and arent that impressive, the l/g are a joke.. the beauty powders are a dime a dozen. The accessories are cute, but why bother? Just go to a Sanrio store for cuter and cheaper things. I am 100% passing on this.. WTF MAC!!

    • Thank you! I don’t understand what all the fuss about this collection is, honestly. I like cutesy stuff, but not in my makeup!! I think some people are setting their expectations way too high for something like this.

      • Lil

        Ditto. There’s nothing in this launch that is a definite must have for me! It’s not even completely recognizable as Hello Kitty…because Hello Kitty has never been completely black. The colors are mostly repeats anyways. Nothing really special, and nothing really new. BORING-All the fuss for Hello Kitty but very little excitement over the colors.

        • Lil

          Not to mention the ridiculously overpriced HK accessories. No thanks! They look so cheap for being MAC-it’s like borderline Claire’s imitation of Hello Kitty.

        • Lil

          It all makes sense. Seeing as MAC isn’t really known for it’s accessories or spectacular plush dolls / bracelets. What can I say…they tried.

    • Yes, a lot of it sheer. I’ve been particularly disappointed with MAC’s LE eyeshadows lately; I don’t understand why they’re totally lacking in quality!

  45. Carron

    well, they ARE light, but HK isnt dark. OK HK is a GOTH take but my “fashion news” is pastel pink. Exactly HK pink from my Sanrio charm.

    I guess someone else posted earlier, MAC cant please everyone all the time!

    There will be another line you will adore! I am new to the MAC addiction so the redos are great! Spending 40 dollars for a discontinued color is rediculous! So RAH RAH redo!


  46. Anna

    i love popster tlc. it looks really good on your lips :) might consider getting it..

  47. forensic_scene

    She Loves Candy looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

  48. The only color that I am remotely interested is She Loves Candy… Christine – do you know of a dupe of that color in the perm collection?

    Popster looks great, but I have a similar color in my stash already.

  49. My-Linh

    Does Popster have a certain smell/taste? I’m curious because of the SPF.

  50. love


    Are the TLC’s moisturizing,
    Sometimes I don’t like to wear anything on my lips but Kiehl’s lip balm (love) and I won’t mind having a TLC if it moisturizes the same.

  51. Laura

    Thanks for the swatches, you are the best!!!

  52. Kayc

    Since these lipglasses are so sheer, will they even make a difference when applied over lipsticks? Or will they just add some ridiculous shine? I really liked the colors when in the tube but now I’m thinking twice about getting any….

    • Kayc

      Oh by the way, I’m eyeing She Loves Candy and Sweet Strawberry right now… which one do you think is worth more for my money? I calculated how much I’m gonna be spending on this collection and it’s A LOT lol so I wanna cut down on the lipglasses since they are so sheer..

    • They might make a little, but not much. I think the orangey one will have more impact than the other two or three.

  53. elle

    So while I’m not completely new to MAC, I am to their lipglosses. I currently only have one which I absolutely love but I’ve used a few. The one I have is Possum Nose Pink which is really smooth and not sticky. All the others I’ve tried have been sticky and I really don’t like that. So anyway, I was just wondering if these lipglasses are like the PNP or if they’re sticky.

  54. Marlo

    Do you think Sweet Strawberry is comparable to Hey, Sailor?
    Thanks in advance! Your site is absolutely amazing :)

  55. jamie

    i went to the store thinking i was going to get popster but it was way to bright pink for my skin, i am a nc15. i ended up getting pink fish, it looks really good on me, not streaky and it didnt cake in the cracks.
    that was the only thing i bought from this line. i was going to get the eyeshadow in the wild but it was sold out.

  56. Rosie

    i am debating between popster and pink fish lc i never purchased lc before and i will be getting she loves candy not yet decided on sweet stawberry

  57. Lauren

    Hey Christine,

    thanx for the swatches u saved me a lot of money… anyways I am just starting out with makeup up and I really like the tinted lip conditioners but can’t decide on which one… on ur swatches the popster looked more pink and the pink fish looked more purple. Does the pink fish one look purple?

  58. Yaya

    Only things I bought from the collection were She Loves Candy and Pink Fish. I tried on just about every lipstick and lipgloss. Very disapointing that they’re so sheer. You think they didn’t think adults were going to buy this collection? :)

  59. Chloe

    The colours in the tube look so much more interesting! But I think I am going to get both TLCs and Mimmy & She loves candy lipglass :) Maybe Sweet Strawberry another time.
    Christine, do you know when HK will be released in the UK?

  60. shu

    hey babe thanks so much for the swatches, u have nice lips btw :) looking forward to receiving my popster and cutester!!

  61. Hi, im a nc30 and i were wondering which tlc do you think will look better on me?

    and do you think she loves candy would suit my skin tone?
    i want a gloss thats clear but with a hint of colour and tons of glitter! (:

  62. Dominique S

    why dont you put on some lip pencil ?
    It doesnt look nice like that…

    • I don’t usually wear lip liner, but these are also quick swatches and not meant to be perfect either… to show you the color in time for you to make purchases.

  63. Linda P

    I was interested in the hk She loves candy lipglass but the store has run out here. Can you suggest a dupe from the permanent line? or from any other would be fine.

  64. pixie

    Popster looks reeelly nice! Wanted popster but they were sold out… Darn! Will they be back with the HK collection?

  65. glitter princess

    hi there, do you know when mac is re relasing the pink fish or popster lip conditoners?

  66. ce-ce

    hi christine, I know im suuuuuuper late on commenting on this collection. But I wanted to know what would be a good dupe for pink fish? Ive gone to two cco’s in my city and they only had popster. Sad face;))

  67. Kianna

    Do you know any good dupes to Pink Fish TLC ? [:

  68. Joan

    Are the six lip glosses lip conditioning as well? Do these colors have a # attached to them(#1-#6)