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Lip liner or no: to look polished -yes; to look natural -no
Favorite Beauty Treat: Professional Spa Treatments
How often do you wear makeup?: OMG! Are you kidding me…Daily! Sometimes two faces in a day!

I really wish I could afford some spa treatments! They’re sooo heavenly.

Girl, I admire you. I wish I could even do a face a day, let alone TWO!

I’m feeling all Kitty today…

Here I go.
Lip liner or no: I think I own all of Mac’s but I rarey use it. Weird huh? Just don’t get lipliner.

Favorite Beauty Treat: Starbucks. Wait..ok..
Lush Mange 2 body massage bar. I use it as a moisturizer and people follow me where ever I go. Have you tried it yet?

How often do you wear makeup?:
Every day I’m seen in public. I skipped makeup one day in high school and got sent home because the nurse thought I was ill. I do it for myself but also so I don’t frighten children.

Lip liner or no: Always with red lipstick, never with any other colour
Favourite Beauty treat: Soap & Glory the Fab Pore wash off mask, it smells so clean and I love the little beads in it
How often do you wear make up? : Every day, I normally wash it off after church on Sunday though so – 6 1/2 out of 7? :oP

Lip liner or no: Yes, currently MAC Dervish
Favorite Beauty Treat: A lipstick or a nail polish
How often do you wear makeup?: Lately, at least 5 days a week

Lip liner or no: Most of the time I do but it’s a neutral pink shade so it goes with everything, but I just pretty have it still to use up lol
Favourite Beauty treat: My own Clinique Instant Facial, skin feels so good!
How often do you wear make up?: Yeah pretty much everyday, although I do take a break maybe like 1-2 days out of the week

Lip liner or no: Usually not, but I do like Clinique sheer lipliners
Favorite Beauty Treat: Eyeshadow & anything from Shu Uemura
How often do you wear makeup?: Not as much as I would like, but I can’t wake up early enough on weekdays to do it.

Lip liner or no: only with red lipstick, not with anything else :]
Favorite Beauty Treat: Body spraysss. I am not a fan of strong perfumes, but any fruity body spray, i have to have it.
How often do you wear makeup?: i try EVERY DAY. When I don’t wear it, people comment on how tired or ill I look. like Carriespooner said, I do it so i don’t frighten people. lol!

Lip Liner: Yes or No: Yes. I used to say no to lip liner since I already have full lips; but, since I love lip gloss, lip liners work the look better.
Favorite Beauty Treat: Lip Gloss!
How often do you wear makeup?: Full-on? Once or twice a week; otherwise, I rock mascara and lip gloss.

Lip liner or no:no-lipgloss alone is a push for me!
Favorite Beauty Treat: spa treatment of course 😀
How often do you wear makeup?: every day- and change it if I’m going out at night!!! if I’m not leaving the house at the weekend then I go barefaced- even though I hate it!!

Lip liner or no: Most days no, but if I’m wearing an intense red or deep rose or otherwise put emphasis on my lips, then yeah!
Favorite Beauty Treat: Dr Hauschka Moisturizing or Firming Masks.
How often do you wear makeup?: Every day to work, if I’m going out on the weekend but not usually if I’m just blobbing around the house…

Lip liner or no: Absolutely!

Favorite Beauty Treat: Sleep (or a visit to Sephora)

How often do you wear makeup?: once or twice a week. I am lucky to telecommute and the cats don’t care what I am wearing on a daily basis 😉

Lip liner or no: I have about 4 and I wear lipliner everyday. I feel like my top lip is too small so I just exaggerate. a lot. 😉
Favorite Beauty Treat: I like to get my makeup done at MAC and buy a lot of stuff from them (even though when they do the makeup it sucks, always) or a trip to the hair salon.
How often do you wear makeup?: 3-4x a week or so. My skin is so sensitive and my eyelids feel sore if I wear heavy shadow twice in a row. LOL

Lip liner or no: No, I usually just wear nude/light pink lips and find I don’t need it!

Favorite Beauty Treat: Sitting down, all cosy with my laptop and a hot chocolate and deciding what I want to get from upcoming mac collections and then writing it down really neatly…very weird yet so enjoyable! Also rearranging all my makeup super organized and color co-ordinated. I love it!

How often do you wear makeup?: Every day, a full face. I look forward to the actual application and find that I plan what I’m going to wear the next day, especially if I have new goodies! Even if I’m just chilling at home, I put on makeup as something to do…it’s my hobby!

Lip liner or no: definite YES! i love mac liners!
Favorite Beauty Treat: addin’ to my mac collection & shop’n sephora.
How often do you wear makeup?: everyday since i was in the 8th grade, im now 18 🙂 lol.

Lip liner or no: No, it doesn’t tend to run on the outside of my mouth.
Favorite Beauty Treat: Lush bath bombs. Mmm.
How often do you wear makeup?: Everyday. I don’t always go extravagant, but I always wear eyeliner and shadow at least. On my lazy days, I tend to go for easy to blend browns.

Lip Liner: No. im not against lip liners. I think they do make lips look more polished(especially reds). I have a few actually but I usually am in such a rush and forget.
Favorite beauty treat: u mean besides M.A.C and Temptalia? 😀 Peaceful and quiet “ME” time.Im a stay at home mom so I rarely get a chance to apply make up without having to stop what im doing to chase my 2 1/2yr old who is always grabbing my things as soon as I turn into the mirror. So its a real treat when I can make myself up and not have to keep one eye on the mirror and one on my stuff.

How often do you wear makeup? Not as often as I’d like. 🙁 Only when I don’t want to scare people LOL! I don’t bother trying to wear make-up to run errands or get grocery’s. I will usually just wear it when im going out at night or a birthday party or like when I went to the HK unveiling.

Haha I can totally relate. My 18 month old constantly runs in after me when I enter the bathroom to investigate “under the sink”. Besides, I also have a 10 year-old and a husband that calls after me a lot; thus, any treat is a treat for me.

Lip liner or no: Yes! I owned only one liner for the longest time, and then I started getting into lip stick more, versus being a glossaholic. Now I have quite a few and I love them.

Favorite Beauty Treat: Getting my hair done at the salon. I looove when the stylist washes my hair, feels so good, like a head massage!

How often do you wear makeup?: Whenever I feel like it. Some weeks I’ll wear it every day, other weeks every few days, and some weeks [months even] I’ll wear almost none. I always have to wear a chap stick or gloss though. Can’t let those lips dry.

Lip liner or no: Have tons of them, but rarely use them. I will say that I much prefer the automatic ones to the pencils.

Favorite Beauty Treat: Either getting my hair done, or getting a pedicure!

How often do you wear makeup?: I rarely go totally bare nekkid unless I’m at home, but I only wear a full face a few times a month.

Lip liner or no: Usually no because I’m too lazy to do an extra step. And also because the lipliners I own aren’t nude enough for my nude lippies.
Favorite Beauty Treat: Hauling at MAC. Hauls in general are amazing enough beauty treats to me. haha.
How often do you wear makeup?: Almost everyday. To work, and when I head out with friends.

Lip liner or no: No, not a fan of liner
Favorite Beauty Treat: A good exfoliation session and a pint of Haagen Dazs Strawberry sorbet
How often do you wear makeup?: Anytime I leave the house!

lip liner or no: Never really tried it except with red, but my lips are already huge! I like lipgloss. Lipstick and liner make them look WAY too big.

Favorite beauty treat: Getting my hair done. I’m a cosmotologist in-training so it’s nice to get mine done instead of doing someone elses. AND looking online at makeup on here and youtube.

How often do you Wear makeup?: Well in cos school they want us to everyday, so.. everyday. Sometimes I skip on sunday and exfoliate or do my favorite mint julip mask. pure bliss = no makeup sunday

i’m so hyped with the kitty. so excited for next thursday but at least i’m a bit prepared on what i want thanks to you.

lip liner or no: no, i’m lazy and i tend to eat my lipstick so i don’t want to leave behind just a line around my lips.

favorite beauty treat: if it’s not shopping for makeup, it’s taking time to pamper my feet. they get the least attention and they’re probably my worst feature but when i take the time to exfoliate, moisturise and have a pedicure, they don’t look so bad and i feel confident showing them off.

how often to you wear makeup?: everyday, i feel better looking pretty with blush even if i have nowhere to go and just doing dishes.if i look in the mirror and see myself look pale and sickly, it affects my mood for the whole day.

– lipliner or no: Although I have many of different colors, I rarely wear them for some reason…I don’t need to use liner to do the red lippies. When I use liners it’s more to change the colouring of a lipstick: Usually, I will line my whole lips underneath l/s to give it a different undertone.
– favourite beauty treat: Many! In particular, a hot bath with bath salts, bubble bath, candles, a good book/magazine, a glass of wine, silence or soft music in the background, and no spouse and/or children to interrupt!
– how often do you wear makeup: Every day a full face except on sundays when I do my weekly facial, my lip scrub, my hair treatment, and my facial scrub. If I have to go out on a sunday, then I will put makeup on after all the treatments.

Lipliner or no:yep, i love Rimmel Exxagerate & MAC Cremestick.

fave beauty treat: makeup haul or professional massage.

how often do you wear makeup:i love makeup but only wear it on weekends since it’s not allowed at school here in my country.

Lip liner or no: Yes, my lips are pretty pigmented so lip liner helps the colour show up. I use TiGi lip pencils or Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Nude

Favorite Beauty Treat: Just buying some nice makeup 🙂

How often do you wear makeup?: Every day to college

Lip liner or no: Yes, most of the time. Magenta and Brick are my favorites, then I have a nude one that I rarely use.

Favorite Beauty Treat: manicure/pedicure/waxing. Although I don’t really view them as treats so much as essentials (well, at least the pedicure and waxing — I work at starbucks so I go without manicures most of the time, sadly).

How often do you wear makeup?: I’m going to guess around 65-70% of the time.


Do you know the recipe for a Snickers frappuccino or latte? 🙁 I want one but nobody knows how to make it (including me), LOL.

I want in on the secret drinks.

Just tried this in my kitchen, but it requires an espresso machine (although I suppose really dark coffee works as well, you may just need a little more for taste.)

For a frap:
Brew 1/3 of a cup of espresso, allow to cool.

In a blender, blend:
-1/3 cup espresso
-1 cup milk
-Approximately 2 tbsp sugar (more or less for taste)
-Around 1 oz. or so of chocolate syrup
-A little bit of Starbucks (or any other brand) Caramel syrup (amount depends on taste and concentration of syrup)
-A few peanuts (a handful is much too many.)

A substitution would be to simply throw a snickers bite size in as a substitute for the peanuts.

Blend, pour, top with whipped cream.

Sorry for some of the vagueness of the recipe, but it’s all to taste. All my fraps I make at home start with the same base of 1/3 cu espresso and 1 cu milk with 2 tbsp of sugar. Then I work from there depending on what I’m aiming for.

Hope that helps!

Lip liner or no: No I have a nice full lips and the line of my mouth is very distinct…especially my cupid’s bow.

Favorite Beauty Treat: Getting my hair done. That changes my whole outlook. If my hair is looking good…nothing can get me down. haha

How often do you wear makeup?: On average I just put on some mascara and lipgloss…that’s usually M-F. On the weekends is when I usually do my eyes up and branch out more.

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