Thursday, January 8th, 2009

All’s Fair

Lipstick/lipglass swatches on lips for all of you!  I ask for your understanding in the neatness of application, as I do these quickly and inexpertly–the point being to show you the color on real lips.  Thanks! :)


Blow Dry


Marquise d’

What A Do!


Live & Dye

Soft Wave

Red Devil

Strawberry Blonde

Quick Tease

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119 thoughts on “MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Lipsticks and Lipglass Swatches

  1. Grace

    Chignon doesn’t look as pigmented as I wanted it to be :( Blow Dry and Quick Tease look nice, though!!

  2. Brooke

    yay thank you! this helped a TON

  3. Anitacska

    I think I have my list now, at least for now. 😉 B-babe and All’s fair l/s and Quicktease and Strawberry blonde l/g.

  4. Skyler

    I’m actually quite impressed with these lippies. Usually I’m unimpressed with the lip products from collections MAC releases but I really like many of these this time. They’re not amazingly original or anything but the colours are all very pretty. :) Thanks for these swatches! I find them so helpful.

    • I’m glad you like them, Skyler! :) They’re not unpretty, that’s for sure. I think I’m not a sheer lipstick fan! Part of me is like, “What’s the point?”

  5. Alannah

    Wow, you’re right–these really don’t have much payoff! I’m especially surprised by Quick Tease. They’re very pretty on, but really not what I expected! Thank goodness, I’ll save some money for once!

    • Yep! They look prettier in the tubes. I think for me, if it looks prettier in the pot/tube than it looks on, I get sad. I want it to be the same or better! So if it LOOKS like a raspberry pink, I don’t want a sheer medium pink!

  6. I have chignon lipstick and marquise d’ lipglass and the lipglass gives more color than the lipstick! I expected to be the other way around. I like them though :)

  7. Nicole

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine. I think I just have a look at All’s fair. B-Babe seems to be too frosty and light for me.

    • My pleasure, Nicole! B-Babe is a lil’ on the frosty side, to be sure. With the right lipglass, it can tone it down to something less so, at least.

  8. Hmmm I am disappointed! These all look so pale and non pigmented…

    • The formulas are sheer by their very nature, and most of them are pretty sheer. Chignon is a definite exception — sheer in formula, BUT the color is so dark it does show up.

    • Macaddict

      Same here! I didn’t think much of them from the pics before but I am like you Christine: my lips are naturally more pigmented so I need some decent pigmentation in my lips products for it to show some color… I also thought that Quick Tease had some potential but not really from your swatch… I wasn’t the most excited about this collection to start with so I guess I’ll just get the brushes, the liners and a few e/s (Henna, Top Knot, Knight, 100 Strokes) and that’s it! I’ll keep my $ for HK & HKK!

      • You’re definitely gonna need to save the $$ for HKK! So pricey!

        I’m also of the philosophy that I’d rather have it be opaque and pigmented from the get-go, because I can always use less, blot, etc. to sheer it down! I find it’s harder to find good sheer lipsticks that are truly buildable!

      • KatoAto

        That’s so funny, Macaddict. I have just the opposite problem – super pigmented lips, due to my fair rosebud complexion (almost wine-colored)- but I totally look like a clown if I wear lipsticks with a huge color payoff. Either like a clown or like I’m going to da club.

        So something sheer with a tiny bit of color adds interest to my lips without making me look like a clown.

        I totally know where you’re coming from though!

  9. Kelly

    This may be a silly question at this point but the colours from this collection are all limited edition, right? I ask because I see Femmi-Fi again and I wonder if it’s in the permanant collection now…? Also I’m used to seeing special packaging. So do I need to rush out ASAP or can I wait because these colours will be around for good?

    • Nope, they’re pretty much all limited edition, Kelly! I believe the 214 brush will be permanent in PRO stores for sure. MAC often does something called repromoting, which is where they launch a shade they’ve launched before.

  10. i thought all’s fair wouldn’t be that sheer, but it looks good tho! i like all’s fair and quick tease. :)

  11. Bona

    I ususally don’t like pink/red lipglass and lipsticks but strawberry blonde, quick tease are so tempting

  12. DevilishDoll

    I only have enough to get 4 lippies when I go shopping Saturday. So I’m getting Quick Tease, Strawberry Blonde, Red Devil and B-Babe. Then when I get more money, I wanna get All’s Fair, Chignon, What A Do and Soft Wave. I really want Blonde MSF, but I’m waiting on that one cause I usually just use 1 blush, would be nice to have a highlighter though.

    • The MSF isn’t a must-have if you only stick with one cheek product, I think! I mean, it’s not like OMG you must get it to add to your stash 😉

      You picked good lip choices for your first haul for sure! Those would be the four I’d probably opt for first, too.

      • DevilishDoll

        There have been very few cheek products that have caught my eye. Only Maidenchant, Crushed Bougainvilla, Stark Naked and this Blonde MSF. So far, the only one I actually got was Crushed Bougainvillea. I guess the main reason I only use one is cause I spend too much money on eyeshadow, eyeliner and lippies. So maybe someday, I will change that. My cheeks need some lovin too.

  13. Liz

    Do you know how B-babe compares to Sweetie?

  14. OMG, I love Chignon!
    I had no idea I would, but now I think it’s on my list.

  15. Jenny

    I’m really liking Blow Dry and Soft Wave, but all of them are gorgeous, they just seem really similar to eachother.

    • They kind of are. I’m disappointing Blow Dry wasn’t more pigmented–I’m not really one to apply a nude lipstick first just to get another lipstick to show up! I’d rather just get a lipstick that *does* show up in the first place.

  16. I didn’t actually think I’d like any of the lipsticks, as only Quick Tease and Strawberry Blonde were colors I thought I’d like, so I was surprised to see how pretty, even if it is subtle, Chignon looks. I tend to prefer the lipglasses and avoid the lipsticks. The last lipstick I bought was So Scarlet, and I definitely love that one.

  17. And who knows, it will probably change after I swatch things. Right now I’ve got my eye on Chignon, Quick Tease, Strawberry Blonde, Flip, and 100 Strokes.

  18. Cassie

    Girl you must not have put the lipsticks on dark enough because my lips are the same as yours and Chignon went on DARK! It looks like you put it on sooo, sooo gently because there is almost no color pay off in your pics!

    • Nope, I didn’t go lightly. I never go light or gentle when I do lip swatches — I did multiple swipes and coats of each lipstick! I try to get it as dark/pigmented as I can, and then I take the picture.

      Did you use a lip brush or a lip liner? Those are the only things I can think that would make a difference — or else are lips are not the same natural color!

  19. Reesa

    Christine, thanks so much for the swatches. It’s helps so much. My list has changed a bit, though, from looking at your list. Like, I don’t think I’m going to get Red Devil or Live & Dye. I like Quick Tease now as well. But how does it compare to Jampacked? It looks quite similar.

    Thanks again!

    • No problem! Why no Red Devil?!

      Quick Tease is much lighter than Jampacked, that’s the biggest thing. It also has more shimmer (Jampacked seemed really creamy to me with little to no shimmer), and I’d say there’s a berryness to Quick Tease whereas Jampacked was more wine.

      • Reesa

        Thanks, Christine. Quick Tease is on the list! LOL! I’m so enable-able :-)

        I’m not sure I can pull off Red Devil on my skin tone (NC50). It looks VERY bright.

        • If I can wear it, you can! ;P Red Devil is my favorite. I actually feel it’s a good amount of brightness without being really BRIGHT. I’m not really a bold lips kinda gal – I’ll wear them, but they’re not my favorite, soo 😉

          But at least you have Quick Tease on the list! It’s such a lovely shade.

          • Reesa

            You’re selling me on it….I’m not really a bright lip girl either. So, I’ll definitely try Red Devil during my visit to MAC (tomorrow – lol!). 😀

          • Reesa

            I picked up Red Devil. You were right, it works for me. I didn’t pick up Live & Dye, What a Do!, Soft Wave, or Quick Tease, as expected. They’re either dupe-able :-) or didn’t look good when I tried them. I did pick up the Redhead MSF in addition to the Brunette. I didn’t expect Redhead to work, but it’s gorgeous!

            Thanks for the suggestions!

  20. I’m actually digging Strawberry Blonde and What a Do. Thanks for sharing!

  21. paola

    OK…i’m a lil upset..i thought these were going to come out in time for the sale…i guess MAC isn’t that stupid :(

    • Yes, they pushed the launch date back for BBR online so it wouldn’t coincide with the sale!

      • Amelia

        wait… but I went to the Nordstrom’s counter today, and they had them for sale. I got Top Knot, B-Babe, Peroxide, Blonde and Redhead. The total was initially full price, but I mentioned the online sale, and got the 25% off.

      • paola

        grrrr…if i would have known about nordstroms i would have went yesterday lol

  22. Jenn

    I didn’t see BBR collection at the Mac store but they did have it at the Mac counter at Bloomingdales. Even though I’m brunette, I like pink lip colors so I got B-babe and Peroxide (I like the 2 combined) and after seeing your swatches, I might give All’s Fair another look. 😉

  23. kat

    WHOA I bought Red Devil and it looks completeelyyy different on me than it does on you…. I usually find your swatches are pretty similar to what I see on my lips, but that one looks a lot less bright on you than on me haha!!

  24. How would you say Strawberry Blonde lipglass compares to the Strawberry Blonde lipstick, Christine? :)

    • Totally different; not even in the same category whatsoever! Strawberry Blonde is like a light strawberry pink; whereas this one is a really deep berryish red shade!

  25. Glosslizard

    I loved Strawberry Blonde lipglass! I tried it on and bought it on the spot! Love Red Devil on you (and really it’s the one I wanted based solely on the name)! 😉

  26. I had thought Live & Dye looked nice but now seeing the swatches I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed.

    But Strawberry Blonde is calling out to me!

    • It looks pretty in the tube, but on me, not so much. I’m sure on others it looks lovely, and on top of some lipsticks, fab :) At least with lipglasses I generally don’t wear them alone, so sometimes if they’re sheer, they can be great ways to alter an otherwise less-wearable lipstick or make it that perfect shade of color to suit a look.

  27. hmmm

    These are all sooo sheer. I was disappointed.

  28. NJ

    Oh no… there is SO much I want from this collection!
    (thank goodness I really don’t like Hello Kitty)

    • What do you want, NJ?!

      • NJ

        Right now I’ve got All’s Fair, Blow Dry, Strawberry Blonde, Quicktease, Femme-fi (I regret not nabbing it last time), Knight, Henna, Deepshade, the red & blonde MSFs and the 165 on my must grab list

        But I can see myself also getting Marquise d’, Pincurl, Flip and Peroxide.

        Thankfully there’s enough time for me to cool down before they get released here in the UK. I’ve been looking to get some more muted lip finishes as I own so many in your face mattes.

        It’s funny how I’d like most of the blonde collection even though I am as dark a brunette as you (and we have the same black eyebrow type, I always look to you Christine to see how you’re rocking them)

        • Femme-fi is fab, I’m glad you have it on your list this go around 😉

          Yeah, I totally ignored what was prescribed for what hair color when I picked my faves, too!

  29. haydee

    Christine Can you please help me out. Is there any L/S in this collection or regular line close to 2N from the N collection. In your opinion. Thanks. Oh and your lips look fab as always.

    • From this line, I’d say Marquise d’ is your closest bet. From the permanent line, perhaps Hue or Plink! I don’t own either of the last two, but from what I can recall from seeing them in-store (probably a good year or two since I last swatched), they might be close.


      • Haydee

        Thank You, I will look into it and I think I may be the only female in the world who isnt into lipgloss lol I mean I love tendertones but cant bring myself to purchase any L/G tho they look so pretty. I know you dont like sheer L/S but at the moment Im loving Quiet Please from SSR :)

  30. danielle


  31. Liz

    Thanks so much for doing these swatches! You’ve helped a lot. :) I am so bummed this collection isn’t up on the MAC website yet. I want the 226 brush. I really want a pointier brush for my crease that can also blend.

  32. B-babe is my fave! But they are all dazzling! I love them!

  33. claudine

    thanks christine
    i will get peroxide and live + dye lipglass plus the b-babe lippie

  34. Strawberry Blonde is cool, but Red Devil is dupeable for me so I’ll pass – lipsticks looks like a big disappoint!

  35. i’m debating whether to get Strawberry blonde or Soft wave..
    is Soft wave frosty? and is Strawberry blonde deeply pigmented?

  36. Jaana

    Is Soft Wawe any similar to Bateaux lustreglass from last years Naughty Nauticals-collection? Bateaux is the “nudest” lipgloss that suits me and I kind of hoping that now I found another. 😀

    Thanks for wonderful posts!

  37. MissTiss

    I loved almost all the lippies.
    I ended up with all of them except, B-Babe, Peroxide, Chignon, and Quick Tease. LOL!

  38. DaniMae

    I bought Quick Tease yesterday, I LOVE IT!

  39. Rose

    i like the all’s fair, unfortunately my lip tone is so red in itself, sheers never look right. ive even tried that prep & prime to no avail. i stick to the dark colors, which just make me look even paler. :-)

  40. meagan

    i have a confession to make. after seeing your lip swatches, i went out this afternoon to try on blow dry and wow, i absolutely love it. i didn’t give it a chance yesterday because it looks SO ORANGE in the tube. on me it came out much more of a light peachy pink – perfect for when i want to do a dark eye. i know everyone isn’t in love with these sheer textures, but i love to have some in my arsenal.

    • I’m really glad you checked it out, and it’s great that it’ll work so well for you! I have far too many sheer lipsticks in my “arsenal” so another five is more disappointing for me 😛 But I do agree everyone needs a few great sheer lipsticks!

  41. So after swatching, Chignon looks great on my skin but lost a lot of subtle nuance on my lips and looked like 2 other colors I have (CoverGirl TruShine in cherry shine specifically that I can think of, and I think another similar color is Revlon’s black cherry).
    Strawberry Blonde looked great on my skin but I was kinda eh about, so didn’t buy it.
    Quick Tease looked awesome! I snapped it up!
    I tested all of the eye shadows and loved Flip, but not the rest, so I bought Flip and also bought Copperring to pair with it.

  42. I got Chignon and Marquis d’ (which totally bugs me…it’s like naming a lipstick Queen Of. Queen of what???), but I’m feeling kinda like I might need B-Babe and All’s Fair. Do you think either of them are dupeable with other MAC l/s? I have a ton of pinks. 😛

    • Hmm. B-Babe is kind of frosty so it’s not my fave, and All’s Fair is kind of like a darker Sweetie, maybe? TBH, most of my pink lipsticks are LE, so I’ve never ventured very far into the perm collection!

  43. barbs

    all’s fair look plum on my lips and red devil looks red.

    i dont like red devil but kinda like how all’s fair turned out though. =)

  44. Kate

    Does anyone know a close dupe for Live and Dye? It really works on me for some reason! I love it! Is it anything like Cultured? The swatches on the MAC website look kind of similar…

  45. Macaddict

    I went to my MAC store yesterday & got:
    – e/s in;
    – Knight (which I originally wanted)
    – Top Knot (which I originally wanted)
    – 100 Strokes (which I originally wanted)
    – Deep Shade (which wasn’t on my list. Instead I wanted Henna, but I am not a fan of gold colors to start with and so didn’t like it enough…)
    – e/liners;
    – teddy
    – phone me (which I already had in the duoliner “phone me/text me”. Oh well…
    I wanted the black one too (“smolder”?) but decided that I have already enough black liners in my collection
    – all 3 brushes (which I love!)
    I didn’t buy any lippies. I will admit that I did sample them all but wasn’t really impressed with them (imo, nothing distingues them from colors I already own and they are too sheer for me)

  46. vanessa

    In your photo Blow Dry looks gorgeous, but in some other online swatches it comes across as a highly pigmented coral. Do you feel your photo is an accurate depiction? Unlike many others, I prefer a low colour pay off. I’m extremely fair skinned with very light strawberry blonde hair and run the risk of looking clownish if I use bright colours and a heavy hand. Light and subtle is plenty for me.

  47. hi

    I think Chignon, Soft Wave, and What A Do! look the best on you. In some of these pix, like for Chignon, there’s more pigment near the outer lip – did u line your lips?

  48. Sammie

    Aaah, those lippies look gorgeous- which would you recommend for NC35/med. pigmented lips? I know you were not wowed (is that a word?) by them as such, but the colours looks so damn cute in the pic….