Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Online!

Thank you so much for your amazing support and love – it has been a truly tremendous day in every way.

This moment would not have been possible without all of you, because it is the power of Temptalia (which is all of YOU!) that opens up the doors to these kinds of opportunities.  Having the shade sell out is bittersweet–it’s an amazing feeling, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I’d much rather any person who wanted one to be able to purchase.  At the end of the day, I’m here for you; Temptalia is for readers–being able to help you is what drives me. My passion is to create content and features to make your beauty lovin’ life easier.  Thank you for sharing in this journey with me!

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed (and make Mellan keep his paws crossed!) that they’ll find some more over the next couple of days.  The best way to get the latest is to follow me on Twitter or Facebook, because between my site-stalking and yours, we’ll see it if it does.  Expect another Jealousy Wakes giveaway on Thursday or Friday!


  • Edited @ 9:12PM PST:  All nine of the shades from this launch are now listed as “COMING SOON!”  It doesn’t seem likely that it just so happened that all nine shades sold out at exactly the same time, and while I definitely don’t know what’s going on, they might have tried to put a hold on purchases until it officially launches.  That’s just a guess, though.
  • Edited @ 9:26PM PST: All nine of the shades have now disappeared. It’s a waiting game!
  • Edited @ 11:51PM PST: Several readers are reporting LiveChat giving a 6AM EST time for when things will be up for sale.  Right now, all the shades are listed but as “coming soon.”
  • Edited @ 7:39AM PST (6/21):  I have no new news to report other than it should officially launch sometime today.
  • Edited @ 11:19AM PST: Looks like you can add to cart now!!
  • Edited @ 11:31AM PST:  It may be sold out on the Canadian website.  I checked as late as 12:24PM PST and for me, it still shows sold out.  It still shows “add to bag” on the U.S. site.
  • Edited @ 3:35PM PST: Jealousy Wakes is now showing as sold out on the U.S. site.  Let’s cross our fingers they’ll find more somewhere somehow :)

You can use the code CS108LIVECHAT, TXT, OR BLOGS for free standard shipping on all orders.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

449 thoughts on “MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions Online!

  1. devra dominguez

    I just placed my order 2 minutes ago! Super excited!!!

  2. Jai

    I ordered mine already… Used the code for free shipping as well… :)

    • Free shipping code doesn’t work for thee Canadian site. >_>

      I’m also worried that if it doesn’t lunch soon I’m going to miss placing my order since I’ll be out of town this evening.

  3. Submitted my order! Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Evolution Revolution, and Sonoran Rain! I may go back and get the rest just because they’re blogger created if I’m feeling crazy 😉

    You’re so awesome Christine! Thank YOU!<33

  4. Wendy M.

    I ordered Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Caqui and Sonoran Rain and got my confirmation email from MAC. Woo! 😀

  5. Sarah

    purchased my 2 shadows & 2 lipglasses :) so excited.

  6. Congrats again Christine. Just put in my order for Jealousy Wakes. Perhaps it’s the kick in the tushie I need to start wearing greens again

  7. Samantha

    Ah! I just ordered but I didn’t check here first so I didn’t see the coupon code. Ugh. :( Oh well.

  8. Joanna

    Thanks so much for the heads up!

    I ordered Jealousy Wakes and All of My Purple Life (not sure if it’s going to be too dark on me, but I love purple lip products!).

  9. Krystal

    i just went and bought it! along with hocus pocus, Parisian sky and evolution revolution. :) i cant wait to get it!!

  10. mya

    just ordered it SOOO EXCITED!! thanks for the coupon code 😀

  11. Just purchased All My Purple Life and will be going back when I get paid on Friday to get Jealousy Wakes and Caqui! Yayyy!

  12. AnGeLwInGz

    Just ordered Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus. Congrats Christine! I know Jealousy Wakes will be a hit with all eyeshadow wearers. It really is beautiful, I can’t think of a better color if I had to create it myself.

  13. Sarah

    Just ordered Jealousy Wakes! I’ve had a gift card with around $16 on it lying around for over two years. And thanks to the free shipping code the total came out to just under $16. First MAC purchase in years!

  14. Luka

    Congratulations! I bought Jealousy Wakes and Parisian Skies.

  15. Emily

    I just ordered Jealousy Wakes along with Evolution Revolution and Sonoran Rain. I’ve never worn green eyeshadow before, but yours is so beautiful that I’ve decided to try it Christine!

  16. casey

    yay! just placed my order! so excited for you and the other creators!

  17. Athena

    Just made my purchases! Thanks Christine!

  18. shontay

    I just bought Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Caqui and Sonoran Rain. Very excited!

  19. Code is not working for my purchase

  20. Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Sonoran Rain here! As well as a backup mascara to give me enough for free shipping.

    I should have everything by Wednesday!

  21. Mo

    Woohoo!! I placed my order for Jealousy Wakes and All My Purple Life!

  22. Amy P

    Congrats Christine and thanks for letting us know it’s online! I ordered Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, EvRev, Nitro, and Cacqui.

  23. Anyone have a code for MAC Canada?! I’m desperate here!

  24. Kelly

    Congratulations Christine I just purchased jealousy awakes (which is my first green eyeshadow cant wait to experiment) and hocus pocus

  25. Jet

    Just placed my order for Jealousy Wakes! My first (and probably only) MAC purchase ever! :)

  26. Thanks for the notice, I would’ve waited until tomorrow if I hadn’t seen this!
    I got Jealousy Wakes (just like I said I would!) plus Hocus Pocus and All of My Purple Life because of your swatches 😀 Can’t wait to get my hands on them and depot the eyeshadows <3
    I do like how Evolution Revolution and Nitro:licious2046 look, too, though…so I'll order those if I get any more birthday money by the time they're sold-out!!

  27. Rebecca

    Just placed my order for Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Parisian Skies! Can’t wait for these babies to come home to me :)

  28. Tiffany

    Thank goodness I follow you on twitter. Just placed my order. :)

  29. Kristin

    I just snagged Jealousy Wakes. I’m obsessed with greens. I can’t wait to play with it! Thanks Christine 😀

  30. I know that these are online only, but will they be online for other retailers? Like Nordstrom, Macy’s, etc.?

  31. Crissylex

    I just bought from MAC online for the first time. I usually go to the counter at Macys. I’m glad to be able to purchase Jealousy Wakes. I was worried that it would sell out quickly and I would miss out. I did notice that there was no special advertising for the MAC Bloggers’ Obsession. How are we suppose to know if and when they were available?

    • It’s essentially a “soft launch.” The products are up, but it’s not officially up – once it is, they’ll have a collection landing page and all that. This happens with every MAC collection (unfortunately) :(

  32. rayne

    sadly I’m not seeing it on the canadian site. :( i really want it!

    • Kira

      I placed one order but when I tried to place a second order for my friend, they were all listed as “coming soon” (12:31am EST) =\

  33. Andrea

    I just placed my order 20 min ago and ordered everything except All My Purple Lige. I can’t wait to use Jealousy Wakes with my other greens.

  34. Rosie

    Woo hoo I didn’t miss out! I just placed my order. I’m so excited I ordered Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus and Caqui! Congrats again Christine. This is so exciting!

  35. Thank you so much for the heads up! I have been stalking the Mac site since last night (just in case they put it up early!) but I was only checking the “what’s new” section! It didn’t occur to me to look under eye shadows! :-) Traci

    • Haha, I have been here too many times with previous collections, so I had the eyeshadow page loaded and just refreshed periodically to see if it showed up in the drop down. The things we do!

  36. Lulee

    YAY i placed my order! i grabbed jealousy wakes, hocus pocus, and sonoran rain. congrats christine!

  37. bxboricua

    just ordered Jealousy Wakes and Sonoran Rain yay! but neither free shipping code worked for me..boo :(

  38. musical

    Congratulations, Christine! Jealousy Wakes is beyond beautiful (and very special)-had to get it! Also got Evolution Revolution and Sonoran Rain.

    I’ve been following Temptalia for a while now, and had to delurk today. Very happy for you!

  39. RedWeatherTigerD

    So excited to get this! I got Jealousy Wakes, Sonoran Rain and EvRev–I had thought it might be too sheer, but I changed my mind. May go back for Hocus Pocus and Sparkle, Neely…it was so cool to read all the bloggers’ stories about their inspirations and process. Yay to Mac and all the great bloggers for this awesome collection!

  40. Martha

    Christine, I’m so happy to be part of the Temptalia Family and so happy to be a part of this!! Cannot wait for Jealousy Wakes to show up in the canadian site!! XOXO

  41. chapis714

    Thanks for posting this!! I was also looking at the “What’s New Section” I just purchased Jealousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, Caqui, Sonoran Rain and Evolution Revolution… you and Karen are my favorite bloggers!! Congratulations Christine :-)

  42. Erin

    I already ordered! Very excited to get Jealousy Wakes! I also bought Evolution Revolution, Sonoran Rain, Caqui and Nitro:licious!

  43. Nikita

    Long-time reader, first-time poster. I just purchased Nitro, Hocus Pocus, Parisian Skies, and Jealousy Wakes as a belated birthday gift to myself. So exciting! (Might get the rest later, depending on funds and availability.) Congratulations to you and your fellow bloggers for achieving something so awesome!

  44. Karyn

    Thanks for the post Christine!

    I purchased the entire collection plus 2 Jealously Wakes as a show of support for you!

    It will not go to waste! I always give my friends a selection of cosmetics for Christmas. I am going to give it to one of my cosmetic loving friends as part of their present this year. Now to choose the lucky recipient!!!

    Beautiful color- congrats!!!!

    On a side note, you are studying for the bar right now I believe? I took it twice as I am registered in two states.

    • Thank you, Karyn!

      Well, I am trying – it is has been difficult – I think I am just a bit burnt out from juggling school and blogging for the past four years, lol!

      • Karyn

        I do now know how you do all this! I did a combined JD/LLM program, and I felt that every moment of the day was spent studying! Although, I get distracted easily :)

        Every time I read your blog, I am amazed what you have accomplished while going to school. Law school is not easy- so much reading!!!

        Good luck with the bar. July is always tough, but then it is over!!!!!

        • Karyn

          Oh no!!! My package either got stolen off my front porch or delivered to the wrong house! Those are the only two options I can think of! I am so upset!!!

          It would have only been there 4 hours unattended at most! At least the rest of the collection is available still. I hope UPS covers the cost of the contents. Maybe it went to the wrong house, and they will bring it by. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

          I just saw the eBay prices for jealousy wakes- oh my goodness!!! Christine, you should start your own company. You obviously have talent and have created quite a demand :)

          I a so proud of a fellow lawyer to be! Congrats again!

            • Karyn

              Found it Christine! My brother’s fault. When I confronted him about this, he said “it is only lipgloss, it is not like you don’t have enough of it already!”

              Is he adopted???

              Opps, I saw a typo above. My pet peeve. I meant to say “I am so proud of a fellow lawyer to be!” I am sure you got that, I just wanted to correct by bad spelling :)

  45. Bribri

    is there a canadian code?

    • BLOGS supposedly works now!

      • Mariella

        Ooooh, I’m glad I saw this. I was waiting for a free shipping offer. I’m going to order first thing tomorrow. Christine, well done – it is wonderful that you’re getting this recognition for your great skill and understanding of colour, quality, finish – all the things women look for in cosmetic products!

  46. Ashley

    YAY! So glad to see these went up tonight, I was dreading waking up early to stalk the MAC site. I picked up Jealousy Wakes and Sonoran Rain. REALLY excited to try both, eeeeeek! Congrats again, how exciting!!! And thanks for the free shipping code, I am happy to save $6 any time!! :) What a great way to start your week, Christine!!!! 😀

  47. Aud W

    I went looking for it on the website…didn’t see it so I came here and I’m glad I did! Got my jealousy wakes and free shipping! :)

  48. Stephanie

    Just grabbed Jealousy Wakes, Evolution Revolution, Nitro 2046, Sonoran Rain and was gonna grab All My Purple Life, but decided against it because dark purples look like crap on me no matter how much I love them haha. I also picked up the Viva Glam Gaga II lipstick because I’ve been on a nude lip kick lately. Can’t wait to try out Jealousy Wakes, it is absolutely gorgeous and I love greens! :]

  49. Mariella

    It’s there!!!! I’ve just seen it and I’m so excited. I want to place my order but I’m going to wait a day or 2 to see if they have a free shipping offer (one just ended, of course, but then seem to have them almost every week).

  50. alison

    Thanks for the heads up! I got Jealousy Wakes, Nitro, Caqui, and Sonoran Rain. I will have to go to my local freestanding to get Vex to wear with JW next week!

    Also: good luck on the bar!! A friend of mine is studying out there in Cali too. The only advice I have is go all out so you only have to do it once! LOL. I don’t think I would have made it through BarBri round two…

  51. Atanza

    Ordered jealousy wakes and evolution revolution!

    • ladydi

      That’s weird. Tried to order and it was removed from cart and now says “Coming Soon” I guess I missed it?

      • It looks like it just switched over to coming soon – I don’t know why – but all of the products say coming soon now, so something is up but I don’t think anything is sold out yet!

  52. Carrie Ann

    I placed my order. I hope nothing sells out before they fill it. Thanks for the update. I had a feeling it would be available before tomorrow. =)

  53. ellie

    YEA! This is my first time buying anything from a MAC collection. I just placed my order Jelousy Wakes, Hocus Pocus, and Evolution Revolution. How exciting, Christine. It’s your big day. Congratulations!

  54. Hope

    noooo it said jealousy wakes was removed from my cart!

    i checked back and it said “coming soon”

    it isn’t sold out, is it?!?!

    • It looks like it just switched over to coming soon – I don’t know why – but all of the products say coming soon now, so something is up but I don’t think anything is sold out – it seems so unlikely that all nine would be gone at the same time.

  55. Thank you so much for the “warning” Christine! I grabbed Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus! I tried to resist Hocus Pocus, but it just looks so magical in your swatches! Are you going to be doing looks with any of these products besides Jealousy Wakes? I’d love to see what you come up with!

  56. Karla

    I am logged in and it says coming soon, plus i can`t add to bag, whyyy? I even hit re-fresh, I`ve been waiting till midnight to purchase jealousy wakes!

    • It looks like it just switched over to coming soon – I don’t know why – but all of the products say coming soon now, so something is up but I don’t think anything is sold out!

  57. Iris

    Ooh, thanks so much for that shipping code! Christine, you are the best.

    Am I the only one having trouble, though?! What’s wrong with me? It looks like you guys are all ordering, but for me, when I select any of the Blogger’s Obessions products it says “COMING SOON” instead of the option to add to bag. I even tried it on a couple different browsers. Any ideas?

    • It looks like it just switched over to coming soon – I don’t know why – but all of the products say coming soon now, so something is up but I don’t think anything is sold out.

      • Iris


        I just started randomly clicking around on other products and I have seen others (not this collection) marked as “SOLD OUT,” unlike these ones, so hopefully that’s some reassurance to those of us who couldn’t get it yet! We will get our chance! 😀

        • It is super weird. It would be the FIRST time MAC has pulled a collection that soft launched before the official date, which is why it is so bizarre… but like I said, all nine at the same time? And moving to coming soon immediately? And now they’re removed entirely…

          • Rebecca

            I place my order already, but when I clicked on order status, all 3 items were gone! Weird :(

            • Nikita

              You aren’t alone Rebecca – I just checked my order status on the site, and all of the items have disappeared. I still see my grand total and a status of “pending”…I really hope nothing happened to our orders.

            • Antoinette

              I placed my order earlier, and I’m seeing the same thing you ladies see under order status. There’s a grand total, but my 2 items are not listed! Hopefully everything will turn out okay for everyone who placed their orders early.

  58. Hmm… it’s not letting me order them. It says coming soon and won’t let me add them to the cart. I tried refreshing. Is it working for everyone else?

  59. Dani

    I’m getting “coming soon” for everything D:

  60. Eeeee! Seeing it on the site is insanity! So happy for you!

  61. Jeni

    Thanks for the free shipping code! :) I picked up Jealousy Wakes, Parisian Skies, and Sonoran Rain…I wish I could have gotten more but that was as much as I could afford 😛 Super excited to play with my new makeup!!

  62. cherryglass

    Hurray! I just placed an order for Jealousy Wakes. I’m getting your shadow not only because I am a fan of MAC and find the colour very unique, but also because I want to support your effort in being true to yourself and your readers. We appreciate it! On a personal note, Temptalia is a perfect place to visit at the end of a crappy day for a bit of inspiration, escapism, and more than a few shopping lists.( I adore the Lush-Light Bronze that you’ve recommended, which otherwise would have been ignored at the counter.) Thank you!!!

  63. Alexis

    They all say coming soon. I hope I didn’t miss out :(

  64. Karla

    It says coming soon and i can`t purchase yet, why?

  65. Jessica

    god i just see the “coming soon”. you girls are lucky! maybe mac stopped people from “pre-ordering” to keep it from selling out before its official launch date……..HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed*

  66. Dani

    oo. Now everything from the collection has been removed from the site. Yeah, your assumption is probably right Christine.

    • Can’t say I remember MAC ever doing this before! At least we now know that someone does watch the site at all hours!

      • Kira

        It hasn’t been removed from the Canadian site yet! Just says “coming soon”… So ominous! Can’t wait to place second order (for my friend of course :P)

  67. Maeve

    Now they aren’t even listed at all. :(

  68. Kristina

    Now they’ve disappeared from the website..this sucks. When is it “official”? 12 PST??

  69. Erin

    The colors aren’t showing up in the drop down menu for me. The site is looking a little strange, it’s showing the wonder woman quads, quite cute quad, and tartan tale shadows under eyeshadow.

  70. Karla

    All gone!!! OMGAWD!! NOOOOOO

  71. Jessica

    wait now mac doesn’t have any of the collection listed! what’s happening?

  72. Kayla

    i just placed my order! i’m getting jealousy wakes, evolution revolution, and sonoran rain! all of these colors look amazing! yay for free shipping! i’m so excited, hence my use of exclamation points!

  73. amanda

    This annoys me! If mac is going to put it up and let other people get don’t take it down and not let others get it.

    • The only thing I can think of is they pulled it so that people who expected it on the 21st will actually be able to get it then but I have no idea :(

      • Neshie

        That’s what I’m thinking too.. being that it’s a blogger line, I would assume that most of the people who are interested in this launch were watching the blogs and waiting for it. I bet that a lot of the people who follow the blogs were probably trying to pick it up early since you and at least one other blogger (afrobella) informed their readers that it was available. They probably didn’t want things to sell out before the official launch. I’d probably advise people who didn’t get in before they pulled them to keep their eyes on the site because there are probably very limited quantities left.

  74. Urmi

    I’m really upset to know that they aren’t on the website anymore and that they released them before the 21st of June. I don’t think that’s fair to everyone who’s been waiting for the 21st to start!

    • This might be why they pulled it – possibly waiting for it to be the 21st. I don’t know, though!

      • Kira

        I think that the “21st” is really subjective in a way. What I mean by that is, which timezone are they talking about? It’s already the 21st on the east coast, but not for people west of that. *nods*

        • MAC never releases anything in a way that makes sense. Sometimes it’s 3-4pm the day before, sometimes it’s 8AM the day before, sometimes it’s just 8AM the day of. I’ve seen midnight releases (varies for whether it’s EST or PST), too.

          MAC ships out of east coast. Their HQ is in NYC, but realistically, the web team could be elsewhere.

          It wouldn’t be a MAC collection without some drama.

  75. Instant Karma

    I guess it’s already gone because I’ve been looking for the past twenty minutes. I really wanted to support you and Karen! :(

    • I think it’ll be back – fingers crossed – but there are too many weird things going on that don’t make sense!

    • Jessica

      i agree, it must be all sold out. really, you can never trust the “official” launch date, it’s all BS.

      but then again, even the sold out shades remain on the website sometimes, until they officially are done with the collection.

      but it doesn’t look good, imo. anyone have any dupe ideas for the lipglasses?

  76. Karla

    Am not risking not having this collection! I had to go to ebay and paid $24 each from the seller dealweek, annoying but at this point,oh well.

  77. Yippy!!!! I got my order and the order number emailed. Once in my lifetime I get something in this mad rush of buying. First, I tried to order it online with the free shipping code Christine provided. Then, that didnt work so I called the 1-800 number. The sales rep was very nice and waived the shipping cost; she told me that code was only good for the blogger online (what she meant is beyond me). As I stated all the time, I am not a MAC follower. I bought it only becuz of Christine and the color is so pretty. I JUST WANTED TO BE PART OF HISTORY and the OCD that I am bought two of the same again. The order was completed before 9pm PST. Then, I just check again with the 1-800 rep. She said they do have the order.

    • Dani

      You’re salting my wounds, Stacey lol.

      • Sorry. Am not trying to be fresh….but I never never get anything from this mad sale rush. I never bought any MAC LE stuff before so I wasnt even expecting this craziness and the customer service rep had to walk me thru this order. Hope everyone will get what you want tomorrow without a glitch. After all, it is MAC and not NYX.

    • Iris


      Congrats on getting yours all done smoothly! See, now I’m just being totally unproductive. I’m sitting here refreshing the page instead of doing something else that needs to get done!

  78. Maeve

    The Sales Rep online said give it 20-30 minutes and it will be back. It’s not sold out. So keeping my fingers crossed!

  79. jenny

    Nooooooo! I had it right in my cart, but when I clicked to check out they were all gone :'(

    • jenn

      Me too! All the products suddenly disappeared from my cart!

      • Ok, it happened to me too! I was on the site last night at 11p CST, added everything I wanted and went to checkout and it said my cart was empty. When I was getting ready for work this morning at 5:45a CST, they all said coming soon and had no option to add it to my cart. Then, on my commute (using MAC mobile), although it said coming soon, it allowed me to add the items to my cart. I went to checkout and the cart was empty again (7:40a CST)! I currently have a tab open that I am maniacally refreshing to see if they’re available yet. Grrrr!

  80. Okay I just called and this is my latest–

    1) all orders that were submitted have gone through!
    2) because items were taken off, order statuses are “pending.” I guess you can’t show what’s not *really* there?
    3) items were taken off because they’re “having problems launching the collection and want to make sure everything works smoothly”
    4) relaunching 6am EST

    • Iris

      Thanks for that update!

      The products are back up! Still “COMING SOON,” but now they are visible again.

    • Maggie

      6am EST? Wow, that sucks for those of us on the west coast. Either wake up at 3am or wake up to everything being sold out…

      • Alexis

        I know, it sucks. I’m debating on staying up or trying to wake up at 3am but I don’t trust mac to not just release it again earlier!

  81. Yippy. Got my order right before 9pm PST….guess before they remove them from site. Could not use the code you provided for free shipping. Call customer service. Waive the shipping fee. Order 2 Jealousy Wakes…what a name. Not in the MAC fan club….only ordered it to be part of history and I read Temptalia’s blog for relaxation.

    • Omg this! I read temptalia all the time but when I’m upset or irritated, I read through old posts to relax. Makeup articles make me feel like all is right with the world. LOL!

      Not a MAC addict either. I own 2 MAC products–both are limited edition lipsticks xP

  82. Elise

    For me, when I logged inn and checked my order, it shows all 4 shadows and all lipglosses. Nothing has dissapeared from the order. Maybe it’s because I purchased as soon as it was availabe? Either way I recieved an email with all product listed and when I log into the website under my order it shows all the itoms and the total, so nothing dissapeared for me?

    • They just came back online as “Coming soon” so I imagine because they took them out of the system, the ordering system couldn’t show anything!

    • Nikita

      Yeah, I see all of the items I purchased now. I’m pretty sure Christine has the right idea.

  83. Elise

    My card was already charged by MAC so orders already placed must have gone all through, even if mine was quite early. It will most likelly come back, every time it says “Coming Soon” it always comes back. Don’t buy from ebay with inflated prices, just wait.

  84. Amanda A

    Well looks like I will be staying up late to get the collection. Can’t risk them selling out! I live in HI so if I go to bed now, by the time I wake up tomorrow it will be around 2pm EST. Oh well, it’s worth it for these one-of-a-kind beauties!

    • Amanda A

      Well I stayed up till Midnight here which is 6AM EST and still nothing. I just called LiveChat and she says they have no new updates. This is really frustrating. Did they make such a small production that they really don’t have enough? I hope that is not the case. Looks like I am going to bed and HOPING that there is plenty to go around tomorrow morning. *sigh*

  85. Well, I guess these MAC products to purchase was not part of the budget this month ????

  86. Guess I got in right before the bell.

  87. Angel

    Hi Christine and everyone:) It is 6:18am EST and they still say coming soon, so no luck for 6am EST launch :(

  88. Dillie

    Did everything sell out? Isn’t it suppose on online today..I’m so confused lol

  89. Mariella

    Weird..I just went to order (Canadian site) and all the Blogger eyeshadows are marked “coming soon” but can’t actually be ordered yet. Kinda frustrating but maybe a free shipping code will be issued by the time they’re “available”.

  90. Wanda

    I don’t see any of it available online Central Time. Am I missing something? I am looking under the categories and it still says Coming Soon! They will be all gone by the time I get to order it! Help!!

  91. Sarah

    The 6 am EST was a crock. It’s 8:30 EST where I am and they all still say “Coming soon.”


  92. Sarah

    I just called MAC. Here is what they told me:
    It is supposed to launch today, but they don’t know what time. They are waiting on some approval from corporate to officially launch. I mentioned the people here who said they had already ordered last night and had gotten confirmation that the order went through and the girl said, “yeah, they were not able to order.” So now I don’t know what to believe.

    This is a bunch of hogwash.

    • I know a lot of people got charged, and from my experience, once they charge = shipped.

      • Lulee

        never been so excited to see a charge on my checking account, lol!

      • Mariella

        And I can’t even ORDER….where it should say “add to cart”,it says “coming soon”. VERY miffed. I’m also wondering about what they are “testing” with this launch. The products aren’t in their own, identifiable “launch” and they’re not in-store. I honestly think that this is some project of MAC’s to test the link between blogs and purchases. And what better way – the only way you’d know about these products at all is if you read one of the bloggers involved. The only way you can purchase is online, after putting all your faith in any one of a few blogs. And I think it’s then only a matter of time til they start their very own MAC BLOG.

        • It was published in WWD, Nylon, and across the web (not just blogs, but major sites like Stylelist), but since the turnaround time on this was short, I wouldn’t have expected a large push for print.

          It has not officially launched, which is why it says coming soon at this time!

        • I was wondering about that, too. Wouldn’t that just seem self-serving, though? I’d hope that they want to know how much a blogger’s influence is worth. That’s just good marketing.

    • Kristin

      I ordered Jealousy Wakes last night and some items from the permanent line. I didn’t receive an order confirmation but I was charged and I received a shipping notification a few hours ago. I guess I’ll have to wait to find out if I’ll receive my item from this collection or not. I hope they didn’t just ship the perm items :/

  93. kristina

    9am est, and still nothing. Any updates?

  94. Nicole

    I’m rather confused…it isn’t up for me, still says “coming soon”. However, doesn’t say it is sold out and doesn’t appear in the “whats new” section. Odd….

  95. Faye

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if you could tell me whether Hocus Pocus seems warm or cool toned. I know you don’t want to rate the collection, but it would be very helpful if I could know that information. Hopefully since that’s not a value judgement it would be okay to share that info :)?


    • I’d say warmer rather than cooler but not overly warm!

      • Faye

        Thanks Christine! I am very cool-toned and pale but ended up ordering it anyway — I figured it would sell out if I waited and there’s always swapping if it doesn’t work for me.

        I’m so excited about Jealousy Wakes — can’t wait to get it! Congrats again on this very cool accomplishment.

  96. Dana

    I’m waiting…. this is so exciting! How cool to see your shadow on the Mac site, even though I can’t buy it yet. Congrats! I’m going to pick up Jealousy Wakes and Hocus Pocus for sure, might get Parisian Skies too. I’m totally stalking their site now 😛

  97. Ahh shucks. Hope I didn’t miss it. Hocus/Pocus and Jealousy Wakes were on my list- impressive considering I haven’t bought make up in months.

    • I also just want to say that I do believe it will be coming back today because I haven’t even received my email from MAC, yet. It would be a real PR disaster- not to mention a let down to the bloggers they flew out- if the collection is launched and sold out before it reaches the mainstream consumer via email notification. I’m not too concerned, yet.

  98. kaelakaela

    still not available. still says “coming soon”

  99. Rosie

    I’m so bummed out. I’m itching to get my order in!!!!