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I was a late bloomer–I really didn’t get into makeup until I went off to college, so I had just turned eighteen!  I think it’s important to balance having fun and maintaining a young person’s self-image and self-esteem.  You don’t want makeup to become a crutch or give them the idea that makeup is required to be beautiful, but you don’t necessarily want to forbid them at all!  I would say subtle things like tinted lip balm, sheer gloss are great ways to start out when you’re young.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I was 12, more or less. I was going through my rocker phase (I still am one, just a more classy one :P) and would do the black, smudged eye liner thing. I didn’t start doing heavier makeup until I was 17, though.

I don’t think there’s a wrong age per se, but makeup should be limited to really young girls. It’s not good to teach little girls that they need heavy foundation to cover up “flaws” or that they need tons of eye shadow to look pretty. If anything, I would start a teenager off with lip gloss, mascara, and MAYBE a very sheer tinted moisturizer. Mascara is one thing that immediately makes your face “wake up” without wearing any other makeup.

I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. I wasn’t technically allowed to wear it, but my friwnds and would put in on on the bus on the way to school and wipe it off on the way back home. I remember wearing some horrendous looking makeup like orange foundation and bruise colored eyeshadow.

Just these few months… So. 19? Haha. That’s why I’ve been stalking your blog like crazy and frantically trying to read everything you’ve written in the past, lol. In Asian countries we don’t really start doing makeup that early, apart from special occasions.

I’m somewhat in the same boat… I stalk this site because I’m almost 19 and I just really got into this stuff too. xD

When I was 12, I asked my mom for makeup and she bought me a cheap Color Workshop set, but after she got mad at me for wearing some makeup to school, I never wore makeup again after that. Now I have some good quality makeup tucked away, but I have yet to wear any of it outside. xD

Mee too guys! I started being into makeup and buying makeup at 19. I wore a little to church like foundation with moisturizer and lip gloss but i just started getting into real makeup, that’s why i spend my life on temptalia and youtube LOL

lol I wish we had a “like” button because I totally agree with you! I’m constantly on temptalia or youtube figuring out whats best and how to apply everything the right way 😛

14 or around it.
but later I had almost almost two years longing break when really had no wish to use it except some special events.

I’m a contender for the late bloomer sweepstakes myself, I didn’t wear makeup until I was 24 or 25 and started getting interested in the visual presentation aspect of glam rock. The natural look was a bit too subtle to click for me, but exaggerated glam stuff helped me understand the sort of effects makeup can do.

I don’t think there’s any age that’s particularly suited for starting, I’ve seen teenagers do fun things with makeup and adults look fantastic without. Start wearing makeup whenever it becomes interesting to you!

I wore very sad attempts at makeup between ages 14-19, such as bright purple eyeshadow without blending. I would say I didn’t start refining my techniques and wearing genuinely flattering makeup until my twenties, and with that came a much healthier self image too!

When I was 11-12 I got a couple Jane eyeshadows from CVS that I didn’t ever really wear, except maybe I would smear a little on after school to mess around with it or something.

I started playing with lip gloss and eyeshadows in 6th grade, but really didn’t start using it until middle of 9th. So about 14 and here I am almost 7 years later and completely addicted with several thousand dollars worth. LOL!

6th grade I was allowed concealer, clear mascara, and lip gloss. Then gradually over the next two years my mom added in other products I was allowed to wear. I think its a good way to do it because I had to prove I could wear one tastefully before I was allowed to wear the next.

That’s sort of what my mom did with me. I wore light blush, mascara (I have dark lashes so it doesn’t look unnatural), a slightly shimmery brown eyeshadow and lipgloss. Then gradually, my mom let me wear colored eyeshadow and then in 8th grade my mom let me wear mineral foundation. And just this past year I’ve REALLY gotten into makeup:)

With 15 but only on weekends, under the week I did not have any time for that kind of things because I was always late for school.

I’m 15 (16 in two days) and just recently got into makeup 😀 I’m glad to say I’m not one of those who has made MU their crutch or a standard to beauty. I love my face just the way it is, MU is more of an artistic out let for me. I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS or colors in general and love playing with colors and textures <3 Usually my makeup is more colorful and artistic but I can bend and do more natural and "enhancing" looks, but I absolutely need some color in it and I hate nude lips. Usually though, it's either no MU or very POP-in-your-face MU.

That’s a good question. I wore makeup from time to time in high school and college. At that time, I rarely did full-face makeup. I became absorbed (or addicted to :d) into makeup 3 years ago – so 26 (incredibly late right?).

Age 13-14, when I reached high school. I attended catholic school and this was in 1979 mine you. The girls that I met would put on the makeup in the bathroom..literally cake on the makeup and hike up the uniform skirts. I was not quite so daring….but I bought only makeup to help with my acne from Clinque.

My mom allowed me to start wearing a little makeup when I turned 13 – this meant light pink gloss/natural color lipstick, powder, and some mascara. When I turned 14, she let me wear eyeshadow and blush (very light and natural colors still). It wasn’t till I was 15 or 16 that I started wearing bolder colors for fun!

I started using tinted lipbalms and sheer glosses at 13. Bought my first MAC lipgloss in June of grade 8. A full face of makeup only came around in time for prom in grade 12. But even then, I didn’t do a full face of foundation. But by then, I did start shaping and filling in my brows. I only started using eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis in 2nd year of university. Even now, I probably leave home with a tinted sunscreen (SPF 30 and up), blush, brow pencil, and mascara.

I think if I were to start off a teen with makeup, I would spend the most time teaching her to curl lashes, because that opens the eye the most.

I only knew how to wear eyeliner on my top lash line when I was 15, but I really started getting into makeup when I turned 28. I stumbled upon a makeup tutorial on youtube and have been hooked since then. It took me two years after that to finally understand how to apply eye shadow. The first year of learning, I bought all kinds of colors to work with, yet everything was messy and muddy looking. I really had a hard time getting the blending technique down. By the time the second year came rolling around, I became familiar with your blog and your swatches along with many other makeup artists on youtube. With a lot of practice and time, now I can say I’ve become my own little makeup artist to my face and don’t feel intimidated when I go cosmetic shopping. I think 14 or 15 is a good age to start with simple products such as eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss.

It was 17 for me, when I went away to college. My parents were pretty strict and always made sure I focused on inner beauty. While that’s great, I feel makeup just makes my outside match my inside, because I think everyone should have the chance to feel beautiful inside and out! 🙂

I was about 13 …and it was because i started to suffer from acne which,thank god, i’m getting through with that… 🙂

I was around the age of ten. For my birthday I received a bucket of “paint,” the paint being make-up. Granted they were childish colors and not very pigmented, but once I started playing with it, I knew it was for me. I remember even filling it up to the rim with CoverGirl and Revlon. But now I’ve moved up to the big-girl make-up. Haha

I started experimenting at 16…all I wanted was to look like Christy Turlington, sadly even L’Oreal could do nothing to assist.

Wow I just recently became a hard core makeup junkie. I was experimenting in Junior year and really started doing it this last year so about 18 or so.

Fun, “artsy,” experimental, my-face-doesn’t-get-me-in-trouble-like-the-walls-do makeup…probably 5 or 6, simply because the only makeup I can remember playing with before then was made of plastic (best! Birthday present! Ever! Must’ve been at least 13 years ago). Outside of the house, my parents let me do my eyeliner-and-mascara thing when I was 10. Yeah, wassup, prettiest girl in fifth grade, what?!

I started with some mascara when I was 13, when I turned 18 i started with more like powder and blush. And now (21) i usually do a full face of makeup 🙂

I started using makeup my freshman year of highschool! I’m going into my junior year now, so it’s been around two years.
Honestly, I hate it when girls younger than 13 or 14 use makeup. I see twelve year olds wearing makeup and it freaks me out.
To start a younger girl off, I’d definitely introduce them to lipgloss and pencil eyeliner. After that, though, it’s up to the girl if she wants to delve into different looks with makeup.

I probably bought my first eyeshadow and lipgloss around 14-15 but never really used them. I didn’t really get into makeup or wear it more regularly until somewhere around 18-20..
I agree I have concerns about wearing a lot of makeup at a young age.. 14 is probably still too young to wear a full face of makeup imo, but if I had an 8-year-old or something, tinted balm and nail polish are fun and harmless.

I agree. Nail polish is a fantastic way for young girls to feel glitzy and fancy, but it is still very age appropriate in my opinion. Polish is actually most fun for younger girls because they can do crazy patterns and colors with no worries about whether it looks ridiculous! I paint my cousin’s nails a lot and the one tricky question is why can’t she wear red and dark colors? haha I don’t let her but I don’t really have a good reason why!

About six months ago, and I’m 21 right now. I didn’t dabble at all actually, haha. When I started, I full on dived into the deep-end of pure makeup/skincare obsession. I swear I’m OCD when it comes to stuff like this.

When I was 4-5 I could wear tinted lipbalm XD Then when I was 8 I could wear mascara lipgloss 2 a party.
But it was when I was 12, I started reading beuty blogs and watch youtube videos and that was when I really got interested in makeup. (but i don’t use makeup everyday)

I don’t really think makeup has 2 do with age, if you r 15 and wear makeup cause u think ur ugly or r worried what people r gonna think, I don’t think u should wear makeup for someone else, just wear it 4 u!

When I was 6, I took my aunt’s mascara and applied it on my lashes. I remember loving how gorgeous it made my eyelashes look! But I was so afraid my grandma would scold me so I hurriedly used a tissue and violently rubbed at my eyes to get it off. Of course it didn’t work and I ended up looking like a panda! LOL! My grandma didn’t scold me, she even told me that I should’ve asked her for a makeup remover. Hahaha. Wonderful first time!

I’ve been wearing makeup at recitals and concerts ever since I started playing the violin at the age of 5 but I’ve only appreciated and experimented with it at around 16

I started at 14-15 mostly when I was going out. I wasn’t wearing make up at school, if I was, it was just a lipgloss, blush, a concealer if I needed to hide something and maybe mascara. My mother gave me make up as a gift for my 14th birthday that we chose together because she didn’t want me to go alone and buy anything bad and cheap with my own money. I stopped wearing a lot of make up, only the very basics, at 20 and started again three years later when I started collecting and now it has become part of life and I really enjoy the moments I make me up .

I feel so odd because technically, I started at such a young age. I did my own makeup for my dance performances (I perfected the smoky eye by 12!) but I never wore makeup outside of performances. Only recently I got into wearing makeup for everyday purposes, but not too much only eyeshadow, blush, and eyebrow powder & gel! 🙂

I started with tiny bits of mascara when I was fourteen. No one could see I was wearing it, it just made my blonde lashes a bit darker. When I was sixteen, I bought a descent mascara and wore it every day. I started concealer and foundation when I was 17 and lipstick, eyeshadow and all other stuff followed when I was eightteen.
For some this sounds ‘late’ but I think it was just right 😛

I don’t remember exactly, but around 13 (although I kept trying on my Mum’s lipstick at home when I was much younger). Nothing major though, just coloured mascara and I had a couple of cheapo eyeshadow palettes that I would play with at home. I started wearing more towards 16-17 I think, but I actually only started doing proper full face make up regularly about 3-4 years ago. Before then it was mainly eyeliner, mascara, some face powder, lipstick/lipgloss. As a result, my stash grew by 1000% in the past 3-4 years.

I started wearing make-up when I was 16 (when I started going out at night) but it’s been like 1-2 years – when I started visiting this blog – since I’ve become way better at it! 🙂 I started with transparent mascara and sheer lipgloss, but when I turned 18 I started to feel the need to go bold. And here we are now!

6th grade I remember feeling odd because no one else my age was wearing it and all the girls would say”Wow!Your mom let’s you wear makeup” and i’d think it was midevil their moms wouldn’t let em wear any makeup at all

Well I started getting acne at 13, so then I started using it daily. Before that, since 12 ish I used mascara and blush if I could be bothered. At 14 I was usuing cheap concealer and that carried on till I was 16 – concealer, blush, mascara. Then I found the YouTube gurus!! And now it’s the full face 😛 And I feel so much more confident now that I can cover my acne up better. But unfortunately, I’m 18, and makeup is my crutch. 🙁 But I’m on medication which is helping to a certain extent. 🙂

I started using eyeliner when I was 12, discovered mascara when I was about 16 and began to use powder, blush and foundation when I was 19. Sometimes I leave the house with no make up on at all, sometimes I use a lot of makeup ^^

I think it’s OK to start young when you don’t clog your pores with makeup all the time. I once had a neighbor who was a make up artist and her skin was really damaged, probably because she wore heavy makeup at all times. That is why I take care to give my skin a day off from time to time 🙂

Around the same time I got my first hair straightener and first started to dye my hair, so I would say 5-6th grade, so I’ll just settle for when I was 11. I didn’t decide to be an artist til I was 17. I have a teacher that believes a bare face (even having only done brows,blush and foundation) is a beauty sin and not recommended at all.

I started wearing makeup last August, so I was 13. I went to the mall of america and got some stuff at bare escentuals, and I wore so much foundation! I would also just take a neon colored eyeshadow and just wear that on my lid. Boy, have I learned a lot since then. 🙂

I started wearing makeup in 7th grade, so 12-13 years old and have been obsessed ever since!! I’m glad I started on the younger side because I’ve had years to learn techniques and different styles.

Makeup is fine for all little girls no matter the age-as long as it’s for fun! no Toddlers and Tiaras situation. =)

I was in 6th grade, so 11 years old. I remember wearing those lipgloss sticks from Covergirl (I think they still make them) and mascara when I first began. Within a few months I discovered eye liners in various shades including blue and silver. To this day, I cringe when I think about how I once wore white eyeliner on my upper lash line!

I started when I was about 5, just for ballet receitals and such. I honestly hated makeup until I started 7th grade. But I’ve been using it ever since.

5 years old. i was a beauty queen kid so for the pageants my mom was always dolling me up. i remember her poking me in the eye with a mascara wand in a gymnasium bathroom when I was about 7. I told her I wasn’t doing anymore pageants. Then I really got into makeup on my own at about 9 or 10. Sophisticated made up looks about 15.

I know people dont like hearing this but I started sneaking make up when I was 5 yrs old from my grandmothers vanity. Boy did my mom get upset.
Then I started sneaking make up again when I was 12. Did I get in trouble again.
I was finally officially aloud when I was 15.

I remember sitting in front of the mirror when I was about 12 or 13 putting it on and taking it off over and over for practice, sometimes with my girlfriends–yeah, there was always cheap, cheap makeup and some pretty scary faces sometimes |-D

As far really wearing it outside my house, I wasn’t allowed to wear very much until I got in high school and I remember more than once being sent back to start over and being admonished, “you are not leaving this house looking like that!” And I remember going to my friends’ houses on weekends sometimes and caking it on before we sneaked off to the mall or somewhere.

It was so much fun then, but now the less I can get away with, the better.

First modest steps around 12. when I was 13-14 it was some mascara -not dramatic though-, black pencil in my waterline -i still wear it every single day even if i stay at home- and some my-lips-but-better lipstick or lipgloss with sheer colour also maybe some neutral/earthy tone eyeshadow. I wore foundation a lot later, not because I wasnt allowed but because I didnt want to. My parents never told me anything about make up.

i started to line my waterline everyday when i was 12 (and had i found out about that earlier, i would have started sooner, but my mother doesn’t really wear makeup, so i learned it from a friend).
My eyes are small and dark and lining my waterline makes them so much more beautiful, totally changes my face, it’s still to this day the one thing i wont leave out of the house without.

before that i had already used colored eyeshadow like pastel colors and lipgloss on birthday parties and things like that

Officially- I wasnt allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. But I started buying colored gloss at 12. Mom was pissed when she found out. So I stopped wearing it until I got to high school. Then I had a friend who wore caked on makeup and it scared me. But she did inspire me to at least try it. So for a field trip where we had to dress up – I put on a little eyeliner, mascara.

I started the summer going into 7th grade and all i wore was a tiny bit of eyeliner on my lower lashline, and not until the summer going into eighth grade did i start to wear eyeshadow and mascara.

I recieved my first eye shadow palett from a friend of my family. I was about 7 or 8 years old and I loved playing with it.
At the age of 13 I bought my first make-ip (powder, eye shadow, concealer and mascara by a brand called Manhatten). I wore it mostly in my free time and just sometimes at school.

Probably in 10th grade. Got into punk rock in 11th grade and used to wear black eyeliner & black lipstick constantly. After that phase, I just wore basic mascara, light eyeliner, and lip gloss every day.

But it wasn’t until I was like 39 or so that I decided to really learn how to do make-up and started watching youtube tutorials, searching the web for reviews and advice, and invest in buying more upper end products.

I started wearing makeup from time to time when I was 15, but I only owned a mascara and a couple lipsticks back then. I really started paying attention to makeup trends and buying stuff when I turned 25. Call that a late start :p

I started in 6th grade when we were allowed in school. I would wear a full face, and hide it from my parents, because they didnt allow it.

I think it’s important to let girls experiment and develop thier sexuality – whatever the right age is for them. Clothes and make up is a huge part of that, but it’s also other things are equally important. I think each girl is different, and make up plays a different role for everyone.

I too, was quite the late bloomer, i started when i was almost 19! I went to an all girl private highschool so i really didn’t feel the need to wear makeup daily and plus i was an athlete so, i never liked the idea of wearing makeup and working out… Once i hit 19 and started getting into the blogging world, i feel inlove with beauty and make 🙂

i started when i was 21, pretty late, huh? but i am blessed to have very nice skin, so i dont think i should cover it with artificial stuff. natural is pretty

Well, I first started wearing (sneaking make-up in 8th grade. We weren’t allowed to wear make-up to school, but we all wanted to look like Twiggy so we used to put on slicker and then the teachers would make us wash it off. That said I really didn’t start wearing make-up full time until I was in my thirties. Was kind of a hippie, we didn’t wear make-up, them came kids and who had time. By the time my kids were older and I went back to work I began wearing make-up. Not wearing it for such a long time I needed help, but one thing is for sure, I had great skin from not using make-up, but I always used moisturizer. Sorry this is so long.

I began wearing eye shadow when I was about 12 or 13 years old. My mother own a Mary Kay shadwo palette with five shades. I remember brown, yellow, blue, white, and green in small circles in a shell-like compact. Later, when I was 15, I bought my very first eye shadow from Clinique in a chrome box that pulled from the side to reveal my all time favorite purple eye shadow. I bought cover girl foundation when I turned 17 because Cheryl Tiegs was the model. I had great skin and really didn’t need it but I wanted her skin. For lips, I always bought Bonne Bell lip gloss in little pots. Lord knows when I started buying all the other stuff. But I’ve been addicted ever since the very first.

I was 12 🙂 but it was only using like lipgloss, mascara, and powder at that point and not everyday, but to like special events or something 🙂

I started wearing make up when I was about 12. I was the Bonnie Bell lipgloss and chapstick QUEEN!!!! Around 9th or 10th grade my took me to Nordstrom where I had my first M.A.C. encounter and I have been hooked ever since!

I don’t think wearing make up is a bad thing. The most beautiful woman on the planet could use a little enhancing. If its nothing more than some tinted gloss and bronzer.

I wore horrible blue lipstick for a while in middle school. Then I wore makeup for special occasions in college. Then I didn’t get into wearing makeup every day until I was either 23 or 24. So I was very late on the makeup train.

It’s only within maybe the last few years I started wearing makeup seriously. I’m 23. Before then it was pretty much eyeliner, and maybe some foundation. Only within the last 1 or 2 years have I actually started wearing things like eyeshadows. I use to hate eyeshadow because I would just use the spongetip applicators that came with the drugstore quad and always thought it looked crappy…Then I discovered youtube beauty gurus and makeup brushes..I also learned that Foundation doesn’t have to turn me orange hahaha.. I just need the right shade.

I started really wearing make up in fifth grade. I remember a weird thing I did in sixth grade that I still like… I got frustrated while applying mascara ’cause it didn’t turn out good so I pressed the applicator on above my eye lid and then did it on the other eye too. The mascara patterns were pointing in different directions and it looked cool :L
I think the right age to start wearing make up is when YOU want to. And whatever kind of make up you want to wear. Don’t care about what other people say.

I was 12-13 when I first started wearing makeup, 14 when I started wearing light foundations. I started to become very into mid-range brands at 18 (MAC and such), and now, at 27, I’m into whatever suits me best – though I’ve tried pretty much everything due to trial and error 🙂

I would occasionally wear a sweep of one color (baby blue on my yellow undertone skin–blegh!) for eyeshadow and maybe some lipgloss here and there through middle school and high school, but I didn’t really start wearing makeup every day until my freshman year in college. Even then, I only wore lipgloss or tinted lip balm, eyeliner on bare lids and CoverGirl powder foundation 😛 I just recently (at the age of 22) became obsessed with makeup and now wear it every day in a range of much more flattering shades. Thank goodness my technique has dramatically improved as well!

On the appropriate age thing, I think my sister is doing it right: She’s now started to wear age-appropriate shades (NO red lips and NO smoky eyes allowed by Big Sis) with either Chapstick or sheer lipgloss at the age of 14 🙂

I am the same as you. I didn’t get into make-up until college. Before then I think the most I wore was black eyeliner in high school.

I was probably 12 when I first started using makeup. But it was just lipstick and maybe some eyeliner. My makeup obsession/skills did not begin to lead to where I am today until I was about 23. Now I’m almost 32 and have come a long way!

Well, I’ll start out saying I was never allowed to get my ears pierced because my dad wouldn’t allow it but my mom took me when I was 16 because I had always wanted to get them. Also when I was 16, my mom gave me eyeliner one day and I put on a little before school – before I headed out, my dad told me it looked morbid so I ran to the bathroom crying and took it off immediately. I didnt fully start wearing make up until I was 18 (when the girls around me started pretty much forcing me to wear makeup). I think grade-school is the hardest part of growing up although you really do learn a lot about yourself and the people around you.

My mom let me use her old makeup as long as I can remember. But mostly I used that for dress up and fun. I didn’t start wearing makeup on a regular basis till I was 13ish.I think there’s no right age. As long as its viewed as fun and not something you need to hide you imperfections. But rather to enhancee your natural beauty. I never felt I needed makeup. It was just fun!

I think I was around 11 when I got a ColourWorks set for Christmas and played with lipgloss and eyeliner. Between 12 & 13 I had terrible acne, so I was allowed to use concealer and foundation. I applied it terribly and probably didn’t need it, but I felt so much better about myself, it was great for my self-confidence. Now that I am in my 20s I love all kinds of makeup and have great skin, so nothing to hide.

Thanks for posting my question, Christine! =D I first started wearing makeup when I was about 17 years old. I think it was just a little bit of eyeliner on my waterline and a very natural-looking lip color. I had conservative parents so they would find even the lipstick a little too much on me. But as soon as I hit 18, it was downward spiral from there. I started using foundation, concealer, mascara, neutral eyeshadows, and a little color on my cheeks other than the eyeliner and lipstick I was already wearing.

I think girls should be allowed to wear minimal makeup after 12. I think that before 12, they still have that natural beauty in them and they don’t really need to cover up anything. After 12, a little lipgloss and mascara probably wouldn’t hurt, as long as they keep it minimal and natural.

I was about 14 and it was eyeshadow only. My dad was against it the whole time, but my mom lobbied on my side. And it had to be approved before I could go out. By the time I was 17 dad had given in, so I started wearing a “full face”.

I started wearing makeup in 7th grade. Basically foundation, bronzer, and mascara that i stole from my older sister. In 8th grade is when i really got into makeup, my best friend and i would go to the drugstore almost every day with $5 and go crazy on the “wet&wild” im going into senior year now and i love makeup even more 🙂

Since I did dance, I wore it from a very young age for recitals- think my mom had a little too much fun with that, as looking back at pictures, I’m kind of horrified at how much I had on. Fifth grade was the first time I ever put it on myself, using my dance makeup- bright bright gold shadow, red blush, and ‘Diva Pink’ lipstick (*wince*). I wore it to my open house (yes, really) and thought I looked soo cute.
In middle school I wore bad makeup- chocolate brown lipstick and eye makeup applied with my fingers. In high school, it was just bizarrely non-matching makeup- sparkly gold and coral shadow with sweats. I was one of those girls constantly applying and fixing after every class, even though I put no effort into my clothes or hair.
After high school, it was just a lot of experimenting- one summer was a really awful way-too-bright-colors phase.
Finally, the Internet helped me out. Thanks to youtube (especially Kandee Johnson and Leesha), I learned proper technique and more about products. Now I plan on being a makeup artist.

I don’t think there’s a right age- whenever a girl wants to. But I think learning proper technique is so important and something a lot of people miss out on – I know I did at first.

I bought my first makeup when I was 12 or summer before 7th grade, I wore enough makeup to get me by throughout the rest of middle school. Then my skin got worse before freshman year and I wear a lot more makeup. So it started to be full face at 14 and I still haven’t stopped buying it, I love it!!

I remember being in probably middle school and getting Wet n Wild makeup, but only a very small amount. In high school I wore a lot of lip gloss…and in college I added a little eye shadow to that. Only very recently I’ve gotten into mascara (only wear it sometimes though), blush (now a staple) and lipstick. I never had a “routine” before but now I do, I’d say before I was at 5% and within the last 6 months I’ve gone to 95%.

Forgot to mention that I don’t do any face makeup YET but I am awaiting my first Korean BB cream which I hope will do the trick. If not I am going to try more of them.

When I was 11 ( grade 6 ) I started wearing eyeliner & eyeshadow . The year after that when I was 12 I got a MAC gift card for Christmas so I started wearing Studio Fix powder and blushes and things like that .

I know a lot of people will say that ‘s way too young but my mum was a Clinique rep when I was younger so makeup was something that I grew up around . And I was always super fascinated by it when I was little .

I started wearing makeup towards the end of my 8th grade year. I’d occasionally wear mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow.
I didn’t start wearing concealer & contour products until I was in high school.

I didn’t start wearing it until 16 or so, and I mostly followed tips from magazines because my mom wasn’t into makeup so she couldn’t teach me. I didn’t start really buying/collecting makeup until I was 23.

22 years old! Before that the only time i had anytype of makeup was when my mom made me wear eyeshadow for prom lmao

I LOVE this question!!
When I was 13 I started suffering from acne, so my mom allowed me to wear foundation and concealer and I was so happy because it made a big difference on how my face looked (boost of confidence). It was Clinique. Almost simultaneously I also started wearing mascara. Foundation+concealer+blush+mascara is everything I would ever wear from age 13 to age 22/23 (last year). Now I am almost 24 and usually do a full face of make-up and also venture into doing other people’s make-up. Make-up is one of my most loved things now!!

I think girls nowadays have more access to beauty and make-up knowledge than 10 years ago and they should definitely take advantage of it. When I was 13 no one would teach me how to blend eyeshadow or apply eyeliner decently, and that’s probably the reason why I never wore them until I discovered the online beauty community. I wouldn’t say there is a certain right age to start. Rather, the right age is the one you feel comfortable with. If you have acne, go on and try to be knowledgeable about your condition and the ways to improve your skin’s appearance. Same if you have dark circles, oily skin, hooded eyes or whatever. For me, it’s a matter of learning to work on oneself!
Still, I don’t like seeing a 12 year old with red lipstick and smokey eyes, but that’s a matter of good taste.

Mmm, probably 5 or so for nail polish. I remember having the most excellent collection of those little 99¢ nail polishes as a kid. I also had a play vanity, and had some very cheap make-up for play, I think. In middle school there was this teacher (or some kind of assistant, I’m not sure which) who used to work for Mary Kay, and I don’t remember how it worked out but I ended up getting an entire baggie full of make-up samples to play with, which was so much fun. I wasn’t allowed any make-up outside the house, but I didn’t really want to wear it out anyways. I was still very shy and felt better without the make-up.

The original plan, I’m sure, was no make-up until I was 16, but thanks to first skipping a grade and changing schools, that rule kind of disappeared. Probably because Mom figured that I was already two years younger than most of my classmates, so I probably wanted to fit in as much as possible. Which was true. Not that I really wore make-up outside of things like formal dances. I don’t think I had any make-up on in any of my school photos, even! I was actually quite the tomboy. Still am in many ways.

After high school, I only wore make-up again for formal occasions and church, with some exception. I didn’t truly get into it hardcore until about two years ago. Before that, I had foundation and some neutral colours for my face, but that was it. Then, for whatever reason, I just really wanted to wear it. So I did. I never really watched tutorials or anything until recently, so a lot of what I was doing was figuring things out on my own. Thankfully, between perfectionism and eight years of art class, I actually knew what would at least look decent. Then I start watching tutorials and discover I’ve pretty much been doing it mostly right the entire time, which was nice. XD

I just started last fall! I’m 21.. Some people make it seem like its bad to wear makeup. I thinks its fun and art. I am still learning new things every day!

i was 11 or 12, but i was just playing around with it then. i remember my mom did my a full face of mu when i was 13 and we went to see Phantom of the Opera. i also got to wear one of her super fancy cocktail dresses. i developed scary-quick….

but then i pretty much almost never wore makeup again until college. and not even until my 3rd year in college, either. but i have been obsessed since probably 2003-4 sometime.

I was never big on makeup when I was young. I only wore it for theater. I think I stared wearing lipstick more in college, but it really wasn’t until my mid-20s that I really got into it.

I’ve worn lipgloss ever since I was 5 probably, so that is why I don’t really even consider it makeup now unless it’s super pigmented.
I started wearing mascara when I was 13 and finishing 7th grade. At the end of 8th grade I was using concealer and eyeliner, which I completely regret. I have realized now that I can’t wear concealer under my eyes without wearing foundation (I have some redness next to my nose/under my eyes, so the concealer created a not-so-nice contrast with my redness…) and that black eye liner must be used sparingly on the lower lashline when you’re 14, even though I did have dark hair.
I’m 17 now and wear pretty much all makeup products besides highlighters.

That is funny because I did the exact same thing! When I started wearing makeup I only wore it under my eyes because I thought I only needed it there. I was a rookie and didn’t match my skin color properly and you can imagine how that looked! haha.

My mom would only wear make up on special occasions and she really didn’t need it. She had wonderful skin (still does) and was naturally beautiful. That being said, I never really had a penchant for make up until I was 12. I was allowed lip gloss, neutral colored lipstick and eye liner. It had to be subtle cuz dad was NOT for it. I was active in sports and band through high school so I couldn’t wear full make up (sweat and bad habit of touching my face). In college I really got into it and haven’t looked back since. I still go bare faced and feel great either way.

4th grade! Haha. I am a sophmore now but then I wore bright pink lipsticks, a variety of different color eyeshadows, and mascara. My grandmother was an Avon representative so I would page through the catalogs and get what was “cool”. I think I am now more mellow, I wear natural makeup usually and my makeup is more classy and polished.

I found the youtube beauty community when I was ending my junior year of high school. My mom had always scolded me for wearing any bit of makeup and I found the beauty community to be so special in that makeup is so freely talked about, my mother never discussed makeup with other than a “why are you wearing that? go wash your face.” in the middle of my senior year i found makeup to be an outlet for creativity and a great hobby. It really helped me deal with my lack of friends my senior year (i had always been hanging out with upperclassmen in high school).

I was a senior in high school when I started wearing makeup which was late because everyone in jr.high was wearing it! I was 14 or so. I remember the first time I wore eye liner and it was a really big deal haha.

Ok so I probably sound stupid but I’m 12.
and I probably started just playing with makeup for fun,at 10.I knew really not much about it.
Then when I was 11 or late 10 I duped out about YouTube and I found out alot more and I love it and I make YouTube videos and I ha e a big collection.
Btw,I’m a natural girl I don’t cake on the makeup or do dramatic makeup. 🙂

I always bought drug store but never wore. I wore very little make up starting like 23. I really got into it when I was 26 (I’m 28 now). So I am a late bloomer.

I started fairly early, when I was in 6th grade a lot of the girls were wearing makeup, so I swiped a bit from my mom, haha. I was moved up a grade, so I was only 10-11 that school year.

But, the next Christmas, my mom actually gave me a little bit of makeup, blush, mascara, and lipgloss. Oddly enough, none of those are what I consider necessary makeup bits now!

From high school on, I’d mainly only wear a bit of concealer and powder, sometimes eyeshadow. I wore mostly cream eyeshadows through college. I wear a bit more makeup now, just because I can’t really dress up now for my job, so it’s nice to spruce up my look in other ways. And I love glitter, so I get to add sparkle.

This is an interesting question. I started doing skincare when I was 13 and I was allowed to wear lipgloss and mascara. When high school started I got more into makeup and things like foundation and nuetral eye shadows.

I just started wearing makeup two years ago so the summer i was going into 7th grade (I’m 14 right now so i was 12 turning 13). I never really wore makeup before since the little kid colors didn’t pop like i was hoping so I asked my mom if she could show me how to do makeup. However, she wanted me to know everything (plus I think she was just in the mood to spoil herself) so she took me to the MAC counter and they showed me how to apply a little bit of color (i still remember the shades, shroom all over the eye and swimming in the crease since i was nervouse trying out color but I wanted to try it) and a neutral blush and lipglass (forget the names now grrr) but ever since then now every MUA there knows my name and I’ve done much more makeup looks since. No, makeup is not my cruch however, i do get blotchy skin tho so in a way i prefer if i can wear at least a little concealer and poweder before stepping out, but i love how i look with a full face of makeup. But i know i am beautiful without it too, i just consider it like a little boost saying ok my eyes are lovely but a little purple eyeshadow would make them look sexy! just saying 🙂

I was 11! Started with eyeliner (on lower waterline only! LOL) and sheer tinted lipgloss — the strawberry flavored rollerball gloss. I thought I looked so cute haha.

I was allowed to wear makeup by age 12. I did not wear much by my own choice however as I was a hippy chic – it was the mid 60’s. But at age 13, I was into well trimmed false lashes every day to school, liner, that really white/pink lipstick so common to that time…it always looked white pearl in photos despite the light pink to it. My mom was not strict about keeping me from makeup. It was more a mutual thing. Long as I did not look like a freak, she did not say no. I don’t think there is a ‘right’ age to start wearing makeup. It’s different based on personal situation such as those into the pageant world are into makeup soon as they can walk and hit those runways! However, outside of that kind of world, for every day wear, I think little kids look stupid in visually strong looking makeup. I see 10 yr olds now all the time wearing makeup – esp. eye and lips. I think starting a young pre-teen on a good tinted spf moisturizer is a good thing- or let them get started with an spf BE mineral veil (yeah it’s out now with spf in it). Most of all before makeup comes good skin care and understanding of as well as compliance of that good skin care. If there are rules in any child/parent relationship when it comes to the whole makeup thing, it needs to start with good skin care above all.

i’m a late bloomer as well! i started dabbling into makeup around my 3rd year of college. it became more full-blow addiction after graduating and landing a job that necessitated looking somewhat put together.

i first tried colour eyeliner or random things when i was in high school.. maybe when i was 15-16 but i never wore a full face of makeup until i was 21-23 and that was only for the occasional night out with friends.. when i started working i wore makeup more often and eventually everyday and that was at 25.. and now i’m back at university so i stopped wearing makeup again.. so i don’t think anyone should be worried about not wearing makeup early enough..

Well as a little boy I would always use my mothers makeup without her knowing, but I really started getting into makeup and wearing it about 2 years ago.

Well, i think i waa around 12 when i did wore makeup
However, i wore lipstick when i was 5!! Only inside our house of course
I remember stealing mom’s lipsticks and her punishing me for it..
However, i was 15 when i got my first concealer and powder from mac
Alsoin that samw age i splurged in chanel mascara ,lipgloss and eyepencil
Wow mom got really mad for that!!
She has been trying to convice me to not wear makeup ever since
But.. Well, no luck

I loveddd glitter and lipgloss when I was in elementary school but was never allowed to wear eyeshadow/eyeliner/etc except for when I was playing dress up with friends. I guess I really started to wear makeup in high school, but like a lot of girls, I didn’t really understand how to wear it to accentuate my features as well as cover imperfections until college at least. My dad (to this day) always says I don’t need makeup. When I was in middle school my mom told me she would let me wear makeup if I was ugly but I wasn’t! I think a lot of people do have the attitude that only ugly girls need to/should wear makeup, which is truly a shame. Of course, some people do need to use makeup to take care of “imperfections” in their skin, but I feel the true purpose of makeup is to have fun and play up the features I love about my face, not to hide it! For this reason, I believe girls should be allowed to wear makeup at a younger age than I was. If we teach girls that makeup is just another way to express themselves and have fun, just like their clothes and jewelry and hairstyles, they may stop worrying about their insecurities as much. After all, do girls, or women, rock their favorite outfits to cover their body? No way! I think more people need to understand the purpose of makeup other than just for covering up our faces. When we go out and want to look hot, we’ll throw on some sexy heels and great eye makeup for that reason! When we stick with more natural, put together makeup for the office, we are showing respect and seriousness. That’s the same thing as wearing an ironed blouse and conservative jewelry. I believe that makeup is misunderstood, and I’m glad there are people like you, Christine, who serve as a positive face for the makeup industry.

Unofficially, I think I was like 9. I dug some of my mom’s old makeup out of the garbage that she had pitched and started wearing it. She of course noticed and that was the end of that. Then in like 7th grade, my mom took me to Clinique for their little “first time makeup consultation” thingy for young girls. I loved it and wore it every day. Then in high school I discovered MAC and it was game over I became a full fledged addict.

I was probably about 4, but I was a dancer, so it was only for performances so you could still see my facial features under the bright lights.. I always got makeup kits for christmas when I was little.. The stipulation was that I was only allowed to wear it around the house when I was playing dress-up. I had to wash it off before we went anywhere. Then in about 7th grade… I was.. what.. 12? I started wearing concealer and covergirl powder, clear mascara, lip gloss or this amazing bonnie bell lipstick type stuff that was flavored.. the cinnamon was my favorite.. it was this gorgeous cinnamon brownish-red color that was flattering on everyone! *and the taste was amazing*.. then I started dabbling in more colors.. I liked taking really bright eyeshadows and dabbing them over my white eyeliner so my eyeliner was always crazy bright. 😛

I started wearing it when i was thirteen but I didn’t start wearing eyeshadow till I was about 31.

Wow, high five Christine! I also a late bloomer and never touch any makeup until I hit college. My best friend introduce me to makeup, and even though it’s just a local drugstore brand, I feel like million dollar when wearing it, hahaha! 😀
I think 16 is the proper age to start wearing makeup. Keep it subtle though, just put tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm, cheek stain, mascara (clear or brown if your eye lashes really needs it) and you’ll be all good. Less is more!
Oh, and if your skin is just like mine, you realllllllyyyyy need Milk of Magnesia to prime and MAC Blot to re-touch!

I was 16 and sneaking wearing makeup behind my mother’s back who told me that I didn’t need to start wearing makeup till after college. So I began wearing, eye liner, mascara and lipstick (still my favorite 3 makeup products).

I have to admit, I experimented a little in college but didn’t really get into knowing much about makeup until I was out of college! I get that a lot of girls want to wear makeup from a young age, but I see so many on YouTube giving tutorials on makeup and fashion and hair and I can’t help but wonder why so many seem to want to be more “grown up” so fast.
My biggest piece of advice to young girls is that it’s fine to have fun and experiment with makeup, but don’t wear it every day. I would never want to get to the point where I thought I couldn’t leave the house without makeup on. Most days I don’t wear any, and I’m glad that I feel comfortable enough to do that. I know too many people who wouldn’t be caught without makeup on and that’s sad.

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