Friday, June 17th, 2011

Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious 2046, All My Purple Life

MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions: Lipglasses Swatches, Photos

Available online only for U.S./Canada on June 21st, here are photos and swatches of the five lipglasses included in the collection. Each will retail for $14.50 and be available for a limited time. For official information, please check out the launch post. Β I am not reviewing or rating this collection because I do not feel it would be the right thing to do.

  • Evolution Revolution is a sheer, milky peach with pink shimmer and purple micro-glitter.
  • Caqui is an opaque, dark orange with a hint a red and has a cream finish.
  • Sonoran Rain is an opaque, orange-red with fuchsia, ruby red, and gold shimmer.
  • Nitro:licious 2046 is a semi-opaque, medium-dark, blue-based red.
  • All of My Purple Life is a semi-opaque, dark purple with silvery-white shimmer.

Please feel free to discuss similar shades and dupes amongst yourselves, but I would prefer only to provide my color descriptions, photos, and swatches. The Swatch Gallery should help you find possible dupes and allow you to compare on your own for this particular collection :) I hope you understand.

See photos & swatches!

Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious 2046, All My Purple Life

Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious 2046, All My Purple Life

Evolution Revolution, Caqui, Sonoran Rain, Nitro:licious 2046, All My Purple Life

MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass

MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass

MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass

MAC Caqui Lipglass

MAC Caqui Lipglass

MAC Caqui Lipglass

MAC Sonoran Rain Lipglass

MAC Sonoran Rain Lipglass

MAC Sonoran Rain Lipglass

MAC Nitro:licious 2046 Lipglass

MAC Nitro:licious 2046 Lipglass

MAC Nitro:licious 2046 Lipglass

MAC All My Purple Life Lipglass

MAC All My Purple Life Lipglass

MAC All My Purple Life Lipglass

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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185 thoughts on “MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions: Lipglasses Swatches, Photos

  1. Sixx

    Wonder what your ratings are for each of these.

  2. I love the colour of purple one but not as much when it’s on. Evolution Revolution is my favourite. Stunning :)

  3. All My Purple Life is so… purple! MUST HAVE! >D

  4. DEFINITELY grabbing Evolution Revolution & Sonoran Rain! All these colors are so pretty! MAC should ask for blogger input more often xP

  5. Katie

    I want them all! Hahaha, Christine, does this mean you aren’t doing reviews? I totally understand if that’s the case. It would be kind of awkward when you spent so much time bonding with the girls who created them!

    • No reviews on these, sorry – I hope you understand. I just do not think it would be right.

      • Katie

        I totally understand. I wouldn’t do it either if I were in your shoes :)

      • Aqua

        Why is it now that it is 17.50 online? :(

        • Are you on the Canadian site? $17.50 is Canadian price! $14.50 in U.S.

          • Ruthless

            That bugs me-the dollar is on par now! What’s up with THAT MAC? All of my purple life seems to be sheer on your lips but opaque on your arm swatch could you layer it up to be more opaque on your lips?

            The reds are absolutely gorgeous

            • For lipgloss, when you swatch it, they are often much thicker in that swatch line than on lips, where it gets spread out. I don’t know if I’d really go back and layer, given how thick the lipglass formula is already!

  6. AS

    Ha, MAC should hire you guys – these are all such beautiful products, nicer than most they seem to put out! They are all really flattering on you and look very high quality.

  7. Glenys

    OMG!! I want the first 3!!

  8. Amazing! I’m getting all of them except the purple (and that’s only because purple looks awful on me, if it didn’t I’d get that one too!).

  9. Leslie

    I saw this over on Karen’s blog and knew immediately that you’d be working on it too…I seriously can’t buy anything from MAC anymore without seeing swatches and pictures here first. =)

    Anyway, I’m a little bummed that All My Purple Life isn’t as opaque as I though it would be, but it will still be mine. Caqui too. On the fence about the other three…I love the Sonoran Rain shade but I don’t do chunky, obvious glitter like that.

  10. mia

    I don’t understand why you would prefer not to provide possible dupes for this collection?

  11. Emily

    Caqui looks gorgeous!

  12. Ashley Marie

    Ooh. That purple is a lovely concept but terrible on its own. definitely needs something under it. I’m loving the rest. Especially Nitro.

  13. Judy

    I am liking the colors of the glosses. Problem is I don’t do gloss. I wish you ladies were able to create lipsticks. I could just imagine all the beatiful colors & finishes you would have come out with. Maybe next time. :-)

  14. I’m not a big fan of the lipglass formula, but I’ll definitely have to pick a few of these up!

  15. Rebekka

    No review?

  16. Love these!!! Sonoran Rain, All My Purple Life and Caqui = NEED!

  17. Ana

    Evolution Revolution seems really boring. I mean, given the opportunity, I think I’d make something that doesn’t look like every other lipgloss I own.

    • sara

      I love it. I think if you go over to makeup and beauty blog and read the backstory to the creation you will totally understand

      • I love it, too! Karen did a great job on her blog of showing, like, ten different ways to wear it – definitely more of a layering lipgloss. I love the purple shimmer!

    • Gina

      The shimmer is what makes it different. And Karen has a really beautiful story behind it. These girls put a lot of work into this collection, so I think it would be best to be positive =]

      • Instant Karma

        I totally agree with you. Everyone worked really hard on these; we should all be positive and supportive!

      • Ana

        I don’t think saying “I don’t like a product” is being negative. What is wrong with having a different opinion? I saw the swatches and story, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is similar to just about every other sheer-ish gloss I own, purple shimmer or not. There isn’t negativity behind my comment at all.

        Surely when it comes to make up we can all agree that not everyone likes the same thing. Just as others are saying “I like x product,” I said I don’t like this one.

        Really, I don’t know where this negative stuff is coming from. I think it is a fantastic idea. I don’t think any blogger would be devastated if you said “Eh, your color is not really for me.” There is nothing wrong with not liking a color. Trashing the blogger is something different entirely. Not liking a color is just, common.

        • Pollyanna

          Hmm, I do feel that saying you don’t like a colour or it doesn’t suit you is one thing, or even that you have too many colours that look similar to want to pick this one up. But it’s a different thing to call a colur boring, which is a negative value-loaded word, and it feels like you are implying the blogger who created it is stupid for wasting an opportunity to do something different. I’m glad to hear you didn’t mean anything negative, but perhaps your comment could have been more sensitively worded, and I think that’s perhaps what other people are picking up on.

        • I don’t think we need to walk on eggshells just because bloggers created this collection. I think we all agree that these products are pretty freaking awesome, but I also agree with Ana that Evolution Revolution doesn’t move me at all, nor do I really see the point of it. It’s okay to say that. :)

  18. I love Evolution Revolution & Caqui! I really wish there weren’t so many reddish shades, though… A different array would have been nicer, and I would have been more likely to buy them all lol

  19. Sarah M

    Sonoran Rain is GORGEOUS!!! Am I right in saying that this collection won’t be released in the UK? :-( Here’s hoping the products will be repromoted in later collections, for our benefit.

  20. Martine

    Nitro:licious 2046 looks like the perfect colour for me.

  21. Edelmc

    I have to admit I am a bit peeved that this collection is limited to online sales in the states. I understand the link between bloggers being an online form of media/discussion and therefore selling it online but I think that the beauty on blogs is that they reach a wide audience around the world. Limiting the release to online sales isolates thousands of readers who read the blogs. I would of liked to get a couple of things from this collection but I am not going pay eBay prices. Sorry rant over :(

    • I doubt it’s because they’re attempting to exclude global sales to slight international customers or because they don’t think beauty blogs are visited by international readers but for one reason or another, it just didn’t make sense – maybe the costs would be too high, the timing of the collection too short to allow for regulatory bodies to approve (the turnaround on this launch was really quick – several weeks rather than months, as many MAC collections are done anywhere from 12-24 months in advance of the actual launch!), and so on. I don’t know the answer, but I don’t think it was so much, “Nobody outside of the U.S. reads beauty blogs! Pah!”

      • Edelmc

        I would say then it’s prob the quick turn around time. Hopefully if they made the bloggers collection an annual collection and have more of a lead in time next year they could do a worldwide launch at all the counters. It would fab if they did a pigment and lipstick collection!

      • Lilac

        I don’t know of course about other people but I have the impression that many European beauty-interested readers are following the US-blogs, also because of a) earlier launches of the same products or b) products that are not available here (so we can see what we are missing) or c) many European blogs are big but not as big as US-blogs, so the US-blogs would receive more PR-samples to review and press-information which translates even more into more info for us other readers.
        I think that for example the launch of brands like O.P.I., Essie and NYX in Germany was mainly happening because there was enough demand for them, created through the internet (though the prices are outrageous but that is another topic). Before there could be read about those products in US-mags but they are still very expensive (like $13 for an Allure-Magazine, if you manage to live in a large enough city so a store would carry it), so the mags alone were not enough, it was needed the internet and the beauty-blogs for that.

        This means that perhaps it is underestimated how large the influence of US-blogs is in Europe πŸ˜‰

        • It would be totally surprising if they really didn’t know how important the global audience is! I almost said no just because Temptalia does have a large global readership, and I knew it wasn’t going to be good that it was U.S./Canada only :(

          • Lilac

            Maybe the US-companies on the US-side are really not aware of the amount of readers who come from Europe, and their counterparts in Europe – meaning working for US companies but not US-citizen (like, don’t know, Estee Lauder / MAC European Union Headquarter or something -as an example, same for other companies) are still more traditional and focus more on print magazines and are also not aware of that blogs and internet mean that everything is viewable at the same time for everyone…

            I`m still amazed about products being released in US a year or two ahead of EU – for example Maybelline-Products, those are easy to follow, and itΒ΄s crazy that they seem to think we do not know about these things. I expect Fit Me-Foundation in 2012.. ^_^

            Perhaps in the case of the Blogger’s collection the gorgeous colours will be re-released later on in another collection that is international, too. And do not worry, for sure you all were not expected to say no to MAC only because some people can’t buy that =D

            btw, I noticed already in forums people are organizing groups to order these items through Personal Shoppers and the likes ;D

            [PS: Unrelated but same principle: also the record industry still has different release dates through out the world for the same CD – partly for promotional reasons, as the artist can’t be everywhere at the same time – but even that does not explain lags of several months – many industries still haven’t fully understood the system “internet” and its possibilities :D]

            • What’s interesting is that most international blogs get access to information and product samples much earlier than U.S. blogs. Even if an international blog posts information about, for example, X Brand Fall 2011, if I post it, I’ll probably get a cease & desist letter from legal.

              I wish I had hope that they would re-release or something to that effect, but since MAC has had so many coveted/sold out products that have never again made a return, I’m skeptical :(

  22. cait

    It makes sense that you do not want to post dupes or reviews on the items because the people who designed them are everyday people who do not have a degree in chemistry nor do they have any experience in developing professional cosmetics. Taking a review on them would be like comparing a profession hockey player to a minor leagues player, it is not possible, nor is it fair.

    I must say, all of the eye shadows are lovely but the brown on and I love the evolution revolution lipglass as well as sonoran rain <3 <3

    • Lilac

      This is probably a misunderstanding regarding the creation; as you can read from the involved blogger’s background stories, they worked on the_colours together with a MAC-chemist πŸ˜€ The influence of the bloggers was in the colours and texture, but the creation itself happened like the production of all other MAC-products, so these are normal professional MAC-cosmetics like all others and had to pass MAC-product quality standards, too.

  23. Tamika

    I MUST get Sonoran Rain! It’s soo pretty! <3 All of My Purple Life is gorgeous too…but I don't think I'll be able to pull it off.

  24. I completely respect your choice of not rating/ reviewing these Christine ! It just doesn’t seem right somehow..

  25. I initially wanted Evolution Revolution and Jealousy Wakes, but Caqui is looking mighty pretty…

  26. Laura

    Nitro:licious 2046 looks GORGEOUS!

  27. tehteh

    I would love to get that purple…shame I live in Europe =(

  28. Dana

    Wow! Those 2 red ones look so amazing! I wish I could pull off a strong red lip!

  29. Zara

    All My Purple Life = NEED. soooo pretty!

  30. Anna

    I love these! Well done Bloggers! I’m so excited to see what they will look like over my favorite lipsticks. :)

  31. Sass

    I am on a lipgloss no buy, but if I wasn’t I be getting Caqui and Nitro…in love with both of those. Sonoran Rains looks like it will be too sticky.

  32. Sabrinna

    theyre all pretty! :) the evolution revolution seems like it can be used over different lipsticks or on its own!

    • Gina

      Do you read Karen’s blog (makeup and beauty blog)? Because she did a post showing Evolution Revolution over like 12 different MAC lipsticks and lipliners. It was amazing on everything!

  33. DIana

    Ehi, how will you wear the purple one? :)

  34. Carrie Ann

    Evolution Revolution and Caqui are so right up my alley. :)

  35. Super-sheer glitter, three reds, and a deep purple? Not impressed ):

    • Rebecca

      If you read about All My Purple Life, it was created by Patrice of Afrobella to be the perfect purple for women of color. I think it works for its job very well!

    • sara

      Instead of saying negative things about the colors, I think we should take a moment to say thank you and relish in the amazing experience these bloggers got to have. They put so much time and energy into their blogs for US

      • Pamela

        Totally agree!

      • me

        Amen. I was kind of disappointed to see several negative comments :/.

        • Me too, but I don’t feel like it’s appropriate to censor them either – if anyone really starts slinging mud, of course, then it’ll be against our comment policy.

      • t_zwiggy

        The fact that these were created by bloggers shouldn’t mean that we’re not allowed to have an opinion on them. I think it’s great that there are good shades for women of color here, they tend to get neglected by most makeup companies. I’m sure the bloggers created their dream shade (I know I would have), and there are a lot of good colors here. I personally don’t find (most of them) very unique, but I guess that’s hard to do. The thing that annoys me is that there isn’t more variety in colors. Yes, the reds are very different, but that doesn’t change the fact that 3 out of 5 colors are red. Out of all the colors that were submitted, I’d wish that MAC would have picked all different colors. The collection as a whole (the glosses in particular) is boring to me, but I blame that on MAC and not the bloggers.

        • Ruthless

          I think the two reds are gorgeous I want them. I don’t really have anything negative to say about the glosses but I do agree that if you don’t like them then it’s ok to say that. I think it’s just a bit more sensitive because if it was released as MAC the corporation it’s not hurting anyones feelings but these were created by actual people

  36. Amy

    Sonoran Rain is definitely on my list!!! Beautiful!

  37. Alison

    I am TERRIFIED these will sell out before I can buy them!

  38. Alexis

    I want all of them! Haha This is such a great collection! It definitely should have been in stores as well.

  39. Catherine

    sonoran rain and caqui looks nice. :)

  40. andi

    Do you know if these are going to be released internationally? There are a few that I really want but I don’t live in the US/ Canada :(

  41. Lindsay

    Will you still be doing recommendations for skin tones? Those are always so helpful when ordering online!

  42. Maeve

    Would Sonoran rain look ok with NC15? I love the color!

  43. Madeline

    And you once said you looked bad in purples! Psh!


  44. Amanda Dubs

    All those reds are amazing I can’t choose!

  45. RedWeatherTigerD

    Sonoran Rain is so massively beautiful. I never wear colors like that…I just want to get it to stare at it.

    Evolution Rev looks so sheer….too sheer for my liking, sadly.

  46. Jenna

    Hey Christine :) I understand that you aren’t rating these too and i won’t ask LOL. But I am curious about what your personal favorite it out of the bunch(wearable or not) and which one you think you will wear most often.

  47. nvl

    Very pretty! All of them! The eyeshadows are great too. What a wonderful opportunity – congrats. And, uh, no, I wouldn’t want to review my own stuff or that of people I worked closely with either. Come on folks, how could she give a COMPLETELY objective opinion?

  48. Wow! What an absolutely gorgeous group of glosses!

  49. Lulee

    sheesh i’m so used to (read: completely and utterly dependent) on your thorough reviews when it comes to mac that I am sooo lost for this collection. thank goodness for the swatch gallery. the good news: wicked ways and sonoran rain aren’t dupes. yay

  50. Rita

    Thank you for the swatches, Christine! I will be getting Caqui, Sonoran Rain, All of My Purple Life (the other two also look good) and Jealousy Wakes.

  51. t_zwiggy

    Out of all those submitted colors MAC was stupid enough to choose THREE(!) reds. The purple will definitely not work on my very pale complexion. And the lighter color feels like something I’ve seen a hundred times before. PASS!

  52. Lisa

    Sonoran Rain is my favorite!!

  53. Maureen

    What a fabulous purple!

  54. I like all lipglasses and I’m not even fan of those, lol πŸ˜€ They really look nice :)

    Also, I do get if you don’t feel like rating them. It would be a bit ungrateful to do so, I think :) (not because of MAC but because of other bloggers involved in this collection) :)

  55. Tiffany

    um, WOW! Everyone did a phenomenal job!

  56. I think Evolution Revolution is quite dupable, but the rest of them, so opaque and totally my style. Definitely want to grab these.

  57. Sonoran Rain looks beautiful on you. Thank you to you and the other bloggers for helping make this collection. I think it’s a huge accomplishment for the blogging world!

  58. Jules

    LOVE Sonoran Rain!

  59. Emma

    These colors are so gorgeous! I feel like All My Purple Life would be so interesting to layer over darker colors. Evolution Revolution has some of the prettiest glitter I have seen in a lip gloss. And nitrolicious looks so creamy!
    I also would like to point out how much I cannot WAIT for Jealousy Wakes. Hello, emerald smoky eye.

  60. Ila

    Hi Christine, nice pics!
    What’s the Macro do you use it?

      • Miss Ruby Rouge

        I know I’ve asked you this question in the past, but boy ohh boy am I glad someone asked and you answered it again, cos I lost the email post so I forgot what lense you use!! Your Macro lense takes some amazing photo’s and I’ve been looking for a good Macro lense to complement my Nikon D90 (which you shoot with too, right?) Sadly for me it costs around $650 – 700 bucks in Australia so I will have to save for it, but something tells me that it’s well worth the money!! ;)Christine, is this the only Macro lense you use?! I know you’re always super busy, but I was just wondering if you ever get the opportunity, do you think you could please take a photo of the set up that you use to shoot your pictures?! I’ve been taking photo’s of the products that I purchase with my normal D90 lense and the Macro setting, but I just can’t get in close and crisp like you do with your Macro lense and it frustrates me!! ;p I’d love to know the backdrop and lighting you use too!! As I’ve said before, you take THE best swatch photo’s going around and I rely on your website heavily when purchasing products over the net and don’t have the opportnity to swatch them myself!! Thank you again, sooooo much for all of your hard work, you can’t imagine how useful it is to not only me but many other women (and men!) all around the world!! :)

        Also, I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to review these products, it wouldn’t feel right and you are a woman of integrity….doing so would go against everything you represent and worked soo hard to achieve!! You will always have my love and respect, THANK YOU again, Christine, you’re the best!! ;)All my appreciation and love, from Melbourne, Australia


        • Hi Michelle,

          I shoot with a D90 and D3s now (upgraded as a graduation gift) – the 60mm is the only macro lens I have. At some point, I’ll probably rent the 105mm micro and see how I like it. Not sure if I’ll like the shooting distance or not. Lenses are so important and definitely worth it – I only have Nikon lenses, but Tamron and Sigma do good lenses for a little less than Nikon. I actually was going to get the Tamron 90mm, because it was on sale, but they were out of stock, and so I went with Nikon.

          I just use the light from the window and turn on all the apartment lighting and shoot over a white table I got from Ikea (literally, just a white table top on four legs). I shoot RAW which allows me to really adjust for lighting conditions if they’re poor after the fact without altering the quality.

        • Ila

          As Christine, I suggest Tamron 90mm or Sigma 105mm. These are good macros and you can buy them at second-hand. πŸ˜‰

      • Ila

        Thank you! πŸ˜€

  61. Faerie

    Wow these are gorgeous!
    Is Nitrolicious jelly-like without any pearl/shimmer? Kinda like Revenge is sweet from Venomous villains?

  62. I’d really want to purchase All of my purple life. But sadly I live in Italy so… I’m allowed to read blogs in English but not to have this collection. Shame on you MAC U_U

  63. AnGeLwInGz

    All 3 red ones are spectacular! I really can’t decide which one I like the most.

  64. Jill

    I think Nitrolicious is my favorite. It looks like a fantastic, very wearable true red! I also like the idea of All of My Purple Life but I’m not sure it would work on me. All of you guys did a great job and I respect your decision not to review them.

  65. Caqui and Purple Life look really good!

  66. Serena

    Some of these are so nice! But I really don’t like lipgloss that is too sticky. I have never tried Mac’s. Could you describe the texture of these?

  67. love the colours, but not so much love for the fact that there are 3 out of 5 reds :( not even a pink?

  68. ashlee

    too many reds
    the purple is amazing though

  69. CynthiaCCC

    I’m totally getting EvoRevo, as it seems to get the shimmer just right, but the other colors are way too dark/bright for me. BUT, that said, I agree with another commenter that I wish there had been a pink of some sort (rose? strawberry? cotton candy? something?) instead of one of the three reds. Oh well.

  70. Sam

    Sad face I can’t get them I live in Australia…

  71. ariana

    loving Sonoran Rain, just not the lipglass formula!

  72. ariana

    Forgot to say, All My Purple Life is gorgeous, but will be a “if funds permit” type of splurge! HA!

  73. I want Sonoran Rain!!

  74. Sydney

    I respect your decision not to review these. I really do love a few of these, though. Nitro:licious 2046 is lovely, but I feel like I can get something very similar that isn’t LE. I like Evolution Revolution, too… but I think I might skip on these lipglasses. I might get Evolution Revolution, though, because it’s pretty and it looked great on you.

  75. lily

    That purple lipgloss is amazing! Do you know if there’s an eyeshadow or lipstick in a similar shade? A lipstick would be perfect. I bet that gloss plus exact shade lipstick would create the most perfect purple lips!

  76. Megan

    Thanks for posting these! Sonoran Rain looks like a must have! And All My Purple Life looks like it would go great with Bust Out. ^_^

    • Megan

      PS – Also really liking Nitro:licious 2046. I was thinking about getting Russian Red but I might pass and get this instead. Lovely color!

  77. Lorraine ER

    Ooh..the last three look awesome! I was looking forward to “All My Purple Life” the most but it looks like it applies a bit patchy in your lip swatch. Would you say that is the case?

  78. all my purple is hotness!!! that’s the only lipglass i’m getting.

  79. I am loving Caqui and Nitrolicious…
    I wish the purple would have applied more evenly…

  80. Maria

    Oh no, I want ALL OF THEM. πŸ˜‰

    Just seeing the tubes I wondered why they’d have three reds, but they’re so different and lovely when applied! (And Caqui definitely doesn’t go on red.) Christine, thanks for the lovely swatches, and I really respect your classiness and following your ethics in running this blog!

  81. Sarah

    Red? RED? Of all the colors they came up with when they get the chance for MAC to make their creation they pick red? Come on! At least add some weird color shimmer like blue or purple troughout them to make them more interesting. MAC should’ve picked some of the bloggers better.

    • You might want to read each person’s inspiration behind the color they chose – maybe you’ll get a better understanding of why they went with that shade :)

  82. Pan

    I definitely am feeling All Of My Purple Life! It looks fab on you too. (: Caqui is pretty cute too.

  83. Ashley Sarah

    I love the shade of Sonoran Rain. They all look pretty though the purple didn’t seem to apply smoothly from the picture.

  84. Christine, I hope you got extras of Caqui and Sonoran Rain, because they look extraordinary on you! Wow! I knew that I’d like your shadow, so I thought that I’d get that and nothing else, but I love those two glosses as well. Thanks for showing them.

  85. Okay, I totally want All My Purple Life, Nitro:licious 2046 (The name makes me think of Nitro Circus :D) and Sonorian Rain… Or possibly all of them, eh. MAC should collaborate with more bloggers in the future!

  86. Jackie

    These are all amazing and everyone did a wonderful job!

    For what it’s worth.. I couldn’t do a review of something a friend made either.. It would be incredibly biased anyway. lol.

  87. Heidi

    All of the colors look great, I really think Caqui will do the best for me so I might pick that up and perhaps Evolution Revolution. I think there’s no reviews because it’s not very ethical to review something you were involved in, not to mention it would just make things awkward amongst the bloggers since these are products the bloggers created with MAC, wasn’t just MAC themselves.

  88. I love all of them! MAC’s glosses are usually hit-or-miss for me, but y’all did a FABULOUS job with these colors!

  89. Sara

    Sonoran Rain is pretty bad ass. I like All my Purple Life in swatches, but it seems a little streaky on the lips. I bet it would layer beautifully over a vampy wine lipstick.

  90. Puffnstuff

    I love caqui and evo revo! So sad i dont have funds :( wah! I wish they were available a little longer than regular LE…

  91. Grace Chin

    Review not required. All seem to look really good like of those Illamasqua texture!!

  92. I understand why Christine doesn’t want to review these. It makes sense. I’m not saying this what she thinks but if I were in her position and if I gave a not-so-stellar review, the other bloggers that collaborated on this collection might take it personally, that’s what I’D be afraid of. Another thing is I think the way some of these look swatched kind of speaks for itself. I noticed the two colors I liked best (I’m such a traditionalist when it comes to lip colors and I just can’t wear anything outside reds, pinks or berries) Nitro:licious 2046 & Sonoran Rain look kinda splotchy. It kind of looks like blood splotched on her lips (or maybe I’m just seeing that because I’m on True Blood withdrawal lol!). Nitrolicious seems to have the problem mostly on the edges from the look of the pictures. I think I’ll have to buy both and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe some lip primer could help out. Both colors look awesome and I figure Sonoran Rain could be my first forray into coral lip colors :)

    • Faerie

      Yes I noticed this with Nitro:licious 2046 too. These kind of shades tend to settle into my lip lines. I still love the deep shade of red though! Sonoran Rain is a little more forgiving with all the shimmer and pearl going on. The purple shade looks a little streaky too. It will probably look better layered over a lipstick or a lipliner.

  93. Gabriella

    Ahhh, why do all of these have to be so gorgeous? In the tube, I was more “meh”. Now…. I don’t know what to do! Thankfully, I have an overabundance of cash that I can now put to good use! Hooray for graduation money indeed! :)

  94. Melissa

    I want the purple one! But I dont know where its appropriate to wear purple lipgloss. Where would you wear the purple gloss?

  95. Joy

    I’m so so so completely in love with Sonoran Rain, but I don’t think I could pull it off. I’m NW35 and I’ve never even found a coral that I can convincingly wear XD I wish I could swatch in person but since I can’t, what do you think, Christine? Thanks for the swatches! :)

  96. I totally Respect your decision and was surprised to see how some gals keep asking you about the same πŸ˜€
    we always always and always look up to you for the help and honest reviews and this time also I must say am not disappointed and this is the thing I can expect from only you πŸ˜€
    You are THE BEST Christine and thanks a lot for the wonderful collection pics
    I will not be able to buy whole collection now but am hoping to get Jealousy Wakes for sure πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  97. Stephany

    Well I’m kinda disappointed at seeing some negative comments. I love every shade, but I unfortunately can’t pull them all off. I will be picking up Evolution Revolution as I really like peachy nude lip glosses and they tend to look best on me. Christine I think you did the right thing by not reviewing this collection and I think everyone should respect your decision with no questions. Thanks for providing swatches :) I always check your blog before I make a purchase.

  98. omg! i β™₯ alll of em! thanks soo much.

  99. Joanna

    the reds + oranges are so beautiful!!!!