Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Left to Right: Femme-fi, Pincurl, Knight, Henna, Deep Shade

Swatches for all of the products from BBR! (Updated 1/8/09)  See more swatches…

Left to Right: Flip, French Cuff, 100 Strokes, Top Knot

Brunette MSF

Blonde MSF

Redhead MSF

Redhead MSF swirled on the far right

Left to Right: Live & Dye, Peroxide, Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, Soft Wave

Quick Tease

Left to Right: All’s Fair, B-Babe, Blow Dry, Chignon; Row 2: Marquise d’, What A Do!

(Same as above, just different lighting.)

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96 thoughts on “MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Swatches

  1. Crystal

    Thanks so much for the swatches!!

  2. DaniMae


  3. Laura

    Thanks for the swatches.

  4. henna looks gorgeous!

  5. victoria

    thanks for the swatches. that henna looks beautiful but is it close to woodwinked?

  6. DevilishDoll

    I’m drooling! I’m definitely getting Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, Quick Tease and B-Babe this weekend. Then I might get All’s Fair and Chignon later. When I came on here and saw the pics up already, I was so excited. I’m addicted to swatches.

  7. Shanel

    Knight & Henna looks great (:
    Im planning to nab those & the brushes, still need
    to see the lipsticks & gloss for myself in person though.

  8. Danielle Sharkey

    Thanks for the pics Christine! I was actually at MAC PRO today and the MA there let me get a sneak peak at all of the products!

    My reaction to the e/s’s is that I was kinda disappointed!

    Henna = seems fun but reminds me a color that I can’t remember…I think the green from the ’08 warm holiday palette…

    Deep Shade = Contrast – even the MA said that!

    Knight = Knight Divine, I liked it thou!

    Pincurl = Digit or Crystal…somewhere in that family

    Top Knot = Beauty Marked family…did not like this one at all

    100 Strokes = I can’t remember what I thought of the color but the texture didn’t work for me (it’s a lustre!!!)

    French Cuff = I’m pretty sure that there is a dupe of this in the perm line…I’m thinking amber lights or mythology…something like that if I remember correctly…I know I liked the color but the texture is what turned me off from it…

    Flip = I liked this one! This is prob the only one I might actually buy!


    The L/S’s are beautiful! I don’t usually go in for l/s too often but all I can say is wow! Beautiful colors/textures!!!

    The l/g’s were also pretty! Strawberry Blonde and Soft Wave stole my heart!

    • Thanks for the low down, Danielle!

      I also ordered via Los Angeles MAC PRO via phone. I was trying to get everything early so I could get all the photos and swatches ready before the launch date, LOL!

      • Danielle Sharkey

        LOL But you’ve done a really good job with what you were able to gather!!!

        The MAC PRO that I went to didn’t have anything out becuase they were waiting for the display unit to come! They said it’s expected to come out officially on Friday (this was at the NY Mac Pro).

    • Diana

      I actually was wondering the closeness of Knight and Knight Divine. So basically if you own Knight Divine, skip Knight. Out of curiosity is there a difference between the two colors?

      • Danielle Sharkey

        If there is a difference it’s probably very small…

        My ‘review’ was basically what I first thought when I saw the colors and what perm color I associated it with at first swatch lol. I’m not an expert so please feel free to test the colors and see how you feel about them!

        My own opinion when it comes to colors like Knight Divine and Silver Ring is that you don’t really need both but rather can experiment by adding some black or some neutral color to achieve your own home made dupe when applying your make up!

      • Yes, you can skip Knight. Knight is probably a bit darker, and it isn’t the same texture as Knight Divine, but if not Knight Divine, looks like Silver Ring, too.

    • Nicole

      Thanks for this shadow review, Danielle. The only two colors that really touch me is Knight and Pincurl and if there are similar dupes, then it is good for my account.

      And thank you Christine for the review, pictures and swatches.
      I think I know now, which products I have to look a little bit closer.

      • Danielle Sharkey

        I’m happy I was able to help! I have a habit of buying the same colors over and over again and so once the MA told me that Deep Shade was a total dupe of Contrast I knew to check it off my list lol I’ll admit that I get caught up in the LE Factor but I’m starting to gain some self control again yay!

        • Nicole

          I already own Contrast, so I don’t have to buy another dark blue, which I hardy use. You have a very honest MA. It’s pretty impudent, when MAC releases a nearly 100% dupe by just changing the name. Luckily I’m stingy when it comes to LE colors.

  9. Sharonda

    I like the lippies.

  10. AshleyMelissa

    Hi Christine,

    just want to say that I love your site and I think you’re very pretty. I’m debating about what I want to buy and I would like your opinion.I use C40 foundation and medium dark mineral skinfinish. Do you think that Marquise d

    • Thanks so much, AshleyMelissa! :) I think Marquise d’ and What A Do are very sheer, so if your lips are pigmented, they might not show up well for you! However, because they are sheer, they won’t give you corpse-lips either so you can try them out freely!

  11. Evelyn

    Hey Christine, do you have the other mineralize skinfinish swatch too? I was looking forward buying readhead/blonde MSF… and I WILL buy the blonde one cuz it’s darling gorgeous. iTS SO PRETTY! i can see my bank account dying from BBR & Stila.. :) neyways, thanks for swatches & if i’m missing readhead lemme noe! (if i’m missing it somewhere in temptalia)

  12. SzeLing

    Thanks for the swatches Christine. Can’t wait to get my hands on some BBR. =)
    Btw, Pincurl was described as a dusty white. But I heard somewhere that it’a duochrome of pink (or something like that). Do you think so? Cause personally, I don’t like Nanogold. And if it’s going to behave like Nanogold (nanogold appeared all pink on me. no gold watsoever), think i’ll skip it.
    TIA! And lots of love.

  13. slipnslide

    AshleyMelissa: I think corals are really pretty on West Indian skin! I’m not Christine, by my opinion is go for it!

  14. Belle

    I’ve only recently got into MAC and have never bought from a collection before, now I see why you MAC girls get so drooly! Also i am so pleased that they are launching a MSF that I feel is light enough for my skin tone!

  15. Darianne

    Please could anyone tell me when this will be released in the UK? And whether it will be available online? Thank you so much in advance!

  16. haydee

    Thank you for sharing Christine. You’re a hard working woman but I ve notice one thing, your are no good for my wallet! lol :)

  17. Jessie

    I missed the Holiday 2007 collection and I’ve always wanted “Ruling Class”. It looks like “What a Do!” may compare. What do you think?

  18. Sandra

    Tx a lot for swatches and product info!How blondie msf compares to Dior shimmer Rose diamond?which one you prefer?tx

    • This one is definitely more raspberry. I find the Rose one to be pink, and I think I get more color from Blonde MSF. Rose tends to be more shimmer than color on my skin tone! I will always prefer Dior Skin Shimmers for highlighters, just because the effect is subtle and sophisticated. Of course, they are far more expensive, SO… 😉

  19. Amy

    Wonderful swatches!!!! Can you compare the MSF’s to the DIOR shimmer powders that you love and have written about before (I think there is a rose and a more beige/brown). I’m wondering if I should just get the Dior because they would be better for my complexion (the MSF’s seem to show every bump and pore). Any thoughts??? Thanks!!! :)

    • I prefer Dior Skin Shimmers for highlighters–the shimmer is subtle and sophisticated. I don’t personally LOVE MSFs. If you do feel like MSFs don’t show your skin to an advantage, I’d definitely say go Dior 😀

      • Danielle Sharkey

        Christine, I gotta tell ya, ever since you started posting such beautiful picks of your self wearing the Dior Shimmer stuff you’ve got me going into Sephora just so I can play with the Rose Diamond one because it’s so pretty!

        • Aww!! I only recently purchased it and love it dearly! :) Totally worth getting if you can some time!

          • Danielle Sharkey

            LOL I’m seriously contemplating it!!! I just caved in and bought a NARS multiple (Copacabana) that lil thing cost me over 40 bucks…but I told myself it was a necessary investment lmfao!

            • It’s so hard for me to shell out that much for The Multiple. I can’t get why they’re SO pricey! Dior I get, it’s Dior. It’s the name. But NARS! just doesn’t feel like it’s the same level as Dior/Chanel/Givenchy, you know? I’m weird like that 😛

          • Danielle Sharkey

            As someone that worked at Sephora for a long time I totally get what you are saying! Givenchy l/e holiday l/g…25 dollars…no problemo!!! lol There truly is a certain sense of quality and luxury when you think about those brands

            • I even feel like Guerlain, Givenchy, and YSL are a lil’ above Chanel and Dior, LOL. Even though the prices aren’t truly that different. But then again the idea of spending more than $10 on shampoo seems odd to me, LOL. Oh the crazy way the mind works to justify our loves and addictions 😀

          • Danielle Sharkey

            OMG I totally agree with the shampoo thing…I didn’t understand women that would buy Fekkai Sham and Condit for like 30 dollars a bottle ( better yet, the travel bottles at like 9 dollars each) but I can totally justify spending 11 dollars a pop for a pro palette e/s even when I’m buying like 10 colors at a time….I think it’s b/c I know I would go through the hair stuff a lot quicker than an e/s.. I had a professor for a business class that said in order to justify the purchase take the amount of times that you intend to use/wear the product and divide it by the cost… All I know is that this equation has allowed me to buy loads of make up guilt free lol

  20. Bona

    Thanks for swatches, Christine! It’s so helpful for me to decide which one to buy from the collection!

  21. Rebecca

    Thanks for the swatches! Im u think Flip would show up? I have a feeling its similar to Evening Aura, and that one didnt show up on me at all…?

    • Hey Rebecca! Are you using a base? No matter the shadow, if I use the right base, I can get the color to show up. Of course, on naked skin, totally different story!

      Evening Aura, on me, was really peach-orange. I found Flip to be more yellow and golden toned, but I can see the similarity!

  22. Thank you so much for doing these swatches!
    Do Flip, French cuff and 100 Strokes all have a reddish reflect that make them coordinate?
    I know I want Flip but I’m not sure what would make a nice outer vee crease color with it, and originally I thought that 100 Strokes would.

    • Sure thing! Flip doesn’t have any red in it, but 100 Strokes does and French Cuff is a pink-bronzy shade, so perhaps it has a slight reddish reflect!

      I think 100 Strokes would work just fine with Flip :)

  23. alex

    how in the world can you buy all of this makeup? I’m so jealous! I love everything mac but I can only buy like one thing a month cuz it’s so pricey for me. I think I’ll have a full face of makeup in like six months, lol!!!

    • lol! A little bit at a time is not a bad idea, though :) You get to ease in and really love everything you buy. The just-getting-into-it phase is the best!

  24. Annika

    *covets the Blonde MSF* I’m pretty good at coveting just one or two things at a time, this is it for me from this collection. *has halo*

  25. claudine

    dayum i really like this collection thanks for the swatches

  26. Natalie

    Thanks so much for the swatches.. Do you think Blonde MSF is similar to Petticoat MSF?

  27. Jaana

    Many thanks Christine! Is Redhead at all similar to Glissade MSF?

  28. Jamie

    hey Christine!! Just wondering is the “Flip” eyeshadow exactly like “amber lights” eyeshadow (thats just what I heard from somebody on youtube! She said, apparently it’s the exact same colour) or is it just a lighter bronzy gold??

    Thank you

    • Nah, it’s not exactly like Amber Lights, IMO. Amber Lights is so coppery and frosty–Flip is so much more golden! I could see it being a much lighter (albeit more gold) Amber Lights, but it’s not a dupe.

  29. Susy

    Swatches look great :) thanks! I have the same ? as one of the ladies above you think the Blonde MSF is similar to Petticoat MSF?

    • It’s pinker, where Petticoat is a little raspberry. Petticoat is more pigmented/darker than Blonde as well. They are similar, and some say they like it as much or more as Petticoat!

  30. McKenzie

    oh for the blonde and redhead MSFs

    the blonde one is more pink and the redhead is more peach am i right? :)

  31. domi

    when you order via internet they can deliver in europe too..or only in the USA?

  32. Penny

    Do you think flip and french cuff is similar to evening aura and expensive pink?

    Thanks Christine!

  33. Kat

    Hi Christine!
    I’m not sure if you would know, but I live in Sydney, and EVERYWHERE ELSE seems to have this collection out except for here! Do you happen to know when it’s coming out in Australia?
    Also, is it available only in Pro stores or any MAC counter?
    Thanks so much!

  34. kaLabaLa

    Decisions decisions.. I am looking to buy a nice blush that is ‘flexible’ with outfits and looks, meaning one I can really dress up or down.. wear w/ jeans and a T or an evening gown!! I’m pretty much stuck between the BBR Blonde MSF, one of the hello kitty beauty powders (don’t know which one), Peachtwist or Pinch o’ Peach from the permanent collection. I have very fair skin, blue eyes, and dark brown hair.. anyone have some advice/insight! It will be GrEaTLy appreciated!! plz&thx 😉

  35. Shumpac

    I have medium skin with golden undertone. I’ve tried the brunette MSF and it looks waay too orangey to me. Is anyone else having this problem or does it just not look nice with my skintone? How are other people wearing it?