Friday, December 19th, 2008

Official promo photos for MAC Cosmetics’ Dame Edna Collection! :) Launches December 26th in North America.

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28 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna Official Pictures & Photos

  1. Tanya

    Seriously though, who the hell wants to go to the mall the day after Xmas? GAHHHHH

    • SO TRUE. I’m 99% sure I’m just going to order everything once it goes online & overnight it, then do swatches at my leisure, in my PJs, on the 26th. It’s worth it NOT to have to wake up at 5am and get to the mall and deal with the craziness :(

      • Shanel

        I definitely agree with both of you, going mall the day after x’mas is like goin mall on black friday! I hate crowds, too crazy! Great collection though!

  2. Rebecca

    Does anyone know if these are stickers (i.e. the glasses on the packing)? $10 says it starts to peel right off in your purse/makeup bag if they are!

    I like the look of the colors; wonder if they are very pigmented? I just can’t get past the old-lady vibe with actual Edna herself and the retro glasses print on the packaging. I know some others will disagree… Just funny how this one feels a little ‘old-lady’ and then Hello Kitty will come out and feel a tiny bit little-girlish. I love MAC; so eclectic!

  3. is that climate blue the same blue from cool heat???

  4. Ashlee

    I like the packages more then the colours lol. But I might get something from this later on. Nothing to rush out to go.

  5. cloudburst

    Dame Edna is both hilarious and frightening – I’m not super excited for this one, bu that violet nail polish looks kind neat.

  6. SND

    I’m getting the nail polishes I know for sure lol.

    I’m going to have to look at the colors in person.I usually shy away from glittery lipglosses/glasses.So I know I’m passing those.I really like that light blue eyeshadow in the first palette.And I like the second palette.

  7. Taylor

    Varicose Violet NEEDS to be mine! So gorgeous.

  8. Brianne

    I super love the packaging on this collection, but I have to admit that none of the colors are really standing out to me. It all seems a little “Well I’ve already got a similar color …” you know?

  9. Gladiola and Coral Polyp lipsticks are TO DIE FOR! 😀

  10. Rachel

    The model in the promo picture looks like a man. I think that’s enough reason to be totally turned off by this collection.

    • Celeste

      The model in the photo IS a man. Its his character (he’s an australian comedian). Her name is Edna, and shes’s a dame. Hence: Dame Edna.

  11. Libii

    does anyone know when this comes out in the uk?
    im quite interested in the trios and i have never bought a quad or trio before and the nail polishes.

  12. MAC Artist

    I work for MAC so here’s a lil info. Dame Edna is doing ok so far, the matte pink/fuschia color Gladiola is really worth getting, it’s like the color Girl about Town but with a creamy matte finish and a bit more pop. And both eyeshadow pallettes are really doing well and suprisingly verstile, we dont have colors like them in the regular shadows. ANd to comment on Dame Edna’s gender, okshe is a man, named Barry Humphries and he’s been around as Dame Edna for quite awhile now, at least 10 years. MAC launches collections like this to show that makeup can be fabululous even if the the icon is someone you wouldnt have expected. In makeup there are no rules, if it looks good to you, wear it! Also the lashes in the new line LASH n Dash are amazing. My favorites are the #2’s. Ok so im excited about Hello kitty! This is a dream! Even we cant wait! Ill get a sneek peek and hands on in about a week! YAY! One bit of advice, buy it all, buy it quick, and do not share with anybody! This puppies are going to be collectibles!

    • Thanks for the info :) It’s always good to get an insider’s point of view! I just know HK will definitely sell out — no question about it!

      I will check out Lash & Dash next time I’m at MAC. I’m hopeless at false lashes, so I didn’t bother to really get a good look at the launch.

  13. Um…. yuck. NOT my thing. As a redhead, I see all of the lippies looking clownish on me, and I’m not really too thrilled about blue eye shadow either, although I do occasionally give it a whirl. I’m really not excited about Dame Edna at all – which is making my wallet VERY happy. 😉

  14. cynthia

    I’m not really into this collection. I dnt know about hello kitty yet though??