Thursday, January 8th, 2009

BBR Lipglasses

MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead lipglass product photos! :) Post is now updated to include Quick Tease lipglass!

See close-ups…

Live & Dye


Strawberry Blonde

Soft Wave

Red Devil

Quick Tease

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36 thoughts on “MAC Brunette, Blonde, Redhead Lipglass Product Photos

  1. Lil

    I actually love them all…This is going to be a problem!

    • Reesa

      LOL! I hear you. This is going to be a big problem….ugh!

    • Wow! I didn’t think you’d be all over this launch, Lil! What’s on your list so far?

      • Lil

        It’s more like what isn’t on my list…I really like a lot of the colors, but I will have to manage to narrow it down because I can’t realistically get everything, even though I might like to. Live & Dye seems really pretty, and Strawberry Blonde sounds like it was from Fafi. I really like Marquis D’, What a Do! and B-Babe lipsticks too. Henna and French Cuff are on the top of my list too. I’ll just probably get the Blonde and Redhead MSF instead of the Brunette, but who knows what I’ll actually end up getting?

        • LOL! That’s one reason why I felt save going ahead and ordering everything via phone. I felt like I’d have little to return!

          Marquis d’ did come out before, but Strawberry Blonde hasn’t (but a lipstick of the same name came out many moons ago–totally different color!). Surprisingly, I like the depth of Strawberry Blonde lipglass!

          Be sure to let us know what you DO haul and what you love/hate, all that jazz 😉 I love hearing everyone’s thoughts on products!

  2. Shefali

    Hey Christine! How did you get them so early? Did you order them from the pro store?

  3. Rebecca

    Oooh. Red Devil will be miiiine!!

  4. nikki

    is red devil too similar to lychee lux? red devil and live and dye are the ones that really stand out to me. im going to try and refrain myself from live and dye because the last thing i need is another pink lip gloss!

  5. Andrea

    I’m really trying to narrow my list…
    I think I’ll get Marquise D’, Red devil, Blonde MSF, & Peroxide. but I really want some of the shadows too! I don’t know what to do… lol!

  6. Lina

    OMG, thank you so much! These photos are great!

  7. Madeleine

    How would you describe Strawberry Blonde l/g? Is it more on cooler or warmer side?
    Mine only concern is not to look alike Strawberry Blonde(lustre)l/s from Catherine Deneuve collection (3 years ago?)- being on pink/coral side.I don’t look good in corals whatsoever :(

  8. Alannah

    These are all very pretty, but don’t seem that unique. I can think of similar lipglasses to most of these that I already have, so I guess I can pass on them! I am curious about the darker berry one (is that Quick Tease?)… that seemed like a potential standout.

    • Red Devil, Strawberry Blonde, & Quick Tease are the more unique of the six :) The one you’re seeing must be Strawberry Blonde since I only just added Quick Tease today!

  9. amna

    i love all the colors. hope i can get my hands on all of them

  10. Virginia

    Soft Wave l/g looks gorgeous in the photo…it actually looks golden-beige to me, although it says “tan bronze” or something like that in the colour information. Can you compare it to something, Christine?

  11. Stacey

    Peroxide looks just like every other soft pearly pink that MAC releases *sigh*

  12. doubleA

    Aghh…I can never tell from pictures whether or not these lipglasses would look good on me. I’m an NC40 with really pigmented lips and half the time, the lipglasses wash me out (Uberpeach for example…BAAAD idea). I’ll have to test them out. Thanks for the pics!

    • Uberpeach WAS really light, I can see why it washed you out!

      Most of the lipsticks are sheer, so it’ll be hard to wash you out–just ’cause you won’t see a lot of color. Uberpeach wasn’t sheer! Plus, the whole chrome deal 😉

  13. MissTiss

    I saw these in person on Sunday at my local MAC counter and, Christine, your photos are spot on color-wise. MAC’s photos suck! I think they are computer renderings rather than photos anyway…

    Red Devil and Strawberry Blonde are MUST HAVES! They were so gorgeous.

  14. Strawberry Blonde & Soft Wave are calling my name! =)
    Does Quick Tease look like Jampacked from Cult of Cherry?

    • MissTiss

      I think it does, either that or it looks like Real Desire lipglass. The difference is pretty negligible, IMO. Since I rarely wear either one, I couldn’t justify buying Quick Tease.

    • I don’t think they’re the same, just because Jampacked doesn’t have a lot of shimmer and it is really, really opaque and wine-colored.

  15. Margot

    does peroxide look like icescape from the chill collection ? BBR isn’t out yet in Europe, so I’d like to know before ordering via the website :p

    anyways, I’m definetly going for strwaberry blond and the lipstick All’s fair :)
    I’m so attracted to Quick Tease too, I’ll maybe buy it if peroxide is too much like icescape !